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Full text of "Index and guide to Massachusetts State legislative documents, 1802-1882."

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^A^^ sH.3'-:ro Y^ 




Compiled by 
Francis X. Blouin Jr. 

Massachusetts State Library- 
George Fingold Library- 
State House, Boston 



During the nineteenth century, the Commonwealth of Massa- 
chusetts experienced an almost complete transformation. The 
changes which took place during those years touched all 
aspects of life and segments of society within the state. 
The popiolation, continually increasing, became in many ways 
diversified. The mobility of existing population and immigra- 
tion produced numerous changes in the political, social and 
intellectual life of the state. Once dependent on agriculture 
and shipping, the state by 1880 was one of the most industrial- 
ized in the nation. The nineteenth century population 
experienced rapid urbanization as nximerous new cities and 
towns arose throughout the state and population increased in 
those already in existence. By the l880*s the state seemed 
much smaller as canals and especially the railroad provided 
a transportation network which latticed the entire state. 

One of the more active participants in this process of 
change was the IVIass, General Court. Though perhaps as much 
an observer as participant, the General Court , through consider- 
ation of various petitions and reports placed before it, left 
behind a mound of legislative documents regarding various as- 
pects of political, economic, and social life in 19th century 
Massachusetts, In all more than 15,000 separate pieces of 
legislation were considered during the years 1802-1882, 
Most of these dociiments have remained lost between the covers 
of the enormous volvimes in which the bills and reports are 
bound. Those which ultimately became acts or resolves could 
be easily traced, and of course all are referenced, however 
briefly, in the Journals of the House and Senate, But it has 
been difficult to locate bills by subject. 


This index is a subject guide to all resolves, bills, 
reports, memorials, petitions, messages, letters and public 
documents formally considered before sessions of the Massa- 
chusetts General Court from 1^04-1^^2, The bills (general 
term for legislative documents) are listed by year, b branch 
of legislature within each subject heading. Hence, for example; 
52H252 is House bill number 252 for the year 1B62 (see list of 
abbreviations and symbols for special cases). It is important 
to note that prior to IB3I, the legislature held several ses- 
sions per legislative year whifeh at that time went from May 
to May of the following year. Hence there are often several 
bills of the same niimber for each year. The researcher is 
thus advised to search a bit if the first bill consulted bears 
no resemblance to the subject at hand. 

The bills subdivide into two general categories: general 
bills and reports. Since the reports tend to be more informa- 
tive, care was taken to describe each report with some indica- 
tion of content, while limits of space and the nxoraber of bills 
prevented such attention to be given to each individual bill. 
Bills generally run no more than 3 pages while reports run as 
large as I50 pages. Some reports which originally were sub- 
mitted to the General Court as bills later became public docu- 
ments. For a list of subjects so published, see appendix I, 

Bills further subdivide into resolves, petitions, and 
occasionally, messages and memorials. Messages and memorials 
are noted while all numbers without special notation should be 
considered either resolves or petitions, 

I wish to acknowledge the assistance of a niimber of people 
in the preparation of this index. The project could not have 
been completed without the constant encouragement of Mr, I, 
Albert Matkov, State Librarian, As this index goes to press, 
Mr, Matkov retires from State service and it is hoped that this 
index will serve as an appreciation for his years of devoted 
service to one of the State's most distinguished libraries. 


The staff of the Massachusetts State Library, both past and 
present, assisted in a variety of ways, particularly Mr, 
Michael Galvin, who indexed some of the reports, and Mr. 
Alan Fox, The present staff provided a pleasant and quiet 
atmosphere which allowed the work to proceed on schedule, 
Mr, Leo Flaherty of the State Archives answered many questions. 
Finally, Mr, Geoffrey Patterson cheerfully accepted the burden 
of typing a difficult manuscript. It is hoped that in some 
small way this index will aid scholars and histoiy buffs in 
the study of the history of a state about which much has been 
written but about which many questions still remain unanswered. 

Boston, Mass. Francis X. Blouin Jr, 

July, 1972 



D Bill introduced into the General Court without 

specific reference to House or Senate. 
G.C, ,. .General Court. 

H Mass. House of Representatives. 

J. P. .. .Justice of the Peace. 

P. D. .. .Public Document. 

re-. .. .Regarding or related to. 

S Mass. Senate. 

X Extra session. 

- No nvimber specifically designated. 

? No number given. 

Note: A few reports are collected under one number or under 

no number at all. These are designated by page numbers 
which refer to the "B" bound copy at the Mass, State 

Abatements; 50H124 

Of Legal process, see- Legal process 
Abatoir Co.; 72H393 

Abbott Academy (Andover); 69S57i 79H71 
Abbott, Benjamin; Portrait of 7^392 
Abbott, Hannah J.; 69H436 
Abbott, John C. et al. ; 64S4 
Abduction, Punishment for; 52H162 

Abington (Town of); 47S54, 6IHIIO, 6IHIII, 75S16, g2H21 
Abington Bank; 50H79 
Abington Gas Light Co.; 6IH6O 
Abington Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 56H264 
Absence, Leave of; Report re- 62H221 
Absence of Members of the General Court; 5^H62 
Abstracts of Conveyances, see- Conveyances 
Abstracts of Registers of Deeds, see- Registers of Deeds 
Abstracts of Returns of Sheriffs, see- Sheriffs 
Academies; 27H16, 55H116, 59H261 

List of; 27HI6 

Reports re- State aid for; 37H44t 5IHI67 
Accident Insurance Co. of Boston; 05H85 
Accounts; Reports re- $0H61, 52S137 
Acknowledgement of Deeds, see- Deeds 
Acting Assistants, see- Clerk of Courts 
Actions at Law; 30H2g, 35DXp.57S, 42S50, 52S56, $2S9B, 52H221, 

53H56, 54H144, 55H17S, 59S135. 62H157, 62H344, 63S90, 7^Sl64, 30S34, 

S0H12S, aOH240, 30H241, S0H2^2, SlHll 
Actions against Counties, Cities and Towns; 65H264 
Actions of Tort: 54H32, 6OHIO, 6OHI56, 64H273, gOH19, SIHI7I, 

S1H266, 31H326 

See also- Personal injuries 
Actions, Personal; 30H22, 30H43, 30H69, 31H69, 61S153, 6SSI7S, SOS25 
Acton (Town of); 75S57, S2H123 

Report re- new town from; 69H72 
Acts and Resolves, see- Laws and Resolves 
Acushnet (Town of); 6IHI6, 75H195 
Acushnet Bridge; 52S71 
Acushnet River: 55H?76, 57S207, 62H32 
Adams (Town of); 54H109, 65H211, 69H332, 72H211, 72H223, 74H350, 

77S153, 7^3172, 31S213, S1H134, S2S35, 82H124 
Adams and Bennington Railroad Co. ; 46SI7 
Adams and Cheshire Reservoir Co.; 69H153, 73H139 
Adams, Edwin: Claims of 77S103, 77S194( report) 
Adams, John (President, U.S.); 27H6 
Adams, .John Q. (President, U.S.); 2SH46, 4^3— 
Adams ^^tual Fire Insurance Co. ; 51H44 
Adams Nervine Asylum; 77H63 

Adams Sugar Refinery (Boston); 65H274, 70H342 
Adelphic Union Society (Williams College); 27H14 
Adjutant General reports of; 20D-, 24D-, 26dH, 31H3, 34H3, 3535, 

3639, 3BH31, 39S9, 40312, 40H4, 40HS4, 4135, 42S11, 43315, 43H24, 

43H42, 43H70, 43HS1, 44H3, 4539, 4634, 4638, 4735, 4^315, 4937, 52S10, 

52H15, 53320, 54S4, 56h6, 57H10, 63H3, 64HI8, 66h8, 70H6, 71399 

reports re-militia; 43314, 43336, 5338, 5536, 56S9, 5739, 66H34, 

66H34, 66H389, 71399 


Adjutant General (cont.) 

Reports re- Office of; 63SI4, 63S137, 63H27, 64SI65, 64S264, 64H55, 

64H325, 69H309, 71H45S, 72S64, 76S151, 77S131, 77H317, 79S10S, 79S124, 


Reports re- Quarter-master General; 31H5, 37S12, 37H1, 39S32, 

44S7, 47H60, 4SH76, 49H2, 49H7, 49H10, 50S9, 50H7, 51Hia, 51H19 

See also- Militia 
Administration of Criminal Law; 4SH7 
Administration of Government; 33H49 
Administrators; 62S52, 63SI67, 64SI9I, 69HSI, 77S123, 77H21, 77H47, 

77H224, 7^S30, 7SSI64, 7^3169, 7^324^, 73H101, 7SH17b, 7SH241, 

80375, 8OSI76, SOHI69, 80H203, aOH346, 81S32, 81 3270, 31H148, 82H50 

Special; 59H182, 76S132, 76H345 

See also- Executors, Guardians, Real Estate, Trustees, Wards 
Adoption of Children, see- Children and Youth 
Adult Blind Poor, Employment of; 49H64 
Advertisements; 74H2 

Defacement of; 733240 

Regulations of; 51332 
Aetna Mills; 64HI9 
Affidavits; 63316, 7OS63 , 76H14 

See also- Dispositions 
African Methodist Episcopal Church (Boston); 57370 
African Slave Trade; 52HI58 
Agawam (Tovm of); 753276, 75S294, 80379 
Agawam Bridge Co.; 56H295, 61H21, 64SI58, 68H307, 68H352 
Agawam River; 32320, 63HI56, 75359, 763156, a3H82, 8OHIOI 
Aged Indigent, Females; 72H169 
Aged Women in Salem, Mass.; 56325I 
Agencies for Sick and Wounded Soldiers; 63H171 
Agents and Inspectors; 49H149, 49H164, 53S39, 53340, 58h8 

Of Public Schools; 55357 

Report re- Bonds; 70H427 
Aglar, Nathaniel; 71H326 

Agricultural and Horticultural Societies; 5IHI46, 52HI64 
Agricultural Branch Railroad Co.; 47398, 48HIO3, 56SI89, 60S37, 

6ISI72, 6539, 65SI36 

Extension of; 52H142, 62H231 

Reports of; 5333, 5432, 5532, 5632, 5732, 67H177 
Agricultural Bureau at V/ashington; 52H13 
Agricultural Business; 62H356 

Agricultural College, see- Mass. State Agricultural College 
Agricultural Experiment Station; 82S164, 82S224 

Agricultural Fairs and Farmers' Clubs, Protection of; 61H38, 61H185 
Agricultural School; 48S85, 50320, 50S25, 5OH88, 6ISI65 

Report re- 51H13 
Agricultural Societies; 28H50, 4233, 47S40, 47H20, 53S77, 55H207, ^ 

56HI82, 593119, 6ISI36, 6IHIO9, 62S70, 63H45, 65372, 66H192, 693122, 

703217, 70H274, 73H80, 743132, 77384, 81S263, 81H424 

Reports re- 42330, 45332, 77H104, 79379 
Agricultural Survey of the Commonwealth; 40S28, 4OS48, 41H9 

Accounts for; 39H11 

Provision for; 37S80 

Reports of Surveyor; 40S15, 40336 

Report re- 37H123 . ^ ^ 

Agriculture; 28H40, 29H17, 38374, 43355, 44345, 50311, 52H87, 63SIO8 

See also- Board of Agriculture 

Aiken, David; 63S3S 

Aiken, Lewis; 56HI6I 

Aiken, William; 69H247 

Alabama (State of); 41S44, 42S65, 79H104 

Governor of; 31S9, 52H15^ 

Slavery in; 36S56 
Alabama Claims; 69H137, 69HI56 

Albany Street Freight Railroad Co.; 6^844, 6SHI42, 70S32 
Albert Field Tack Co.; 69S342 
Alcohol - Sale of; 4^H62 

See also- Liquor 
Alden, Erastus C; 7OSI4S, 70H110 
Alewife Brook; 31S202 

Alewife Fishery; 52H17S, 55H54, 71S271, 71H223, 72H232, 77H9S, 7^353 
Alger, Susan E.; 69H130 
Alien Passengers; 37H55, 45H23, 4^346, 4SS122, 49S157, 49S162, 

49H37, 5OSI7, 50H54, 50H176, 5ISIO, 51H152, 52S127, 52H16, 53S131, 

53H172, 57H124, 5SHI3O, 59H243, 63HI5O, 63H179, 65HI96, 66S307, 

69H2go, 70H279, 71S262, 71S339, 71H474, 72S134, 72H217, 72H224, 76S121 

Commissioners of; 55S29, 55H199, 57H256, 63H209, 63H213, 70H41 

Reports re- 4IH65, 46S74, 47S109, 43S46, 50S14, 52S14, 52H47, 

53H1S, 54S10, 54S15S, 55H125, 56HI7, 56H41, 57H17, 57H30 

Statements of; 4^374 

See also- Foreign Paupers 
Aliens - Naturalization of; S1S35 

Property Rights of; 30HS, 30H29, 31H36, 31H62, 33S21, 49H89, 

52S11, 52H35 
Alimony; 53H14, 5^H70 
Allard, Isaac F. ; 52S103 
Allegheny River Oil Co.; 79S10,, 79S111 
Allen, Charles; 64SS4, 73H263 
Allen Guards; 62H331 

Allen, Henry - Memorial of; 5OHI36, 5OHI5S 
Allen St. Congregational Society (Cambridge); 74H146 
Allotment for Military and Volunteers; b4S179. D4H303, 65H266, 71H130 

Commissioner of. Reports; 64H228, 65H204, 6oH345 
Almshouses; 4SH135, 79H144 

See- State almshouse at Bridgewater, Monson, and Tewksbury 
Almy, Sandford; 62H219 
American Advent Mission Society; 66H143 
American Antigquarian Society; 6IHS 

American Association for the Advancement of Science; 743^7 
American Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb; 43HS5, 65H254 

Report by Principal of; 37S11 

Report by Visitors to; 44H67, 45S59 
American Bank - Reports of investigation of; 3^S24, 3^399 
American Baptist Missionary Union; 4SH93 
American Bell Telephone Co. - Incorporation of; ^0323, SOS39, ^0347, 

80354, B0356, 8OHI8O, 8OH232, g2S65 
American Board of Commissioners of Foreign Missions; 63H263, 

66H2a2, 8OSI6 
American College & Musical Conservatory for the Blind; 7037 
American Colonisation Society; 3133 
American Commerce; 81340 

American Congregational Association; 71352 
American Cordage and Webbing Co.; 59323 
American Education Society - Union with Society for Promotion of 

Collegiate and Theological Education; 74H41, 74H73 

American Flax Cotton Co.; 59S34, 6IHI69 

American Hide Seat Co.; 73S1S 

American Hospital and Home for Surgery; 55SlSO 

American Hotel Co.; 56S152 

American Independence - Centennial Celebration of; 74H36 

Monixment to; 54S74 
American Institute of Instruction; 36H27, 36H54, 37H12, 55S60, 55H177 

Report on Petitions by; 35H40, 51S44 
American Insurance Co. ; 3SS14» 5^312 
American Legion of Honor; S2S54 
American Linen Co.; 59H5S, 66H47 

Revival of; S0H51 
American Loan and Trust Co.; ^1H46, SIH6S 
American Machine Works; 64H254 
American Manufactures; 27S14 

Report on; 2SS9, 2^314 
American Molded Collar Co.; 7^379 
American Mutual Life Insurance Co.; 70H233 
American Nail Machine Co. ; 64SI5O 
American Naturalist ; 71H264 

American Peace Society - Memorial re- War with Mexico; 47H6 
American Paint Works (Fall River); 73S31 
American Railroad Construction & Land Co;' 66S53, 66S93 
American Safety Steam Engine Co.; 65S240 
American Seamen; 72S185, 72H131, 72H143, 72H151 
American Self -Generating Gas Chandelier & Bracket Co.; 67SI65 
American Society of Hibernisus; 61H29 
American Statistical Association; 43H16 
American Steam Fire Proof Safe Co.; 67S252 
American Steam Gauge Co. ; 54H6o 

American Steam Ship Co.; 63S73, 64Slgl, 65S197, 67HIOS, 6SS224 
American Temperance Society; 30H50, 30H61 
American Unitarian Association; 67H35» ^0H50 
American Watch Co.; 65S24, 70H50 
American Water Meter Co.; 70H170 
American Wheat Co. ; 64SI9O 

Ames, Azel, M.D. - Report on Local Boards of Health by; 74S100 
Ames, John E. - Compensation for, re- Services rendered in 

wartime; 62312^, 623129, 62H331 
Ames Manufacturing Co. ; ??2S143 
Amesbury (Town of); 79H7^ 

and Railroads; 69H355, 69H474, 71S2f^2 

Unification with Salisbury; 64HI9S, 70H134 
Amesbury and Salisbury Academy; 69S101 

Amesbury and Salisbury Agricultural and Horticultural Society; S1H267 
Amesbury Branch Railroad Co. ; 69SI65 
Amesbury Railroad Co.; 72H100 
Amesbury Savings Bank; 71H232, 77H49 
Amherst (Town of); 49341, 64H35 

and Agricultural College; 65HI25 
Amherst and Belchertown Railroad; 51H137, 56HIOS, 5^351 

Annual reports of; 5333, 5432, 5532, 5632, 5732 
Amherst Bank; 41H73 

Amherst, Belchertown and Palmer Railroad Co.; 6433, 6A.3S 
Amherst Branch Railroad Co.; 4SH70, 64Hia7, 66 S242, 693159, 70327 
Amherst Carriage Co.; 37S53, 37H3S, 3^H33 

Amherst College; 31H12, 32H11, 59S106, 63H245, 67H34, 69H299, 

71S159, 71S211, 72S56;' 72H300, 74S141 

Report re- Condition of; 27S15 

Report re- Petitions by Trustees; 31S17, 31H13i 37S37, 3SH45, 

39S27, 47H105, 63S18, 63S75 

Report re- Separation from State; 54S134 

State aid for; 69S97 
Amherst Gas Light Co.; 7OHI65, 72H90 
Amherst Savings Bank; $4H39, D4H191 
Amherst Water Company; S0S1»9 
Amendments, see- Constitution of Massachusetts, General Statutes, 

Revised Statutes 
Amusements, see- Public Amusements 
Anatomy; 30S21, 34H60, 45H36, 79S114 

Report re- Diagrams of; 51H99 

Report re- Study of; 31H4 
Ancient and Honorable Artillery Co.; 51H102 
Ancient Order of Hibernians; 74H126 

Anderson School of Natural History; 74S243, 77H103, 77H10S 
Andover (Tovm of); 55S74, 55S90, 65SIO, 66S55, 79H25, 79H71, 

31S120, S2S106 

Schools in; 69S57, 79H71 
Andover and Haverhill Railroad Corp.; 37SS2, 39H5S 

Annual report of; 3^333 , 39S31 
Andover and Medford Turnpike; 3ISIS, 32H28 
Andover and Wilmington Railroad Corp.; 33S36, 37S77 
Andover, Medford and Essex Turnpikes - Reports re- 31H59» 31H66 
Andrew, John A. (Governor of Massachusetts, lS6l-lw6) - 

Messages and addresses; 6lS2, 6ISXI, 62S1, 62S10, 62S72, 62S132, 

62Hia, 62H40, 62H50, 62H74, 62H104, 62H109, 62H192, 62H351, 63SI, 
■ 64S1, 65SI, 66S1, 66S2 

on Act of General Assembly of Maryland; 62H351 

on Agricultural College; 64H6 

on Arms for Soldiers: 64H37B 

on Boston Sewage; o4H43 

on Claims of Railroads; 63H212 

on Claims of State of Maine; 63H240 

on Joseph Haleya; 64H265 

on Mass. Soldiers in Baltimore; 62H50, 62H155 

on Names of Appointees; 62H40 

on National Income Tax; 62H74 

on Purchase of Arms; 62H52 

on Reform School at West borough; 62H104 

on Report of the Ad jut ant -General; 63H95 

on Report of the Provost Marshal General; 63HIS3 

on Road from Bangor; 64H229 

on Suits against Commonwealth of Massachusetts; 64HII5 

on Troop Recruitment: 62H1S, 62H109 

on Veto of Bonus; o4H393 

on Veto of Pay Resolve: 64H392 

on Volunteers* Pay; 03HI6 

Statue of; 6$S199, 71S20, 7IS63 
Andrew, John P. - Petition re- Universal peace; l^Hl^ 
Andrews, Benjamin H.; 6SH155 
Andrews, Richard F. ; 75H255, 77H142 
Angel Guardian, House of, see- House of Angel Guardian 

Animals; 59H157 
Abandoned; 31H347 

Cock fighting and fighting among; 59345 
Cruelty to; 59S46, 60H47 
See also- Domestic animals, Deceased animals, Noxious animals 

Annisquam Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 47S33, 73H105 

Annisquam River; 71H436 

Anniversary Celebration by Towns; SIHI6I 

Annual Encampment ; 72S261 

Annual Reports of State Departments, see- Public Documents 

Annual Reports of Towns and Cities; 66S206 

Annuities - Payment of; 4^H107 
To Judicial Officers; 73H235 

Anthracite Coal - Regulation of Sales of; 49H97 

Antietam Cemetary, see- National Cemetary at Antietam 

Apollo Club of Boston; 73H110 

Apothecaries; 81H344, Bl H399, SIH3SI, S1H423 
See also- Pharmacy and Druggists 

Appeals; 62H30a, 76S20, 76H105, 77H311, 30H35, SOH45, S2S58 
See- Civil Actions, Civil Cases, Criminal Cases 

Appleton Company - report on petition of; 65H258 

Appleton, William - Memorial of re- Boston Harbor; 4dH5S 

Appleton Street Congregational Society (Lowell); 75S49 

Appointments of Mayors and Aldermen in Cities; 76H147 

Apponigansett River; 57H9S 

Apprenticeship; 69H36O 

Appropriation Bills; 39H31, 5BH19, 5SH41, 5SH171, 53H172, 59H22, 
59H30, 59H43, 59HS1, 59H146, 59H148, 60H22, 6OH23, 6OH58, 6OH6S, 
6OHI5O, 6OHI79, 60H222, 6IHI7, 6IH42, 6IH6I, 61H75, 6lHg6, 6IHI23, 
6IHI42, 6IH246, 61H247, 62H11, 62H20, 62HgO, 62H27, 62H37, 62H111, 
62H112, 62H330, 63S107, 63H6, 63H7, 63H30, 63H32, 63H40, 63H59, 
63H9S, 63HI7I, 63H312, 64H27, 64H31, 64H53, 64H66, 64H67, 64H92, 
64K103, 65H23, 65H28, 65H44, 65H46, 65H63, 65H93, 66H22, 66H23, 
66H56, 66H57, 66Hg2, 66HI03, 66H121, 66H200, 66H23a, 67Hg, 67H17, 
67H27, 67H2a, 67H4^, 67H35, 67HS7, 67H192, 67H455, bSH4, bBHS, 68H53, 
6gH2l, 6gH26, 6gH27, 68H85, 68H212, 6SH387, 6aH393, 69H6, 69H7, 
69H22, 69H27, 69H44, 69H45, 69H50, 70S6, 70S337, 70H5, 70H19, 70H22, 
70H27, 70H59, 70H96, 7OHI23, 70H225, 7OH324, 70H485, 71H6, 71H7, 
71H3, 71H9, 71H54, 71H55, 71H89, 71H94, 71H175, 71H247, 72H9, 72H12, 
72H26, 72H27, 72H40, 72H108, 72H196, 72H335, 72H389, 73H1, 73HS, 
73H17, 73H20, 73H32, 73H44, 73H59, 73H6o, 73H12a, 73H385, 74S27, 
74S3B, 74H1, 74H8, 74H12, 74H28, 74H29, 74H67, 74H274, 74H517, 75H1, 
75H5, 75H6, 75H7, 75H/.5, 75H56, 75H91, 75H196, 75H220, 75H35e), 75H376, 
76S74, 76HI, 76H28, 76H32, 76H62, 76H63, 76H132, 76HI67, 76Hl6a, 
76H352, 76H370, 76H373, 77H18, 77H19, 77H20, 77H6o, 77H74, 77HB2, 
77H114, 77H119, 77H258, 77H343, 77h390, 77H391, 78H1, 78H5, 7Bh6, 
7SH7, 73H35, 7SH49, 7Bh31, 78HISI, 78HIS2, 78H366, 79H1, 79H16, 
79H13, 79H26, 79H30, 79H36, 79H42, 79H47, 79H93, 79H246, 79H306, 
79H318, 79H339, 79H358, 79H375, 79H383, ^OHl, 80H13, 8OHI4, 50H27. 
gOH28, BOH32, 80H39, 8OH67, SOH153, 8OHI6I, 80H298, 8OH324, 8OH386, 
31H1, 81H6, aiH9, 8IHI5, 81H16, 81H43, 81H44, 81H55, 81H75, 81H352, 
81H394, 81H447, 82H1, 82H7, 82H9, 82H11, 82H12, 82H14, 82H16, 
82H30, 82H31, 82H117, S2H268, 82H362 

See also- Salary Bills, Legislature Compensation for, Educational 

Aqueduct Corporations; 53H36, 75H269 
Taking Water from; 67S139 

Arbitration, International Courts of; 76SI66, 76H24d 

Archibald, Edward and Percy; 75H155 

Arkansas, State of; 61H260 

Arkwright Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 60H5, 61H33, 62S3, 75H52 

Arlington (Town of); 69H325, 70H247, 72S253, 73317^, 73S1SO, 

73S190, 74S179, 75Hiao, 76S87, aiH329 
Arlington and Lexington Railway Co. ; 6Sh66 
Arlington Lake Water Co.; 71S214, 7334^ 
Arlington Street Church (Boston); 72341 
Arlington Woolen Mills at Lawrence; 75311 
Armories; 77H294, 77H295, 77H329, 7^3126 

See- Militia 
Arms; 63H66, 69H361, 76H121 

Report re- Purchases of in Europe; 63SIO4 

Report re- Sales of; 44365, 44395 
Arms Academy; 6OS42, 60343 
Armstrong, Samuel T. (Governor, 1835) - Address of, to Legislature; 

Army and Navy of the U.S. - Thanks to; 65H22 

See- Veterans services 
Army (U.S.) Contracts - Report on; 62H365 
Arnold Arboretum; 8OHI64 
Arrest; 3IH6I, 33S15, 33319, 33349, 78H232, a2S263 * 

Charged with Murder; S0H12 

Debtors; 30H10, 78H207 

Wrongfully; 72H273, 8IH3S 

See also- Civil Actions, Fraudulent Arrests 
Arsenals at Cambridge and South Framingham, see- State arsenals at 

Cambridge and South Framingham 
Arsenal at Watertown, see- U.S. arsenal at Watertown 
Arsenal grounds at Watertown; 64SI67 
Arson; 46S58, 46H82, 54Hiao, 55H73, 673221, 67S236 

Punishment for; 3IHI6, 37H43, 40344, 41H15, 41H26, 523102, 7IS64 

Report re- 67HIS5 
Art and Architecture; 62S118 

See also- Mass. State House 
Art School, see- State Normal Art School 
Artificial Propagation of Fish; 56H203 

Arts and Sciences - Report re- a Practical School for; 27H5 
Asbury Grove Railroad Co.; 70H210 

Ashbumham Railroad Co.; 71H296, 72H53, 72H120, 78H205 
Ashburnham Savings Bank; 713202, 80H34S 
Ashburnham Water Co. ; 713301 
Ashby Reservoir Co. ; 69H275 
Ashes, see- Pot and Pearl Ashes 

Ashfield (Town of) - Report on election in; 50H49 
Ashland (Town of); 53H103 
Ashley Falls Co.; 49370 

Ashley School and Charitable Fund; 6SS304 
Ashmere Resei^oir Association; 723184 
Ashton, John - Will of; 69H100 
Asia - Exploration of Eastern; 64H152 
Assault and Battery; 81S157 
Assessments and Assessors - Assessment of Damages; 31H33, 523113 

Assessment of Poll Taxes, see- Poll Taxes and Taxes 


Assessments and Assessors (cont.) 

Assessments; SOS65, SOSS4 

Assessors - Office of; 29H31, 36H39, 37H41, 39H16, 42S23, 42S42, 

43S24, 52H114, 55H162, 56HII4, 56H157, 5SS70, 62H168, 64S271, 

65H49, 66H277, 69H27S, 69S260, 7^3246, 7^H223, S1S49 

of Cities and Towns: 70H122, 73H270 

of Taxes; 36H63, 69H231, 69H441, 73H1S1, 7^H120, 79S15, 79S40 
Assignments of Property - Report on; 33H12, 33H2g 
Assistant Attorney General; 74H133 
Associated Banks in Boston; 3^H1 
Associations - Agricultural, Horticultural, etc.; 53H133 

Charitable, Religious, and Educational; 57S71, 57S73, 69S251, 

73H212, 74H3S5, 74H400, 74H427, 75HS1, 75H190, 77S142, 77S1S5, 

77H264, 77H331, 79S79 

List of Incorporated, 1^72-1^77; 7ShS 

With Limited Liability; 66H217, 66H32S 

See also- Banking Associations, Co-operative Associations, Corporations, 

Incorporated Associations, Soldiers 
Assonet Fishing Co. ; 6OHII4 
Assurance, Municipal and State; 72HX35 

See also- Insurance 
Astor Library; 56S133 
Asylxims ; 76H174 

For the Deaf and Diimb; 79S150 

See also- American Asylum for Deaf and Dumb 
Atheists - Credibility of; SIH65, 82H295 
Athol and Enfield Railroad Co.; 69S172, 69S371, 70S249, 72S230, 

72H139, 72H140, 72H202, 73H21 
Athol Music Hall Association; 71H96 
Athol Reservoir Co.; 54H35 
Athol Savings Bank; 67H56 
Athol Water Company; 77S64 
Atkinson, John; 69H414 
Atkinson, William D.; 63H76 

Atlantic and Ontario Railway Trust Co.; 73H401, 74S335, 74S339 
Atlantic Avenue; 69H213, 71H257, 71H413 

Atlantic Avenue and Harbor Improvement Corporation; 55317^ 
Atlantic Mutual Life Insurance Co. ; 43S40 
Atlantic Telegraph Co.; 59S115 
Atlantic Wharf Co.; 51S56, 63SI9S 
Atlantic Works; 70S21 
Atlas Bank; 59S101, 59H113 

Reports re- 46S10$, 47H5S 
Atlas Fire and Marine Insurance Co.; 55H101 
Attachments; 35S70, 39H45, 44H22, 46SII6, 47SI4, 4SH130, 55H67. 

56HI29, 56Hia3, 57H53, 57HS4, 57H223, 67S36, 70H265, 71S106, 7^H274, 

74SS3, 74S333, 75H33, 75H66, 75H202, 76H233, 77H6, 77H63, 77H30, 

79S137, 79H49, 79H107, 79H20S, SOS32, 31H142, S1H172, S1H221, aiH319 

of Property; 70S223 

of Real Estate; 27H46, 23h6, 2aH36, 3OHII, 32H43, 32H54, 33S17, 

34S13, 35H24, 55S110, 57S107, 59H130, 59H236, 6OS58, 6OH51, 70H271, 

73S19S, 73H229, 74H15 

Private; 34S2, 34S1S 

See also- Bonds, Personal Property, Real Estate, Trustee Process 
Attleborough (Town of); 34345, 56S124, 69S346, 71H23/j., 71H255, 

72H195, 73H313, 74H135, 74H176, 77H59, 77H151, 77H296, a2H4S, 32H76 
Attleborough Bank; 7SH97 

Attleborough Branch Railroad Co.; 70H123, 71S59, 74S209 

Attleborough Gas-Light Co.; 67H209 

Attleborough Mutual Fire Insurance Co. ; 6SS95 

Attleborough Savings Bank; 60H6 

Attleton, Clara E. ; 75H212, 75H234 

Attorney-General; 6lSS9, 63HI, 64H2, 66SI6, 67H2gS, 67H349, 67H394, 
67H457, 7SS77, 79S20, 79S79, 79H1S1 

Reports, opinions, and statements by; 31H1, 33S1, 34H4» 35S1, 
35S45, 35S49, 35HX1, 36H2, 37S2, 3^31, 3^352, 39S3, 39S1S, 40S20, 
4ISI5, 42S20, 43S7, 43S35, 43S37, 47Ha5, 49H43, 50H4B, 51H72, 52H5S, 
53H66, 55H119, 56H191t 56H70. 57H60. 5^357, 5SH65, 59H90, 60H137, 
62H32, 65H9, 65H246, 66H9, 66H366, 66H412, 67HI4, 67H317, 6SHI4, 
eaH^l, 69H12, 70H6, 7OHII, 7OHI3, 70H475, 71H12, 72H2, 73H6, 73H261, 
73H263, 74S112, 74H30, 74H462, 75H70 

Atwood, Joseph; 53HBB 

Auburn (Town of); 50H117 

Auctions; 7^H194 

and Auctioneers; 34H6, 47S19, 47S35, 47S103, 52Hlia, 57H1S5 
Sales; 31S7, 47S90, 49H112, 52S47 
Taxes on; 33H19, 45S62, 46S27, 49S19 

Auditor of the Commonwealth - Office of; 4IHS4, 45S111, 46S50, 49H42, 
50S23, 52S137, 54S109, 55H6, 56H7, 65H302, 66Hie7, 67SI4I, 67H103, 
67H241, 6SH45, 70S1S, 7OSI24, 7OH6, 71H430, 76SI5I, 79S36, 31H35S, 

Reports of; 50S23, 50H3, 50H4, 50H61, 50H171, 51H7, 52S137, 
52H5, 52H193, 53S93, 53Ha, 54H^, 54H10, 55Ha, 56H24 $7H7, 57H9, 
58S5I, 5SH$, 59H100, 60H50, 61H50, 62S91, 62H5, 62H6, 62HS, 62H31, 
63H5, 63H50, 63H206, 64HI, 64HIO, 64H33, 64H44, 64H144, 65H20, 
65H30, 65H99, 66H3, 66H20, 67S157, 67H45, 67H99, 67H112, 67H206, 
68H99, 69H31, 69H99, 71H20, 71H99, 72H25, 72H99, 72H401, 73H25, 

, 73H99, 74H99, 7$H25, 75H99, 77H40, 7^H20, 79H5, 79H6, 79H265, 
SOH6, S1H7, S2H13, S2H1S, S2H42 

Auditors; 56S97, 67H105, 73H403, 76H52, 7SH137 

Augustinian Society of Lawrence; 70H209 

Augustus, John et al. - Report re- petition for house for drunkards; 

Austin, Daniel et al. - Report re- Real estate; 47H141 

Avenues leading to Boston; 35HI13, 35HX14 

Avery Brook - Protection of trout in; 69H252, 69H264 

Ayer (Town of); 7132^5, 7IH60, 72H336, 77S96 

Report by Selectmen of, re-abolition of 1st District Court; 7^H246 

Ayer Savings Bank; 75H167 

Ayer Water Co. ; S1S76 


Babson, Fitz; 62H353 

Back Bay and Brookline Railroad Co. ; 62S109 

Back Bay Lands - Bills and resolves re- 56355, 56s3S, 56SS9, 5^391, 
56399, 563110, 563114, 56SI73, 57359, 573126, 57H239, 5^373, 59H253, 
59H234, 593186, 603112, 603155, 60H119, 6OHI78, 6ISI24, 613130, 
6IHII6, 61H239, 62H7, 62H12, 62H33, 62H41, 62S172, 65SIO9, 66s86, 
66H11S, 66H39S, 6732^4, 67329, 693345, 69H457, 70H78, 74346, 79314^, 

Memorials on; 56365, 6OHI3, 60H228 
Reports re- 55H137, 56SI6, 5737, 59H260, 60315, 61H62, 62H16, 62H294 


Back Bay Improvement Co.: 60S72, 60Hl62 
Back River; 59S56, 59So4 

Bridge over; 64H7B 
Bacon, Almoram - Bill re- digging oysters; 53H111 
Bacon, George; 6IH56 
Bacon, Peter; 63S117 
Badges; 6lH21g 

See also- Seals 
Baggage; 5IHIU 

Destruction of: 69H236 
Bail; 37H56, 56H37, 69SI98, 71S322, 79S21S, 79S230, S2S147 

in Civil Actions; 2SH25, 50H134, 74S21, 7^H31 

in Criminal Cases; 45H24, 45H33, 50H173. 51H117, 55S111, 57H154, 

59H133, 62H1S2, 62H292, 63S19, 67S10, 67S26, 74H345, 74H352, 73H233, 

79Ha3, 79H117, 79H273 
Baily, Esther G.; 66H365 
Baily, John; 69H4SO 
Baird, George; 79H54 

Baker and Horton Cemetary Association; S2S69 
Baker, George G. - Resolves re- erection of Women's Prison; 7^349, 

7SS75, 7^3223, 7BH217, 7SH350 
Baker, John, et al. ; 50H9S 
Baker, Levi, et al. ; 57S35, 57S100, 59H112, 64HI4S 

Governor's message re- 5oH14 

Report re- 64S55 
Baker, Obded III; 65S26 
Baldwin Place Baptist Society; 65H29 

Baldwin Place Home for Little Wanderers; 65SBO, 76S107 
Ball, James; 30H23 
Ballard, Charles; 63H31 
Ballardvale Savings Bank; 66H102 
Ballots; 53H22, SlSlOO, S1S117, S2H357, S2S149, S2S17S 

Distribution of; SOS55, SOS73, SOHl^, SOH24, S0H179, 31H275 

Preservation of; 71S30, 71H67, 74H449, 75H334 

Security of; 50S39, 51S28, 51S39, 51H101, 52H91(Report) , 52H177, 

SOHII4, ^1H320, 81H431 
Bank Balances; 56S253 
Bank Bills; 33S34, 43S53, 52H44, 52H69, 53H165, 53H169, 53S64, 

57HS2, 57H101, 53S4B, 59S73, 60SI23, 62S50, 63S30, 63HIIS, 64SS3, 


Report re- Circulation of; 53HI66 

Report re- Form of; 32S7 

Report re- Fraudulent alteration of; 41S53, 47S69 
Bank Capital - Report re- Increase of; 57S108 
Bank Certificates; 5SS4^ 
Bank Charters; 32H19, 49S109, 50H^2 
Bank Commissioners; 30S5, 37S36, 37S46, 3^315, 3^315, 3SH15, 41H9, 

51394, 51H94, 56331, 56S39, 593126, 63H114, 6437^, 65H2Sg, 66H253 

Reports of; 3^H7^, 3935, 39363, 4037, 40H40, 4OH67, 41H4, 41H62, 

42S10, 42371, 43320, 4436, 5036, 5ISII 

Reports re- 46HIOO, 49366, 65HI69 
Bank Directors; 53H167, 5639^, 563159, 59H94 
Bank Loans; 5639^, 563159 
Bank Notes; 33322, 5SS4^ 
Bank of Commerce; 50H79, 53H106 
Bank of Industry; 61H135 


Bank of Mutual Redemption; 53H152, 53H1SS, 55S202, 55H212, 56S30, 
56S47, 56S93, 56H5S, 51SY11 , 59H36, 59H116, 6IS63, 6ISIO3, 63HIO4 

Bank of Norfolk; 3^HS2 

Bank of North America; 50H79 

Bank of Ten Millions; 36S15, 36S30, 36HIO 

Bank of the United States - Report to ?emove deposit from; 34S20 

Bank Officers; L.6s66, 46H69, 56H6g, 56HII4, 5oH173 

Bank Returns; 5dS253, 57S155, 5SH176 
Report re- 4OS64 

Bank Safe and Vault Robbery; 76S135, 76H337, 76H350 

Bank Shares; 6SS327, 6^5334, 72S236, 72S245, 72324^, 72S255, 72S256, 
723272, 73H130 

Taxation of; 6SH262, 713299, 71H461, 73H315, 733169, 73323l(Report) , 

Bank Tax; 36H21, 5^H15 

Banks and Banking: 3035, 31S14, 333?, 3337, 3434, 35S6S, 35HX?, 3631, 
3631s, 36327, 36S47, 36H3, 36H7, 36H9, 36H4O, 3DH45, 36h62, 36H65, 
37371, 3SS3S, 3S394, 3SH5, 3SH9, 3SHIO, 3SH19, 3SH38, 3SH5I, 3Sh68, 
41336, 4IH4S, 44390, 433^3, 49H29, 51H145, 51311, 51352, 51H172, 
5IHISS, 53H115, 54311, 54390, 55HSS, 55H129, 56HII5, 5SH49, 53H52, 
59H117, 59H263, 60H14d, 6OHI24, 60HX2, 60H223, 6IHIO6, 61H225, 
6IH242, 61390, 613110, 613137, 613156, 62351, 6235, 6237, 623121, 
62H17I, 62H211, 62H307, 63H96, 6339, 633126, 63SI52, 633160, 64H95, 
64H57, 66S230, 663245, 67HSS 
Capital; 36353 

Charters: 33H51, 36391, 3^360, 39322, 4^3113, 49H154, 63H296, 
633135, 043210, 64H292, 653190 

Regulation of; 27314, 23316, 29S2, 2933, 2935, 29HI6, 34H76, 
34350, 35362, 36H53, 36H57, 37325, 3734S, 3^349, 3^329, 3^331, 
3SHI3, 43334, 43Hg6, 44364, 49H73, 57H209 

• Reports re- 30319, 33S2S, 33H40, 34322, 34353, 35H42, 36H45, 
36H62, 36H65, 3SH21, 3SH27, 39354, 40341, 51H95, 52H70, 54365, 
553142, 563204 

Taxation of; 503121, 57H94, 643231 
See also- Banking 

Banks and Savings Institutions,- reports re- 47316, 47329, 4SSI23 

Banks Chartered since 17^4 - Tabular statement of; 50H93 

Banks in Liquidation - Reports re- 4SHI66, 49H131 

Banks, Nathaniel P. (Governor, l35S-l36l); 5^31, 5931, 603X1, 
6ISI, 61H53 

Banks, National, see- National Banks 

Banks Organized under General Laws; 6OSI24, 6IHIOI, 61H103, 6IHI27, * 

6IHI33, 62H131 
Banks, Reports of. Individual - 
American Bank; 3^324, 3^399 
Atlas Bank; 463105, 47H5S 
Bank of Norfolk; 3Sh32 
Bank of the United States; 34320 
Barnstable Savings Bank; 7937, SOSS, 3137 
Brighton Bank; 30317, 59H213 
Chelsea Bank; 37359, 37S104 
Citizens Bank of Worcester; 3SH33 
City Bank of Lowell; 39359 
Commercial Bank; 33339 
Commonwealth Bank; 3^335, 3^359 
Farmers Bank of Belchertown; 30S7 
Farmers Mechanics Bank; 39360 



Banks, Reports of, Individual (Cont.) 

Franklin Bank; 3^325 

Fulton Bank; 3SsSS 

Hallowell and Augusta Bank; 16H22 

Kilby Bank; 3735^, 3^334, 3^395 

Lafayette Bank; 37360, 3^351 

Lexington Savings Bank; 79331, ^033^ 

Lowell, City Bank in; 39359 

Massachusetts Bank; 463105, 47H5S 

Middlesex Bank; 3^327, 3^354 

Middling Interest Bank; 37359 

Nahant Bank; 37H53, 37351, 37397 

National Bank; 66H26 

North Bridgewater Savings Bank; 79371 

Roxbury Bank; 3^340, 3 ^3^5 

Sandwich Savings Bank; 79316, S1S13 

Southbridge Bank; 45310L 

Sutton Bank; 3039 

Taunton Bank; 65H258 

Washington Bank (Boston); 463105, 47H53 

See- Individual Bank entries for Bills re- Massachusetts Banks 
Banks, State, see- State Banks 
Banks, Usury in; 51352 
Banking; 53324, 60359, 6OHII7 

Business of; 52H169, 59333, 59363, 59S129, 593130, 593164, 

59H1S6, 6034, 60S149 

Private, Prevention of; 33337 

Reports re- 533^5, 53H33 

See- Banks and banking 
Banking Associations; 35H53, 65HII3, 65HII5, 65HI5I, 65HI62, 
■ 65H185, 65H2S3, 65H296, 67H249 

Lists of; 66345, 67323, 6SS15, 69319, 70S29 
Banking Corporations; 31H50, 31H56 
Bankruptcy; 32H33, 46SI29, 6^H340, 79S260, 79H313 

and Corporations; 7^323 
Banner of Light Printing and Publishing House; 65S143, 66H172 
Baptist General Convention; 46S4I 
Baptist Religious Society - in Haverhill; S1H126 

in Taunton; 64H20 
Bardwell, Samuel D. ; S2S270 
Bardwell's Ferry (Bridge. near) ; 75H2S2 
Bark; 54H157 

Bark Extract Company; 37H49 
Barker, Henry F. ; 62H334, 7^397 
Barker, James M. ; 32H352 

Barker's River in Pembroke - Dams and Fish in; 56HS4, 65H47 
Barlow River; 73H70 
Barlow's Pond; 653149 
Barnard, Charles E. ; 74333^ 
Barnes, Bradford; 64H154 
Barney, James 0.; 43H39 
Barnstable (County of); 57H134, 62S54, 6331^0, 67H442, 6^3149, 

69376, 693242, 693249, 69H366, 7IH369, 74H261, 74H302, 77HI29, 

79H365, 813200, d2H227 


Barnstable (Town of); 40H7, 74H12, 74H13, 74H221, 79H237 

Protection of Fish & Game; 46S49, 67H383, 63H202, 71H57 

Schools; 46H69, 71S217, 73H238 
Barnstable and Hyannis Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 66S151 
Barnstable Bank; 48S55 

Barnstable Bay and Buzzard's Bay; 60H214, 61H1, 61H8B, 61H96, 62H326 
Barnstable County Agricultural Society: 4SH92 
Barnstable County Commissioners; 54H68, 56H244, 76S114, 76H102, 

78S96, 8IHI65, 81H438 
Barnstable Institution for Savings; 60H7 
Barnstable Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 74H96 
Barnstable Savings Bank - reports re- 79S7, 8OS8, 81S7 
Barre (To\m of); 38H8, 48S6O, 74H104 

Barre and Gardner Railroad Co. , see- Boston, Barre and Gardner Railroad 
Barre and North Brookfield Railroad Co.; 52S95 

Reports of; 54328, 54S2, $5S2, 56S2, 5732 
Barre and v/orcester Railroad Co.; 473101, 48HI23 

Reports of; 49S40 
Barre Palls Reservoir Co.; 74H495, 743278, 743291, 743308, 753144 
Barre Savings Bank; 6yS«:;20 
Barrows, Lydia et al.: 573106, 6&H267 
Barry, Charles J.; 0OH66 
Bartlett, A.iV. ; 6-iH273 
Bartlett, Abner; 45386 
Bartlett, Bourne S.; 673179 
Bartlett, John C. ; 52H32 
Bartlett, John S.; 39H71 

Report re, vs. Massachusetts Medical Society; 39H76 
Baseball, see- Boston Baseball Association 
Bass and Gurnet Rocks; 77337 
Bass River; 76H314, SOHI63 

Toll bridges over; 69H179 
Bass River Fisheries; 49H53, 69S76 
Bass River Savings Bank; 743115 
Batchelder, Cyrus L.; 70H135 
Bates, Edward; 50H79 
Bates, Isaac C. - Death of; 45S110 
Bates, Joshua; 56H73 
Bathing, see- Public Baths 
Battery Wharf Co.; 58372, 69370, 69H195 
Battle i-'lags; 03H79, 643200, 66S159, 72HX36, 733127, 73H141, 

73Hl6b, 7432b 

Report re- 733127 
Baxter, Charles W. ; 75S63 
Bay State Bank; 60S19 
Bay State Fire Insurance Co.; 6OHI4O 
Bay State House in 'Worcester; . 67H313 
Bay State Iron Co.; 76332, 80329 
Bay State Mining Co. ; 653159 
Bay State Mutual Life Insurance Co. ; 51340, 70H32 

Report re- 48H38 
Bay State Steamboat Co.; 49H55, 633154, 68S305 
Bayley, Abner L. ; 64H120 
Bayley Hat Co. ; 68H82 

Beach Grass - Destruction of, in Provincetown; 3.3341 
Beaches in North Chelsea; 55H224 
Beacon Street (Boston); 71S67, 71H120 
Beacons and Buoys; 60335 


Bean, Nathaniel; 6<iH140 
Bears; 35ri31 
Bearse, Nelson; 74H13 
Bearse, Cn-zen; 73H97 
Seattle, John Jr.; 74Hii55 
Becket (Town of): 643^03 
Bedford (Tovm of); 59H214 

Railroads in; 70H247, 76S99 

Reports re- 37H22 
Bedford Railroad Co.; 46S103, 69S20 
Beebe, James; 63S150 

Beef and Pork; 26D ^ 33H66, 29S21, 3IS6, 50S90 
Beer, Sale of; 73H29 
Beet bugar; 7^3235 

Report encouraging manufacture of; 37H2a 

Report re- 7137 i) 
Belcher, ;/illiam B. ; 71H249 
Belchertown (Tovm of); 25H72, 36H41, 56H111, 73H330, 303112 

Report of Contested Election in; 11H2 

Report re- Accounts of; 35HX1 
Belchertovm Cemetery Association; 69396 
Belgian Soldiers - Report re- Claims of; 66H321 
Bell, Charles C, - Report re- Bribery of a member of the General 

Court ; 44H24 
Bell Telephone Co., see- American Bell Telephone Co, 
Bellingham (tovm of); 72H75, 76H9S 

Report re- Assessors of; 63H121 

Report re- Representative elections in; 46HI5 

See- Charles River Railroad Co. 
Bellingham Branch Railroad Co.; 52S59 

Annual reports: 5432, 55S2 
Belmont (Tovm of); 353166, 563142, 57S73, 57380, 57S92, 5^331, 

593123, 59H108, 6137, 62H73, 803195, 803196, 81H416 
Belts and Shafting; 713252, 71S259 
Belvedere V/oolen Manufacturing Co.; 57333, 61H12 
Beneficiaries, see- State Beneficiaries 
Beneficiary Associations; 82H134, 82H148, 82K243 
Benefit Mutual Life Insurance Co. of Boston; 70H189 
Benevolent Fraternity of Churches in Boston; 70H12 
Benevolent Society of Operative Masons; 69H147 
Bengal Bagging Co. ; 69321 
Benjamin Franklin Savings Bank; 71H56 
Bennet and Hoards Digest; 6367-^ 

Bennett and Holland's Massachusetts Digest; 723234 
Bennington, Battle of; 773187 

Monument to; 77H1, 77H271 
Bennington and Bridgeport Telegraph Co, ; 50H144 
Beoli Co.; 64H253 
Berdell Mortgage - To Railroad companies; 70H391, 703287, 71H5, 

71S331, 713335 

Report re- 71H451 
Beriaey (Tovm of); 47S39, 72H13, 79S143 

Report re- Election in; 29H22 
Berkley House Co. ; 71H28 
Berkeley Street (in Boston); 67S284 

Report re- 69H457 


Berkshire (County of); 5SH36, 5SH20, 58H21, 65HI68, 68S249, 

6SS276, 69S225, 69H173, 693239 

Central; 69S362, 69H417, 71H179, 74H81 

Commissioners of; 69H396, 71H123, 71H252, 72hlO 

Courts in; 54H169, 55S119, 57S3B, 59H217, 6OS64, 60S66, 6lKUii, 

62H132, 69H62, 71H76, 72S229, 72H223, 73H275, 79H182, 79S210 

House of Correction" in; 4OS46, 41S21 

Northern; 70H79, 71S147, 71S201, 71S325, 71Hl6l, 71H360, 71H358, 


Report re- 53S106 

Southern; 70H273, 74HS0, 7^3127 
Berkshire and New York Railroad Co.; 32316 
Berkshire Atheneum: 71H178 
Berkshire Bank; 0OHI42 

Berkshire County Agricultural Soc; 48H159 
berkshire County Jail; 77H187 
Berkshire and Hudson Railroad Co.; 2Sh1 ■ 
Berkshire Iron Co. ; 36S25 

Berkshire Life Insurance Co.; 63H75, 64HI86, 66s68 
Berkshire Medical Institute; ^9H45, 34H50, 503104, 693285 

Report re- 50H104 
Berkshire Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 35320, 63H20. 
Berkshire Pleasure Park; 643197 
Berkshire Pleasure Park Association; 64S63 
Berkshire Water Co.; 803152 
Berkshire Railroad Co.; 37375, 43362, 47H196 

Reports of; 41349, 42326, 42338, 43331, 44319, 45335, 46321, 

47330, 49340, 50S30, 51322. 5239, 53337, 5432, 5532, 5632, 5732 
Berkshire Water Co. ; BlHllo 
Berlin (Town of); 56HIOI, 67H194, 74H250 
Bethesda Society; 54366 
Betterments; 71H346, 71H376, 72389, 72H253, 72H286, 73S202 

of Streets; 69HI38 
Betting on Elections - Report re- 41328 
Bets and Wagers; 78H33 
Beverly (Town of); 573105, 66H180, 69H103, 69H435, 74H211, 75H219 

Beverly Harbor; 7131^3 

Beverly Insurance Co.; 52H83, 59388, 71H432 
Beverly Mechanical Railway Co.; 603110 
Beverly Savings Bank; 67335 
Bible - Reading of in Public Schools; 55353 
Bidwell, Barnabas - Report of, as Attorney General re- claims for 

confiscated debts; 08DI 
Biennial Elections; 80H71, 80H221, 80H300, 81H41, 82351, 82388, 

823139, 82H318 
Biennial Sessions of the Legislature, see- Legislature 
Bigelow, John P. (Secretary of State) - Statement re- Grants to 

Colleges; 37H44 
Bigelow, L.A. - Report re- Street Railways; 793190 
Bigelow Carpet Co. ; 66322 
Bill of Rights; 31H10 

Report re- Amendment of 3rd Article of; 32320, 32322, 32S26, 32H5 
Bill of Exchange; 603128 
Billerica (Town of); 61H68, 76399 
Billerica and Bedford Railroad Co.; 79368 
Billerica Branch Railroad Co.; 48373 
Billiard Rooms; 55H296, 57H29, 57H59, 59H240, 66H332, 66H349, 82H367 

Report re- 833113 
Billings, David P.; 48H43 


Bills of Exchange (Foreign); 26D24 

Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes; A-2H36 

Birds; 59H154, 62H106, 69H509, 74SS1, 77S137 
in Cemeteries; 72H193 

Protection of and preservation of; 4SHI42, 49H96, 50H66, 55H102, 
59H142, 59H15S, 64S94, 65H161, 68S51, 68H116, 68H121, 69S111, 
69SI4S, 69S191, 7OSI73, 7OSI96, 7OHI53, 7OHI74, 70H-=i3B, 75S140, 
76S47, 77H105, 77H155, 77H257, 73S151 

Birds and Game; 75H24a, 79S72, 79S123, 79S157, B1H41B, 81H434 

Birds of Hew England; 66S306, 70S215, 70S2<i3, 70S252, 70H293, 70H302 
Births, Marriages, and Deaths - Registry and returns of; 42S70, 

44H52, 4BS24, 49S145, 49H65, 49H165, 55S80, 56S96, 59S111, 6OSI5O, 

63H13, 66H53, 73S6$, 73Ha4, 73H393, SOH59 

See also- Vital Statistics 
Bitumenized Pipe Co, (American); 62H352 
Bixby, Samuel; 47H121 

Bixby Donation ferm in Topsfield; 47H164 
Black, William R. ; 64SI6 
Black Bass - Protection of; 62S44, 65H215, 66S25, 66S28l, 685225, 

63S257, 70H453, 71S107, 72S190 
Black Ducks; 71H369 
Blackstock, David E. ; 63H331 

Report re- 68S91 
Blackstone (Tovm of); 45S70, 45S7B, 46S109, 55H258, 56S70, 72H7B 

Report re- Contested election; 47H29 

Report re- Representation of; 53H196 
Blackstone Athenaevira; 71S206 
Blackstone Bank; 69H371 
Blackstone Canal Co.; 26H18, 44S39 
Blackstone Police Court; 54H63 
Blackstone River; 82S220, 823239, 82S259 
Blackstone Savings Bank; 49S123, 74S295 
Blair, Charles, et al.; 47H28 
Blake, Edward; 56HI32 
Blake, VJashington; 62H274 
Blandford (Town of): 53H149, 74H148 
Blandin, Simeon; 04SI6 

Blankets - Report re- Distribution of; 62H220 
Blanks and forms - Distribution of; 44H40 
Blasting of Rocks; 63Hl!J7 
Blind - Education of; 75H233, 77H82 

See also- Perkins Institute and, the American Asylum for the Blind 
Bliss, Edmund; 69S213 
Blodgeth, Patience; 62H357 
Blue Books for Commonwealth; 80S235, 80H40 
Bluefish - Preservation of; 82H88 
Blue Hill Land Co.; 71S79 
Board of Agriculture; 3BS84, 51H26, 52S22, 52S35, 54S37, 55H5B, 

55H179, 56SI37, 5BH89, 62S151, 62H113, 63H242, 6$H278, 66SI9S, 

66S279, 66h34S, 69S55, 69HI36, 70H6, 73H417, 78H373, 79S221, 81H362 

Reports of; 53H16, 54S7, 55S5, 56S4, 57S4, 5^34 

Reports re- 39S53 
Board of Aid to Land Ownership; 7BH203 
Board of Education (State); 39S51, 39H11, 41H9, 44S80, 44S89, 47H192, 

49S143, 51H9S. 53S44, 53H4B, 57S60, 64379, 65H289, 66SI67, 67S67, 

67H400, 70H136, 71H315, 75H293, 76H56, 7SH240, 81S144, 82H335, 

823116, 823237 



Board of Education (State), cont. 

Reports of; 3^326, 3^330, 39313, 40H21, 40H49, 40H53, 41311, 

41H45, 4234, 43312, 43318, 44313, 45H1, 46H1, 47H1, 4SHI, 49H1, 

49H5S, 49K77, 50326, 50335, 50H1, 50H41, 51H1, 52H1, 53H1, 54H1, 

55H1, 56H1, 57H1, 5SHI, 75H40, 75H1S4 
Board of Harbor Commissioners; see Harbors, Commissioners of 
Board of Health, see- Boards of Health; Health, Board of; Public Health; 

3tate Board of Health 
Boarding Houses; 59H224, 70H40S, 79H122 

3ee- Inn Keepers 
Boardman, Isaac, et al. - Bill re- A Marine Railway, Salisbury; 69S178 
Boards of Health; 61312?, 62S32, 63H25, 663143, 66H216, 73H24, 

77H209, 79H177, 82H306 
Boilers - Weighing of; 63H235 
Boise, Patrick; 56HI89 
Bolton (Town of); 6IHIO4, 67H194, 63s80 

Reports re- Representation from the Town of, to th« General Court; 


Bolton, Charles 3.; 8IH58, 82H66, 82H79 

Bolton Railroad Co. ; 71H282 

Bond, Alonzo; 67HI4I 

Bonds; 52H65, 62H93, 713187, 74S333, 763184, 80326, 8OSI76, 80H70, 
8OH8O, 80H169, 80H263, 8OH290, 81362 

Bonds and Plates; 76319 

Bonds and Scrip; 78H11 

Bonds in Civil Cases; 68H268 

Bonds in Court; 78H235, 78H283 

Bonds of Attachments, see- Attachments 

Bonds of Cities and Towns, see- Cities and Towns 

Bonds of Corporations, see- Corporations 

Bonds of Guardians, see- Guardians; and Children, Neglected 

Bonds of Insurance Agents, see- Insurance Agents 

Bonds of the Commonwealth of mssachusetts; 70H427, 72H124, 72HXI4 

Bonds of Tovm Collectors, see- Town Treasurars and Collectors 

Bonds, Registered; see- Registered Bonds 

Bonds and Papers - Production of, in trials of actions at Law; 29H28 

Borden, Cook; 73H145 

Boston (Tovm of) -4 Report in defense of; 13D7, 13D18 
Report re- Municipal Government; 15H21 

Boston (City of); 35H65, 45S75, 46359 (report re-flats), 47H181 
(report re-Manuafacture of Gas), 593174, 62S185, 78h265 
Buildings in; 35S71, 35H62, 35H69, 47H92, 50H178, 6^3108, 70byb, 
71H237, 72H200, 72H218, 72HX2, 72HX12, 72HX16, 72HX24, 723253, 
733131, 73H26, 76HI28, 76HI65, 76H216, 76H257, 77H38, 77H81, 
78H264f 8ISI5I, 813161, 813196, 81S208, 8IS224, 813237, 8IHI29, 
81H13y, 82S60, a2S74 
Back Bay Lands; 563114, 693345 

Boundaries and Annexations to; 38S11, 5OHI48, 533111, 543124, 
543135, 56SI20, 56SI34, 6OHIO9, 68H259, 69358, 693301, 703172, 703230, 
7OS253, 70H242, 70H421, 72H277, 7333, 733163, 73S165, 733184, 733136, 
733191, 733314, 7432^6, 743242, 74H251, 74H397, 753104, 75S128 
City Affairs; 26328, 29H23, 46H46, 46H77, 48345, 483116, 483139, 
49H119, 49H132, 523111, 52H27, 52H31, 52H41, 52H10:}., 52H111, 52H147, 
52H232, 52H243, 53389, 53H72(Report re-Assessing Taxes), 54H47, 
543137, 54315-^, 54H153, 54H173, 55S136, 553139,. 55H32, 55H171, 
56S79, 56S86, 57H191, 57H193, 57H229, 57H242, 58379, 58H149, 593153, 
593161, 59H163, 59H188, 59H210, 61344, 613149, 613162, 62S15, 62S138, 

62H135, 62H150, 62H206, 63SI89, 64339, 64399, 643257, 64H62, 64H173, 


Boston (City of) - City Affairs (Cont.) 

65S33, 66S126, 66S153, 66S1S6, 66S215, 66S261, 66H274, 66H360, 
67H277, 67H443, 67H446, 67H466, 6^379, 63S105, 68S132, 68S177, 
67S313, 6gH17S, 6gH257, 6^3159, 6gH26l, 6SH379, 69SI40, 693307, 
693396, 693397, 69H116, 69H119, 69H190, 69H213, 69H267, 69H42a, 
7OSI4O, 703322, 70H19S, 70H212, 70H36S(report), 713132, 713133, 
713137, 7131S9, 713204, 713229, 71H36, 71H126, 71H144, 71H242, 
71H245, 71H250, 71H354, 71H356, 71H413, 723143, 723200, 723210, 
72H19, 72H357, 72HX4, 72HX26, 72HX33, 733150, 73S160, 73323^, 733265, 
733440, 73H205, 73H238, 73H256, 73H287, 73H363, 74319, 743133, 
743263, 74S329, 74H152, 74H379, 74H452, 74H4SS, 74H496, 75371, 
753116, 75H27, 75HS4, 75H247, 75H2gl, 75K316, 76377, 763105, 763124, 
763205, 76H39, 76H45, 76H49, 76H1S9, 76H209, 76H247, 76H286, 76H310, 
76H357, 76H365, 77322, 77395, 77S162, 773163, 77315B, 773173, 77H364, 
7SSIO5, 7SS146, 78SI52, 7BHS6, 73H8S, 78H122, 7BH144, 78H152, 78HI90, 
78H227, 7BH24y, 7aH273, 793117, 793234, 793237, 793243, 79S2o8, 
793232, 7VS233, 79H30, 79H34, 79H54, 79H91, 79H93, 79H136, 79H196. 
79H291, 30S96, 303149, 303204, 30H47, 30H49, 30H104, 30H164, 30H167, 
30H244, 30H369, 313153, 31S201, 313233, 31H63, 31H39, 31H143, 32321, 
82329, 323133, 323135, 323136, 323213, 323250, 323233, 323293, 
32H72, 32H107, 32H247, 32H257, 8;=iH260, 32H271, 32H296, 32H297 
Courts; 26H40, 36H53, 43H54, 44H14, 49H120, 573202, 62377, 62S3l, 
62Slll(report re- a Betterment Law), 6ki31l2, 633192, 63349, 66H396, 
67379, 67H335, 67H332, 67H396, 67379, 67H335, 67H332, 67H470, 
63H184, 69330, 70H394, 70H422, 71H333, 72H42, 72HX42, 72HX96, 
73H366, 73H425, 74355, 743165, 743214, 74H222, 75H161, 76HI46, 
76HI59, 76H306, 773164, 77H233, 78H69, 793235, 79H74, 79H106, 79H^06, 
79H243, 79H294, 79H293, 79H299, 79K310, SIHI4, 31ri^l, 31H342, 3lh354, 
81H356, 81H332, 32319, 32333, 32H111 
Crime in; 47H162, 49H124, 51H54, 51H62, 60373 

, Government Elections in; 30H15, 30H13, 30HX4, 40H16 and 18(reports 
on Contested Elections), 42H34, 45H-=i5, 51H142, 52333, 54H149, 54H150, 
56H64 and 2^4(reports re-Right of C.Conley et al. to sit in House as 
Members from Boston), 60H25(report re-Contested House Membership), 
6bH65 and 671(Report on Contested Election), 633313, 63H191. 6BH230, 
69H415, 703199, 703410, 71H136( Report on Contested Election), 723123, 
733^41, 733^48, 73H214, 73H396, 73H405, 743311, 743320, 74H51, 
74H437, 753120, 753196, 7837^^, 733-^29, 78H251, 78H287, 73H298, 
793134, 793169, 79H331, 30323, 30377, 80H272, 30H361, 313^6, 313242, 
8I3254, 3lS26-d, 31H334, 323193, 323243, 32H245, 8^h315, 82H363 
Harbor; 27H33, 2933, 46H53, 56H267, 60391, 643254, 67H405, 713227, 
76HI23, 77H140, 77H146, 77H195, 793231, 30H361, 3^3161, 32H336 
See also- Boston Harbor 

Metropolitan Police for; 633129, 633149, 633150, 633151, 633161, 
633162, 633I63, 633183, 693373, 733183, 82H<i63 
Schools; 47S82(Report on), 69S134, 703137, 743157, 753203, 
75H370, 75H332, 77323, 73H2^, 3ki3122, 32H2^1 

Streets and Highways; 45H63, 46H42, 47H75, 55H68, 55H127, 563117, 
563261, 59H6, 59H110, 59H249, 6OH25, 61H117, 66K247, 66H299, 
633233, 63H334, 69330, 70H307, 71367, 71H103, 71H120, 71H257,^ ^^ 
72h^55, 733402, 74320, 77H126, 77H300, 77H349, 78H89, 79H49, 8OS66, 

Transportation in; 30H54, 47H131, 43325, 52H213, 6138, 69367, 
703241, 72HX10, 78H21, 73H153, 793190, 80H395, 32H147, 32h237 



Boston (City of), cont. 

lA/'ater supply in; 39H3i 4539*^, 4t»S47(Heport re-Water Supply), 
46H59, 49H100, 49H113, 50H175, 50S123 (Report), 57H240, 64SI52, 
64H333, 65SIIO, 69S18a, 69S200, 69H525, 71S117, 71S178, 72H293, 
72HX11, 72HX199, 72HX216, 73H342, 74H510, 75H26, 75H173, 75H287, 
77H3, SOSI34, S1H24S 
See also- Boston Fire Department; Boston Harbor. 

Boston and Albany Railroad; 6^S289, 69HI84, 69H274, 69H505, 69S202, 
69S246, 69S399, 69S401, 70S150, 70S290, 73S156, 74S72, 74H293, 
74H349, 75H349, 75H364, 75H336, 75H361, 78HI66, 78H351, 79H34 
Reports re- 28S5, 2as6, 68S20S, 6SS312, 69H520, 69H522, 69H526, 
69H529, 76H327, 76H355, 76H361, 76H363, 76H369, 77H214, 78H21, 
80H74, 80H262, 80H294 

Reports of; 68H9B, 69hl9, 70H52, 73H284, 75S60, 75H193, 75H321, 
75H333, 75H368, 76S2, 76SI5, 76S23, 76326, 77S6, 7^39, 7^377, 7935, 
79312, 80H246, 80H252 
See also- Boston and Albany Railroad Co. and Boston to Albany Railroad 

Boston and Albany Railroad Co.; 81H339, 82H3S, S2H122, 32H202 
Reports re- 8OS6, 803194, 8134, S2S3 

Boston and Albany Railway Trust Co.; 70H443, 713296, 73H233, 74H435 

Boston and Baltimore Steam Navigation Co. ; 52H111 

Boston and Bangor Steamship Co. ; 82S19 

Boston and Cape Cod Marine Telegraph Co.; $63105 

Boston and Chariest own Steamship Co. ; 67H63 

Boston and Chelsea Railway Co.; 54S142, 56HI63, 64H357, 64SI8, 793109 
Reports re- 453109, 46SIO 

Boston and Chicago Adjustable Car Co.; 683197 

Boston and Chicago Railway Trust Co. ; 773166 

Boston and Cuba Steamship Co. ; 66S36 

Boston and Fairhaven Iron Works; 633130, 64SII6 

Boston and Gloucester Steamboat Co. ; 60H45 

iBoston and Halifax Telegraphic Cable Co.: 593109 

Boston and Hingham Steamboat Co.; 68H5o, 8ISI23 
v/harf for; 67H25, 683233 

Boston and Kennebec Steam Boat Co. ; 673171 

Boston and Lake Ontario - Transportation between; 68S245 

Boston and Lowell Railroad Corp.; 30H5, 3239, 36S20, 36329, 36S34, 
37S17, 37383, 33356, 42314, 47H41, 47H64, 473155, 43372, 49362, 
49H13, 53S123, 543105, 54S130, 55S196, 563108, 50SI62, 57349, 64H370, 
69364, 69S99, 693102, 69H353, 69H369, 70316, 7OSII8, 70H145, 70H373, 
72H374, 77H188, 78H74, 79H56, 81397 
Reports re- 3033, 30321 40339, 55S174 

Reports of- 30H40, 34326, 35H2, 36349, 3737, 37S43, 33333, 39331, 
40S18, 4ISI7, 42315, 42S26, 43331, 44319, 45335, 46321, 47330, 
49S40, 50330, 51322, 52S9, 5333, 5432, 5532, 56S2, 5732 

Boston and Lynn Union Railway Co.; 69H432, 71H207 

Boston and Maine Railroad Corp.; 41H50, 46334, 47H61, 4^3119, 493S0, 
53H34, 543105, 543130, 553140, 56332, 56392, 56H280, 59326, 59S52, 
6OHI56, 6IHIOO, 61H103, 6IHI34, 61H233, 66SI60, 68HI9, 693193, 693194, 
693288, 72S222, 72H400, 73H106, 73H271, 73H306, 76H31, 76H224, 76H2.i5, 
7SH360, 80S224, 82S95, 32S129, 32S146, 82S156 
Reports re- 43H216, 54H123, 77H102 

Reports of- 43331, 44319, 45335, 46321, 47330, 49340, 50330, 
51322, 5239, 5333, 5432, 5532, 5632, 5732 

Boston and Martha's Vineyard Peat Co.; 67H281 

Boston and New Orleans Steamboat Co.; 52H31, 52H41, 563262 

Boston and New York Central Railroad Co.; 54H141, 54H165, 54H23, 
56346, 56376, 56H53 
Reports of; 54S2, 5532, 5632, 57S2 


Boston and New York Steam Boat Co.; 35S31, 65S39 
Boston and New York Steamship Co. ; 57H12S, 64H291 
Boston and New York Telegraph Co.; 49H60 
Boston and North Cambridge Omnibus Co. ; 56H253 
Boston and North Western Railroad Co. ; 73H352 

Report re- 73H371 
Boston and Ontario Railroad Co.; 31H26, 74S112, 74S316, 74S321 
Boston and Philadelphia Steamship Co.; 73S36 
Boston and Portland Railroad Co. ; 41H50 

Reports of; 4OSIS, 41317, 42S26 
Boston and Portland Railway Trust Co.; 70H443, 70H452, 70H4S3, 72S189, 

Boston and Portland Telegraph Co.; 50H52 
Boston and Portsmouth Steam Boat Co. ; 37S33 
Boston and Providence Railroad Co.; 31H20, 36S68, 40S14, 41S34, 46S71, 

46HI4, 47H46, 4SHI8, 48H206, 52H213, 65KII, 67S2$0, 68S319, 68H31, 

59S154, 69S222, 69S317, 69H2S, 69H347, 71S54, 72H195, 73S19, 73S96, 


Reports re- 40S39, 40S50 

Reports of; 34S26, 35H4, 36S49, 37S43, 3^333, 39S31, 40S18, 41S17, 

42S26, 43S31, 44S19, 45S35, 46S21, 47S30, 49S40, 50S30, 5132-^:, 52S9, 

5333, 5432, 5532, 5632, 5732 

See also- Boston to Providence Railroad 
Boston, Providence, and New York Railroad Co.; 7SH333 
Boston, Providence, and Taunton Railroad Co.; 29H57 
Boston and Provincetown Steamboat Co. ; 71H132 
Boston and Richmont Steamship Co.; 71H343 
Boston and Roxbury Mill Corp.; 56Slia, 633140, 633159, 73H159 

Report re- 32H51 
Boston and Salem Stage Co.; 26H44 
Boston and Sandwich Glass Co.; 59H25, 59H45 
Boston and Savannah Steamship Co.; 67bl3 
Boston and Southern Steamship Co.; 593139, 6IS6O 
Boston and Taunton Railroad Corp. ; 31H19 
Boston and Virginia Steamship Co. ; 60H171 
Boston and vj'est Roxbury Railroad Co.; 73S154, 74S127 
Boston and "woonsocket Railroad Co.; 40310^, 46H97 
Boston and V/orcester Railroad Corp.; 30H65, 31H30, 32H35, 35343, 4IH64, 

48319, 48SSb-, 57H149, bOH^Oy, 633128, 63H293, 66S225, 663298, 66H407, 

67372, 67H33, 67H202, 67H388, 67K456, 68H362 

Reports re- 40S39, 67H104 

Reports of; 33356, 34326, 35319, 36349, 37343, 3^333, 39331, 4031S, 

4ISI7, 42326, 43331, 44319, 45335, 46321, 47330, 49340, 50S30, 51322, 

5239, 5333, 5432, 5532, 56S2, 5732 
Boston and Worcester Railroad Mutual Benefit Association; 55H163, 77H45 
Boston Art Club; 71H75 
Boston Aqueduct Corp. ; 39323 

Boston Asylum and Farm School for Indigent Boys; 54H36 
Boston Asylum for Inebriates; 64H304 
Boston Athanaeum; 52349, S0S45 
Boston, Barre and Gardner Railroad Co.; 51H135, 53394, 56H107, 63359, 

63S30, 693331, 70H126, 70H139, 713207, 713258, 713261, 713277, 713304, 

71K457, 72S50, 73H18, 7432^5, 74H54, 75H335, 79H369, 713103 

Reports of; 50330, 51322, 52S9, 5333, 5432, 55S2, 5632, 5732 
Boston Beef Packing Co.; S1H47 
Boston Beer Co.; 753195 

Boston Belting Co.; 62H153, 71H344, 72H197 
Boston Benevolent Society of Operative Masons; 69H147 
Boston Board of Health; 47H186 


Boston Board of Trade; 56H225, 57S124, 63H157, 64H13S, 66S145 

Report re- Memorial of; 5731^2 
Boston Board of Fire Underwriters; 69S274, 69H4S2 
Boston Boat Club; 74H336 

Boston Chamber of Commerce; 37S26, 3SS29, 33S31, 38S94 
Boston Children's Aid Society; 65S76, 6SS171 
Boston Children's Friend Society; 69S133 
Boston City Hospital, see- City Hospital in Boston 
Boston Clearing House; 56S123 
Boston, Clinton and Fitchburg Railroad Co.; 69H364, 71H240, 73S57, 

Boston, Clinton, Fitchburg and New Bedford Railroad Co.; 77H307f 

73S135, 79H183, 30S95, 32S45, S2H129 

Boston Coal Co.; 37S79 

Boston College; 63S97, 70H214 

Boston and Colonial Steamship Co.; 65S69 

Boston Commercial Building Co. ; 73359 

Boston Cooperative Building Co.; 713302, 72S173 

Boston Corn Exchange; 68372, 713264, 71H293 

Boston Corner (Area in Southwest Mass.); 49H153 

Annexation to New York State; 493144, 53325, 53H161 
Report re- 50S89 

Boston Dental College; 633137, 633194, 68S242, 70331 

Boston Dental Institute; 68H319 

Boston Dispensary; 59H52 

Boston aight Hour League; 72313 

Boston immigrant Aid and Mining Co.; 553173 

Boston Episcopal Charitable Society; 30367 

Boston Equitable Life Assurance Society; 43H33, 44353 

Boston European Steamship Co.; 553200 

Boston Fann School; 33320 

Boston Five Cent Savings Bank; 54377 

Boston Fire Dept.; 50H151, 74H452 

Boston Free Bridge Corp. ; 26D? 

Boston Gas Light Co.; 6^323, 66H401, 693309, 74393 
Report re- 62S96 

Boston Harbor; 2933, 30H27, 35353, 36335, 39330, 39H65, 4638, 46359, 
46H53, 4734, 47343, 47373, 47397, 47H93, 47H157, 43H215, 4^3140, 
49350, 49H59, 49H166, 50353, 50H141, 503101, 51S59, 533107, 533109, 
54341, 54H96, 54H195, 553121, 553145, 563132, 563153, 563180, 563225, 
563255, 58333, 53H166, 60SI41, 60H219, 6IHIIS, 61H237, 62S63, 62H115, 
65347, 66S210, 66H375. 67H409, 67H444, 67H474, 63393 » 6$H315, 63H333, 
63H464, 69H479, 713306, 713307, 723242, 74H373, 76313, 76S105, 7631-=i4, 
30H176, 30H264, 313106, 313231, 813232, 813243, 313257, 313253, 
31S260, 31S264, 31H322 

and Back Bay; 5'=iS133, 55363, 57H147, 57H235; Reports re- 5131^6, 
:iH106, 52345, 55362, 55363, 55H103 

Reports re- 37H63, 47325, 47337, 433117, 433134, 49353, 49S54, 
493119, 50S3, 503119, 50H74, 53323, 62S39, 62S76 
Survey of; 40337, 503115, 56s35; Reports re- 37347, 40313, 
47363, 53375 
See- Boston Wharf Co., Hats of the Commonwealth, South Bay 

Boston Harbor Ice and Tow Boat Co.; 36H12 

Boston, Hartford and Erie Railway Co.; 653157, 65S274» 65H314, 66SI05, 
663-^29, 603225, 66Sxi93, 66H407, 67H299, 67H347, -67H384, 683182, 69H473, 
69H504, 69H521, 69H527, 63H147, 6937, 693276, 693^83, 693302, 693313, 
693350, 703171, 703287, 703319, 703333, 70H17, 70H23, 70H33, 70H49, 



Boston, Hartford and Erie Railway Co. (cont.) 

70H148, 70H181, 70H360, 70H406, 70H417, 70H420, 70H431, 70hl438, 
70H44*i, 70H439, 70H490, 70H491, 71S3, 71S15, 71S74, 71S119, 71S196, 
71S315, 71S337, 71H5, 71H21, 71H91, 71H20, 72HI1, 72HX10, 74H426 
Mortgage of, see- Bordell Mortgage Bonds 

Reports re- 67H347, 683182, 69S372, 70S9, 70S133, 70H391, 71S56, 
71S175, 71H205, 71H451, 72S16, 73S27, 74S270, 75S20, 76SS, 77S13, 
79S26, 80512 

Boston Highlands Masonic Building Assoc. ; 74S204 

Boston, Hinghara and Hull Railroad, see- Nantasket Beach Railroad 

Boston, hoosac Tunnel, see- Hoosac Tunnel, Western Railroad Go, 

Boston Horse Railway Co.; 61S85, 61H187, 66H393 

Boston House Co.; 63352 

Boston, House of Reformation in; 64H79 

Boston Hydraulic Co. ; 36374 

Boston Hydraulic Dock Co. ; 35S50 

Boston Ice Co.; 663302 

Boston Inland Mutual Insurance Co.; 56H263, 57H45, 57H103, 57H160, 

Boston Insurance Co.; 62H23, 66320 

Boston Irish-American Benevolent 3ociety; 63H^07 

Boston Kansas Co. (To aid emigration); 57329 

Boston Labor Reform Association; 653116 

Boston Lead Co.; 663156 

Boston Land Co.; 72H106, 733174, 77H2^B, 77H344 

Boston Light Infantry Veteran Corps; t52S47 

Boston Lunatic Hospital; 57H244 

Boston, Lynn and Peabody Railroad Co. ; 73S161 

Boston Market House Co. ; 67H425 

Boston Marine 3ociety; 63H174, 67H43, 67H69 

Boston Mechanical Bakery Co. ; 59H197 

Boston Merchants' Exchange; 72HX3 

Boston Mortgage Co.; 73S197, 73H274, 73H323, 743106, 74H91 

Boston Museum; 45358 

Boston Musicians' Relief Fund 3ociety; 68H114 

Boston Musical Hall Association; 71H11 

Boston Mutual Benefit Association; 55H105 

Boston Mutual Widows and Orphans Association; 743251, 76366 

Boston Kavigation Co. ; 75H1S1 

Boston kew Church Union; 64310, 68H118 

Boston normal 3chool; 743157 

Boston North End Mission, see- North End Mission 

Boston Numismatic 3ociety; 70H141 

Boston Penny 3avings Bank; 61H54, 67K125, 70324 

Boston Pier on Long V/harf; 6OHI63, 71394 

Boston Pilots Relief 3ociety; 66H157 

Boston Police Court and Justices Court for Suffolk County; 53H70 

Boston Police Relief Association; 82385 

Boston Port and Seamen's Aid Society; 67315 

Boston Produce Exchange; 77320 

Boston Protective Department; 74H64. 81H20 

Boston Provident Association; 693306 

Boston, Public Institutions of; 56H121, 57H42, 57H74, 58379 

Boston Railroad Co.; 60S86, 603151, 6OHI6O 

Boston Rapid Transit Co.; 81H268 

Boston, Revere Beach and Lynn Railroad Co.; 74H202, 75H336, 75H361 

Boston Safe Deposit Co.; 653280, 65H262, 67H215, 74H422, 74H436, 



Boston Safe Deposit and Trust Co.; 75S117, 76S61, 76S84, 76S126, 

77H280, 77H373 
Boston Sanitary Association; 51H112, 61H153 (Report re-Smallpox) 
Boston School Committee; 77S28, 79S27 
Boston Screw Company; 65S252, 67S194 
Boston, Shawmut and Lynn Railway Co. ; 72H132 
Boston Skating Rink Association; 6gH222, 6gH33S 
Boston Society of Natural History; 6IHI32, 65S20B 

Report re- 35H44 
Boston Society for the Prevention of Pauperism; 66S262 
Boston Society of Redemptionist Fathers: 75S91 
Boston Society of the New Jerusalem; Dlh20 
Boston South Bridge; 31S8, 31H31 
Boston Station Home; 67H321 
Boston Steam Engine Co. ; 52S75 
Boston Stove Foundry Co. ; 54H28 

Boston Street Methodist Episcopal Society in Lynn; 60H21 
Boston Submarine and V/recking Co.; 57H25 
Boston Sugar Refinery; 63S145 
Boston Sugar V/arehousing Co.; 76S29, 76SS8 
Boston Sunday School and Missionary Society of the Methodist 

Episcopal Church; 69H242, 71S228, 73H131 
Boston Superior Court; 42S51 
Boston Temperance Hall Association; 67H45S 
Boston Theatre; 52H243, 5SHIO9 

Boston Theological Seminary, see- Boston University 
Boston Tide Mill Co. ; 27S6 
Boston to Providence Railroad; 27H65 

Reports re- 2SS4, 29S24, 29H12, 29H42 

See- Boston and Providence Railroad 
Boston to the Hudson River Railroad - Reports re- 27H13, 29S24, 

29H12, 29H42 

See- Boston and Albany Railroad 
Boston to Salem Railroad - Report re- 33S52 
Boston Tov/ Boat Co.; 73S30 
Boston Turnverein; 71S25 
Boston Union Coal Co.; 56H117, 
Boston Union Relief Society; 62H66 

Boston University; 69S312, 71S5S, 71H8S, 71H192, 74H326, 74H361 
Boston Upper Harbor, see- Boston, City of and Boston Harbor 
Boston iv'ater Board; 74S149, 75S6S 
Boston v/ater Commissioners; 47S70 
Boston V/ater Power Co.; 70H477, 71H2SS 
Boston '.Vesleyan Association; 54H37, 66SI76, 69H241 
Boston Kiharehouse Co.; 50S43 
Boston Wharf Co.; 3oS65, 45H57, 46H73, 47H140, 52S44, 52S121. 54S8I, 

54H131, 55H53, 55H196, 55H220, 63SlDa, 67H474, 71H411, 71H477, 

71H475, 74S205 

Reports re- Extension of Facilities; 46S3O, 50H95f 51S101 

Reports re- 55H20S 
Boston 'jvheat and Bread Co. ; 65H257 
Boston VJhite Flint Marble Co. ; 67Sly3 
Boston, Winthrop and Point Shirley Railroad; 80H25 
Boston Yacht Club; 67H59, 63S116 
Botanical and Zoological Surveys; 41H9 
Boundary of the Commonwealth on Rhode Island; B0S1S2 

with Maine and New Brunswick; 26D13 


Bounties and Bonuses; 63H239, 63H273, 64S28, 64S33, 64S34, 64S51, 

64S67, 64S74, 64S122, 64S2C7I, 64S132, 64H132, 64H303, 65hl01, 65S98, 

6i;312v, 65S181, 55S255, 65H7B, 65H221, 65H295, 66S46, 66S197, 66S2b5, 

66S282, 66H97, 66HI38, 66H197, ,b6H220, 66H318, 66H339, 66H368, 66H35S, 

66H373, 66H390, 66H432, 67S33, 67S245, 67K98, 67H350, 67H360, 67H370, 

67h407, 67h4lB, 7OH292, 75H133, 82H174 

Report re-, to Fishermen; 39S25, 40H31, 40H69 

Report re-, to Military; 65H4 

Reports re- 63H221, 65H12, 66S274, 66H54, 66H286, 67H246, 67K310 
Bounty Fund; 64H2l6^ ^5H34 
Bourne, n/illiamN,; 63H47 
Bout well, George S. (Governor, 1351-1^53) 

Address of; 51S3, 51H11 

Bust of; 71H24 
Bowditch, Henry I. - Raport on Inebriate Asylums and Hospitals; 75S100 
Bowditch, H.P. - Report on the Growth of Children; 77S75 
Bowditch, I.N., I-i.D. - Report re- Intoxicating Liquor; 72S40 
Bowditch, J.I.; 57S36 
Bowditch Manufacturing Co.; 6IH46 
Bowditch kills (Salem); 6SS222 
Bowditch Mutual Life Assurance Go. ; 453^9 
Bowdoin College (Maine); 27H28 
Bowdoin Mutual Fire Insurance Co. ; 59S50 
Bowdoin Mutual Insurance Co.; 5oK153 
Bowen, Joseph A. ; 73H377 
Bowker, Albert; 56H73 
Bowker, Joseph »v.; 73S193 

Bowler, George; 63SI72 , ^^ ^ , 

Bowling Alleys; 55H236, 57H29, 57H59, 59H240, 66H332, 66H349, 82H3D7 

Report re- 53S113 
Bowling Saloons - report re- suppression of; 4SHI67 
Bowly, Gideon & Joshua: 63S147 
Boxford (Town of); 40331, 56s67, 56H17^, 65S52 
Boyden Malleable Cast Iron and Steel Co.; 35H10, 35H19 
Boylston Bank in Boston; 43Si)4 

Revival of; 76H78 
Boylston Fire and Marine Insurance Co.; 64H9 
Boylston Medical School; 54S100, 54S127 
Boynton, Mary A.; 69H321 

Bradburn, George - report re- Ursiline Convent; 42H30 
Bradbury, Alfred; 73H432 

Bradford (Town of); 69S354, 72H216, 76S44, 7SS134 
Bradford Academy; 69S73 

Report re- 69H375 
Bradford, Joseph; 74S97 
Bradford, Joseph Russell: 65S24g 
Bradford, Lemuel, 2d; 62H219 

Bradley, A. A. - Report on petition re-Militia; 64S9 
Bradley, Wm. L. ; 69S393 
Brady, Bridget; 70H291 
Braintree (Town of); 52H206, 56H93, blHSl, 66H151, 73H36, 77S106, 

79H222, 32H59 

Reports re- Contested election in; 4OHII, 40H12 
Braintree and vieymouth Turnpike Co.; 50S109, 63S6O, 81h260 
Braintree Cemetery Association; 8OHIOB 
Braintree Savings Bank; 70H147 
Branch Pilots for the Fort of Boston; 57H^29 

Brandt Island (Mattapoisett) ; 31H206 


Brattle Square (Boston); 70H374 
Brattleborough Branch Railroad; 7SH28g, 80H329 
Bread, Sale of| 59Ha3, 59H231, 70S329 
Breitt, Benjamin H, ; 56H262 
Brevet Commissions; 64H220, 67H121, 63S159 
Brev/ster (To\-m of); 55HS7, 61H57, 75H79, 64SII 
Bribery; 14D? , 44H24, 60Hlo7 

Report re- Charges of, against certain Railroad companies (with 

appendix); 69S360 
Bridges; 52S139, 30H54, 3SS72, 59H172, 59H175, 6IH255, 64H218, 


Into Boston; 35S13 

Reports re- Bridge from Boston to Charlestown; 26D4, 27H55 

Speeding on; 73H148 
Bridgewater (Town of); 52S148, i)'^Hl7, 56H62, 56H231, 7SS53, o2H2^0, 

Bridgewater Academy; 52S148 

Bridgewater and Taunton Railroad; 67H117,. 67H14^i 69H42 
Bridgev^ater Land and Building Co.; 72S228, 72S239 
Bridgewater Iron Manufacturing Co.; 66S131, 74S32 
Bridgewater iMormal School, see- State Normal School at Bridgewater 
Bridgewater Savings Bank; 72S114 
Bridgewater, State Almshouse at, see- Mass. State Almshouse at 

Briefs in Criminal Cases - Printing of; 79S46 
Brigade Band of Lowell; b2H219 
Briggs, George K. (Governor, 1844-1851) - Addresses of; 44S:<i, 45S2, 

4oS^, 46H4, 47S2, 48S2, 49S^, 50S2 

50H75, 57S99 

Brigham , Caroline; 

Brigham, Charles; 

Brigham, John L. ; 

Brigham, Rufus H, ; 

Brightman Burial Ground (Fall River); o2S49 

Brightraan, Leonard; 73S254, 73H436 

Brighton (Town of).; 66si99, 78S197 

Annexation of, to Boston; 70S253, 70H421, 73S184 

Brighton Abattoir (Slaughterhouse) - Report re-, by President of 
Butchers, . .Association; 75S100 

Brighton Bank; 2ysi7, 33H57, 48S56, 59H218, 62H46 

Brighton Branch Railroad Co.; 71H273, 72H95 

Brighton, First Parish in; 8iiS260 

Brighton Five Cent Savings Bank; 6IHI6I 

Brimblecour, Samuel - Complaint of, re- Court-martial; 12K16 

Brimfield (Town of); 75S177 

Brimmer, Martin; 62H67 

Brine and Clark - w'harf extension of; 72Hl80 

Bristol (County of); 37S44, 37K37, 53H45 (report re-coal fields in), 
57H248, 57H255(report re-house of Correction in), 57S197, 62H2^6, 
67ril^( report re-redistricting of), 73H112, 74H200, 75H151 
Commissioners of; 55H19S, 56H208( reports re-funds for House of 
Correction), 56H24S, 60H43, 688^11, 68H260, 70S277, 71S46, 71S216, 
71H3a6, 72H115, 72H137, 75S64, 76SI8O, 76H319, 77S81, 77S148, 81S206 
Courts in; 47H34, 47K69, 57H132, 62S4, 74S234, 74H261, 74H302, 
76S145, 77S5S, 7oH98, 78H103, 7SH157, 79S183, 79S209, 8IHI63 
First District Court in; 77H296, 80H54, 81H355 
Second District Court in; 76H333, 77H257. 7SSi57 

Bristol County Agricultural Society; 48HII6, 62H322, 74S181, 7SS44 

Bristol County Central Agricultural Society; 62S103 

Bristol County Savings Bank; 56H229, 6IHI4 

Bristol Masonic Building Association; 71K234 


57S199, 57H171, 
65H254, 65H314, 
78S256, 73H61 





British North American Provinces; 70H457 
Broad Nook Bridge; 76H10-i 
Broadway Esctension Co. ; 60S76 
Broadway Insurance Co, ; 65H56 
Broadway Railroad Co.; 54S146, 

62H369, 65H33, 67H124, 65H147, 
BroAdway Savings Bank ( in Lawrence ) ; 
Brockton (Town of); 75H275, 7SS112, 

See- Brockton (City of) 
Brockton (City of); 31H100, 8IHI64, 82H300 

See- Brockton (Town of) 
Brockton Savings Bank; 81S6S 
Brookfield (Town of) - report re- Contested Election in; 43H18 

Report re- School Fund; 46H26, 46H3O, 46H53 
Brookfield Savings Bank; 72S157 
Brookline (Town of); 34S34, 66S-i07, 67S50, 67H15, 72S299, 72H277, 

72H305, 72H353, 73H3S, 73H293, 75S95, 75H108, 75H229, 76H9, 77H333, 

73H225, 82H303, 82H324 

Annexation of to Boston; 69S5S, 70S172, 70S230, 70H^4'^, 72H277, 

73S163, 73S195 (Report re-), 74H251 
Brookline and Back Bay Railway Co.; 66H322, 68HI64 
Brookline, Bank of; 57H204 
Brookline Gas Co.; 60H122 
Brookline Gas Light Co.; 73H197 
Brookline Hibernian Association; 66H179, 68H17 
Brookline Hotel Co.; 59S12 

Brookline (New Hampshire) and Tyngsborough Railroad; 72H98 
Brookline Public Library; 66H275 
Brookline fiailroad Co.; 57S183, 57S209, 59S13 
Brookline Savings Bank; 71H74 
Brookline Water Co.; 61H236, 62S186, 62H170 
Brooks, Charles P.; 69H484, 81H293 
Brooks, John - Letter of, to J. Quincy 

School in Mass.; 15H8 
Brooks, John H. - Report re- 
Brown, Albert G. ; 78H301 
Brown, Amos; 703267 
Brown, Artemos; 61H58 
Brown, J.Stewart; 64H199 
Brown, J.Vincent; 65H293 
Brown, John F. - Decision by 

vote on bill to equalize 
Brown, Josiah; 47H126 
Brown, Louisa S. et al. - Report 
Brown, Laura J.; 75S135 
Brown, Moses; 64H166 
Brown, Nathan G.; 62H331 
Brown, W.R., etal.; • 72H73 
Brown, William; 62S141 
Brown, William 0. ; 77H213 
Brown's Island; 75H160 

re- Importance of a Military 
Widow and Child of; 68H357 

Speaker of the House 

the bounties of soldiers; 

re- Cruelty to animals; 

re- Right of 



Brownell, Frederick -, Report 
B rown' s Grammar - Report re- 
Hill Turnpike Corp. ; 
Foster -, Report re- 


Report re- Fraud in elections; 
Bryant Free Library; 76H291 
Bryant Literary Society (Williams College); 

on petition of, re- Banking; 
Use of in schools; 52H200 
57S153, 59H70 

Coal mines of Mass.; ■ 41H66 


71s 101 


Buckland (Town of); 61S54, 77H125 

Buckley, Patrick; 74S166 

Buckley, Patrick (of North Adams); 76H276 

Buckminster, William - Report re- Petition of, re-Railways; 45S66 

Builder's Loan and Fund Corp. - Revival of; 78H70 

Builders Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 68S25, 71H335 

Building Acts of Boston, see- Boston (City of) - Buildings 

Building and Mutual Loan Associations; 53S108, 74S198 

Buildings; 44H19, 44H46, 70H585, 71S47, 71S92, 74H229 

Design of; 48H95, 70H445, 70H464 

Regulation and Safety of; 53H82, 53H129, 70H359, 73H248, 73H381, 

71H87, 78S56, 78S142(in Lowell), 82S99 

See- Inspection of Buildings and Public Buildings 
Bullion Banking; 61S83, 61S168 
Bullock, Alexander (Governor, 1866-1869) - Addresses of; 66S3, 67S1 , 

68S1, 69S1 

Death of; 82S26 
Bullock, Andrew D. ; 64H364 
Bulmer, John E. ; 74H231 

Bunker, James M. - Res. re- Widow of; 74H196 
Bunker Hill Fire Insurance Co.; 63S49 
Bunker Hill Monument Association; 65S111, 66S196 
, Report re- Funding of; 26H17 
Bunker Hill Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 61S20 
Buoys; 75H160 

Bureau of Statistics, see- Statistics 
Bureau of Statistics of Labor, see- Labor, Bureau of 
Burglary; 14D? , 30H16, 37H43, 38H6, 53H112, 71S44 

Report re- 39H10, 39H27 
Burial Grounds; 41S32, 48H182, 50S48, 52H79, 52H133, 66H106, 69S35, 

70S180, 70S181, 72H193, 77S43, 77S47, 77S51, 77H2, 77H131, 77H251 

Preservation of; 70H119, 80S53, 80S61, 80H20, 80H33 

See- Burials and Burial Grounds 
Burial Permits; 76S205, 76H207 
Burials at Public Expense; 78H344 
Burials and Burial Grounds; 54S159, 54H155, 55S35, 55S47, 55S118, 

55H182, 55H213, 66S49, 82H203 

See also- Sepulchres 
Burials, Payments for; 78S85, 78H255 
"Burqwyn, Henry K. ; 61H174 
Burke, James; 77H233, 82H254 
Burke, Mary Rosannah; 74S155, 74H227 
Burleigh, Charles; 73S251, 73S259, 73H404, 73H414, 74S136 

Report of, re- Hoosac Tunnel; 74H375, 74H417, 74H430 

Report re- 75H323 
Burley, Susanna; 74H2 60 
Burlingame, Anson; 70H276 
Burlington (Town of); 75S83 

Reports re- Contested Elections in; 43H19, 43H22 
Burnham, Joseph - Widow of - Payment to by Haverhill; 69S138 
Burnham, Parker et al.; 51H73 
Burr, Sally; 64H47 
Burrill, Charles; 72S26 

Payment to, by Boston; 71S132 
Burrill, Isaac et al.; 62H267 
Burritt, Edgar E. ; 77H147 

Buswell, Joseph; 47H148 '- /J 

Butchers' Slaughtering and Melting Association; 70S198, 

77S49, 78S99 
Butler, Amos; 64H361 


Butler, Benjamin F. (General) - Correspondence with the adjutant 
General re- Recruitment of troops; 62H18, 62H109 
Letter re- Election of Major General of Mass. Militia; 663317 

Butler, Calvin; 76H54 

Butter - Deception in Sales of; 78H151, 80S178, 80S201, 81H415, 
81H420, 81H429 
See- Oleomargarine 

Buxton, Ella J.; 73S84 

Buzzards Bay; 55H270, 56H249, 70S204, 743185, 74H374 

Buzzards Bay and Vineyard Sound; 643109, 643124 

78H380, 78H383 

Cabot (Town of); 48396 

Cabot Bank of Chicopee; 72380 

Cadets Company of Worcester; 67H179 

Cady, Frank A.; 66H294 

Cahill, Thomas; 77S182, 77H377, 783144, 

Caledonian Club in Boston; 69H87 

Calhoun, John C. - Death of; 53H153 

California - Slavery in; 50H33, 50H87, 50H111 

Calisthenics in Public Schools, see- Public Schools 

Cambridge (Town of) - Accounts of; 35HX1 

Pauper accounts of; 35H72, 36H41 
Cambridge (City of); 46H13, 46H39, 47H182, 51329, 53H43, 543128, 

55H195, 56H128, 57H61, 58H47, 58H162, 59365, 59S112, 59H102, 60394, 

60H9, 61S68, 61381, 62H48, 62H314, 63H233, 65H120, 65H224, 66H156, 

66H84, 67H151, 68H29, 68H59, 693160, 693287, 693336, 69H282, 69H317, 

69H331, 69H336, 69H452, 70H301, 70H332, 713288, 71H182, 71H187, 

71H206, 71H383, 72338, 723144, 723251, 

73S219, 73H340, 73H369, 73H394, 73H412, 

753134, 75H54, 75H164, 75H213, 75H241, 

79H125, 803186, 80S195, 803196, 81S202 

Boundaries; 563130, 62H73, 80S195 

Report re- Contested Election in; 68H59 

Report re- Removal of Tombs and remains of the 
, Report re- Water supply from Shawsheen River; 

See also- East Cambridge 
Cambridge and Broakline bridge; 50S67, 68H247, 

723295, 72H240, 72H257, 72H399, 

74H55, 74H56, 74H108, 74H216, 
77S32, 773101, 78H51, 78H80, 

Dead; 623127 
823227, 82H34, 82H312 

693175, 69H165 



653238, 65H80, 65H120 

Cambridge Arsenal, see- State Arsenal at Cambridge 
Cambridge Athaneum; 71H19, 71H382 
Cambridge Baptist Church; 69H394 
Cambridge, Broadway Railway Co.; 62H236, 

Report re- 62H236 
Cambridge Cemetery; 55330, 55H86, 

Common; 30H39 

re- 30H39, 32S23, 35317, 36328 

Gas Light Co.; 68H102, 72313 

Great Bridge - Rebuilding of; 62H116 

Horticultural Society; 67H216 

Hospital; 71334 

House of Correction - Report re- Mentally ill inmates 

Improvement Co.; 74H116 

Land and Building Co.; 68H253 

Police Court; 54H91 

Railroad Co.; 533117, 54S68, 55323, 63S67, 

of; 5732 

Savings Institution; 68H108 

Water Works; 52H244, 56S234, 61H5, 703289 


64S259, 72321 


Cambridgeport Aqueduct Co.; 37S66 

Cambridgeport Railroad Co.; 55S169 

Camp Equipage of the State; 81S96 

Camp Meetings, Protection of; 38S32, 38S66, 67H51, 78S102, 79H77 

Campbell, Edward F. ; 71H300 

Campbell, Isabell; 75H256 

Campbello, North Bridgewater and Holbrook Street Railway Co.; 72S263 

Campgrounds at Framingham; 74H19, 75H393, 75H397, 77H158, 77H273, 

77H291, 78H318, 78H319, 79H376, 79H377, 81H121, 82H161, 82H189 

Report re- Military affairs at; 78H330 
Campgrounds for the Militia; 73S143, 73H355 
Camphene and other like fluids; 50H99 
Canada; 80H230 
Canada Thistles; 51S61 

Canal Bridge - Reports re- 42H37, 43H56, 46H5 
Canal Companies; 35S64, 35H57, 36S44, 36S55, 36S64 
Canal from Boston to the Blackstone Canal - Report re- 28S8 
Canal from Boston Harbor to Narragansett Bay - Report re- 29H37 
Canal from Boston to Connecticut line; 27H66 
Canals - Report re- Expenditure in. Surveying of; 30H14 

See- Navigation Canal Corporation 
Canton (Town of); 69H443 
Canton and Hyde Park Railway Co.; 65S41, 67S29, 69H18, 69H443, 

71S123, 73S96 
Cape Ann Glass and Glue Co.; 79S74 
Cape Ann Granite Co.; 67H250 
Cape Ann Mutual Fishing Insurance Co.; 60H63 
Cape Ann Mutual Marine Insurance Co.; 58H133 
Cape Ann Telegraph Co.; 59S124, 60S27 
Cape Cod - Report re- Land for lighthouses; 26S2 
Cape Cod Bank; 49S125 
Cape Cod Bay; 75H160 
Cape Cod Branch Railroad;-- 51H107, 54S27, 56S160 

Reports of; 47S30, 46H70, 49S40, 50330, 51S22, 52S9, 53S3, 54S2 
Cape Cod Canal; 60H214 

Report re- Expenses of Committee on; 61H49, 61H88, 61H96 
Cape God Canal Co.; 81S28 

Cape Cod Central Railroad Co.; 61S94, 63S68, 65S214, 68S54 
Cape Cod Five Cent Savings Bank; 55H76 
Cape Cod Foundry Co.; 65S199 
Cape Cod Glass Co.; 64S5 
Cape Cod Harbor; 52H225, 60H217, 77H96, 68H117, 68H119, 68H241 

Preservation of; 50H152, 52S43, 54H117, 55S156, 57S96 
Reports; 53S6, 53H10 

Reports re- 52H128, 53S73, 54S5, 58S65, 68H50 

Report re- Examination of; 25S43, 52S43 

See- Coast defenses at Provincetown, and Provincetown Harbor 
Cape Cod Harbor at Provincetown; 67S205, 67H408, 68S286 

Report re- 67S207 
Cape Cod Marine Telegraph Co.; 56S106 

Cape Cod Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 63H93, 61S132, 70S104 
Cape Cod Railroad Co.; 63H120, 66H433, 68H372, 69S245, 69S281 

70S258, 71H410 

Reports of; 55S2, 56S2, 57S2 
Cape Cod Ship Canal; 70S39, 70S125, 72H71, 75S38, 76S18, 78S11, 

78S46, 78H57 

Reports re- 62H326 
Cape Cod Ship Canal Co.; 80S218, 80S219 
Cape Cod Station; 73S168, 73S181 
Cape Cod Steamship Co., see- Nantasket and Cape Cod Steamship Co. 


Cape Cod Telegraph Co.; 55H246 

Cape May, Breakwater at; 56S115, 56S150 

Capen, Nahum; 56S157 

Capital Cases; 61S109 

Capital Cause; 82H370 

Capital Crimes; 81H125 

Capital Punishment; 32H3, 41H15, 41H26, 49H169, 50H34, 51H112, 53H140, 

55H236, 61S160, 76H161 

Reports re- 31H15, 32H2, 36H8, 37H4, 38H6, 43H75, 44H54, 46S58, 

48H196, 49H135, 51H149 

Reports re- ilbolition of; 55H36, 36S73, 36H32, 37S69, 37H43, 38S23, 

43H68, 44H17 

See also- Arson, Murder, Rape, and Treason 
Capital Trials; 55H265 
Capron, Jennie S.; 82S151 
Captain's Island (Cambridge); 71H340 
Cardany and Miller Furniture Co.; 74H272 
Carlisle (Town of); 52S70, 59H214 
Carlton, Granville C. ; 64H78 
Carney Hospital; 65S61, 79H307, 71S171 
Carney, Michael - Report re- Contempt of before Committee on State 

Police; 71S195 
Carpenter, Odeorne and Gardner - Petition re- Hoosac Tunnel; 69H145 
Carpenter, Rose; 75H289 
Carret, Charles T. ; 64S199 
Carriage Fares, see- Fares 
Carruth, George T. & Co.; 57H137 
Cars, See- Railroad Cars, Street Railways 
Cartwright, Charles W. ; 48S1G 
Cartwright, Henry; 66H77 
Carver (Town of); 451152, 64H201, 67S69 

Report re- School fund in; 46H2 6 
Cary Improvement Co.; 52S37, 71S38, 73H252 
Cases in Courts; 52H108 
Cases tried without a Jury; 79H13 
Ca'ssidy, Charles; 64S163 
Caswell, Caroline E. ; 79S227 
Caswell, George; 47H188 
Cate National Horse Shoe Co.; 74S44 

Catholic Cemetery in Dorchester; 57S166, 67H21, 77S26 
Catholic Lyceum Association; 683183, 68H159 
Caton, Joseph W. ; 63H251 
Cattle; 76H42 

Pasturing of; 57S111 
Cattle Commissioners; 62S27, 62H62, 62H72, 62H196, 62H320, 63H199, 

63H244, 64H5, 72H323 

Report of; 65H2, 65H292, 66H5, 67H2, 68H5, 69H1, 70H4, 71H2, 73S2, 

74S3, 77S9 

Cattle Diseases; 60X2. 60H193, 60HX3, 60HX4, 61S66, 61S152, 62H193, 
62H261, 62H283, 64H147, 66S117, 66H38, 66H49, 66H112, 71H13, 75H86, 
76S113, 78S19, 79S174, 79S192, 79H270, 80H260, 81H385, 82S273, 82H360 
Reports re- 66H5, 69S8, 72S6, 73S2, 73H210, 74S3, 75S4, 76S4, 77S9, 
78S4, 79S3, 80S4, 81S5, 82S4 

Cattle Fair Hotel in Brighton; 77S27 

Causes; 58S73, 65S279, 65S253, 65H243 

Causeways; 77S114, 77S128, 78S230 

Causeway Street in Boston; 54S105, 54S130 

Cavalry Companies, see- Militia 

Caverly, R.B. - Report re- Election of, as Representative from Lowell 
to tne General Court 

Cedar Grove Cemetery; 74H107 
















Cells for Solitary Confinement; 75H159 

Cemetery Associations; 66H149 

Cemetery Corporations; 65H294, 74H217 

Cemetery Lots; 74S290, 74H457 

Cemeteries, see- Burial Grounds 

Census of Legal Voters of the Commonwealth; 57H115 

for the years 1857 and 1865; 66H30 

for the years 1865 and 1875; 76H40, 76H65 
Census of Massachusetts; 37H40, 40H47, 55H33 
30H2, 30H10, 32H4 

49H27, 52S16, 52S23 
(Abstract of returns); 66S7 
74H206, 74H513, 75S133, 75H12 

v^^<= ^j.^K,- Decennial Census. Industrial Statistics, National Census 
Centennial Celebration (1875), see- Declaration of Independence 

Philadelphia Centennial Exposition, Yorktown 
Central Bank in Worcester; 48S62, 62H76 
Central Bridge (in Lowell); 53S125, 57H139 
Central Bridge Co.; 57S192 

Report re- Toll policy; 33S54 
Central Cemetery Association of Randolph; 78H94 
Central Club of Boston; 73S53 
Central District Courts, see- various counties 
Central Locks and Canals on Connecticut River; 27H43 
Central Mills and Dams; 27H54 
Central Mills Co.; 63H19 

Central Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 67S223, 71H334 
Central Mutual Fire Insurance Co. of Worcester; 77H111 
Central Savings Bank (Lowell); 71S70 

Central Square Baptist Society (of East Boston); 74S237 
Ce-ntral Wharf and Wet-Dock Co.; 81H33 
Cerebro Spinal Meningitis - Report on; 74S100 

Certificate of Capital Stock and Indebtedness, Sale of; 80H273 
Certificate of Insanity, Fee for; 79H195 
Certiorari; 59S110, 73H419 

Chace, James S., and planting oysters in Taunton; 56H87 
Chace, Lewis, and Drawbridge over Palmer River; 67S202 
Chadwick, A.C.; 65H175 

Chamber of Commerce of Boston, see- Boston Chamber of Commerce 
Chamberlain, Captain A. P.; 62H219 

Chamberlain, Samuel and Visitors to State Prison; 81H182 
Chandler, Augustus C. - Divorce of; 68H137, 68H183 
Channell, Robert; 72H138 
Channing House; 61H73 

Channing, William E. - Election Sermon of; 30S 
Chapel of the Good Shepherd; 68S133 
Chapin (Town of); 55S101 

Chapin Banking and Trust Co.; 73S147, 73S200, 77H279, 77H375 
Chapin, E.H. - Election Sermon by; 44H? 
Chapin, Moses; 64H363 

Chaplains, of Senate and House; 70H487, 76S151 . 
Chapman, Daniel; 66H295 
Chappiquiddic and Christiantown Indians; 48H101, 51S109, 56H100, 

56H126, 57H104, 62H151, 63H111, 64H105, 69H490 " 
Charcoal, Measurement of; 33H46, 52H113, 53H113, 59S157 
Charitable and Correctional Institutions; 63S192, 63S196 
Charitable and Correctional Work of the State - Recognition of; 76S157 


Charitable and Reformatory Institutions of the Commonwealth; 

59S87, 70H262, 78S203, 78S220, 78H242, 81H55 
Charitable and other Institutions; 82S207, 82S245 
Charitable Associations; 80H210, 80H296 

Charitable Associations of the Boston Fire Dept.; 38S65, 74H452 
Charitable Expenses; 81H16, 82H14 
Charitable Funds; 55H23 
Charitable Institutions (Private); 67H346, 78S234, 79H252, 79H318, 


See- Public Charitable Institutions 
Charitable Tenement Association in Peabody; 69S205 
Charity, see- Public charities, and State Charities, Board of 
Charity Fund of Edward Hopkins - Report re- 30H53 
Charlemont (Town of); 69S229, 71H61, 81H321, 82H104 
Charles and Miller's Rivers; 45S69, 70S322 
Charles and Mystic Rivers; 45S86, 48H216 
Charles River; 63H82, 66H374, 69S287, 69S288, 69S117, 59S290, 

69S328, 71S157, 73H321, 77H229, 78S137, 78S145, 78S173, 80S132, 

80S153, 82H145, 82H234, 82H246 

Report re- Survey of; 46S64, 46S117 

Report re- Valley Drainage; 82H4, 82H364 
Charles River and Port Point Channel - Report re- the nature and 

amount of Traffic through; 71S193, 71S280 
Charles River and Warren Bridges; 39H73, 41H40, 41H78, 45H27, 

49S28, 49S52, 52S78, 52S124, 54H55, 55S39, 55H189, 56H283, 57H230, 

57H245, 59H29, 59H155, 60H174, 61H125, 64S247, 65H268, 67H161, 

67H404, 67H463, 68S326, 69S228, 69S243, 693270, 69H271, 69H313, 

69H332, 69H338, 70H365, 71H361, 73H255, 73H354, 74H323, 82S117 

Reports re- 39S56, 40S40, 42S516, 45S16, 42S13, 43H25, 44S10, 

45S84, 47S6, 48S64, 48H146, 49S30, 50S65, 50S71, 51H77, 52S146, 

53S12, 54S15, 54H178, 54H188, 55H42, 56H16, 56H52, 56H57, 56H176, 

57H14, 59S10, 59H46, 62H9, 63H170, 64H7, 64H161, 64H144, 64H231, 

65H139, 67H60, 68H75, 68H95 
Charles River Branch Railroad Co.; 49S60, 50S30, 51H97 

Report of; 51S22, 52S9, 53S3, 54S2 
Charles River Bridge; 26H58, 26H82, 27H45, 27H60, 36S24, 36S83, 37S101, 

39S56, 55S190, 72S69 

Reports re- 26H71, 27H18, 33S42, 38S3, 70H401 
Charles River Embankment Co.; 81H250 
Charles River Great Bridge; 36H42 - 

Charles River Navigation Co. ; 57S48, 57S63, 68H293, 71H218 
Charles River Promenade; 81H214 
Charles River Railroad; 48H200, 51H156, 52H123, 54S53, 54H168, 

55S76, 55S198, 56S191 

Reports of; 51S68, 53S3, 54S33, 55S2, 56S2 
Charles River Street Railway Co.; 82S155, 82H273 
Charles Street Baptist Church (Boston); 46S79 
Charleston, S.C; 53S16 
Charlestown (Town of); 36S24 

Report re- Bridge to Boston from; 26D4 

Report on Election in; 44H16 
Charlestown (City of); 47H10, 48S44, 49S35, 50S99, 50S103, 50H55, 

50H56, 53S111, 54S128, 55H22, 56H267, 59H132, 59H178, 60S88, 60S154, 

61S78, 61H184, 62H167, 62H346, 63H17, 64S91, 64S173, 64H73, 64H158, 

65S245, 65H183, 66H326, 67S226, 67H10, 67H36, 67H78, 67H334, 68S254, 

68S292, 68H343, 70H299, 71H159, 72S8, 72S52, 72H97, 72H105, 72H314, 

73S165. 73S191 

Annexation of, to Boston; 54S124, 54S135, 60H109, 68H259, 69S176, 

70S116, 70H166, 70H284, 71H166, 73S165 


Charlestown (City of) cont. 

Mob at; 53H75, 54Hl60, 54H166 

Reports re- Exemption from Taxation of certain Highways; 51S69 

Report re- 5IHI29 
Charlestown Branch Railroad Corp.; 35S44, 36S70, 41S40, 41S41, 44S8l, 

46SI3, 55S16S 

Reports of; 37S102, 3^333, 39S31, 40Slg, 41S17, 42S26, 43S31, 

44S19, 45S35, 46S21 
Charlestown Dock Co.; 52H163 

Charlestown First Freewill Baptist Society; 4BHS0 
Charlestown Five Cent Savings Bank; 64S53 
Charlestown Freight Railroad Co. ; 6ISII 
Charlestown Gas Co.; 60H92, 64H42 
Charlestown Gas Light Co. ; 69H6O 
Charlestown High School; 70H117 
Charlestown Inf ant-School Society; 69S144 
Charlestown Police Court; 41S30 
Charlestown Steamship Co. ; 67H63 
Charlestown Water Works; 54S64f 5SS13 
Charlestown Wharf Co. ; 36S51 
Chase, Lyman H.; S2H100 
Chatham (Town of); 62S104, 63HI3O, 65S219, 65S59, 69H142, 77H235, 

7SH109, 82H230 

Report re- Representative Election in; 42H7 
Chatham Fire and Marine Insurance Co. ; 59S51 
Chatham Marine Railway; 51H39 
Chebacco Branch Railroad; 4SSS0, 54S39, 66S100 
Chebacco Literary Association; 56H154 
Check lists; 62H2S0, 74H333, S2SS0 
Cheese; aiH415, S1H420, S1H429 
Cheese Cake Brook, see- Newton (City of) 
Chelmsford (Town of); 6$S27, 74S1S2, 74S193 
Chelsea (Town of); 46S83, 47H146, 48S112, 4^H4S, 50H126, 53H31, 

56SI20, 56SI34, 57S44, 57S53 

Report re- Contested Election in; 43H64 

Report re- Bridge to East Boston; 54H126 
Chelsea (City of); 61S170, 64H355, 65SI46, 70H258, 72H91, 72H233, 

73H307, 73H326, 74Hld7, 75S112, 75S125, 76S22, 77Sa, 78H56, 79S107, 

79S142, 79S177, S0S22d, SISI52 

Annexation to Boston of; 74S226 

Police court in; 64S234, 74H22/l- 76S144, 79S235, 79H206, 79H24S, 

79H29S, 79H299, 79H310, 82H180, 82H212 

Report re- Contested Election in; 7OHI63 

Report re- Petition of to ; 60H9S 
Chelsea Agricultural and Mechanic Association; 37H27 
Chelsea and East Boston Railroad Co.; 65SI69, 65S179, 65HI65, 6$H180, 

Chelsea and South Maiden Street Railroad Co.; 69S128, 69Hld9 
Chelsea Bank - Reports re- 37S54, 37S104 
Chelsea Beach and Saugus Bridges and Turnpike Co. ; 68S77 
Chelsea Beach Railroad; 5^S2l 
Chelsea Branch Railroad Co.; 46sSg, 47S2S 

Report of; 47H201 
Chelsea Brick Manufacturing Co. ; 54H69 
Chelsea Bridge; 46S75, 60H205, 73H354, 76S122, 77S63, 77S116, 7731^6, 

78S35, 78S80, a0Sl20 

Report re- Maintenance of; 77S104 

See also- Chelsea Free Bridge 


Chelsea Bridge Corporation - Returns of: 29H51 

Chelsea Creek - Preservation of; 49Hlo6 

Chelsea Fire Insurance Co, ; 65S33 

Chelsea Free Bridge; 34H72, 34S39, 49S8l, 52H235 

Chelsea Gas Light Co.: 60H20, 69H67, 72H154 

Chelsea Land Co. ; 66si09 

Chelsea Odd Fellows' Hall Association; 72S232 

Chelsea Point Bridge; 49SS2 

Chelsea Police Court; 55S21- 55S1S4 

Chelsea Savings Bank; 6SH132 

Chelsea Water Works; 57H25S 

Chelsea Y.M.C.A.; 69S217 

Chemical Fire Extinguisher Co. ; 71S243 

Chenery, Winthrop W. - Report by, re- Cattle Disease; 62H2S3, 63H272 

Cheney Express Co. ; 64H25$ 

Chesborough, E.S. : 77S75 

Cheshire (Town of); 5SH20 

Cheshire Railroad Co.; 47S30, 59343, 69S263, 70S323, 70H451 

Report of; 49S40, 50S30, 51S22, 52S9, 53S3, 54S2, 5532, 5632, 5732 
Cheshire Water Co.; 75347 
Chesley, Daniel; 66H2S7 
Chester (Town of); 53H149 

Report re- Election in; 52H152 
Chesterfield (Town of); 763170 
Chicago (City of) - Law Institute in; 72362 
Chickering, Jonas; 4SHIIO 

Report re- Petition of re- Pianos of; 4SHI65 
Chicopee (Town of); 56SIS, 593137, 703128 
Chicopee Bridge: 703174 

Chicopee Falls (in the Town of Chicopee); 81H433 
Chicopee Falls Savings Bank; 75H123 
Chicopee Manufacturing Co.; 59H77, 60H172, 68396 
Chicopee School Funds; 49345 i 723128 
Chicopee Water Co.; 77H121 
Child, David & Lydia; 61H121 
Child, David L. - Report of, re- Conduct of the Speaker of the House; 

Child, Linus M. - Argiiment for the development of Street Railways in 

Boston, Cambridge, Somerville and Chelsea; 793190 
Children and Youth; 51H21, 74H118, 77H169, 79H108, 79H149, 79H276, 


Adoption of; 5IHIS0, 533189, 59315, 59H7. 59H7S, 643229, 64H135, 

693135, 71H243, 71H297, 72377, 723112, 723287, 72H308, 75H3S7, 763171, 

763206, 76H73, 76H356, 813121 

Destitute; 70H88, 70H469 

Employment of: 74H359, 74H396, 75350. 75386, 75394, 7SH42, 7^H325, 

73H331, 78H336, 7S3249(report re), 79H279, 303104, 8OSI4I, 803154, 


Illegitimate; see- Illegitimate children 

Indigent; 48H199, 4934, 50H9 

Neglected; 66H258, 66H271, 67H5, 73S243, 78H252, 793127, 79H108, 

8OSI65, 8OHI52, 81394, 82H236 ^ ^ 

School Attendance; 5^335, 5^360, 58H66, 67H389, 68S216, 69H110, 


Report re- Child Labor; 75350 

Report re- on Public Charge; 50H9 

Report re- Growth of Children; 77375 

See also- Infants, Manufacturing Establishements, Minors 


Children's Home and House for Aged Females in Roxbury; 56H235 

Children's Home in Fall River; 73S62 

Children's Hospital in Boston; 69S47, S1S162 

Childs, Henry M.; 67H135 

Childs, Thomas, Colonel - Resolve re- Services of; 4SH197 

Chile; 53Ha5 

Chilmark (Town of); 67H2S0, 69H170, 81H162, d2H6l 
Report re- Boundaries of; S2H22 

Chimneys of Manufacturing Establishments - Regulation of height of; 

China Mutual Insurance Co. ; 53S91 

Chisholm, E.H. ; 74H22 

Choses in Action; 70H215, 75S119 

Christian Education Society; 63S71 

Christian Society of Lynn; 74H40 

Christiantovm Indians; 47HSS 

Resolve re- Medical attendance upon; 64H125, 64HI66 
See also- Chappiquiddic 

Christmas Day - Observance of; 60H44, S2H55 

Chronic Insane, Asylum for; 77H357, 77H365, 77H36^ 

Church House for Orphans and Destitute Children; 5SS19, 62H252, 67S53 

Church Property - Taxation of; 76H254 

Cider and Wine - Sale of; 60H99 

Cincinnati, Society of; 56HIO4 

Circulating Libraries; 70S33 

Cities; 47H131, 47H13S, 5OHI24, 50H233, 65S229, 70317^, 75H20S, 
75H215, 75H243, 75H244, 76H207, 7SS56, aiH60 
Boards of Health in; aiHld5, S1H32S 
See- Boards of Health in cities 

Elections in; 50H55, 50H66, 67312^, 75H26S, 75H351 
See- Elections in cities 

Government of; 65SI3, 76S19S, 76H211, 77H12g, 77H319, 77H340, 77H167 
See- Voting and registration in cities 

Cities and Towns; 47H113, 52S5S, 55H95, 55H216, 57H77^ 57H121, 57H123, 
64HS7, 64HIO2, 64HI53, 64HI60, 64Hiai, 64H261, 69SI24, 69S213, 69S310, 
69H138, 69H20S, 69H467, 703^0, 70H107, 70H122, 72H229, 73393, 74H501, 
76SI2S, 76SI33, 76SI64, 76HI79, 76H353, 78340, 7^3174, 78H46, 78H156, 
7^H253, 7SH304, 78H306, SOSSI, 82324, 82H112, 82H11S, 82H193 
Financial relations with State: 54H1%, 56H144. 56H157, 61H157, 
6IHIS9, 62388, 633113, 66330, 66S111, 66H71i 70H226, 78HiO, S0314S 
Regulation of; 47H39, 633107, 65S229, 66S206, 69369, 70357, 73H243, 
74H338, 74H339, 76H145, 76H221, ^23136 
Report re- Reduction of interest on notes of; 7SH39 
Water supply, see- Water supply, individual cities and towns 

Citizens Bank at Worcester - Report re- Reduction in Capital Stock of; 

Citizens Building Association; 60H155 

Citizens Exchange of Worcester; 763^1 

Citizens Ferry Co. ; 66H310 

Citizens Gas Light Co. of Boston; 743307, 743323, 743349 

Citizens Gas Light Co. of Quincy; 60H46 

Citizens Horse Railroad Co.; 623116, 62H240, 63H202, 643192 

Citizens Mut\ial Insurance Co. of Brighton; 73H90 

Citizens Omnibus Co. ; 65SIS5 

Citizens Passenger Co.; 653237, 65H234 

Citizenship and Personal Freedom; 57H163 

City Bank of Lowell; 37320 

Report to repeal Charter; 39359 


City and Town officials - Election of; 54S35, 54H46, 6OSIOI, 6OHI5I, 

City Bank of Lynn; 60H90, 71S110 
City Fire Insurance Co. in Boston; 64S39, 6/»H2d 
City Hotel in Worcester; 55H227, 56H205 
City Hospital in Boston; 5SH149 
City Marine Insurance Co, (Boston); 51H93 
City Mills Station in Norfolk - Report re- Removal of the Railroad 

depot in; 71S56 
City Mutual Fire Insurance Co. of Roxbury; 73H104 
City officers - Contracts with; 74H201, 75H244 
City Physician; 7dH52 
City Wharf Co. ; 53S21 
Civil Actions; 29H33, 30H7, 32Sia, 32H46, 33S15, 33S19, 33S49, 34S21, 

34HS, 4IH56, 4SH94, 51Hldl, 56H39, 56H15&, 57S47, 5SH59, 5dH72, 53H73, 

59S72, 62S2, 62S13, 65SI63, 71S32, 71S241, 75S193, 75H49, SOH35, 

SOH45, S2H242, a2H269 

Quicker decisions in; 27H5, 34H5 

Review of; 59H21 

See also- Bail 
Civil Cases; 82S5^ 

Costs of; 57Hiai, 75H333, 76H243, 79S175, 8OHI32, S0H243 
Civil Causes; 31H11, 79H364, SISS3, S2S290 
Civil Damage bill; 79H247 
Civil Officers; LkS6l, 44S62 

Election of; 5oH119, 57H167 

Service of; 59S113, 62S114, 64S267 
Civil Process; 52H9, 70S10S, 70H150, 73S52, S1S70 
Civil Rights - Anti-Discrimination laws; 6532^1, 66S264 

Banning Negroes from State; 63H304 

Repeal of Negro Discrimination Laws: 39H2S, 39H74i 39H43 

Slavery; 39S37, 40H44, 40H45, 44H69 

See also- Race, Discrimination because of 
Civil Suits - Bonds in; 69S39S 
Civil War (Reports re- ); 6lH5, 62H155 

Andrew's Eulogy on President Lincoln's Death; 65S227 

Andrew's Message on President Lincoln's Death; 65S285 

Andrew on Troop Recruitment; 62H18, 62H109 

Antietam Cemetery; 71S99 

Arming of Volunteer Militia; 61S29, 62H129 

Army Contracts; 62H365 

Arms; 64H37S 

Arms Purchases in Europe; 63S104 , ^^ 

Baltimore Riot; 62S18S, 62H50, 62H151, 62H351, 63SSa 

Black Soldiers; 64H391 . , 

Butler (Governor) on Recruiting; 62H18, 62H109 

Codification of Militia Laws; 65H3I ^ir^r.-, cc 

Company G, 7th Regiment, Mass. Volunteer Militia, Claims; o2H355 

Cowell, E. (12th Regiment, Mass.); 68H327 

Eleventh Regiment, Mass., Claims; SlH393f 81H404 

Emancipation Proclamation Lauded: 62H164 

Exchange of Prisoners of War; o2H100 

Expenses of Arming Militia; 62S143, ^^35 

Kentucky Resolves; 61336 

Maryland Act on Baltimore Riot; 62H351 

Massachusetts Men who Died in Rebel Prisons; 67S5 

Massachusetts Volxinteers, an Index to; 73H328, 78H34p, 78H3o2 

Massachusetts War Claims against the United States; 69S9 


Civil War, cont. 

Message on Volunteers* pay; 63HI6 

Message on Purchase of Arms: 63H52 

Military Fund Expenses; 62H358 

Military Instruction; 64S12, 64S6I 

Militia Enrollment; 6ISIS 

Militia Expenses; 62H129 

National Income Tax; 62H74 

Officers' Pay; 6SSS2 

Paymaster's Report (Militia); 65H12 

Petition for Back Pay; 68H327 

Publication of List of Mass. Sailors in; SOH6O 

Publication of List of Mass. Soldiers; 66S312, S9S12 

Report on Militia; 62H364 

Resolves on Lincoln's Death; 65S193 

Script Issued; 62S124 

Soldiers Disabled by; 66H25, 77S75 

State Papers on Succession; 61H177 

Texas Resolves; 61S71 

Troop Locations and Numbers of, in 1866; 66H93» 66HI27 

Union, Maintenance of: 6IHI 

Virginia Resolves; blH28 
Claflin Mills; 6ISIO4 
Claflin, William (Governor, 1369-1B72) - Addresses of; 69S2, 70S1, 

7ISI, 83S1 

on Alien Passengers; 71S339 

on Hoosac Tunnel; 71S283, 71S330 

on Lighthouses; 71S48 

on Nahant Wharf; 7ISI64 

on North Adams Railroad; 7ISI69 
Claims; 62H122, 62H218, 62H234 

Against the Commonwealth; 79S225, 79S252, 81S31 

of Widows and Orphans of Deceased Soldiers; 64H379 

on the United States; 24D11, 26D1, 26d8, 26D10, 26D12, 26D14, 

26D1 5 (Report), 26D19, 26d21( Documents ) , 26D38, 77S111 
Clam bait - Weight of; 49H5o, 67H375 
Clam Fisheries: 69H91, 70S143, 75H105 
Clam Flats; 67S269 
Clapp, F.W. ; 78S57 

Petition re- Election for Senator; 
Clapp, George - Demands of, against the Commonwealth; 78H377, 79548, 

79S161, 79H127, 79H171 
Clapp, Nathaniel; 37H42 
Clapp, Stephen; 70H110 
Clapp, Tyler; 65H249 

Report re- Marriage of; 66H159 
Clarendon Hills Evangelical Society; 8IHI36 
Clark, Alfred P.: 69H516 
Clark, Barnabas (Fall River); 73H101 
Clark, B.F. - Election Seminar of; 69s? 
Clark, Cyrus - Report re- certain Claims against; 5OHI67 
Clark, Edward K.; 77S75 

Clark, Jeremiah - Election report for; 74S2 
Clark, Malachi; 68Sl62 
Clark, William S.; 75S99 
Clark, W.Bryan Co.; 80Hd5 

Clarke, James F. - Election Sermon by; 68H- 
Clarke Institute for Deaf Mutes; 67S265, 71S113 
Clarksburg (Town of); 48H157 


Clay, Henry- Resolve re- Actions byj 28H^6 

Resolve re- Death of; 53 H153 
Cleaveland, Daniel 0.; 63S92 
Clement's Island; 56SI9O 
Cerical Assistance; 60H75 
Clerk of the House; 65HIII, 65H3I5 
Clerk of the Senate; 65S23 
Clerks; 6IHI5 

in the Office of Secretary of State and Treasurer; 55H233 

Of Cities and Towns, see- Cities and Tovms 
Clerks of Courts; 52H226, 56S202, 56HI39, 67H401, 70Slil-4, 70H149, 

73SI5I, 73H195. 7^H6l, 75S127, 75H^^, 76S28, 76H35I, 77S86, 77S87, 

77H15» 77H85» 79H256, 79H362, 79H363, 79H372, 8OSI83, 80S206, 

80S215, 8OHI65 

Report re- ^3356 
Clerks of Judicial Courts; 35S^8, 4IH19. ^LH70 
Clerks of the County Commissioners; 5731^ 

Clifford, John H. (Governor, I853-I854) - Addresses of; 53S5 
Cliftondale Railroad Co.; 59H119» 60H24, 61H2, 62H205* 6^H188 
Clinton (Town of); 6ISII7, 7OHI85. 76S92, 77S121, 81S20, 82S13 

Report re- Election in; 7OHI85 
Clinton Co.; 64S24 
Coal; 62S64, 62S73» 63HI93, 71H135 

Regulation of Sale of; 55S20, 55H97, 65H73. 70S159, 70H30 

Transportation of; 72H382, 72H390, 76H232 
Coal and Mining Companies; 6^H331, 64H37^ 

List of; 6^H270 

Report re- 65S60 

See also- Corporation Tax 
Coal Mines of Massachusetts - Report re- Development of; 39H33 
. Reports re- ^LH66, ^2K19, ^^S26, 53H^5 
Coast Defense at Provincetovm; 65S230, 66H395, 67H62 
Coast Defense of hiassachusetts; 62S177. 62S191, 62H53» 63H157. 63H159* 

63H17^, 6^H3^9. 66S261 
Coast Defense Ordinance: A Report; 66H2^9 
Coast Surveys; 7IH3II 

Coasting on the Public Highways; 59S55. 75S118 
Cobb, David (Gneral) - Portrait of; 82S76 
Cobb, Jonathan; 35H6, 35^;22, 35ri4l 
Cobb, Samuel C. - Report re- State Asylum; 753^8 
Cobb, V.'illiam; 66S82 
Coburn, Edmund; 623128, 62S130 
Cochituate Bank; ^93127 

Reports of; 55S33* 56S10, 57S13 
Cochituate Bathing Co.; U9SI52 
Cochituate House Co. - Report of; ^7S23 
Cochituate Lake; 7OS327, 70H453, 75S162, 75S171, 75S182 
Cock Fighting; 593^5 
Cod Fishing Bounty; 57323 
Code of Practice; 52S56, 52398 

Code of Regulations for Mass. Volunteer Militia - Issuance of; 78H378 
Codman, John - Election Sermon; 40H- 
Codman, John and Richard; 12D8 

Estate of; 31H17. 31^31, 32H16, 32331* 33H69 
Codman, Robert - Report re- Petition of, re- Railways; 5OS88 
Coffin, Margaret, Prayer Book Society; 56HII3 
Coggin, Frances E.; 673277. 69H42i|- 
Cogswell, JohnH.; 70S155 
Cohasset (Town of); 53H157» 78H188 


Cohasset and Scituate Branch Railroad Co.; 47S74 

Cohasset and Scituate Street Railway Co.; 66S185 

Cohasset Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 60S99. 68S19 

Colburn, Beriah (Gloucester); 6lH3^ 

Colby, Harriet; 65H238 

Cole, William D.; 67HI83 

Cole's River; 69SI62, 69H91» 76H319» 79H250, 82Sl4^, 82S167, 82H27^ 

Coleman, Anna; 75H222 

Colgrove, Jeremiah (Justice of the Peace, Berkshire County) - 

Report re- 33H64 
Coliseum Buildings (Boston); 72H268, 72HX2 
Colleges - for Women; 65S99 

Reports re- Memorial to, in the Commonwealth; 48S23, 48H112, 49H92 

Report re- Voting rights for Undergraduates; 42H9 

State Grants to; 37K^^, ^■2HJ2 
Collateral Loan Co.; 75H117, 763 3^, 76H^^ 
Collateral Securities; 44H53» 55S6^, 78SIO3, 78SII3 
Collegiate Education for Females; 6OSIO9 

Collegiate Education in Massachusetts - Encouragement of; 66HI96 
Collegiate Examiners, Board of; 5^313^ 
Collegiate Theological Education; 72SI65 
Collingv/ood, James 3.; 76H35 
Collins Paper Co.; 72S227 
Colman, Harriet N.; 69SI21 

Colman, Henry - Report re- Spring Wheat; 38S77 
Colman, Moses R. - Resolve re- V/idow of; 72H213 
Colonial Records in England - Resolve re- 6lHl4o 
Colony Records, see- General Court Records 
Colony Records of New Plymouth and Massachusetts; 57H235 
Color, Distinctions of; 39H28( report) , 39H43, 39H7^( report) 
Color Blindness - Employment of Persons with; 8lH22i^, 8IH298, 81H330 
Columbian Bank in Boston; 59S75. 59Hlli^, 6OH86 
Columbia Hotel Co. ; 72H271 
Comins, William et al.; 50H133. 50H1^3 
Commander in Chief; 59S11 
Commemorative Tablets; 66S175» 66SI96 
Commerce - Information re- 38^7^ 

Report re- Mercantile Affairs; 69S104 
Commercial Bank - Report re- Repeal of Charter of; 38S89 
Commercial Freight Railway Co.; 66S270, 66H^01, 66h418 
Commercial Insurance Co. (Nantucket) ; 51H43 
Commercial Mutual Marine Insurance Co.; 53H'+0, 63H62 
Commercial Transactions; 68S207. 7^3188, 7^3288 
Commercial Wharf Co.; 82S31. 82H19 
Commission Merchants, Protection of; 57H219 
Commissioners; 5OS60, 5^H20, 5^H24, 56H270, 59H181, 62H5^, 72H128, 


Report re- 57H235, 62H128 

Statements of; 53S39, 53S40, 58H8, 58HI7, 69H3^2 

Washington Convention; 6IK52 
Commissions; 59H181 

Issuance of; 62S114, 62H70, 62H130, 62H160, 65S250, 67H201 
Committees, Joint Special of Legislature - List of; 55S79 
Committees of the Legislature; 7^H2, 7^H53 

Compensation of; 5OS60, 76H6 
Common Carriers; 57S200, 65H70 

of Goods; 69H298, 69H327 

of Passengers; 73H180, 73H211 
Common Law - Reports re- Codification of; 36HI7, 37H8, 39S21, i+2Si^4 
Common Night V/alkers - Punishment of; 71S220 




68S56, 68H149 


7SH67, 7SHI75 

Common Nuisances; 67S97, 67S104 
Common Schools; d2H311 
Common Sewers; 41H5S, 75S113, 75S176 
Commons and Parks; 75H252 

See- Public Parks 
Commonwealth Bank; 37S19 

Report re- 3SS35, 3^359 
Commonwealth Flats ImpTaremBht Fund; 7SH329 

See- Flats 
Commonwealth Hotel Co. of Sxiffolk County: 66S150 
Commonwealth Hot;el Co. (Pittsfield); 66H40, 66H129 
Commonwealth Insurance Co. of Boston; 70S98 

Commonwealth of Massachusetts, see- Massachusetts, (Commonwealth of) 
Commonwealth Savings Bank; 71S205 
Companies (Militia), resolves in favor of ; 
A, 3d Battalion, bth Brigade; 62H331 
A, 4th Regiment, Mass, Volunteer Militia; 
6th Regiment, Mass. Volunteer Militia; 
1st Battalion Calvary; 72H291 
6th Regiment; 62S181 
7th Regiment, Mass. Volunteer Militia; 
C, 7th Regiment; 63H71 
C, 8th Regiment, Mass. Volunteer Militia; 
3d Regiment; 62S183 
6th Regiment, Mass* Volunteer Militia; 
5th Mass. Regiment; 64H33 
e;f,L,M of 2d Mass. Calvary; 67S201, 67S302 
F, 9th Regiment, Mass. Volunteer Militia; 67H287 
F, 2d Regiment, Mass. Volunteer Militia; 75H257, 75H295 
6th Brigade; 64H6 
Companies, Non-profit; 56S147 
Compensation Funds for Harbors: 73S226, 76H286 
Complaints and Indictments; 6ISI66, 72H2, 72H49, 72H57 
Comptroller of the Treasury - Report re- Office of; 39H57, 40H20, 47S86 
Conant, Chester G. ; 74H69, 78H212 
Conant, Joseph P.; 69S348 

Concord (Town of); 52S70, 59H214, 61H32, 72S187, 72H191, 74H83, 77S6l 
Concord and Chelmsford Railroad Co. ; 45S97 

Concord and Sudbury Rivers: 60H22, 61H175, 61H193, 62H3, 62H52, 62H56, 
62H137, 62H213, 62H216, 62H200, 62H232 
Reports re- 60H29, 6OHIOO, 62H1, 62H14, 62H30, 62H195 
Concord Fire Insurance Co. ; 72S225 
Concord Free Public Library: 73H118 
Concord Steam Mill Co. ; 4oS24 
Conditional Estates: 68H269, 69S390 
Condon, Edward; 76H289 
Conference of Baptist Ministers; 62H49 
Confiscated Debts - Attorney General *.s report re- 08DI 
Congregational Library Association of Boston; 56SI28, 59S120, 64S218 
Congregational Sabbath School and Publishing Society of Boston; 70H343 
Congress of Nations - Report re- 37S94, 3»S92 
Congress of the United States; 42S65 

Qualification for voting in election of representatives for; 61S101 
Congressional Districts, Division of the State into; 32S33f ^33S11, 
33H33, 42H40, 42H43, 42H45, 52S40, 76S130, 82S264, 82S272, 82S275 
Population in; 42H40 
Specific Districts; 66h88, 66H291 
Connecticut (State of); 39S7, 41S44, 41H23, 4IH6O, 53S15, 56S266, 
56S268, 74S289, 80S17 



Connecticut and Merrimac Rivers? 52H15S» 66S246 
Report re- Fish in; 66sS 

Connecticut River; 26H2, 52H15S, 54Ha3, 6OH4S. 6OH64, 62S20, 62S136, 
6as309, 70H47S, 72S125, 72S286, 72H111, 72H112, 73H142, 73H14d, 74S269, 
75S124, 75S165, 75S166, 7SS10a, 7aH217, 79H46, S0S103, 80H350, 82H225 
Improvement of; 26H10, 27H7, 27H21, 69H510, 31H19 
Locks on; 663258, 66S222( report) 

Protection of Fish in; 64S50, 65S4, 65SI83, 66S247, 68H120, 68H133, 
68H361, 69S81, 74S119, 75H92, 76H278, 78SI6, 78S196, 78S209, 8IH80, 

and Railroads; 67S210. 67S228 
Report re- Canal to; 27H41 

Report re- Improvement of Navigation in; 26H2, 26H26 
See also- Central Locks 

Connecticut River Lumber Co. ; 32S294 

Connecticut River Railroad Co.: 46s89, 47H16q^ kmSl, 49S79, 50H113, 
66SI34, 563219, 563257, 56S260, 683191, 69H357, 703323, 70H451, 
723119, 72HI46, 773141, 79H287 

Reports of; 46S21, 47330, 47S95, 49340, 50330, 51S22, 5239, 5333, 
5432, 5532, 5632, 5732 

Connelly, Timothy; 67H433 

Conscripts, Aid to Families of; 633131 

Consolidated Mills Co. ; 58367 

Constable of the Commonwealth; 70H6, 70H402 

Communications from; 67H37, 67H107, 683117, 683170, 69H253 

Reports of; 67H9, 68H20, 6934, 70H10, 7138, 7234, 73S11, 74348, 


Reports re- 66H370, 69H8O, 70344 

3ee- Police Commissioners, District Police, 3tate Police 

Constables, Duties and Powers of; 4OH65, 45H13, 47H77, 66H131, 67H354, 
69H267, 703300, 703306, 70H150, 70H272, 72H266, 73H366, 81370, 813180 

Constant, 3amuel 3.; 653177 

Constitution of Massachusetts; 37372, 40H23, 40H32, 51H150, 54338, 
55390, 553105, 55H12(Bill of Rights), 55H40, 55H169, 55H274, 55H300, 
80H292, 82351, 82388, 823139 

Amendments to; 27H24, 30HI, 30H7, 30H35, 30H45, 31S4. 3137, 31310, 
3IH8, 3IHIO, 3IHI2, 3IHI4, 31H21, 3239, 32313, 32H5, 3^H25, 32H29, 
32H42, 33S13, 33326, 33H4, 33H9, 35369, 35H14, 35H45, 35H61, 36342, 
36HI, 36H23, 37H11, 37H24, 39371, 39372, 39H48, 39H52, 4031, 4034, 
42H23, 43338, 43S50, 43357, 43361, 4IHIOO, 51S54 1/2, 51H195, 52318, 
52350, 54314, 54316, 54331, 54338, 54348, 54S138, 54S153, 54Hi^3, 
54H51, 54H88, 54H193, 55S112, 55H304, 55H305, 56335, 56337, 56338, 
56341, 50342, 56344, 56348, 56352, 56368, 56SIO4, 56HII2, 56HI34, 
56HI93, 57339, 57340, 57342, 57343, 573109, 573173, 573206, 57H31, 
57H114, 58314, 58355, 58356, 58357, 58358, 58H35, 58H167, 59311, 
59378, 59379, 59H34, 59H53, 59H88, 59H89, 59H152, 603153, 60H73, 
60H95, 6OHIO5, 613102, 62347, 62H125, 63S5, 63329, 63H26, 643263, 
64H2, 64H237, 64H268, 653222, 653223, 65H77, 65HIIO, 65HIII, 65HI56, 
65H280, 66352, 66H7, 66H439, 673244, 67H369, 68HI98, 693325, 693343, 
69H320, 70315, 703205, 70H3, 70H224, 70H263, 70H268, 71H4, 71H329, 
71H385, 71H39b, 72344, 72H184, 73H66, 73H122, 74S244, 74H106, 74H166, 
75S41, 75S127, 76328, 763138, 76H171, 77H154, 77H156, 78314, 783122, 
783222, 78HI42, 793152, 793172, 80382, 8OHII, 80H71, 80H73, 80He21, 
80H239, 80H292, 82H196, 82H318, 82H350 
Revision of; 20D26, 5236, 52318, 52336, 71H395, 79H269 
Report re- 33H11, 34H67 



Constitution of Massachusetts, cont. 

Reports re- 29H14, 35H14, 35H45, 35H61, 39H4, 39H30, 40H10, 

40H32, 43S57, 46S16, 50S100, 54H5, 69S343 

Report re- Bill of rights of; 34S3 

Reports re- Organization of State Government; 50S98, 51S54 

Reports re- Reduction of number of representatives; 29H6, 29H36, 

Constitution of the United States; 61H31, 65H40, 65H54 

Amendments to; 26D20, 26D8, 33S26, 33S43, 43H41, 46S45, 61H65, 

67S2, 67S25, 69S98, 69S105 

Reports re- Amendments to; 61S161 

on Election of President of the United States; 27H20 
on Fourteenth Article of Amendment to; 67m49 
Constitution Wharf Co.; 60S75, 60S97 
Consumption Home; 70S45, 71S57 
Contagious Diseases; 73S126, 74H123, 78S39, 78S48 

in Animals, see- Cattle 
Contempt; 71S195 

Contested Elections, see- Elections, Contested 
Contingent and Vested Remainders in Real Estate; 66H210 
Contingent Expenses of State Government; 54H139 

Definition of; 62H119 
Contracts; 55H257, 59H28, 63H274 

With City Officers; 72H229, 74H201, 75H244 

With Public officers, , see- Public Officer* 

See also- Special Contracts 
Convention to Revise the Constitution; 52S6, 52S50, 53S23, 53S45, 

53S52, 53S53 
Conveyances; 30H17, 74H43 

Abstracts of; 73S122 

and Devises of Estates; 58S11, 58H168 

by Trustees; 69S339 
Convicts; 29H48, 43S43, 43H17, 43H26, 45S49, 46H63, 47S94, 57S18, 

57S25, 59S61, 59S68, 60S28, 66S296, 66H92, 66H154, 66H331, 68S42, 

68S66, 72S217, 72H287, 72H397, 76H41, 77S161, 78H189, 78H197, 

82S208, 82H288 

in the Labor Force; 79H303, 80S3(report), 81H331 

Reports re- , in Public Institutions; 75H296 

Reports re- Punishaent of; 43H71 
Convictions and Executions - Statement of; 50S105 
Conway (Town of); 68H358 
Conway Bank; 57H111 
Conway Fire Insurance Co.; 64H280 
Conway Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 72S17 
Conway Stock and Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 60S103 
Cook, Ira; 74H71 
Cook, Jordan; 72H87 
Cook, Samuel; 57S98 

Coolidge, Albert - Report re- Centennial of United States; 77H70 
Coolidge, Charles H. ; 72S88 
Coolidge, Henry J.; 69H131, 71H407 
Coombs, Melzar W. ; 82S50 
Cooperative Associations; 69H365, 71S125, 71H134 

Legalization of; 66H212, 66H319, 66H404, 67S235, 67H167 

See also- Loan Fund Associations and Cooperative Saving Associations 
Cooperative Mills of Fall River; 67H269 
Cooperative Saving Fund and Loan Associations; 75S85, 75S129. 76H101 

76H122, 76H259, 77H237, 78H90. 78H348. 79H220, 80S22i, 81S131, 

81H412, 82S86, 82S94, 82S261 , p^. 

Coparceners; 74S213, 75S146. 75H350, 75H369 


Copeland, Sarah - Report re- Estate of; 50S74 

Copeland, George W. ; 67H140 

Cordis, Thomas T.j 6lS62 

Com, Sale of: 8OHI36 

Coroners; 62H293, 64H29, 71H211, 71H218, 72S260, 72H256, 77H2g9, 
77H332, 77H341, 81H339 

Inquests of; 50H51, 50Hai, 573^3, 5SH23, 59H3, 59H104 
Report re- Duties of; 43H59 
Special; 6IHI5O 

Corporal Punishment; 14D 

Reports re- Abolition of, in Public Schools; 68H335 

Corporation Act; 72H2a3 

Corporation Fees; 71H443 

Corporation Tax - Reports re- 65S6O, 6$H126, 65H25S 

Corporations; 30S19, 42S53, 4SS99, 4^3141, 50H174. 52Hdl, 53H122, 
55S67, 56SI97, 56S259, 5SH153, 5SH157, 59H72, 61H254, 62H134, 62H262, 
62H3ie>, 63H300, 64S213, 64H262- 65S1$S, 65H209, 65H273, 67S77, 67S259, 
67S260, 67H61, 67H76, 67H197, 67H263, 67H295, 69H419, 70S250, 72H250, 
72H2a3, 72H363, 73H18D, 73H211, 73H301, 74S156, 743163, 743206. 
743227, 76H2, 77357, 77Ha6, 77H210, 77H367, 78314, 783233, 783239, 
78S261, 79H57, 79H343, 803175, 81S32, 8IHI48, 82S193 
Capital of; 39315, 49H93, 49H141, 50H19, 703132, 71H471, 73H46, 
743296, 79H313 

Foreign; 62S251, 66S292( report) 
List of. Chartered (I789-I836); 36390 
List of. Chartered! 1835-1848); 48H32 
List of, Chartered(l864-1865); 65HI38 
List of, Chartered(l872-1880); 8IHI69 
Report fe- Assessment of Taxes on; 61H224 
Report re- Change of Name by; 67HI65 
Report re- Liabilities of; 40H42 
Report re- Returns from; 64H389 

Shareholders of; 26D29, 38H29, 38H43, 38H40, 46H83, 46337, 493159, 
513115, 5IHIII, 58HI5O, 59H137, 6OHI44, 60H206, 61S72, 6ISI25, 6ISI69, 
62S66, 643246, 67358, 73358, 78HIO8, 79H40, 8ISI64, 81S177, 8ISI86 
Taxation of; 39H25, 40326, 43H57(report), 44H53, ;50H156, 59H139, 
61H224, 633179, 633188, 63H311, 64H236, 64H276, 64H281, 64H293, 64H302, 
64H312, 65S198, 653213, 65H271, 65H272, 65H301, 65H311, 65H313, 66S315, 
66H225, 66H416, 66H430, 67H434, 76H115, 79H184, 80H36, 8IHI46 
See also- Associations, Bankrupt Corporations, Insolvent Corporations, 
Foreign Corporations, Manufacturing, Public Corporations 

Corpses; 72H323, 76H180 

Correctional Institutions and Almshouses - Discipline in; 60H226 

Costs; 76H89, 76HI97, 76H243, 76H302, 8IH84, 81H152, 81H278 
Before Courts; 783236, 783247, 783254 
in Actions; 42S21 
in Appeals; 82S183, 82S190 
in Cases; 29H44, 61H205, 65H35 

Cottage City (Town of); 79H221, gOH64 

Cotton and Woolen Manufacturers' Mutual Insurance Co.; 77348 

Cotuit Fishery Co.; 66S24 

Council Districts; 56s82, 763204, 76H258, 76H340, 76H346 
Report re- Contested Election in Third; 68H11 

Council Executive, see- Executive Department and Lieutenant Governor 

Council Records; 60H143 

Councillors; 32329, 58356, 66S71, 66S2l6 

Coxinsel, Right to; 64377 

Counsel Fees - List of, paid by State since 1843; 49H49 
Counterfeting; I4D , 33324, 52S116, 55H82, 60H121, 61H94, 62H103, 

62H127, 63H74, 64H95, 64HI26 
See also- Bank Bills 


Counties; 48S97, 6aH271, 70S4S, 70H226, 71H129, 74S123, 30S102 
Accounts of; 81S60(reports re- Condition of), 81S214 
Actions in; 50H36 

Attorneys in; 29H27, 31Hl(report re- Fees received by), 34S5o, 
Auditors in; 55H272, 63H236, 74H493, 74H514 
Balances of - Reports re- 41S2ii., 4IS6 

Commissioners of; 27H11, 27H216, 29H25, 29H2S, 31S9, 31H7, 31H24, 
32S11, 33H37, 33H59, 34S47, 3435^, 34H9, 34H34, 34H70, 35S56, 35H30, 
35H39, 36S8I, 39H9, 40Ha7, 41S18, 41S26, 41S39, 41H28, 41H31, 41H41, 
42H2a, 43H44, 47S85, 47H70, 47H104, 47H170, 48Hiao, 50H26, 51H42, 
5IHI91, 52H107, 53S120, 54S40, 54S132, 55H13, 56h61, 57H47, 57H96, 
57H151, 57H189, 57H254, 59H166, 60S6, 6OHI69, 64S237, 64H352, 66SI63, 
66S273, 66HI40, 66H343, 67S225, 67S272, 6aH107, 68H134, 69S201, 
71H270, 74S247, 74H271, 75S194, 7^3241, 793265, 79H294, 81H13, 82S56, 

Debts of; 53H121, 54H92 
Expenditures of - Report re- 75H18 
Finances of; 82H190, 82H334 

Lines and boundaries of - Reports re- Change of; 47S6l, 50322 
Maps of; 71H302 

Officers of; 51H59, 55H309, 79H343, 8OH258, 80H289, 8lS60(reports of), 
813214, 8IHI74 
Prisons in; 80H338 
Roads in; 48HI6O, 82S56 

3ee also- Roads 
3eals of; 62H189 
Supervisors in; 59H149 

Taxes; 32317, 32H47, 44H30, 47H31, 50H40, 51H46, 51H49. 54H44, 55H219, 
56HI5I, 57H55, 58HI64, 59H252, 6OHIO4, 6IH83, 62H84, 62H203, 63H203, 
64H263, 65H198, 66H206, 67H270, 68H210, 69H209, 70H241, 71H103, 71H157, 
7IHI71, 7IHI72, 7IHI77, 72H173, 72H354, 73H113, 74H141, 74H178, 74H294, 
75H94, 75H246, 75H317, 76H91, 76H240, 77319, 77H48, 77H134, 78H34, 
78H50, 79H355, 80H198, 81H78,- 81H113, 82S204, 82H237 

Reports r€- 47350, 48H56, 53H77 
Treasurers; 55H114, 5937, 59H167, 603120, 643166, 67H399, 74H507, 
763160, 76HI25, 76H210, 79H293, 80H131, 8OH248, 80H283, 80H307 
Courts; 62H162, 74H75, 74H493, 80393, 81H103 
Criers of; 593114 
Martial; 35H56 

of Common Pleas: 08H42, 28312, 30H60,i .32H39, 35322, 38H71, 40H59, 
44334, 44H14, 46H43, 46H49, 47H34, 47H35, 47H69, 48370, 49H8, 52333, 
54373, 55H310, 59H106 

in Bristol Co.; 47334, 47369 

in Essex Co. ; 49344 
. in Hamden Co.; 47H35 

in Hampshire Co.; 52367 

in Middlesex Co.; 38336, 39352, 4IH68, 553135, 56SI4I 

in Suffolk Co.; 56S250, 56H91, 56H145 

in Worcester Co. ; 35H16, 52HI46, 563254 

Report re- Jurisdiction of; 52H71 
of the Commonwealth; 593145, 74392 
of Criminal Jurisprudence; 30H34 

of Insolvency; 573101, 573191, 5dH46, 58HI8I, 73H239, 79368, 79H39, 

of Justice; 53367 

of Mediation and Arbitration; 55H156, 55H194 
of Sessions; 28H11, 28H26, 31H7, 31H24 



Courts, Reports re- 
Bristol County; 28D- 
Charges against Judge Colgrove: 33H64 
Clerks of Courts; 43S56,77S86 
Court of Conmon Pleas; 44S34, 52H71 
Courts, Investigation of Financial Affairs of; 74H493 
Criminal Code Amendments; 14SH13 

Criminal Justice; 39HS1, 39S34, 41H16, 4IH6I, 41S24 
Criminal Laws, Codification; 43S5S 
Criminal Prosecution Costs: 41S24, 43H63 
Criminal Expenses (I824-33); 3SH24 
Criminal Lists; 41H49 

Day, Judge, to Remove; 8IHI65, 81H43S, 82S150 
Deonington, Judge, to Remove; 76H343 
District Attorneys; 59H189 

District Court, First North Middlesex; 7SH246 
Drew, Thomas, Order to Arrest for Corruption; 69S212, 69S400 
Dyer, Judge, to Remove; 76H343 . . 

Guardians, Extending Power of Judges to Probate; 7^S80, 7^3169, 78S248 
Homestead Exemption from Attachment; 51S35 
House of Correction, see- own listing 

Huntington, (D.A. ), to Investigate Charges Against; 45H4 
Insolvents; 35H71, 44H22 
Jackson, Judge, to Remove; 76H321 
Jails; 34H36, 65H6, 66S228, 73H264, 8OH3SS, 81H421 
Judicial Proceedings to Reform; 49H4S 
Jurisdiction in Equity; 27S2 

Jury Duty on Being Excluded from for Being Non-Christian; 38H47 
Juries and Witnesses; 40H30 

Justice of the Peace, to Extend Jurisdiction of; 4OH65 
Larceny of Real Property; 51S80 
Law Reform Plan; 51H17 
Laws; 39H38, 39H60 
Lithgow, Sheriff, to Remove; 0^SH3 
Look, James, on his Unjustifiable Arrest: 76HI69 

Loring, Edward, to Remove; 55H302, 55H63, 55H93, 55H205, 57S160, 5SH107 
Middlesex, First District Court; 7SH246 
Middlesex County Courts; 37S52, 7SH246 
Municipal and Police Courts; 
Murder, Treason, Rape and Arson; 49H135 
National Bankrupt Law; 4OH56 
Notices, Legal Publication of; 65H304 
Officers » Fees for Summoning Witnesses; 82H33S 
Paige, Reuben, to Impeach Judge Colgrove; 33H64 
Parker, Judge, on Skinner Treason Case; IISH p. 81 
Probate; 31H5, 33H3, 44S68, 54H128 
Probate in Worcester; 31S4 

Probate Courts; 18SH20, 27H59, 27H61, 41H55, 68H349 
Probate Judges; 44S68, 54H128 
Probate and Insolvency; 75H343 
Probate Registers Salaries; 54H128 
Property Assignments; 33H12, 33H28 
Property Attachments; 3SS46 
Prosecuting Officers; 43H54 

Randell, Judge, to Remove; 50S104, 50S11S, 52H137, 66H324 
Right of Appeal; 26H40 

Sheriff of Essex County, Charges against; 44H21 
Sheriffs; 08SH3, 43S56, 43H13, 44H21, 47H139, 55H14 
Spear, Judge, to Remove; 44H69 



Courts, Reports re- (cont.) 

State Prisons, see- separate listing 

State Reform Schools, see- separate listing 

State Workhouse; 70S110, 7SH3 

Suits at Law; 38H79 

Suits in Equity; 5336? 

Supreme Judicial Court; 44S16, 44H13, 52H71 

to Further Regulate Executors; 

to Revise System; 08SH4, 77S50 

Unjustifiable Arrest, Claim of; 76H169 

Ward, Helen, on Arrest of, for Murder; S0hl2 

Western Railroad, Misconduct of Director; 4SS144 

Whiton, Judge, to Remove; 50SS7 

Witnesses; 37H13, 3SS22, 38H20, 3^H26, 43H96, 77H320 

Returns; a2S263 

Rooms; 81H425 
Cowdin, Robert; 67SI68 
Cowell, E.J.; 68H327 
Cowles, Abbie; 76H94 

Cowpens, Battle of - Commemoration of; 80H363, 80H370, 81S29 
Cows River; 80S2A.9, 8OH254 
Cox, Charles J.; 73S171, 79S276 
Cragie Bridge; 70H366, 70H376, 71H313, 73H254 
Cranberries; 71H190, 75H109 
Crane, Edward; 72S294 
Crane, Jonathan; 71H241 
Creditors; 30H12, 30H42, 31H57 

Protection of; 31S16, 31S29, 32H57, 33S46, 5IHI6O, 52S12, 69S370 
Cremation and Burial - Report re- 75S100 
Cressy, Emily; 68SI67, o8H331 
Cressy, Noah; 75S99 
Crettj, People of; 68S250 
Crews of Ships - Desertion of; 74H44 
Crier of Courts; 52H234, 55H133 
Crime; 29H36(report re-), 40S45, 43S43, 49H135, 73H227, 73H388 

at Night; 47H12 

Statistics of; 39S67, 70H190, 80H249 

See also- Capital Crime , , 

Criminal Cases; 29S24, 39H51, 46h62, 52S32, 52H132, 53H54, 56HI46, 

59S39, 59S171, 59H133, 59H160, 59H20$, 59H251, 63H197, 64S97, 64SII5, 

64HI8O, 66H350, 70Sa5, 70S145, 70S164, 70S192, 71S28, 74H46, 75H333, 

76H243, 79S46, 8OHI68, 81H278, 82S32, 82S63, 82S211 

See- Bail, Officers' fees 
Criminal Causes; 73S83, 73S89 
Criminal Costs; 59S175, 59H211, 72H59 
Criminal Justice; 30H34, 30H60 

Reports re- 39H51, 39S34, 41H16 
Criminal Laws; 48H7, 52S81, 58S38 

Report re- 43S58 
Criminal Proceedings; 55H134, 59S156 ^ ^ . . ^ 

Criminal Prosecutions; 30S5, 38H24, 39H51, 6OSI56, 6OHI76, 60H210, 
6ISIO7, 6IHI63, 65S195, 65S262, 66H36I, 72H267, 79H302 
Report re- 41H49. HD-. 
Reports re- Costs of; 41S24, 43H63 
Criminal Trials; 76H86 ,, ^ ^ „ , „, 

Criminals; 55H204, 66H234, 66H313, 66H363, 66H384, 66H424, 67H213, 71S131 
Crocker, Charles - Report re- 46H06 
Crocker Institution for Savings; 69S131 
Crocker Paper Co.; 70H143 


Crocker, Uriel; 82H352 

Crooks, James W, ; 50H9^ 

Crosby, Maria I.; 77H123 

Crosby Steam Garage and Valve Co.; S1H71 

Cross Dam in Boston; 69H42d, 70H475, 72S33, 72H96 

Cross, George P.; 673135, 67H225 

Cross, Henry M.; 73S23 

Crossings; 57S168 

Crowell, David; 71S183 

Crowell, Leno; 56H88 

Crowell, Prince S.; 63S56, 64S119 

Report re- Petition of; 65H195 
Crowninshield F.B. ; 63H52, 63H55 
Crows - Destruction of: 34H38 
Cruelty to Animals; 68S84, 68S179, 6aH396, 69S126, 69S282, 69S298, 

Crystal Lake Water Works; 57S171, 57S201 
Cummings, Amos; 73H320 
Cximmings, Jacob; 47H175 

Cummings, John - Report re- Contested election of; 74H93, 74H109 
Cummington (Town of ; ; 48H133, 79H236 
Cunningham, Thomas; 79H31 
Currency; 34S20, 34S23, 34S29, 34S35, 38H49, 40H66, 74H82, 76SI6, 

76H29, 76H54 
Currency Bonds; 67H426 
Currier, Augustus N.; 72S14B 
Curtis, George F. ; 63H53 
Curtis Hat Factory; 69H112 
Gushing Academy in Ashburnham; 65H193 
Gushing, Edward; 56S199, 69S328 
Cushman (Town of): 56S103 
Cushman, A.S, ; o2H156 

Cushman Library (in Bemardston); 67S209 
Cutting Machine Manufacturing Co, ; 56SI78 
Custodian of Wills; 75H314, 75H331 
Cut River; 75Hl6o 
Cuttyhunk Association; 69S239 
Cuttyhunk Club (of Gosnold); 69H178 
Cuttyhunk Island; 47H185 
Cut Beach in Gloucester; 59H40 

Report re- 59H96 

Dakin, Garrie 0.; 72H125 

Dailey, William: 63S132 

Dalton (Town of): 76S134, 78H250 

Damages; 74S196, 74H440, 8OHI5O, 80H182, 80H204, 81S25 

Damon, James: 72H73 

Dams; 71H190, 75H273, 75H299 

Dana (Town of); 47H62, 71H153, 80S109, 82H239 

Dana, Daniel - Election Sermon of; 37S- 

Dana, Edmund J.; 55S158, 58H47, 58H162, 6IS8I, 64H264 

Dana, James - Report re- Petition of; 50H123 

Dana, Samuel (President of Senate) - Address re- Outbreak of War; 12S- 

Danforth, Keyes - Report re- Colleges; 42H9 

See- Colleges 
Dangerous Weapons; 59S169 
Daniels, Lucretia; 70H229 




Danvers (Tovm of); 48H23, 50S92, 55S129, 62S10S, 66S88, 7439^, 74S147, 

74S240, 74S474, 74H515, 75S53, 78H170 

Accounts of; 35H72, 35HI1 (report ) , 36H41 

Boizndaries and Annexations; 47S64, 48S52, 48S82(report ) , 57S105 

Railroad in (Report re-); 45S100 

Report re- Contested Election in; 52H86 
Danvers and Georgetovm Railroad Co.; 51S17, 51H70, 52H161, 5dS212 

Reports of; 5333, 5432, 5532 
Danvers Railroad Co.; 52327, 56313, 57314^, 60H118 

and Boston and Maine Railroad; 57H250 

Reports of; 5432, 55S2, 5632, 5732 

Report re- 56H269 
Danvers Savings Bank; 71H151 
Darricott, George; 35H19 
Darrow, Ira; 66360 
Dartmouth (Tovm of); 45350, 71H447, 73373, 73H267 

Reports re- Contested Election in; 43H20, 43H36 

Reports re- Division of; 28S12, 33318 
Dartmouth Bridge; 62S23, 703166 
Dartmouth Indians (Tribe); 63H101, 64H38I 

Lands of; 6432 
Davenport, Benjamin - Report on Petition of re- Milford Railway; 
Davidson, Sarah J,; 67H414 
Davis, Augustus N»; 82H106 
Davis, Daniel - Report of, to Governor Gerry, re- Libellous publications; 

Davis, Georgiana; 75H217, 75H234 
Henry; 67H358 

Jabes - Petition of, for Protection of Fish; 
James; 66H232 

John - Report re- Claims on; 3132 
Davis i John (Governor, 1834-35, 1841-43) - Addresses of; 

35H3, 4IHI, 4232, 42373 

Letter of. Declining to Assume Office; 353X4 
Davis, John A.; 79362 
Davis, Rebecca; 62H296, 64H82 
Davis, Thomas; 35325 
Day, Abraham; 703283 
Day, Gilman; 553137 
Day, Joseph; 81H438 

Reports re- Removal of, as Judge of Barnstable County; 

Testimony re- Removal of; 813200 
Dayers, Peter N.W. - Report on Petition of, re- Claim of; 
Days Academy; 75S184 
Days of Grace on Commercial Paper; 53H47, 55326, 553144, 56H36, 

53S36, 53342 
Deaf Mutes; 713275, 75H233 

Education of; 59H221, 613132, 643170, 643171, 67S265, 68H233, 

693316, 75H153, 77H82 

Reports re- 29H9, 43H66, 60355 

Support of; 64SIII 
Dean Academy (in Franklin); 653105, 69316, 7IHI48, 76H213 
Dean, Benjamin K. ; 62H254 

Dean Library Association (in Medway); 6OS6I, 713249 
Dean, Paul - Election Sermon by; 323- 
Deane, Francis, Jr.; 46312 

Dearborn, Charles A. - Report of, re- Roads; 50392 
Dearborn, H.A, - Report and Petition of re- Lighthouses on Cape Cod; 

Dearborn, Margaret; 71H154 

Dearington, John F. - Report re- Removal of from Office of Judge; 



81H165, 82S150 



Death penalty; 36h8, 37H43i 57H43, 57H56 
Debtors; 3oH20 

Relief and Protection of; 31S16, 31S29 

See also- Judgement of Debtors 
Debts; 38H77, 78H101, SlS^l 

Report re-, in Cities and Towns; 72H66 
Deceased, (Estates of) - 

Husbands; 57S16 

Partners; 72S247 

Persons; 27H24, 32H45, 37H52, 44H28, 46HIS, 46H25, 46H37, 47H147, 

49H215, 5IHI47, 52S64, 52H215, 54H49, 57H26, 57H126, 59S8l, 59S98, 

59S136, 59S154, 63H279, 65S147, 67SIIO, 67S127, 67H379, 68S89, 67S181, 

67S193, 67S196, 68H43, 63H83, 6SH174, 69S142, 70H467, 72S247, 72H110, 

73S125, 73H260, 75H314, 75H331, 78S85, 78H255, 8OS244, 8IHI88 

Sailors; 76H253 

Soldiers; 76H253, 77H124, 77H286, 77H312 

Wife; 77H122 
Decennial Census - Provision for; 56H25, 56H46, 65S42, 65S206, 65S253, 

74S326, 74S341, 75H142, 76SI78, 76H268, 77H132 
Decimal System; 61H30 
Declaration in Writs; 62H39 
Declaration of Independence; 74S34 
Declaration of War - Papers re- 12S4 
Decoration Day - May 30, a Holiday; 8IS69 
DeCosta, Anthony V.; 69S155, 69H75 
Dedham (Town of); 66H117, 74H89, 75S84, 76S95 

Boundaries; 5ISSI ( report ) , 52S55, 52H179 
Dedham and West Roxbury Railroad Co.; 6IS8O, 61S93, 6ISIO5, 64S88, 

64S104, 65SI3I, 66SI74, 6aS50, 68S134 
Dedham Gas Light Co.; 6aH301, 71S267 
Dedham Historical Society; 62H257 
Dedham Irish Benevolent Society; 6SS268 
Dedham Mutual Fire Insurance Co. ; 65S32 
Dedham Public Library; 71S121 
Dedham, Second Parish of; 82H25 
Dedham Water Co.; 82H24 
Deeds; 67H262, 71S29, 70H425 

Acknowledgement of; 63SI6, 63S64, 63SIO6, 67SI85, 75H198, 75H23a 

Indexing of; 57H52 

Recording of; 55S186, 6OH6I 

Registration of; 69S161 

See also- Registry of Deeds 
Deep Bottom (Tribe of Indians); 73H297 

Lands of; 56H256 

Report re- Title to Lands of; 56H47 
Deer - Preservation of; 69S111, 69S148, 69S191, 70S173, 70S196, 

7OHI53, 7OHI74, 70H238, 71S239, 74S8l, 75S140, 75H248, 77H105, 77H155, 

77H259, 79S72, 79S123, 79S157, 8IHI89, 8IH4I8, 81H434, 82H181, 82H251, 

82H283, 82H309 

See also- Game, Birds 
Deer Island; 69S188, 77H354 
Deerfield (Town of); 14D19, 37S5, 69S355, 77S97 

Annexations to: 61H95 

Census of; 6oS44, 66SI36 

Reports re- 35HX2, 35H47 
Deerfield Academy; 76H139 
Deerfield River Bridge; 68H333 
Deerfield River Railroad Co. ; 48SI20 
Deerfield Valley Agricultural Society; 71H233, 75H186 
Defacement of Natural Scenery - PiBTcntion of; 73S240, 73H387 


Defaulted Actions; 49318 
Defective Dams; A.6H79 
Defendants - in Actions; 51S114 

Summoning of; 55H247 

Support of; 52Hl60 
Degrees (Academic); 31S187, 81S255 
Dehon, William; 48HIOO 
Delaware (State of); 31H6, 41S42 
Delegates to Philadelphia Convention; 52S30 
Delta Psi Society (of Williams College); 79S32. 79H17 
Dench, Gilbert - Report re- Heirs of; 36H46, 4oS54 
Denison, Arad; 62S169 

Report re- 62S162 
Dennis (Town of); 70S129, 82H75 

Dennis and Yarmouth Improvement Co.; 82H142, 82H2CX) 
Dennis, Henry; 56H200 
Dennis, John; 67H453 
Denny, Daniel; 65H134 

Dentistry - Regulation of; 82S212, 82S2S2 

Departments of State Government, reports of, see- Public Documents 
Deposit and Loan Co.; 58HIIO 

Deposit Notes; 76S82, 76SI29 , , , . 

Depositions; 26sa, 26S19, 35SX- , 39S62, 42H33, 62S67, 63SI6, 633195, 

63H15, 63H67, 67H420, 74356, 743271, 74H158 

in Criminal Cases; 51350, 55349, 58H93, 58H103 
Deposits of Public Monies; 37H9 
Deputy Sheriffs; 27H46, 27H14, 35342, 4aH203, 50H172, 66H260, 73H245, 

78HI77, 79H268 
Derby, George, M.D. - Report on Hospitals; 74S100 
Derby Wharf Co.; 67S147, 67H302 
Deserted and Drafted Men; 633117 
Destitute and Deserted Children, see- Children 
Destitute Catholic Children - House for; 71S291 

Detective force, see- State Detective Force, State Detective Police Force 
Devine, Charles - Report re- 703263 
Devisees - Contribution among; 39350 
De Wolf, Austin; 82S119, 82H228 
De Wolf, Thaddeus; 66H211 
Dickinson High School; 76H139 
Diersch, F.W. ; 69H323 

Digest of Massachusetts Reports, see- Massachusetts Digest or Bennett 
Dighton (Town of) - Report re- School fund; 46H26 
Dighton and Berkley Bridge Co.; 55H223, 56S78 
Dighton and Somerset Railroad Co.; 633176, 63H33, 63H46, 64344, 64H97, 

64H99, 64HI34, 66364 
Dighton Furnace Co.; 67H283 
Dike, Abby A.; 76363, 78s63, 78H44 
Dike, John H. ; 62H331 

Dillingham, Charles C. (of Fall River); 77333 
Dillingham, Nathaniel H. ; 50H29 
Dimock, Lyman; 70H114 
Diptheria - Reports re- 77375 
Directors of Corporations, see- Corporations 

Directors of Public Institutions in Boston - Powers of; 81334 
Disabled - Firemen; 73H287 

Sailors; 76H253 

Seamen; 62H174 

Soldiers; 663187, 70H389, 71S135, 71H114, 71H119, 76H253, 77H231 


Disabled - Soldiers (cont.) 

Aid to; 66SS4, 66S98, 66S113, 66S114, 66sild, 66S119, 66S121, 
66SI24, 66SI72, 66S310, 66Hia5, 66H202, 67H171, 67H236, 70H309, 
70H390, 70H459, 72H342, 77H124, 77H286, 77H312 
Employment of; 65H30$, 71H429 
See also- Disabled Soldiers • Employment Bureau 
Reports re- 66H25, 71S115 
See- Soldiers' Home 
Disabled Soldiers* Employment Bureau; 6dH101, 70H356, 72H113, 73H129, 
74H114, 75H170, 76H270, 77S127, 77H249, 7SH99, 79H116, aOH93, S1S104, 

Reports of; 6dH94, 7aH127, 79S6, SOHIO, 81S4, 32H85 
Discharged Convicts; 51H159, 52S130, 6lH93f 62S163, 62S171, 62H169, 
64H284, 65H53, 71H364, 74H132- 74H333, 76H114 
Aid to; 53H79(report), 69H161 

Reports of Agent of; 47S9, 4SS4, 50Sa, 51H20, 53H186, 55S7 
Reports re- 45S37, 45S8S, 47S80, 48H40, 49H31, 51S112 
Discharged Female Prisoners; 73H272, 74H131, 7$H85, 78H261, 80S115, 

Aid to; 72H215, 76H280, 77H148, 8ISI46, 82H292 
Discharged Soldiers' Home; 63H177, 64H242, 65HI76, 66S135, 67H342, 
68H292, 69H335| 70H34, 70H315, 70H330, 70H389 
Reports of: 65S79, 66S318, 67S43, 69H4 
Disease * 7oS100 

Diseased Animals; 79H209, 81H173, 81H318 
Diseased Meat - Report re- Sale of; 71S41 

See- Cattle 
Disfranchisement of Soldiers, see- Soldiers 
Disputed Territory Fund; 4oS6, 47H183 
Reports re- 4oS6l, 47S8 
See- Public Lands 
Distilled Spirits; 35H34 

District Attorneys; 44S25, 44S29, 55H308, 65S222, 67H333, 75S41, 75H74, 
75H274, 76S28, 77H13, 79Hl80, 79H244, 79H255 

Assistance for; 73S82, 73H350, 74Hld4, 75H20, 8IHI66, 82S123 
Duties of; 59H69 

Salaries of; 44S68(report), 57H130, 58HI56, 59H179, 59H189, 67H472, 
70H392, 7ISI43, 72H312, 8lH3o4, 82S124 
Reports of; 44H33, 45H18, 4oH32, 47H55, 48h61, 49H63 
Reports re- 45H4 
District Courts; 67H432, 68S121, 73S260, 73S261, 73H429, 73H434, 
73H438, 74S29, 74H341, 75S65, 75S110, 75S111, 75H333, 76H59, 76H86, 
76HIO5, 76HI25, 76H243, 77H296, 77H303, 77H305, 77H311, 77H327, 77H328, 
77H334, 77H389, 78S45, 78S6l, 78S119, 78S236, 78S247, 78S254, 78H111, 
78HI23, 78H235, 78H265, 78H283, 79S181, 79S208, 79S212, 79H87, 79H119, 
79H327, 79H350 

of Berkshire County; 79S182, 79S210 
Central; 69S362, 69H417, 71H179, 74H81 

Northern; 70H79, 71S147, 71S201, 71S325, 71H161, 71H358, 7IH36O 
Southern; 70H273, 71S147» 71S201, 71S325, 7IHI6I, 7IH36O, 
71H409, 74H80, 78SI27 
of Bristol County; 74S234, 76S145, 76H333, 78H157, 79S183, 79S209, 
80H54, 81H355 

of Essex County; 74S107, 79S185, 79S207 
of Hamden County; 72S220, 74H223, 79S188 
of Hampshire County; 82S266 
Central; 72S141, 72H282 
Eastern; 72S221 


District Courts, cont. 

of Middlesex Co.: 74S305, 79S1S6 
Central; 72S219, 74H309, 74H409 

Eastern; 74S303, 74H489, SIHI56, 82H102, g2H222, 82H303, 82H324 
Northern; 72S17S, 72S231, 74S220, 73H246, 79H87 
Southern; 74S37, 74H283 
Western; 74S304 
of Norfolk Co. ; 70H280 

East; 723246, 73H16, 74S327, 79S184 
of Plymouth County; 74H406, 74H423, 7SS128, 78S224, 79S187, 79S198, 

First; 74H357, 75S72 

Second; 78H278, 78H307, 79S224, 80H331 
Third; 78H278, 78H307 
Fourth; 80S76 
Southern; 7^S128, 78S224 
of Worcester Co.; 8IH36O 

Central; 72S72, 72H194, 72H220, 74H187, 75Sl80, 78H155 
Eastern; 72S106, 74S261 
Northern; 72S113, 74H199, 75S18 

Southern; 71H449, 72S281, 72H118, 72H134, 74S59, 75S187 
Western; 75S191 
District Police; 79S215, 79S226, 79S236, 8OSI87, 81S234 

Reports of; 8OH8, 8IH8, 82H8 
District School Houses; 42H25, 45S65, 48HI69, 51S93, 52H175 
District Tax; 78H270 

Report re-, for the Support of District Schools; $2S54 
Districts, Representative - Division of Cities and towns into; 52S58 
Disturbance of the Peace; 76H246 
Ditches; 71H190 
Diversions, Public; 5^S87 

Divorce; 29H2, 35H43, 38h62, 43S67, 47H129, 50H25, 51S97, 51H109, 
52S31, 53H127, 54S108, 54S113, 54S118, $5S201, 56H96, 57H105, 57H192, 
57H224, 58H56, 62S65, 62H375, 63HIO6, 63H134, 64hi84, 65S247, 66S10, 
66H81, 66HI75, 66H176, 66H300, 67S258, 67H150, 67H154, 67H229, 68H137, 
68H183, 69S329, 69H422, 70S218, 70S314, 70S31S, 70S320, 70H197, 71S152, 
71S231, 71S263, 71S272, 71H289, 72S76, 73S3S, 73H427, 73H431, 74S12, 
74S265, 74S330, 74S340, 74H392, 75S69, 75S185, 76h80, 76H138, 76HI88, 
76H208, 77S34, 77H149, 81S223, 82S93, 82S136, 82H337, 82H340 
List of, Granted, (l86$-66); 66S10 
Reports re- 41H20, 43H45 
Report re- Statistics of; 38H62 
Dixie, Benjamin D.; 73H55 
Dixon, Thomas; 48H153 

Doane, Elijah; 65S49 ^ . , ^ 

Dock and Railway Terminal Facilities in Boston; 81S204, 81S266, 81H395 
Documents; 27S5, 56H76, 58S71, 76H217, 77H232 
Distribution of; 79H51, 81S19, 81S43 
of Senate and House; 7oH217 
Preservation of; 59S121 
re- Colonial Period, see- Colonial Records 
re- Governors, see- Governors* Addresses 
re- Revolution - report; 43S51 
Report re- Disposition of; 43S44 
See also- Public Documents 
Dodge, James A.; 69H462 
Dodge, John F. ; 73H96 
Dodge, Richard J.; 70S155 


Dogs; 49S26- 49H4, 49H9, 49H3S, 57S162, 59H134, 6IH253, 65H207, 

55H225, 66S203, 67S21, 67H152, 6aH2S7, 73S87, 73H35, 74S129, 77S144, 

77S145, 77H342, 81H259 

Licensing: 63S44, 71H37(in Boston), 77H166, 7SSI24, 7SS194, 

S2S172, I2SI96, 82S225 

Fighting; 59S45 

Protection of; 64S232, 68369, 72H356, 72H370 

Shelter for; 81S253, aiH366 
Doherty, Phillip; 67H132 
Domestic Animals; 78S34, 7834^, 783141, 78H224, 8IH241, 81H259, 81H341 

3ee- Cattle, Fowl 
Domicile, Change of; 72H238 

Dominica - Report re- Annexation of to United States; 71H281 
Donations to Literary Institutions; 32H26 
Donnelly, John; 64H208, 80H117, 81H257 
Donnovan, Mary; 70S123, 70H78 
Dorchester (Town of); 46355, 54357, 573113, 573159, 64346, 67H273, 

67H343, 693301, 75H163, 82370 

Annexation of; 553195 

Cemetery in; 68H103 

Pauper accounts of; 35H72, 36H4I 

Report re- Accounts of; 35HX1 
Dorchester and Mlton Branch Railroad Co.; 463IO8, 48H88, 5IHI85, 

52H75, 52H119, 57S150, 61H40, 633169 

Reports of; 47330, 49S40, 50330, 513114, 51322, 5239, 5333, 5432, 

5532 5632 5732 
Dorchester and Milton Extension Railroad Co.; 49399, 54H136, 56H149 

Reports of; 56S2 
Dorchester and Roxbury Railroad; 57H217, 64H34 
Dorchester Avenue Railroad Co.; 543144, 55384, 56H69, 57H79, 57H172 

Reports of; 5732 
Dorchester Bay; 54H96, 56S225 

Report re- 55S63 
Dorchester Extension Railway; 59H50 
Dorchester Fire Insurance Co.; 65H55, 65H65 
Dorchester Gas Light Co.; 64H69, 70359 
Dorchester North Papist Society; 48H64 
Dorchester Railway Co.; 633186, 653227, 653231 
Dorchester Savings Bank; 69H17 

Report of; 79313, 80315 
Dot en, Charles C; 623183, 62H219 
Dot en, Elizabeth; 69H487 
Dougherty, John and Ann; 70H473 
Dougherty, John F. ; 70H488 
Douglas (Town of); 463112, 63H29, 643169 
Dover (Town of); 72H61 
Dow^ Eugene M. ; 81H386 
Dower; 41H92, 42346, 58H83, 623167, 69H438 

and Homestead; 66H411, 68H223 

Assignment of; 76HIO8 

in Testate Estates: 50H50, 523131 

Recovery of; 78H66 

Right of; 743299 
Downer Landing, see- Hingham (Town of) 
Downer, Samuel; 72346 
Downes, George; 73H92 
Downey, David; 76H194 
Dracut (Town of); 763119 

Annexation to Lowell; 5OH86, 51Sl6(report), 51H53, 743183, 79H158 


Drafted Men; 64S132 

Drafting Clerks for the Legislature; 65S19 

Drafts and Bills of Exchange; 6OSI25 

Report re- Damages on; 37S91 
Drainage; 55S56, 69S107, 71H190, 73S246, 73H301 

and Health, report re- 7SH26 

and Water Supply; 73S246, 73H301 
Drake, Alden L. ; 67H19S 
Drake, Augustine J.: 63H51 
Draper, Anna W, ; 63H281 

Draper, David S. - Report re- his seat in the General Court; 70H3S 
Draper, F.W. - Report re- Arsenic; 72S40 

Report re- Registration of Disease; 76S100 
Draper, Sarah E.; 69H287 
Draw Bridges; 56SIOI, 76SI23 

See- Railroad Drawbridges 
Drawing - Free Instruction in; 70H333i 75H156 

Me chani cal ; 70S190 
Drew, Luther; 56S230 
Drew, Thomas - Charges of Corruption against; 69S212( report) 

Proceedings re- 69S252, 69S324, 69S400 
Drill Companies - Regulation of; 6ISI5 

Drinking Fountains; 75S132, 75S148, 75S152, 75S169, 77H251 
Druggists - Regulation of; 75H107 

Report re- Accidents from; 64H308 

Sale of Liquor by; 67S254, 67H415, 7SH269, 73H299, 7SH339 
Drugs and Medicine; 53H190 

See also- Opium 
Dunkenness; 6OHI6I, 63S25, 64H343, 70H69, 70H419, 72H328, 72H333, 

76SI4, 79H114, ^OH155, ^ ^ 

Punishment for; 36h6i, 50S107, 50H97, 55H56, 59S155, 7SS143, 80S257, 

80H251, 80H308, 80H284, 8ISI66, 81S250, 81H204 

Reports re- 46SII8 
Dudley (Town of); 71S97, 80H355 

Dudley Hosiery Co. ; 67H66 ( 

Dudley Indians; 47H189, 4SHia6, 57S10, 62H117, 63H222 

Report re- 57H220 
Dueling - Report re- 3SH59 
Dukes Tcounty of); 56S145, 62H367, 63HI7S, 65S117, 68H127, 69S79, 

72H167, 73H127, 73H135, 74H112, 75H207 

Commissioners of; 70S66, 71S260, 72S137, 73H37S, 74H271 

Courts in; 56H277, 62H153, 69H4d9, 74H3S 
Dukes County Academy; 35H58, 71H150 
Dukes County Educational Association; 66s83, 72S197 
Dukes County Savings Bank; 72S149 
Dunbar, A., et al, ; 50H79 
Dunbar, David A.; 47H43 
Dunbar, Thomas L, ; 70SS2 
Dunbar, William; 64S145 
Dunchlee, Horace L.; 69H4S4 
Dunham, E.R. ; 56SI96 
Dunlap, Jerusha; 69H324 
Dunlap, Robert G. ; 69H46 
Dunstable (Town of): 5SH31, 73S215 
Durfee Mills; 66s6l 
Durfee, Nathan; 69H34 

Duxbury (Town of); 74H110, 76S11, 76S40, 81S91, S2S22 
Duxbury and Cohasset Railroad Co.; 67S63, 6SS283, 6dH3S6, 70S50, 

7ISIO4, 73H34, 74S89, 74S96, 75S8l, 7SH257 

Report re- 77S112 


Dtixbury Branch Railroad Co. ; 47S73 

Duxbury Bridge Co.; 69S250, S2S209 

Dvixbury Railroad Co. ; 6ISI3S 

Duxbury Street Railroad; 66Sl6d 

Duxbury Wharf Co.; 71S83, 74S351 

Dwelling Houses; 7SS15S, 78S20S, 82H277, 82H326 

Dwight Manufacturing Co. ; 70S43 

Dwinnell, Benjamin D. ; 77H212 

Dwyer, Thomas - Report re- Homicide of, in a State institution for 

Mental Health; 80H120 
Dyer, Frank B. - Report re- Removal of as Justice of the Peace; 76H343 
Dyer, Samuel, et al. ; 59H101 
Djmamite - Regulation of; 77S181 


Eagle Bank (in Boston); 6OH8S I 

Eames, D.H. ; 66H38I, 67H227 | 

Earle, John Milton - Reports of, re- Indians; 61S96, 61H216, 6IH258, ,! 

62H215 J 

Earle, Andrew R. ; 70H439 ! 

Earth and Gravel; 69H208 
Easements; 67H386, 73H215, 75H199, 75H252 |i 

of Light and Air; 52S80 :i 

Reports re- 74H413 '' 

East Abington (Town of); 56S102, 77H99, 75H57 
East Abington Savings Bank; 68H129, 75S17 
East Attleborough; 34S25' 
East Boston; 75H230, 75H374, 81S212, 81S231, dlS232, 81H145, S1H356, 

82H54, 82H179, 82H199 

Branch Railroad in; 69S87 
East Boston and Niagara Timber Co. ; 34H16 
East Boston and Salem Horse Railway Co. ; 62S100 
East Boston Company; 33S48 

East Boston Dry Dock Co.; 54H45, 70S18S, 71S16S 
East Boston Ferry; 74S19, 79H291 

Report re- 79S155 
East Boston Ferry Bridge; 55H243 
East Boston Ferry Co.; 52S73, 52H191, 68H194, 69S125, 69S129, 69S139, 

East Boston Freight Railroad Co.; 62H114, 64S277, 66S225, 66S29S, 

East Boston Gas Light Co.; 67H1S2 

East Boston Improvement Co.; 60S2, 60S7, 60H27, 7OHIO6, 70H130 
East Boston Railway Co.; 73H79 

East Boston Railway Dock and Elevator Co. ; 81S193 
East Boston Savings Bank; 69S17 
East Boston Tunnel Co. ; 72S233 
East Boston Wharf Co.; 33H56, 62H197, 63SIOI 
East Boston Y.M.C.A.; 69H113 
East Bridgewater (Town of); 32H6, 57S89, 64S258, 69H293, 75H39, 75H275, 

8ISI40, 8IH365 

Report re- Election in; 32H6 
East Bridgewater Savings Bank; 7OS65 
East Cambridge; 75H15S 

East Cambridge Gas and Oil Co. ; 61H90, 62S15S 
East Cambridge Jail; 75S90 


East Cambridge Land Co.; 61S47, 6IH65, 63HI64 

East Douglas Evergreen Cemetery Co.: 5SHI52 

East Falmouth Herring River Co.; 63H70, 63HS9 

East Haven Co.; 81S194 

East Harbor Creek; 72S65, 74H192, 76H287 

East India Marine Society (Salem) - Report re- 59H276 

East Longmeadow (Town of;; 65H9^ 

East Randolph Cemetery Association; 76s60 

East Walpole Branch Railroad; 54H100, 68H23, 70S56, 71S293, 72H52 

East Weymouth Five Cent Savings Bank; 72H36, BOHI66 

East Wilton and Grot on Railroad; 453^5 

Easter, Samuel; 76H271 

Eastern Asia - Exploration of; 64HI52 

Eastern Avenue Co.; 52H9S, 52H153, 54S99, 59S125, 59H266, 6OS65, 
60SI40, 61S39, 6IHI43, 62H258, 6$S57, 65S276 
Reports re- 51S110, 52H112 

Eastern Exchange Hotel Co. ; 44S74 

Eastern Express Co. ; 64S201 

Eastern Hamden Agricultural Society; 56H179 

Eastern Junction, Bpnd Sound Pier and Point Shirley Railroad Co. ; 82S10 

Eastern Marine Railway Co. (Provincetown) ; 64H369, 69S209 

Eastern Railroad Co.; 36S54, 36S77, 37S43, 37S7S, 3^347, 3^3101, 
43S52, 43H7, 453103, 46H94, 47S83, 47H61, 4^390, 4^3115, 48H97, 
48H210, 52S126, 523135, 523143, 52H32, 52HI83, 52H2oa, 5531^5, 
56HI8I, 573120, 58H26, 58H95, 61H234, 63HIIO, 643211, 64H63, 66S142, 
66H298, 67365, 67SSO, 67SI64, 673253, 673270, 67H38S, 67H456, 68S126, 
683278, 68S306, 6aH112, 69364, 693102, 693194, 693226, 693378, 69H218, 
69H249, 69H384, 703219, 70H51, 70H71> 70H144, 71H436, 72349, 723207, ^ 
723290, 723292, 723222, 72H400, 733234, 733235, 733237, 733256, 733258, 
73H218, 73H439, 74370, 74H183, 74H349, 75H264, 75H336, 75H361, 76S9, 
76376, 763143, 763155, 763194, 763199, 76h66, 76H295, 77H385, 78H4, 
78H72, 803224, 81H205, 82H215, 82H224, 82H302 

Reports of; 38333, 3933, 40318, 41317, 42326, 43331, 44319, 45335, 
46321, 47330, 49340, 50330, 51322, 5239, 5233, 5432, 5532, 5632, 5732 
Reports re- 37396, 39H59, 43337, 46H85, 48S79, 493137, 57H197, 
64HI5I, 64H232, 66H278, 67H22, 693184, 7oSl69 

Eastern Stage Co.; 29H53 

Eastern Steamship Co.; 683290, 68H375 

Eastern Yacht Club; 71327, 71H14 

Eastham (Town of); 56S236, 67H170, 79355 
Report re- Contested Election in; 43H53 
Report re- Schools in; 46H26 

Easthampton (Town of); 62H68, 67S54, 8OH86 
Public Library; 69315 0, 713172 

Easthampton Savings Bank; 69324 

Easton, Jemima; 553157, 56H47, 56H256, 63H49, 64H128, 65H105, 66H223, 

Easton Branch Railroad Co. ; 54H34 
Reports of; 55S2, 5632, 5732 

Eaton, Osborne E.; 77H69 

Edgartown (Town of); 563217, 62S80, 633112, 673103, 68H234, 713127, 
72363, 72H86, 72H222, 72H340, 73H111, 81H91, 82H88, 82H152, 82H153 

Edgerly, A.J., et al.; 60S102 

Edgeworth Catholic Literary Association; 723213 

Edgeworth Co.; 48368, 49357 

Edmunds, Bill; 82s67 

Education; 31H4, 37344, 37H14, 58H125, 6IHI42, 68S70, 71H318, 71H264, 
Exhibits in London; 54386 


Education, cont. 

Expenses; 75H28, 76H136, 76H168, 77H114, 77H115, 77H143, 77H258, 

78H49, 78H181, 79H93, 80H32, 80H324, 81H43, 82H12 

Funds; 49H92, 50H60, 74H274, 75H196 

in Turkey; 74S108 

Institutions; 76S115 

Provision for Public; 26D31, 27H29, 28H23(report), 29S22, 29H38, 

29H59, 33H50 

Reports re- 38H64, 78H168, 78H210 

State aid to; 37H421 

Statistics re- 67H211 
Edwards, Henry A. ; 64H290, 65S128 
Edwards, John C; 69H285 
Eel Fisheries; 76H106, 77H55, 78H244, 79H95, 79H192 

in Mashpee; 75H122 

in Nantucket; 33S50 
Egg Rock and certain other places; 55H38 
Eggs; 69H517, 73H225 

Report re- Sale of; 69H517 
Egleston, N.H. - Report by, re- Forestry Convention; 82S278 
Egleston Square Methodist Church; 79S199 
Egreraont (Town of); 69S236 
Egreinont Academy - Report re- 50S85 
Ela, William H. ; 58H118 

Eldridge, John S. ; 70H49, 71S119, 71S196 
Eldridge, Joshua H. ; 76H272 
Eldridge, Kimball, etal.; 66S26 
Eldridge, Luther; 64H142 
Elections; 27H1( report-), 27H40, 29H10, 38H35, 39H22, 39H26, 41H13, 

44H23, 46H17, 52S99, 52H201, 53H89(report) , 54H27, 56S203, 56H29(rep.), 

57H95, 59S4, 59H68, 59H105, 64S114, 65S35, 67H64, 67H68, 67H174, 

74S320, 74H37, 74H338, 74H339, 74H438, 74H449, 74H453, 74H468, 

74H477, 74H478, 74H511, 74H512, 76H183, 76H185, 78S228, 78S229, 

78H251, 78H254, 78H291, 78H298, 79S56, 79S197, 79S214, 79H153, 79H205, 

79H280, 80S55, 80S73, 80S97, 80S142, 80H55, 80H66, 80H78, 80H96, 

80H156, 81S75, 81S100, 81S117, 81H275, 81H277, 81H320, 81H367, 81H432, 

Elections, Contested (Reports of) - Adams; 36H28, 36H59, 58H20, 

58H21, 67H64 

Ashfield; 50H49 

Barnstable; 40H7 

Barre; 38H8 

Bedford; 37H22 

Belchertown; 11H2, 64H17 

Bellingham; 46H15 

Berkley; 30H22, 72H13 

Blackstone; 47H29, 53H196 

Boston; 40H16, 40H18, 56H64, 56H224, 58H77, 60H25, 66H65, 66H67, 

71H136, 72S123, 74H32, 75H77, 74H20, 75H65, 76H13, 76H58, 76H144, 

79H29, 79H59, 79H66, 78H14, 77H181, 77H182 

Braintree; 40H11, 40H12 

Bristol; 73H48 

Brookfield; 43H18 

Burlington; 43H19 

Cambridge (Councillor); 68H11 

Charlemont; 76S57 

Charlestown; 44H16, 44H61 

Chatham; 42H7 

Chelmsford; 74S2 



Elections, Contested (Reports of), oont. 
Chelsea; 43H64, 70H163 
Clinton; 76H185 
Dana (Peterham); 47H62, 48H24 
Danvers; 79H21 
Dartmouth; 43H20, 43H36 
Dracut; 74S2 
Dukes; 80H41 
Dunstable; 58H31 
East Bridgewater; 32H10 
East Hampton; 43H53 
Essex; 53S132, 74H34 
Fairhaven; 43H69 
Georgetown; 51H138 
Granby; 43H90 
Hampshire; 74S5, 75H35 
Hanover; 51H57 
Haverhill; 78H92 
Hawley; 43H79 
Heath; 75H47 
Holliston; 34H51 
Holland; 38H22 
Kingston; 76H4 
Lakeville; 59H8 
Lanesboro (Cheshire); 43H55 
Lawrence; 73H10, 74S2, 72H69 
Leominster; 53H78 
List of, (1811-14); 15H15 
Lowell; 66H32, 77H52, 77H84 
Lynn; 32H10, 77H27, 75H71, 76H30 
Maiden; 33H20, 38H23 
Mansfield; 73H48 

Marblehead; 28H33, 31H15, 34H29, 65H26, 75H78 
Maynard; 72H15, 77H64 
Melrose; 56H29 
Mendon; 47H29 
Methuen; 42H14, 72H69 
Middleton; 77H33 

Middlesex; 78S57, 78S62, 80H99, 75H14, 81H150 
Milford; 51H27 
Needham; 51H115 
New Bedford; 75H46 
Newton (Councillor); 68H11 
Norfolk; 72H130, 77H9 
Northbridge; 38H14 
Norton; 73H48 
Petersham; 47H62, 48H24 
Phillipston; 31H18 
Plympton; 51H25, 51H108 
Prescott; 64H17 
Princeton; 42H5 

Publication of Reports of; 82S291, 82S292 
Reports of, in (1813); 13H12, (1814); 14H13, (1815); 15H14, 

53H83, 70H185 

Roxbury; 13H9 

Rowley; 43H8 

Salem; 65H26 

Senate; 68S146, 71S313 

Sharon; 43H88 

Sherburne; 38H11 

Shrewsbury; 32H37, 60S70 

Shutesbury; 74H39 


Elections, Contested (Reports of), cont. 
Somerset; 49H115 
Sterling; 51H56 
Sudbury; 72H15 
Tisbury; 59H1 
Topsfield; 75H38 
Upton; 40H15 
Uxbridge; 56H143 
Walpole; 66H128, 71S13 
Ware; 64H17 
Warwick; 40H14 
Webster; 40H6, 44H? 
West Cambridge; 49H25 

West Newbury; 51H61 J 

West Springfield; 32H20 I 

Westfield; 79H232 il 

Weston; 60H33 tl 

Westport; 78H37 t 

Whately; 43H67 ( 

Wilberhara; 40H13 
Williarastown; 58H36 
Winchester; 59H36 
Woburn; 35H25 

Districts; 77H156, 78S14 

Election Day; 81S143 

in Cities; 63S96, 63H119, 72S136, 72H142, 73S211, 73S218, 73S262, 

74S11, 74S43, 74S37, 74S339, 74S477, 75H268, 75H35 

in Towns; 60H112, 63H148, 67S114, 68H13, 68H18, 77H39, 77H127, 

77H244, 79H11 

Laws; 39H7(report) , 40H26(report) 

Regulation of; 26D9, 26S16(report) , 74S311, 74S320 
Electors, of the President; 28S1, 32S27, 49H50, 50S18, 50S36, 51S37, 

52S109, 59S18G, 67S155, 77H28 

Regulation of Election of; 48H20 

Report re- Choosing of; 27H32 
Electric Gas Lighting Co.; 68H263 
Electric Telegraph Co.; 49H52, 49H87 

Electric Telegraphing; 49H67, 49H87, 59H131, 59H246, 69S179, 69H413 
Elevated Railways; 81H268, 82S267, 82H87, 82H127, 82H163, 82H192, 

82H258, 82H210, 82H346 

Reports re- 79S190, 81H253 

See also- Massachusetts Elevated Railways 
Elevators; 74H508, 81H288 

Eliot City Missionary Society of Roxbury; 56H160 
Eliot, F.D., et al. - Report by, re- Fisheries; 70S169 
Eliot Fire Insurance Co.; 57S96, 67S17 
Eliot Five Cent Savings Bank; 64H15 
Elliott, Isaach; 59S67 
Elliott School; 47H144 
Ellis, Rowland; 47H36 
Ellis, Rufus, Rev.; 66S126 

Ellis, Samuel, et al. - Report re- Petition of re- Insurance; 49H85 
Ely, A.B. (Director of Western Railroad Co.); 55H306, 67H157 
Ely, Lyman A.; 78H136 
Emancipation Message; 62H164 
Embezzlement; 57H144, 77S123, 78H113, 78H238 

by Receivers; 74H75 

Punishment for; 55S152, 77H21 

See also- Administrators, Executors, Guardians, Trustees 
Emergency Fund; 58H33 


Emerson, Elvira M. ; 67H176 

Emerson, Thomas; 52H24 

Emerton, Increase N.; 62H132, 67H26, 69H47 

Emery, Henry; 71S322, 71S336 

Report re- Imprisonment of; 71S319 
Emery, Henry (of Lowell); 73H220 
Emigrant Express Co.; 64H334 

Emmigrants Industrial Savings Bank; 66S108, 66H76, 70H294, 74S88 
Emigration of Young Women - Report re- 65S156 
Emmes, Rebecca; 47H145 
Employers; 80H270, 82H169 
Employment Bureau, see- Disabled Soldiers 
Engineers and Firemen - Regulation of Salaries of; 76S151, 79S43 I" 

Enginemen - Need for more; 26H9, 26H125, 33H24, 34H28 j 

English Sparrows; 77S137 > 

Engrossed Bills and Resolves; 77H347 •( 

Report re- 59S148 ;; 

Reports re- Amendment of; 46S92, 46H43 <' 

Engrossing Clerk; 64H222 (| 

Enlistments into Armed Services - Promotion of; 63S45, 63S81, 63H144, 

Entertainment, see- Public Entertainment 
Entry, Writs of; 64S186 
Episcopal Theological School; 67S274 
Epizootic, Aptha - Report re- 71S218 
Equitable Estates; 51H41 
Equitable Life Assurance Society; 74S13 

See- Boston Equitable 
Equitable Marine Insurance Co.; 68S17 
Equitable remedies in Suits at Law; 55S70 
Equitable Safety Insurance Co.; 58H53 
Equity; 08H , 55H136, 59H248, 62H47, 65S36, 69S95, 69H58, 69H205, 

80S46, 81H198, 80H266, 80H437 

Practice; 79H301 

See- Remedies in Equity 
Erie Market; 30S67 

Erosion in Rivers and Canals - Report re- 78S11 
Erving (Town of); 55H157, 60S10 

Report re- Schools; 46H26 
Essex (County of); 48H181, 69H333, 70H393, 72S95, 72S201, 78S58, 79H160 

Commissioners of; 56H247, 56H261, 61H151, 65H152, 68H365(report), 

69S221, 69S323, 70S278, 73S185, 74S180, 76H234, 81H87, 82H216, 82H278, 


Courts in; 48H129, 49S44, 53H178, 54H122(report) , 55S167, 60S56, 

61S116, 68S43, 68H38, 70H384, 74S107, 74H322, 77H303, 77H328, 79S185, 

Essex (Town of); 48S80. 60H216, 70H51, 74H348, 79H175, 80S33, 82H100 
Essex Bank (of Haverhill); 61H24 
Essex Branch Railroad Co.; 69H210, 71H434 
Essex Bridge; 48S36, 48H168, 57S115, 58H141, 59S14, 59S70, 59H82, 

60H103, 60H139, 67S151 

Report of Agent of; 62H17, 64H14 

Report on Condition of; 65H139 
Essex Bridge Fund; 69H124 
Essex Co.; 45S80, 46S53, 57S115, 57S174 

Report re- Capital of; 48H87 
Essex Company Dam; 56S227 
Essex County House of Correction; 46S67 
Essex County Teachers' Association; 39H53 


Essex Institute; 48S11, 57S20, 70H43, 82H78, 82S30, 82S37 

Essex Mechanics Association; 73H300 

Essex Merrimac Bridge; 82H117, 82H186 

Essex Railroad Co.; 46S32, 47H172, 48H175, 49S13, 49S20, 51H96, 

63H110, 64H51 

Reports of; 47S30, 49S40, 50S30, 51S22, 52S9, 53S3, 54S2, 55S2, 

56S2, 57S2 
Essex River; 52S139 
Essex Savings Bank; 68H189 
Essex Turnpike; 32H28 

Reports re- 31H59, 31H66 
Essex Turnpike Corp.; 29H48 
Estates; 75H225, 75H312, 75H341 

Administration of; 74H102 

Appraisal of; 61S40, 61S119 

Redemption of; 82H211 

Sale of; 68S267; 71S305, 71H244, 79H145 

Transfer of; 28H7, 30H17 

See also- Deceased persons, Insolvent Debtors, Real Estate 
Etna Mills; 64325 
European and North American Railway; 51H197, 52H158, 52S123, 52H158, 

65H7, 65H208, 65H281, 65H275, 65H303, 6639, 663227, 66S256, 66S267, 

663514, 66H423, 66H434 
European Wharf Co.; 58S23 

Eustis, William (Ex-Governor) - Report re- Portrait of; 743337 
Evangelical Baptist Benevolent and Missionary Society; 573164, 78H70 
Evangelical Lutheran Church for Works of Mercy; 71396 
Evangelical Lutheran Trinity Church in Boston; 81S2 69 
Evangelical Society of Leominster; 74353 
Evans, Benjamin; 72345 
Evans, Elizabeth; 673285 

Evening Schools; 69S289, 71H23, 71H26, 71H44 
Everett (Town of); 69H166, 70H85, 70H329, 713174, 71H59, 72358, 

73H68, 73H77, 743256, 75H239, 76H295, 78H48, 79H157 
Everett and Chelsea Street Railway Co.; 713111 
Everett, Edward (Governor, 1836-1840) - Addresses of; 36H6, 3731, 

38H3, 3931 

Death of; 65311, 65S119, 653144, 653257 

on Death of John W. Adams; 483- 

on Organization of State Government; 36D- 

Remonstrance of; 633151 
Everett Fire Insurance Co.; 67347 
Everett Hall Association; 65H187 
Everett Insurance Co.; 683125, 69H26 
Everett Mills; 6035 
Everett, Otis, et al.; 68S255 

Evidence in Court; 35DX- , 52386, 67H265, 67H309, 70H382, 76H15 
Exceptions - Definition of; 82H308 
Exchange - Bills of; 59H111, 59H177, 63S143 

Regulation of Places of; 37370, 37373 
Exchange Insurance Co. of Lynn; 70383, 71H30, 71H376 
Exchange Mutual Insurance Co.; 57369 

Excise Tax, see- Insurance Companies, Taxes and Taxation 
Execution; 50377, 57H180, 58H99, 59H10, 59H140, 763190, 82H356, 82H365 

Interest on; 47336 

of Companies; 35367, 523118, 523134 

of Persons; 793238 

of Personal Property; 55H180 

Recording of; 48394 

Stay of; 563144 


Executive Chambers - Furnishing of; 75H223 

Executive Council; 82H350 

Executive Department; 57S206, 58S14, 59S79, 65S263, 65H299 

Compensation of; 54H103, 55H235, 56H105, 56H227, 56H288, 58H111, 

64H324, 71H431, 76S146, 77H73, 79S9, 80S254, 81S163 

Expenses of; 44S11, 44S18, 57H73, 59S30, 70H312, 79S173 

Reports re- 50S100 
Executors - Administrators and Trustees; 30H64, 57H33, 57H75, 57H86, 

61H200, 61H208, 63H219, 65H17, 65H201, 73H257, 74H292, 74H347, 74H469, 

77H21, 77S123, 77H47, 77H224, 78S80, 78S164, 78S169, 78H101, 78H176, 

78H241, 79S216, 79H41, 79H178, 81S32, 81S270, 81H148, 81H216, 82S192 

Appointment of; 55S95, 71H371, 71H460 

Bonds; 55S28, 58H115 f 

Foreign; 64S101, 80S35, 80H203, 80H246 |1 

Oaths of; 70H160, 70H161, 70H244 ! 

Sales by; 42S18, 49H61, 69H399, 69H406, 70S156, 70S201, 74H214 ;! 

Reports re- 78S248 ft 

Suits against; 55H203, 56H188, 57S24, 57H133, 81H148 

See also- Administrators, Embezzelement, Guardians, Wards V 

Exeter and Salisbury Railroad Co.; 69S369, 70H112, 73H164, 74H179 
Expenses; 54H139, 62H119, 63S113 

Reduction of; 30H71 

Report re- Government; 2($)- 
Experimental Railroad; 52S122 
Expert Opinion - Testimony; 74S160, 74H312 
Explosives - Manufacture of; 76S209, 76H241, 76H336, 76H359, 76H367, 

77S181(report), 77H179 

Regulation of; 47S17, 47H71, 78S7, 81H240 

See also- Dynamite, Gunpowder 
Exports - Regulation and Inspection of; 30H30 
Expositions, see- New York, Paris and Philadelphia 
Express Companies; 64S137 
Eye and Ear Infirmary, see- Massachusetts Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary 

Fact - Trial of; 63S114, 63S124, 64S69 

Factories - Inspection of; 76S162, 76S163, 77Sll(report) , 77S192, 
77H193, 77H337, 77H355, 80S166, 80S171, 81H276, 81H286, 82H8, 82H135 
Safety in; 82S100, 82H167, 82H266, 82H317 
See also- Manufacturing Establishments and Public Buildings 

Factory Inspectors; 76H157, 76H237 

Fairbanks, David - Report re- 46S63 

Fairbanks, Drury, etal.; 52H110, 52H126 

Fairbanks, George; 56H286 

Fairhaven (Town of); 66H233, 69S155, 71H109 
Report re- Contested Election in; 43H69 

Fairhaven Branch Railroad Co.; 49S98, 54S58, 61S73 
Reports of; 54S2, 55S2, 56S2, 57S2 

Fairhaven Institution for Savings; 61H92 

Fairhaven Mutual Marine Insurance Co.; 55S71 

Fall River (Town of); 47H44, 48H82, 48H136, 52H240, 52H90, 54S136 

Fall River (City of); 54H87, 55H278, 57H119, 58H112, 60H91, 62S33, 
62H29, 62H86, 62H113, 62H226, 62H242, 63H185, 67S37, 67S83, 67S121, 
69H258, 71H31, 71H117, 71H139, 71H356, 72H85, 72H127, 72H234, 73S133, 
73S141, 73S239, 73S254, 73H101, 73H145, 73H308, 73H377, 73H436, 
74S97, 74S233, 75S172, 75H69, 75H297, 76H218, 76H231, 76H358, 76H362, 
77333, 77S58, 77H184, 78S121, 78H137, 78H221, 80H286, 81S64, 82S49, 

Fall River Brahch Railroad Co.; 44S43, 46S21 


Fall River Cooperative Mills; 67H269 

Fall River Indians; 4SH12A. 

Fall River Insurance Brigade; 79H191 

Fall River Loan and Trust Co.; 70S230 

Fall River Manufacturing Fire Insurance Co. ; 70H26 

Fall River Manufacturer's Mutual Insurance Co.; 75H43 

Fall River Mill Road and Ferry Co. ; 35S34 

Fall River Mill Road, Railroad and Ferry Co. - Reports of; 36s6l, 37S43 . 

Fall River Mutual Fire Insurance Co. ; 61H79 

Fall River Operations - Report re- Judiciary and; 81H42S 

Fall River Orphan Asylum; 69S374, 73S62 

Fall River Print Works; 4^377 

Fall River Police Court; 68H303 

Fall River Railroad Co.; 47H1, 49H30, 76H242, 76H222, S2S44 

Report re- Stock of; 49H75 

Reports of; 47S30, 49S40, 50S30, 51S22, 52S9, 53S3, 54S2 
Fall River Savings Bank; 68S24 
Fall River Steamship Co. ; 66H173 
Fall River Street Railway Co.; 73S86, 79S115 
Fall River, Warren and Providence Railroad; 57S52, 6OHI96, 61S154, 

63S4, 64H336, 65S40, 73S140, 79H250 
Fall River Whaling Co. ; 36S72 

Fall River Workingmen*s Building Association: 72H179 
Falmouth (Town of); 47S45, 5SHI69, 62S12, 67H3S5, 71H452, 74H151, 

77H1S5, 8OSIO7, 8OSI33 
Falmouth Heights Land and Wharf Co. ; 71S210, 72H47 
False Pretenses; 43S23 

Obtaining Property by; 42S35, 53H15, 54S13, 54H11, 56H266, 57S6S 
False Publications: 7SS233 
Falvey, Andrew; 6SS90 
Faneuil Hall Bank; 57S204, 64S32 
Faneuil Hall Insurance Co. ; 71S49, 79H113 
Faneuil Hall Market; 59H171, 60Hl3l 
Fares - Evasion of; 81H311 

See also- Railroad Fares 
Farmer and Gardner Manufacturing Co. ; 81H54 
Farmers and Mechanics Bank; 39S60 
Farmers Bank at Belchertown - Report re- 29S7 
Farmers' Clubs; 59S122, 77SS4 
Farm Pond Fishing Co. (Edgartown); 56H221 
Farmington River Water Power Co.; 67S107 
Farr Alpaca Co. ; 77H72 
Farran, John; 74S252, 74H303 
Farrell, Mary; 69H476 

Farwell, S.P. - Report re- Petition of re- Bridges to West Boston; 
Father Matthew Catholic Temperance Benefit Society (Lawrence); 74S99 
Father Matthew Mutual Benevolent Catholic Total Abstinence Society; 


in Chariest own; 63HI23 

in Lowell; 74H128 

in Worcester; 63HI24 
Faulkner, David S. ; 69H186 
Faulkner, Mary L. ; 4SHI88 
Faunce , Sewall A. ; 69H127 
Fay, Catherine S. ; 72H156 

Federal Government - Report of Committee on Relations with; 55H289 
Federal Street Bridge; 69S200 
Fees; 62S163, 65S229, 68S55, 69S127, 76HB, 82H367 

for State Services; 59S113, 62s67, 63H285, 65S211, 65HIOO, 65H307, 

66H312, 69H309 



Fees, cont. 

in Courts; 4SHIS4, 55H135, 563246, 62S77, 69H93, 76h8 

Officers for; 61H149, 63S193, 64326?, 64H317, 69H23, 69H477, 

76H162, 7S3176, 7S3249 
Felony - Definition of; 52320, 52H52, 56363 
Fellows Athenaeiim (Roxbury); o6H43 
Female Bethel 3ociety of Newbur3rport ; 67H267 
Female Convicts; 5oH2S, 5SH25, 74H300, 74H330, 74H340, 81H292 

Report re- 543154 
Female Education Society - Report of; 51370 

Female Medical Education Society; 54H196(report ) , 55592, 563113, 56HI64 
Female Medical College; 52S105 
Female Minors; 69H367 
Female Physicians; 74H167 
Female Pupils - Whipping of; 6SS322 
Female Suffrage, see- Women's Suffrage 
Female Voters - Returns of; S1H369 
Fence Viewers; 62H107, 63HI4I, 63H155, 63H230, 64H221, 64H306, 64H372, 

70H461, 723102, 743258 
Fences - Reports re- Laws on; 3SH41, 55H154 
Fenwick, Benedict - Petition of, re- Convent in Charlestown; 35H5, 

Fernald, N.C.; 74H197 
Ferries; 74H353 

in Boston Harbor; 33H43 

Report re- 33H42 
Fertilizers; 69S59, 69S65, 733199, 73H196, 73H332, 74H245 

Report re- Manufacture of; 64SI24 
Fibrilia Felting Co.; 63H294 
Fictitious Names; 49351, 49H28, 633109 
Fidelity Assurance Co.; 75H192, 75H216, 75H276, 76hS3, 77H26S, 

77H321, 7^3109, 793257, 31350 
Field, Alfred R, - Report re- Hoosac Tunnel; 69H192 
Field Drivers; 63H243 
Field Officers of the Militia; 16h25 
Fieldbrook (Town of); 4SH19 
Fifth Light Battery; 73H426 

Fighting of Birds and Animals; 59S45, 69H470, 69H509, 76342 
Filing of Affidavits, see- Affidavits 
Final Judgements in Civil Actions; 75H49 
Finance; 76H54 

of the Commonwealth; 36H51, 41H3, 42H46, 53H3, 65H20, 68H363 

Regulation of; 5SH177, 59H44, 59H270, 62S34, 62H44 

Reports of, of Massachusetts; 29H2, 32H14, 34H35, 4IH63, 41H74, 

42H16, 43H92, 43H27, 43H66, 45H15, 46e31, 473110. 47H199, 4^320, 

43H218, 5OH6O, 52H193, 52H245, 53H133, 54H142, 62H3S, 62H272, 65H300, 

66S2S7, 67H7 

Report re- Taxation and; 67H7 

See also- Treasury 
Fines, Forfeitures and Costs; 6lS36 

in Criminal Cases; 57H32, 53H106 
Finney, William - Report re- Claims of; 52H121 
Fire Alarms; 6933^0 
Fire Commissioners; 70H415 
Fire Crackers - Sale of; 67HI3O 
Fire Departments; 44H57, 50H22, 55H146, 53H126, 59H61, 69H74, 

76H96, 77H11 

Regulation of; 39H69 


Fire Districts: 45S20, 45S27, 64S157, 6SS336, 69H463, 71H36, 7IHI3S, 

72H362, 74H165, 75H72, 76S97, 76SI25 
Fire Engineers; 45H51 
Fire Engines; 74H4S 

Fire Engine Companies, Volunteer; 55S54 
Fire Escapes; 73H411, S2H167, S2H266, 82H317 
Fire Inquests; 73H295, 77H44 
Fire Insurance, see- Insurance, Mutual Insurance 
Fire Insurance Companies; 5SSSI, 5^H43, 63SI27, 63H303, 64H283, 74H42 

in other states; 7^S26 
Fire Insurance Districts; 81H201 
Fire Insurance Policies; 61S142, 66H1S3, SOH265, aiS13S, S1S145, 

31S168, 8ISI74 
Fire Marine Insurance Co, ; 7^H64 
Fire Patrols; 76S133 
Fire-Proof Buildings; 73S104 

Fire-proof Storage - for records of the Commonwealth; 30S24 
Fire Risks; 72HX22 
Fire Returns; 73H173 
Fire Wards; 71H17 
Firearms; 81S37 
Fireman's Insurance Co.; 66H17 

Fire-Marine Insurance Companies; 74H164, 74H270, 75H177, 77H57 
Fires; 70H270, 74H259, 74H307 

Accidental; 70H203 

Inquest into; 73S136 

Prevention of; 72H227 
First Church in Boston; 29H46, 66S126 

First National Fire Insurance Co. of Worcester; 6dH195, 69H219 
First Presbyterian Church in Boston; 71S53 
First Universalist Society in Boston; 643257 
Fish; 75H2SO, 76H120, 76H126, 77S136, 8OS6S, SOSSO, SOSIOO, S0S192, 


Cultivation of; 69S91, 69S149, 69S192, 69S2/j.8, 69S352, 69H197, 

69H339, 69H39S, 69H420, 70S305, 70H321, 71S236, 72S259, 73H230, 

74S39, 74S57, 74S122, 74S140, 77S139, 7SS17S 

Inspection of; 65S204, 75H206, 79S87, 79H1S5 

Propagation of; 57S193 

Protection of; 30S22, 66S102, 66S11, 66H171, 66Hlg3, 66H215, 79H219 
Fish Weirs; 55Ha7, 56S49, 77H220 
Fish, William R. : 77H204 
Fisher, Charles (of Westport); 7SH379 
Fisher, Edward; 76H277 
Fisher, Mary; 77H71 
Fisheries: 55H259, 55H270, 56Ha4, 57S56, 59H135, 64H350, 66H344, 

66H80, 67S275, 67H112, 70S204, 70S240, 71H106, 76H74, 79H69, 80H154 

Inland; 72H325, 73H15S, 73H230, 76H126, 76HI66, 76H204, 8IS46 

Regiaation of; 55H200, 55H239 

Reports of Commissioners of; 67H3, 6aH60, 69S3, 70S12, 71S11, 72S3, 

73Sa, 74S49, 75S26, 76S24, 77S8 

Reports re- 7OHI69 

See also- Taunton River, Coles River, Connecticut River, Merrimac River 
Fishermen; 70H72 
Fishery - Rights of; 60H62 

Fishing in Rivers, see- individual River listing 
Fishways ; 73S115 
Fish, George; 53S64 
Fitchburg (Town of); 65SI6I, 69S131, 69H77, 69H172, 69H46S, 7OHI3S, 

71H90, 7IHI29, 71H240 


Fitchburg (City of); 72S43, 72S71, 72326?, 73S41, 73S54, 73S66, 
75H294, 7SH143 
Jail; 77H212, 77H213 
Police Court; 68H77, 74H66 

Fitchburg and Worcester Railroad; 46S96, 47H91, 4SH29, 49S15, 51S27, 
53H24, 64S19, 69S32, 69S109, 69H356 
Reports of; 49S40, 50S30, 51S22, 52S9, 53S3, 54S2, 55S2, 56S2, 57S2 

Fitchburg Bank; 4oS5S 

Fitchburg Gas Co. ; 56SIS4 

Fitchburg Hotel Co.; 49H79, 72H207 

Fitchburg Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 69HI4S, 72H39 

Fitchburg Savings Bank; 70S157 

Fitchburg Railroad Co.; 42S6l, 45H49, 45H61, 46S21, 55SS2, 55SS3, l! 
56SI76, 56206, 56H2S1, 5^366, 62H29, 653134, 663177, 663244, 673175, '^ 
67H65, 67H33S, 67H456, 6^3103, 6^323^, 6SH347, 693117, 693194, 693290, ,, 
69H2a2, 703202, 703294, 723^4, 723101, 73H13, 73H27, 73H400, 73H410, ;!' 
73H416, 74S350, 743360, 76H149, 76H223, 79H262, 80350, 80379, 80H153, I'i 
813155, 8IHIO2, 81H205 )] 

Reports of; 43S31, 44319, 45S35, 46321, 47330, 49340, 50330, 51S22, ! 
5239, 5333, 5432, 5532, 5632, 5732 f 

Reports re- 47360 

Fitchburg Real Estate and Building Association; 723161 

Fitchburg Street Railway Co.; 73H162, 743215 f 

Fitchburg Village Baptist Society; 69388 j 

Fitz, Abel, et al.; 49S142 

Fitzpatrick, John et al. - Reports re- 49H130, 66H248 

Five Twenty War Loan Bonds, see- War Loan Bonds 

Flammable papers and fabrics - Sale of; 80H351, 8OH36O j; 

Flanders, Alvan; 52H6 j; 

Flanders, Richard; 44388 f 

Flatley, Thomas; 81H407 

Flats - Buildings on; 67H279, 68H367 

Division of; 64H385, 67H278, 70H433, 71H435, 72H119, 78H106 

in Boston Harbor; 71H310, 71H312, 71H328, 71H412, 71H415 

in South Bay; 74H403 

of the Commonwealth; 35324, 45H58, 59H222, 61348, 673229, 67H465, 68S5, 

69H464, 69H479, 713100, 72H307, 72H360, 72H307, 73H322, 74H5, 74H335, 

74H484, 75H100, 75H365, 75H379, 75H388, 76H285, 77316, 79S145, 803177, 

803231, 80S238, 82H105 

Reports re- 68H76. 70H240 

Flax Culture; 513106 

Flax Pond Fishing Co. (in Dennis); 52346 

Fletcher, Samuel J. ; 63S87 

Fletcher, T.J.; 57H68, 57H174 

Floating Boat House on Charles River; 713153 

Floating Schools for Seamen; 543149 

Florence (Town of); 73324 

Florence Sewing Machine Co. ; 69H134 

Florida (Town of); 4^H157, 81H291, 81H321 

Florida Bridge; 703189, 71H348 

Flour; 46H78, 46H88 

Flowage of Land; 74S82 

for Agricultural Purposes: 66H250, 69H277 

Flye, Isaac; 683143, 69H128 

Fogerty Rifle Co. ; 09H240 

Foley, John J.; 63HI5I 

Follansbee, A. 3. (Captain); 623181, 62H219 

Follansbee, F.F. ; 76H274 

Folsom, Charles F. (M.D. ); 81H408 

Reports of - on Death and Disease; 77S75 


Folsom, Charles F. , M.D. - Reports of, cont, 

on Disposal of Sewage; 76S100 

on Meat and Public Health; 75S100 

on Mental Health; 77S25 

on Sanitation; 75S100 

on Surface Drainage; 76S100 
Food and Drugs; 72S40, 72H321, 82S280, 82H301, 82H331, 82H341 
Footways; 74S235, 74H382 
Forbes, Charles E. - Will of; 81S227 
Forbes, John M. ; 47H20 
Forbes Library in Northampton; 81S226 i 

Forcible Entry and Detainer; 4^338, 66s63, 72H371 

Ford, Eliot W. - Marriage of; 71S311 C 

Ford, John; 82S131 f 

Ford, Thomas - Marriage of: 70H479 

Foreign Bank Agencies; 3oS79 [! 

Foreign Coal; 70H30 ;' 

Foreign Corporations; 66S251 }' 

Report re- 66S292 ll' 

Foreign Cemeteries; 75H198, 75H238 ]' 

Foreign Express Companies; 71H453 ij' 

Foreign Insurance Co.; 26H43, 48S10, 51H75, 51H183, 52H12, 58H71, \ 

6OSI32, 63H234, 77S52, 78H63, 78H161, 79S122, 79S266, 82H248 \ 

Reports re- 47S105, 53S17, 82H279 
Foreign Paupers; 30H44, 36H30, 41S43, 49S32, 52S14, 52S127, 52S25 

Reports re- 35H60, 36H66, 55H123, 56H4I 
Foreign Pickled Fish; 50S70 
Foreign Ships; 81H104 
Foreign Slave Trade; 42S63 

Foreign Trade; 81S267, 81H210, 81H384, 81H388 
Forest Fires; 82H227 

Forest Hills Cemetery; $5H160, 68S53, 69S186 j 

Forest River Railroad Co. ; 71H271 
Forest Trees - Cultivation of; 68SI69 

Preservation of; 75H266 

Protection of; 82H235 
Forests - Preservation of; 82S145, 82S163, 82H227, 82H235, 82H333, 

Forfeitures; 55H17 
Forgery; 14D- , 33S24, 74H82 
Fornication; 82H27 
Fort Hill Corporation; $4H41, 54H67, 54H130, 55S197, 57S79, 62H13, 


Report re- 54S141 
Fort Kent (Maine) - Reports re- Occupation of; 44S21, 46S39, 46S102 
Fort Point Channel (Boston Harbor); 66SI86, 68S162, 73S1$9 
Fort Washington; 58S40 

Fossils in New England - Report re- 64H2$ 
Foster, Dara S. ; 68H209 
Foster, Dwight; 77S80 
Foster's Wharf Co.; 75H271, 75H313 
Foundling Hospital; 68S294 

Fourth Universalist Meeting House (Boston); 76S35, 76S41 
Fowle, John C. - Insolvency of; 44H62 
Fowles, M.F. ; 64S4 
Fowler, Susan; 65S25 
Fowl - for Game; 27H4 

Protection of; 8IH241, 81H341 
Fox, J.; 82H352 


Foxborough (Town of); 69H34d, 79S62, 79H257 

Report re- Schools in; 46H26 
Foxborough Branch Railroad; 62H285, 64313^, 65SS2, 66H10, 67H116, 

Foxes - Destruction of; 35H31 
Frail; 47H65 
Framingham (Tovm of); 52H63, 69H423, 75H209, 75H232, 79S60, 793^0, 

79S151, 793168, 793176, 8131^9 
Framingham Bank; 48357, 70H6o 
Framingham and Lowell Railroad Co.; 70376, 703185, 71318, 71345, 

723208, 73359, 77H226, 77H308, 7SH172, 813182 
Framingham Branch Railroad; 4o3110, 4oH45 

Reports of; 49340, 50330, 51322, 5239 H 

Framingham Hotel Co. ; 56H8I k 

France - Revolution in; k^UlL7 r 

Franchises - Railroad; 523118, 523134 •! 

Francis, Charles F. - Report re- Petition of, to Organize an Infantry Co.; ;i: 

77H191 i'' 

Francis, Eben; 56SIIO |' 

Francis, 3arah; 67H337 
Francis, Solomon, et al. - Report re- Petition of to build schoolhouses 

for Indians; 29H47 
Franconia Iron and Steel Co.; 67H284, 70H91 
Franking Privilege; 563223 

Extension of; 38H49 

Report re- 49H45 
Franklin (Town of); 68S256, 69S34S, 71356 
Franklin (County); 26H37, 59H124, 60346, 60S51, 60366, 743240, 76HIIO, 


Commissioners of; 54H78, 69H396, 72H76, 743269, 773140, 773196, 

78351, 79S223 

Courts in; 67H308, 743221, 74H258, 803101, 823270 
Franklin Bank - Reports on Affairs of; 3S325, 38344 
Franklin Bay Protective Life Insurance Co.; 6lH72, 6IH235 
Franklin Cemetery Association; 6OHIO8, 64382 
Franklin Health Insurance Co, ; 51H4 
Franklin Library Association; 723103 
Franklin Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 63H21 
Franklin Mutual Loan Fund Association; 53332 
Franklin Railroad Co.; 29H35, 3034 
Franklin Savings Bank; 6OH6O, 61335, 70H101 
Franklin Savings Bank (of Boston); 75S51 

Franklin Senatorial District - Report re- Contested Election; 66SI66 
Franklin Telegraph Co.; 65H155, 67H251, 69S195 
Fraud; 35S6l, 41H52, 53375, 563248 

in Arrests; 523100, 55S17 

in Conveyances; 62H361, 753181 

in Divorce; 74312 

in Sales; 58369 

Prevention of; 34355, 50331, 77H238, 79H141 

Punishment for; I4D- , 41H53, 55H155, 56H40, 56HI25, 633178, 63H190, 

63H195, 63H308 
Frasar, A. A.; 66H401 
Frederickton Steamboat Co.; 80H26 
Free Bridge (Boston); 30328 

See- Boston Free Bridge Corp, 
Free Dispensary; 73326 

Free Passage on Railroads; 71H4, 71H51, 71H66 
Freedom; 59H173, 59H220, 59H256 

of Speech; 61H192 


Freedmen; 66S171, 66HIOS, 66HII6 

Freeman, Nathaniel; 69H484, 74S158 

Freeman, Priscilla; 67S49, 72H247, 74S359, 75H32S, 81H220, aiH324, 

81H371, S2S269, 82H298, d2H32a 

Report re- Land rights of j 82H5 
Freeman, Richard R. ; 70H134 
Freeman, W.W. ; 77S153 
Freeman, William; 82H64 
Freemasonry; 34H7, 34H55, 34H173, 35H2, 59H92^ 66Hiai, 75H130^ 

Scottish Rite of; 72H263 
Freemasons' Hall Association (Haverhill); 66H243, 73H87 
Freemont (Town of); 55H248 
Freestone - Inspection of; 62H102 . 

Freetovm (Town of); 61H210 l; 

Freetown Light Infantry; 62H331 

Freewill Baptist Society; 56H204 :!j 

Freight Draw-Bars; 8OSI5O 

Freight, Railroad, see- Railroad Freight if 

French and Indian War - Muster rolls of; 72S302 
French and National Union (Lawrence); 74S110 
French, B.U, - Report re- Boston Harbor. Flats; 46S59 
French, Caleb; 63S142 
French-Canadians ; S1H442 
French Claims - Reports re- 41S12, 70H15 

French Depredations on American Commerce - Report re- 43Hd4 
French Spoliation; 52H189, 55H292, 56S90 
Friend, Joseph & Co. ; 56H217 
Friend, William H. ; 64H22 
Friends, Society of; 63H137, S1H12 
Friendship Lodge in Cambridge; 68H67 
Frohsinn Singing Society (North Attleboro); 74H76 
Frost, Benjamin D. - Report of, on Hoosac tunnel; 69H192 
Frost, William I.; 75H119 
Frothingham, E.G.; 77H90 

Fruit and Vegetables - Measurement of; 5^H79 
Fugitive Slaves; 51S99, 55H117 
Fugitives from Justice; 34S54, 34S63, 57H165 

Reports re- 40H54, 42S63 
Fuller, Daniel; 72H74 

Fulton Bank - Report re- Charter of; 3^SBB 
Funds of the Commonwealth; 5SHSg, 59H242 

Debt ; 42H16 

Regulation of; S2H159 

Reports re- 57H1S3, 63S43 

See- War funds 
Fusilier Veteran Corporation; 7SH206 
Future Laws; 4IHS3 

Gage, Thomas (Governor) - Portrait of; 62S11S 
Galbraith, William A. ; 82H332 
Gale, Jot ham - Report on; 4^H122 
Gallop's Island; 67H447 

See United States 
Game; 77H105, 77H155, 77H259, aiH4lS, S1H434 

Protection of; 7SS151, 79H219, 79S72, 79S123, 79S157 


Gambling; 41S6, 57S133, 67S2SO, 67S231, 67H377 

Houses; 4SSI3S, 73H201 

in Public Places; 69H46I 

Prevention of; 30S15, 34H6S, 51S103, 69H383 
Gannett, Ezra - Election Sermon by; 42H- 
Garden Homesteads; 70H311 

for Workers; 70H311 
Gardens - Protection of; 55H303 
Gardner (Tovm of); 55H47, 71S253 

Gardner, Edward M. (Judge) - Widow of; 72S252, 72H243 
Gardner, Henry; 7IHI85 

Reports re- 35S12, 49S140 
Gardner, Henry J. (Governor, 1855-1^5^) - Address of; 55S3, 55H1, 

56S3, 57S3, 57S12 C 

Gardner, James; 32H10 "• 

Gardner Savings Bank; 68H316 ,. 

Gardner, Uriah; 55H47 ?' 

Gardner Water Co. ; 82H197 ^'i 

Gas - Companies; 54S44, 55S19, 55H104, 55H168, 6OHI25, 60H132, 69S387, 

69H78, 69H372, 69H421, 70S258, 73H37, 73H397, 79S146, 79S160 

Inspector of; 69H372, 70H40, 76H48 

Manufacture of; 65SI78 

Meters; 59H275, 6IHI60, 61H172, 6IHI8I, 61S145, 6ISI46, 61S147, 

64H376, 74H261, 8ISI83 

Reports of Inspectors of; 67H469, 68S32, 71H34, 73H41, 74H33i 

75H36, 76H48, 77H35, 78H27, 78H302, 80H4^, 81H23, a2H36 

Report re- 69H368 
Gas Light Co. (Roxbury); 52H180 
Gaston, William; 
Gaul, Lewis; 77H197 
Gay, Ebeneger; 51H45 
Gay Head (Indian District of); 56H2, 56H255, 64HI3I, 66H305 

Reports of Overseers of the Poor of; 51H37, 51H78 

Report re- Boundaries of; 56H48 

Report re- Indian Lands at; 66H219 
Gay Head (Town of); 70S94, 70S262, 70S316, 70H287, 70H329, 70H462, 

7IH324, 73S137, 73H242 

Report re- Incorporation of; 70H231 
Gay Head Indians; 5OS86, 56HI48, 56H254, 62H152, 63H99, 64HI25, 64H162, 

64H166, 65HI73, 66S106, 67HI36, 68H377, 69H483, 69H491, 79H168 

Reports re- 38H48, 70S14 
Gay Head School; 6IS96 
General and Special Laws; 71S232 
General Court; 80H261, 81H444 

Records of; 40H27, 53S98, 54H15 

Reports re- Absence from S.H. , Leave of; 58H62, 62H221 

Bribery in House; 44H24 

Bribery and Corruption of Legislature by Railroads; 69S360 

Committees, Joint Special, List of; 55S79 

Committees, Travel Expenses; 72H1, 76h6 

Durations of, 1823-43; 43H62 

Elections and Elections, Contested, see- own Heading 

Engrossed Bills and Resolves, Change in Procedure; 46S92, 46H93f 


Expenses of; 28S3, 31H3 

General Court Records; 40H27, 53S98 

General Laws, Error in; 63HI40 

general Statutes; 54S114, 55S110, 6OSI36 


General Court - Reports re- (cont.) 

Harvard College, on Powers of Legislature over; 49S158 

Harvard College, to Make Staff Eligible for Seats in; 76SI58 

Indexes and Papers of the House; 57H21 

Influencing Legislation; 76S149 

Joint Committees, of , List; 55S79 

Joint Rules and Orders; 46S40 

Journals of the House, Indexing of; 26H6 

Laws and Resolves, Printing of; 38H81 

Legislative Power \inder the Constitution; 57S95 

Legislative Processes; 37S40, 37H58 

List of Petitions to; 49H159, 72S11, 73H3, 74H3 . jj 

Massachusetts Records; 56H242 ' 

Members (1828-9); 28H unnumbered & (1830-31); 31H unniunbered C 

Mileage; 74S18, 81H262 "i 

Money Bills; 68S25, 78S168, 78S252, 78H356 

Newspapers Furnished to Legislature (1853-57); 58H28 ;ji 

On Certifying Members; 53H677 

Organization of; 44H59 , 

Printing Daily Proceedings; 67S38 :^ 

Public Dqciimnets, Printing of; 78H93 

Prorogation of; 82H267 

Records of Committees; 31S24, 45S99, 51H104 

Report on Election of Members of; 37H5 

Representation of Divided Towns; 38H76 

Representatives; 50H142, 54H56 

Representatives' Hall; 69H2, 49H117, 50H177, 65H5 

Revised Statutes; 35H3, 36S2, 3633, 35S7 

Right of Petition; 38S86 

Rules and Orders; 54H14 

Sargent-at-Arms, Salary; 76H5 

Schouler on Right of Senate to Originate Money Bills; 68S295 

Seat of Government, to Remove from Boston; 39H70, 43S68, 51S96, 


Senate; 74S2, 71S6, 48S101, 90S286 

Senate Chamber, New Seats for; 69S13 

Senate, Mileage of Members of; 71S12 

Sessions, Lengths of and Number of Acts Passed and Members' Pay(1832- 

69), also Lengths of Latest Sessions in Other States; 70H2 

Speaker, Child Report on his Conduct; 32H40 

Statement of Members' Pay (1818-38); 38H60 

Statues in Old House; 66H96 

Story, Joseph (Speaker) on Resigning; 12SH9 

To Reduce Size of; 28H40, 36H1 

To Ventilate House Chamber; 53H381, 65H5 

Travel Expenses; 76H6 
General Laws and Resolves; 63H140 

Consolidation of; 54S114, 55S10, 63H147, 65H228 

Publication of; 62H121, 63H92 

Promulgation of; 47H177, 50H122 
General Railroad Act; 79H317, 79H342, 80H130, 80H250, 81S192 
General Statutes; 32H30, 58H114, 72H6, 73H163, 73H194, 79S85, 80S64, 

81S203, 81H441 

Consolidation of; 54S114, 55S10, 80S13, 80H276 

Publication of; 64S54, 64H8, 64H90, 64H174, 67H134, 69S73, 72HX67, 

73S209, 80H181 

See- Laws, General Laws, Special Laws and Statutes 

General Theological Library; 64S81, 67S241 

Geological Report - Distribution of; 35S63 


Geological Survey of Massachusetts; 34H23, 37S9, 41H9 

Report re- 37H26, 38H52, 38H70 

Treasurer's Statement of; 39H11 
Geology of Massachusetts - Reports re- 52H94, 53H39 
George Gilbert Manufacturing Co.; 67S233 
Georgetown (Tovm of); 38S78 

Report re- Election in; 51H138 
Georgetovm and Andover Railroad Co.; 49H136 
Georgetown and Danvers Railroad Co.; 44S76 
Georgetown Baptist Society; 67S45 
Georgetown Branch Railroad Co.; 44S47 
Georgetown Building Association; 70S199, 70S224 
Georgetown Odd Fellows Building Association; 70H363 
Georgetown Savings Bank; 68S260 
Georgia (State of); 43H21 

Report re- Constitutional Change from; 33S10, 33H65 

Report re- Fugitives from; 39S7, 39S26 

Report re- Indians in; 31S12 

Report re- Judiciary of; 27S7 

Report re- Slavery in; 36S56 

Secession of; 61S28 
German Immigrants; 66S38, 75S54 
German Musical Society; 53H126 
German Rifle Association; 69H41, 69H52 

German United Evangelical Lutheran and Reformed Society; 72S20 
Gerrish, George W. ; 72S303 
Gerrish Market; 53H80 
Gerry Elbridge (Governor, 1810-1812) - Addresses of; llDl, 11D5, 12H2 

on National Press; 12H3 ij 

Gettysburg and Antietara Cemeteries; 68S94, 68S129 J 

Gettysburg Battlefield Memorial Association; 82S112 ' 

Gifts (causa mortis); 67H356 
Gilbert, Thomas; 73S250 
Gill (Town of); 71S223 
Gill, Charles L. ; 62H319 
Gilley, Mary A. ; 68S235 
Gilley, Natina S.; 74H408 
Gilmore, William P.; 76H112 

Gilt Mouldings - Manufacture of at Concord Prison; 79H277 
Girdler, John; 69H103 
Glades Association; 76S59 
Glanders; 81H318 

Glasgow Co.; 62H83, 63S3, 64H297, 66H189 
Glass Furnaces - Erection of; 46S46 
Glass, Production of; 46S46 
Globe Fire and Marine Insurance Co.; 59H85 
Globe Insurance Co.; 56S169, 56H291 
Globe Locomotive Works; 62S187 
Globe Mutual Marine Insurance Co.; 53S29 
Globe Rubber Co.; 81H17 
Gloucester (Town of); 55H30, 55H46, 58H100, 60H37, 61H34, 63S23, 

63S31, 64H167, 64H289, 64H305, 66S15, 66S28, 69H433, 70S219 

Report re- 66S148 

See- Gloucester Harbor 
Gloucester (City of); 71H439, 75H217, 73H105, 74S137, 74S135, 77H345, 

80S211, 82H241 

See- Gloucester Harbor 
Gloucester and Lanesville Railroad Co.; 67H387, 69S269, 72H50 

Gloucester Fire Insurance Co.; 69H346, 70H44 


Gloucester Harbor; 50S61, 53SL29, 65H16, 67H279, 67H359, 69S143, 

69H174, 71S60, 73S145, 73H437, 74S41, 74H367, 75S93, 76H226, 82H144, 

Gloucester Marine Fire Insurance Co.; 67S27 
Gloucester Mutual Fishing Insurance Co.; 66H16, 73H83 
Gloucester Street-Railway Co.; 81H262 
Gloucester Water Supply Co.; 81S116 
Goday, William; 56H243 
Goessraann, Charles A. (Professor) - Report by, re- Beet Sugar in 

Massachusetts; 71S75 

Report re- Commercial Fertilizer; 75S99 

Report re- Grapes; 78S100 
Gold; 67H77 

Coin; 78H11 
Gold Medal Sewing Machine Co.; 82S8 
Gooch, D.W.; 82H332 

Goodale, Ebenezer - Court-Martial of; 12D16 
Goodridge, Benjamin - Report re- 47S104 
Goodspeed, Oliver; 70H355 
Goodspeed, William C; 47H101 



Office of - Qualifications of 
37S6, 40S3, 42H2, 44H4, 51S2, 

Goodyear Patents; 

Gosnold (Town of); 

Gosnold Mill Co. ; 

Gott, Jabes R. ; 

Gould, Louisa; 70H282 

Government Securities; 61SX6 

Governor and Lieutenant Governor, 

Voters for; 79S152 

Reports on Returns of Votes for; 

52S3, 53S4, 53S23, 56S11, 66S5 

Salary of; 54H82, 64S239 

Term of Office of; 58S55 

See also- Executive Department 
Goward, Weston; 63H215 
Grace Church (Newton); 72S79 
Grafton (Town of); 50S46, 63H211, 64S43 " 

Report re- Schools in; 81H67 
Grafton and Millbury Railroad Co.; 70S226, 
Grafton Savings Bank; 69H88 
Grain; 30H46, 38H67, 41S27, 46H12, 55H77, 


See also- Corn meal and Wheat 
Grain Elevators; 74H508 
Granby (Town of); 69H385, 69H400, 70H285 

Report re- Contested Election in; 43H90 
Grand Array of the Republic; 81S96, 82H161, 82H189 
Grand Hotel Co.; 67S44 

Grand Hotel Branch Railroad Co. (Dorchester); 67S119, 67H440, 
Grand Junction Railroad and Depot Co.; 52S135, 52H249, 54S20, 

55H185, 59S140, 60H173, 



Reports of; 
Grand Junction 
Grand Lodge; 

Reports re- 
Grand Lodge of 
Grand Temple of 

50S30, 51S22, 52S9, 53S3, 54S2, 55S2, 56S2, 57S2 
Wharf and Railroad Co.; 64H377 
34S42, 34H1 

the Knights of Pythias; 74H111 

Honor and Temperance in Massachusetts; 74H124 

Grand Union Wharf and Depot Co.; 78H59 

Granite Bank in Boston; 61S19, 61S46 

Granite Bridge Co.; 37S74, 65S87, 65H59, 65H76 

Granite Mills; 63H68 

Granite Railway Co.; 46S107, 54S61, 70S325, 71H52, 71H62 


Granite Pond (Gloucester); 82H241 
Graniteville Methodist Church (Westford); 70S176 
Grant, U.S. (Lieutenant General) - Thanks to; 65S187 
Grants and Donations; 30H18 

by Legislature; 76H235 

by U.S. Congress; 63S108 

to Colleges, see- Bigelow, J. P. and Colleges 
Granville (Town of); 46H53 
Grapes - Report re- Vines; 76S100 
Grass Seed - Sale of; 57H118 
Graves, see- Sepulchres 
Graves, Samuel C; 62H219 

Graves end Branch Street Railway Co.; 68S18, 70S210, 70H159 
Gray, Francis C. - Address on the Birth of George Washington; 32S- 
Gray, Russell; 73H289 
Great Barrington (Town of); 65H237, 67S187, 67H460, 74H117, 76H202 

Petition of Inhabitants of re- Mills; 41H21 
Great Barrington Fire Insurance Co.; 51H130 
Great Barrington Savings Bank; 69H35 
Great Barrington Water Co.; 68S215, 68H370 
Great Brewster Island; 49H59 

See- Boston Harbor 
Great Bridge - over Charles River; 38S91 
Great Britain, see- United States and Great Britain 
Great Marsh Water Power and Fishing Co.; 50S47, 50H171 
Great Northern Railway Co. ; 69S365, 69S384, 69H513, 69H524 
Great Pasture Co.; 55H48, 61H80 
Great Ponds - of Dukes County; 75H207, 80S69 

of the Commonwealth; 67S229, 68H52 U 

Green Harbor Marshes (Marshfield) ; 71S240, 77S183, 78H193, 78H315, I 

80H186, ; 

Reports re- Protection of; 77S160, 78H75 | 

Green Harbor River (Marshfield); 70H53 I: 

Report re- 81H263 ' 

Green, Henry W. ; 80H315 
Green, Michael; 62H366 

Green, Richard G. - Election Sermon by; 74H- 
Green, William S.; 76S65 
Greenfield (Town of); 70S153, 71H418, 75flll5, 76S96, 77S100, 78H312, 

78H321, 78H354, 78H363, 78H368, 79S217, 79S253 
Greenfield and Fitchburg Railroad Co.; 48S131 
Greenfield and Northampton Railroad Co.; 45S13 
Greenfield and Williamstown Railroad Co.; 63H265 
Greenfield Savings Bank; 69S103 
Greenleaf and Taylor Manufacturing Co.; 70S221 
Greenleaf, William; 56H202 
Greenville Manufacturing Co.; 76H133 
Gregg, Marcia; 75H187 
Gregory, Joseph; 69H38 
Greylock Railroad Co.; 52H134 
Grocer's Bank; 48S53, 56H272 

Reports of; 56S19, 57H13 
Groton (Town of); 57S125, 58S52, 67S111, 69S37, 69H56, 73H324, 74H219 
Groton Branch Railroad Co.; 44S78 
Groton Junction Hotel Co.; 59H203 
Groton Savings Bank; 67H235, 70H405 
Grouse - Preservation of; 55H138 
Grove Hall Seminary; 72S204 

Groveland (Town of); 50H57, 56S67, 65H32, 72H163 


Groveland Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 72H163 

Groveland Savings Bank; 69H255 

Grover and Baker Sewing Machine Co.; 67S183. 71S265 

Grow, Charles E. ; 62H304 

Guarantee Assurance Co.; 82S23 

Guardian Newspaper Association; 69S299 

^""ePHiqr'fi.HpiP^AJ^^^^'.L^?^?' 57"100' 58H57, 58H102. 61H176. 62H165, 
^rSiln' nl^l^^* 63S167, 64S191, 64S285, 66S195, 66H178. 67S236. 

^^: Itini: ll^lll: ITsll: ^^^k^^^- -HI^^s^„11?: 

of Indians; 50S60 

of Minors; 35H15, 70S49, 70S60, 70S70, 78S159 

See also- Executors, Trustees, and Wards 
Guild, Benjamin; 48H58 
Gun Cotton; 47S17, 47H71 
Gun Houses; 57S17 
Gunn, William; 67S287, 68S97 
Gunpowder; 29H13, 33S38, 33H19, 41H38, 80S228, 82S197, 82S205 


S^^r^ ?S''P''^^^ 48H120, 59S128, 61S53. 61S34, 63H232, 63S146 

Hadley (Town of); 46H44, 68H66, 68H541, 74S55 

Hadley Co. ; 63S65 

Hadley Falls; 58S44 

Hadley Falls Bank; 53S86 

Hadley Falls Co.; 48H66 

Haiti, Republic of; 57S86 

Recognition of. Independence of; 61H252 
Hale, Edward £. - Election Sermoh by; 59s- 
Hale, Ebenezer and Sarah; 73S60 
Hale, Henry F. ; 73H433 
Hale, James W. ; 82S40 
Hale, Joseph W. ; 64H265 

Removal of from Office; 64H375 
Hale, Moses; 73H170 
Hale, Sarah; 48H191 
Haley, Patrick; 74S164, 74H254 
Half Mill School Fund; 72H391, 73H338. 73H345 
Half Time Schools; 71H445 

S^^.^^^^.^^°^ °^^' 46H95. 63H73. 64H106, 73H233 

Hall, Charles Winslow; 81H131 

Hall, George H. ; 75H258 

Hall, Harmon; 75H260 

Hall, James - Report re- Mill Dam Co.; 32H51 

Hall, Jesse, et al.; 45S107 

Hall of Industry in Boston; 70S274 

Halloran, Mary; 61S42 

Hallowell and Augusta Bank - Report re- Affairs of; 16D22 

Halls Lectures on School Keeping - Purchase of; 33H63 

Hamburg (Town ofJT 51H170 — 

Hamilton, B.F., Rev. - Sermon by; 773- 

Hamilton Manufacturing Co. (of Lowell); 77H29 81S38 

Hammond, A., et al.; 56H239 ' 

Hammond, Daniel - Report re- Fraudulent Sale of Land to; 42H42 

Hammond, William H. ; 74H88 'f^n^^ 

Hampden (County of); 72H248, 75H286, 82H366 

House of Correction in; 40S46, 41S21 

Commissioners of; 69S322, 70S105, 71S73, 72H135, 72H373, 73H231, 

74S130, 78H17 


Hampden (County of), cont. 

Courts in; 47H35, 65HI52, 6^H288, 72S220, 74S6a, 74S84, 74S211, 

74Hl6g. 74H169, 74H223, 74H246, 79S188, S1S210 
Hampden (Tovra of); 50S37, 7SS114, SlS3§ 
Hampden Coiinty Agricultural Society; 61H159, 65H2S5 

(East); 62H103 
Hampden Fire Insurance Co. ; 66S90 
Hampden Mills; 70S222 

Hampden Mutual Fire Insurance Co. ; 52H23 
Hampden, Northampton and Westfield Railroad Co. ; 53H135 
Hampden Railroad Co.: 52S12S 
Hampshire (County of); 6OS66, 79H164, S1S159 

Commissioners of: 67H435, 71S154, 74S347 

Courts in; 52367, 66S76, 69H263, 72S141, 72S221, 72H282, 73H379, 

74S222, 74H160, 74H459, 75H44, 82S266 

House of Correction in; 4OS46, 41S21 
Hampshire Agricultural Society; 52H54» 65S43 
Hampshire and Franklin Railroad; 45S15i 43H71 

Reports of; 47S30 
Hampshire and Hampden Canal Co.; 27H53, 27H56, 28S20, 2aH42 

Reports re- 27H45, 27H64, 27H67, 28H41 
Hampshire and Hampden Railroad Co.; 56H222, 57S165, 57S179, 59S143, 


Reports of; 54S2, $5S2, 56S2, 57S2, 623^3 
Hampshire, Franklin and Hampden Agricultural Society; 66S95, 66H155 
Hampshire Manufacturers Bank; 48S61, 69H212 
Hampshire Mining and Smelting Co.; 64SI3I, 64H256 
Hancock (Town of); 48H57, 51H155, 67H363, 71H197 
Hancock Bank; 38H85 
Hamcock, Charles L. ; 63S102 
Hancock Estate (John) - Report re- 59S28 

Purchase of (House); 59H168 
Hancock Free Bridge; 36H50, 36H6O, 37S6l, 41H79, 46H6I, 53S66, 53S69, 

54H55, 57S136, 57S175, 573181, 573184, 573186, 57H238 

Reports re- 533130 
Hancock, John - Report on Petition of; 43H58 
Hancock Mills; 63362 

Hancock Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 56S232 
Hand Organs - Playing of; 55H221 
Hanover (Town of); 78H25, 78HII5 

Report re- Election in; 51H57 
Hanover Branch Railroad; 46S52, 64S149, 663236, 67H32, 68H182 

Reports of; 47S30, 47H128, /^7H193 
Harbors - and Flats; 62H249, 63H288, 643286, 64H386 
Reports re- 63H10, 643125, 643244, 65358, 66311 
See also- Flats 

and Land, Commissioners of; 69H465, 713109, 71S127, 77H335, 79H243, 

79H285, 79H368, 81S61, 813179, 81S261, 82H223 

and Public Lands; 80H345 

and Railroad Commissioners - Report re- Terminal facilities in Boston; 


Commissioners of; 653135, 653154, 65SI67, 66HI67, 66H204, 66375, 

663110, 663179, 67H41, 67H175, 68H273, 70H55, 70H188, 7OH254, 713274, 

7IHI69, 71H355, 73S213, 743241, 74H464, 76H123, 77H95 

Reports of; 67H20, 68H10, 69H13, 69H162, 69H465, 70H6, 70H240, 
70H254, 71393, 713234, 71H53, 72H56, 73H65, 74H65, 75H61, 76H75, 

Improvement Loans for; 79H102 

Lines; 81S231, 813232, 81S243, 813257, 8I3258, 813260, 813264 
Report re- 52H246 



Harbors , cont . 

Masters; S1H37, 82H39 

of the Commonwealth; 64S139, 73S226 
Harding, William B. ; 76H313 
Hardwick (Town of); 78H87 
Hardwick Steam Mill Co.; 4SS32 
Hardy, Henry A. ; 49H57 
Hares; 74H84 
Harrington, Bowen; 52S9 
Harrington, Jerome A, ; 62H303 
Harris, Daniel L.; 59H194, 62H235 
Harris, Nathaniel; 67H280 
Harris on Insects - Distribution of; 62H42 
Harris »s"lftiarf in Boston; 71H107 
Harry's Creek; 47S41 
Hart, Michael; 82S194 

Hartford and Connecticut Valley Railroad Co.; 81S110, 82H12g, 82H201 
Hartford and Erie Railroad, see- Boston, Hartford and Erie Railroad 
Hartford and New Haven Railroad Co.; 52H72, 52H115, 68S240, 6SS339, 

68H391, 68H400, 69H160, 69H199, 72S150 

Reports of; 49S40, 50S30, 51S22, 52S9, 53S3, 54S2, 55S2, 56S2, 57S2 
Hartford and Springfield Railroad Corporation; 39S42, 47H194 

Reports of; 44S19, 45 S3 5, 46S21, 47S30 
Hartford Asylum; 64Hl6$ 

Hartford Convention - Proceedings of; 75D20 
Hartwell, Charles H. ; 77S159 
Harvard (Town of); 67H285 
Harvard Branch Railroad; 43S37, 49S101, 54S107 

Reports of; 50S30, 51S22, 52S9, 53S3, 54S2, 55S2 
Harvard Chapel; 79H12 
Harvard College; 31H12, 43S33, 51H10, 51H177, 53H94, 5^391, 59H228, 

64S261, 65S104, 71S278, 71H182, 7$H392, 76S138, 77H27a, 80H77, S0H91 

Reports re- 49H92, 5OHI64 

Charles River Bridge - Annuity for; 47S108 
Eligibility of Staff of, for Public Office; 76SI3S 
Grants to; 27H28 
Library of; 32S14, 33H54 
Memorial from; 51H10 
Power of the Legislature over; 49S15^ 
Reorganization of Overseers of; 51S102 
Separation of, from State; 54S134 

See also- Museum of Comparative Zoology 
Harvard Skating Rink Co.; 68H154 

Harvey, Catherine; 74H195 , , ^ ,^. 

Harwick,(Town of); 52H43, 6OS8O, 60S121, 6IHII, 61H19, 61H194, 62S105, 

62S106, 63H131 
Haskell, Lewis R. ; 66H72 
Haskell, Samuel, Jr.; 66H245 
Haskell, W.A. ; 75H9S 
Haskins Machine Co.; 75H240 
Haskins Pneumatic Alarm Co. ; 72S14 
Haskins Tip Top Gold Pen Manufacturing Co. ; 67S227 
Hassam, F.L. - Aid to; 64H323 
Hassannamisco Indians; 65H174 
Hastings, Caroline E. ; 63S122 
Hastings, Charles P. - Reports on Petition of to Establish a Railroad; 

47H173, 49S60 
Hatfield (Town of); 45S54, 74S5 

Hathaway, Hosea; 81H190 ^^ ,-,o«ro 

Haughton, Richard, et al. - Petition of, re- Bank Bills; 41S53 


Haupt, Herman & Co. - and Railroads; 62H235, 63S95, 663238, 66S308, 

66S309, 66H11, 67H393, 67H427, 68S3, 68S328, 68S331 

Reports re- 67H392, 68H278, 68H369 
Haven, Franklin, et al.; 63S149 
Haven, William H. ; 62S184 
Haverhill (Tovm of); 55S134, 56S190, 61H113, 6IHI83, 65H257, 65H29I, 

66H436, 67S85, 67S196, 68S217 

Report re- Valuation of; 63HI63 
Haverhill (City of); 69S138, 69S354, 69H54, 70H204, 70H398. 71H394, 

72H208, 72H216, 73S173, 73H87, 73H147, 73H156, 73H259, 73H231, 73H325, 

74H225, 77H144, 79H10, 80H119, 8IHIO6, 8IHI23, 8IHI26, 81H225, 81H295, 

81H398, 82S236, 82S246, 82H10, 82H32 ■ 'S 

Haverhill and Bradford Street Railway; 70H398 

Haverhill and Groveland Street Railway Co, ; 8iH8l jj 

Haverhill Aqueduct Co. ; 67S42 

Haverhill Bridge; 5IS65, 70H220, 71S270, 71H143, 73H281 . 

Haverhill City Five Cent Savings Bank; 70H177 ; 

Haverhill Congregational Ministerial Fund; 68H265, 66S283 ; 

Haverhill Health Insurance Co. ; 48S132 ^1 

Haverhill Library Association; 60S26 -t 

Haverhill Odd Fellows Hall Association; 68H312, 68H321, 72H161 1 

Haverhill Police Court; $4H19 
Hawkers and Peddlers; 27H3, 27H13, 30H21, 30H37, 32H17, 32H48, 34H39. 

34H69, 35H9, 35H46, 36H34, 37H34, 4IH46, 47H56, Z^7H122, 47H149, 50H62, 

53H159, 55H147, 56S200, 59S178, 62H295, 64H217, 67S41, 70S234, 70S245, 

70S261, 7OHI9I, 78SI6I 

Report re- 4oH75i 46H90 
Hawkes, E.C.; 82H3o9 

Hawkes, Elihu S.; 73H430, 74H380, 74H429 

Hawley (Town of); 43H79 f 

Hay; 78S120 

Inspection of; 47S92 

Weighing of; 27Ha 
Hayden Foundry and Machine Co. ; 75H75 
Hayden Tobacco Works; 75H217 

Haydenville Savings Bank of Williamsburg; 69H106 
Hayes, Francis B. ; 76S15 

Reports of, as Director of Boston and Albany Railroad; 76S2, 76S26, 

Hayes, George; 74H405, 74H421 
Hayes, James; 63SI58 
Hayes, Martin; 09H484 
Haymarket Square Bank; 50H98 
Haynes, Gideon; 6SH290 
Hayseu, Nathan W. ; 56S92 
Hayward, James - Reports of, re- Railways; 29S2, 30S3, 30S4 

Survey by; 28S4 
Head, S.K. ; 62H276 
Heald, William; 62H331 
Health; $0H104( report ) , 6ISI27, 74S100 (report) 

Boards of; aiHl84, 8IHI85, 81H328, 82H306 

See also- Boards of Health in Cities and towns. Manufacturing, Mental 

Health, Mercantile, Metropolitan Health District, Public Health 
Healy, Mary W. - Report re- 44H48 
Heath (Town of); 69S229 

Report re- Contested Election in; 75H47 
Hecktor, John; 63HI42, 64SI88, 65H109 
Hecktor, John, et al.; 5IHI69 
Heirs - Sales by; 60S92 


Hell Gate (New York Harbor); 73S76, 74S312 

Herrick, Moses S. ; 64SI9S 

Herring - Fisheries; 66H2ao, 66H2SS, S2H272 

Proragation of; 55H1S1 

Regulation of, Fishery; 82S167 
Herring Pond Indians; 4^321, 56H99, 57SS2 

Report re- 54S1S 
Herring Pond Plantation; 50HS5, 67H49, 67H53 

Report of Treasurer of: 53S11 
Herring River (Fairhaven); 71H109 
Herring River (Harwick); 55H190 
Herring River Co. (Harwick); 33S35 

Herschel, Clemens - Report on Erosion in Rivers; 7SS11 
Hewlett, Aron M. ; 66H356 
Heywood Chair Co. (Fitchburg); 6SH153 
Heywood Rat Ian Co. ; 69H256 

Hibernian Friendly Society of Marblehead; 70H16 
Hibernians, see- Ancient Order of Hibernians 
Hide and Leather Insurance Co. ; 67H339 
Hides and Skins; 35H66 
High Schools - Reports re- 50S51, 60S135, 64H159, 6asi2S, 68S229, 

76H22a, 79SS4 
Highland Agricultural Society; 59H164 
Highland Brewing Co.; 75S202 

Highland Congregational Society of Boston; 69S141 
Highland Horse-Railway Co.; 69H3S9 

Highland Street-Railway Co.; 72H145, 73H207, 79S120, 79S147 
Highway Robbery; 37H43, 3Sh6 

Reports re- Punishment for; 39H10, 39H27 
Highway Tax; 71S210, 71S247, 74H439, 77H24, 77H79 
Highways; 51H63, 6SS223, 71SSl, 71H238, 77S114, 79S96, 30H97 

Coasting on; 59S55 

Commissioners of; 2SH11, 28H26, 31H7, 31H24 

Construction of; 67S186 

Damages and Repairs; 35S39, 3BS72, 5IHI63, 59H63, 70H351, 74H364, 

77H310, 7^3230, 79S244, 8OSI4S, 80H121, 8OHI5O, 80H182 

Interference by Railroads; 49S136, 55S106, 74H311, 75H199, 75H252, 


Planning; 26D34, 26D35, 27S2, 27H4, 27H27, 27H62, 37S29, 49H152, 

5IHI6I, 62H235, 63H126, 63H139, 63HI67, 63H210, 68S306, 69S4^, 70H66, 

73H199, 74S13S, 7431^7, 74H299, 74H434. 75366 

Report re- Taxes for Repairs of; 39H64 

Report re- Use of; 41313 

Safety and Accidents; 56H282, 65H36, 773114, 773128, 80H204, 81354, 

81392, 813135, 8IHI5I, dlH195, S1H230 

Suits for Injuries on; 73380 

Surveys for; 59S5S, 59382, 63361, 64H224, 66SI5S 
Hill, H.B. - Report of, on Food; 72340 
Hill, James L. - Election Sermon by; 7^H- 
Hillman, Samuel (of North Adams); 77H256, 823179 
Hinckley and Williams Works (Boston); 70Hlo2, 73H4 

Hine, C.C; 72334 , .... 

Hingham (Town of); 6IHIII, 64H149, 72346, 76H175, 77370, 77H32, 80322, 

8OSI27, 82H86 
Hingham Agricultural and Horticiiltural Society; 67357, 67373 
Hingham and Cohasset Fishing Insurance Co.; 72H62 
Hingham and Cohasset Mutual Fishing Insurance Co.; 52H26 
Hingham and Quincy Bridge and Turnpike Co.; 60H93, 61H7S, 61H122, 

61H217, 62342, 62384, 62397, 62H328 

Reports re- 32H23, 6237^ 



Hingham Cemetery; 77H113 

Hingham, Hull and Dovmer-Landing Steamboat Co. ; S2S121 

Hingham Institution for Savings; 72H170 

Hingham Mutual Fire Insurance Co. ; 75H13 

Hingham Public Library; 72S92 

Hingham Water Co.; 79H173, 8IS65, aiSS4 

Hingham Wharf and Land Co.; 47S43, 49S93, 77S69 

Hinkson, C.J.; 76H192 

Hinman, Charles W. - Report re- Inspection of Gas; 76H43 

Hinsdale (Town of); S1S93 

Hinsdale Public Library Association; 66H44 

Historical Documents - Procurement of, from France; 4SS9(report) , 4Sh3 

Hitchcock, Edward D.D. - Election Sermon by; 50H- 

Hitchcock, Edward (Professor); 64H25 

Report re- Coal fields of Bristol County; 53H45 
Hitchcock Free Grammar School; 71S114 
Hix Bridge; 70H36 
Hoadley, J.C; 75S100 
Hoar, Ebeneezer; 77H214 
Hobart, Francis A.; 63H105 

Hobbs, J.W.F. - Report re- Alleged Bribery re- a Petition of; 6OHIS7 
Hobbs, William J.; 63H24 
Hodgdon, James F. ; 69H51 
Hog Island River; 80H103 
Hogle, Samuel W. ; 72S278 
Holbrook, Adin; 62H266 
Holbrook, William, Jr.; 65S65 
Holbrook (Town of); 72S57, 72S159, g2H305 

Report re- Schools in; 46H26 
Holden (Town of); 66S115 
Holden Savings Bank; 71H231 
Holidays; 56S6I 

See also- Legal Holidays, and specific days entries 
Holland (Town of) - Report on Election in; 3gH14 
Holland, Tomothy - Deeds to; 80H227 
Hollirtishead, John S.; 64H143 
Hollis Evangelical Society; 71S134 
Holliston (Town of); 59H196, 65S23, 66H329, 70H17S 

Report re- Contested Election in; 34H51 
Holliston Savings Bank; 72H67 
Holmes, Alexander; 65S39 
Holmes, John S.; 51H117 
Holmes Hole Harbor; 70H54 

See- Dukes County 
Holmes Hole Union Wharf Co.; 81H62 
Holt on, Susan W.; 74S90 
Holy Cross, College of; 65SSI 
Holyoke (Town of); 70H70, 70H47g, 71S140, 72S75 

Police Court; 56H30 

Public Library; 70S147 

Report re- 70H235 
Holyoke (City of); 73S72, 74H263, 7SSI63, SIHI4I, S2S132, 32S166 
Holyoke and Belchertown Railroad Co.; 71H367, 72SiaS 
Holyoke and Northampton Boom and Lumber Co.; 71S269, 73S113, 73S144 
Holyoke and Palmer Railroad Co. ; 69H235 
Holyoke and South Hadley Falls Bridge Co.; 65HI67, 66S56, 70S130, 

70S273, 70S302 
Holyoke and Westfield Railroad Co.; 73H19g 
Holyoke and Willimansett Bridge; 57S91 


Holyoke Mills; 60H120 

Holyoke Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 65H248, 66H42, 67H91 

Holyoke Railroad Co.; 69S394, 69H478 

Holyoke Water Power Co.; 59H9, 73S33 

Holyrood School; 68S34 

Home and Foreign Missionary Society of the Denomination called 

Christian; 66H113 
Home for Aged Men; 60H175, 708100, 81H28 
Home for Aged Women; 82H95, 82HlO)9 
Home for Destitute Catholic Children; 71S291 
Home for Little Wanderers, see- Baldwin Place Home 
Home Guard; 61SX4 

Home Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 59S54 
Home Savings Bank in Boston; 69H39 
Homes, Benjamin P.; 57S72 

Homeopathic Hospital in Boston; 55H266, 55H267 
Homeopathic Medical Dispensary; 56H226 
Homeopathic Treatment of the Mentally 111; 82H238 
Homestead Exemption; 51H164 

Report re- from Attachments; 51S35 
Hoops - Sale of; 78S125 

Hoosac Mountain - Report re- Railroad over; 67H74 
Hoosac Savings Bank of North Adams; 71S139 
Hoosac Tunnel; 59S25, 59S49, 59S59, 59H14, 69H145, 69H157, 71H398, 

73H59, 74S55, 74S300, 74S112, 74S173, 74S263, 74S293, 74S315, 74S316, 

74S319, 74S321, 74S323, 74S325, 74S331, 74S334, 74S339, 74S342, 74S343, 

74S345, 74S353, 74S354, 74S355, 74S356. 74S357, 74H52, 74H305, 74H331, 

74H462, 74H521, 753150, 77H200, 77H201, 77H358, 77H362, 77H374, 

77H384, 77S180, 81S12, 81S236, 81S265 

Reports re- 57H218, 69H192, 74H375, 74S150, 81S12 

See also- Shanley, W & F 
Hoosac Tunnel Railroad; 73H353, 73H562, 73H408, 73H409, 74S112, 

74S316, 74S321, 74S323, 74S319, 74S342 

Report re- 74S112 
Hoosac Tunnel Boston and Western Railroad; 74S355, 74H502, 75S82, 

75H83, 75H136, 77S178 

Report of; 75H9 
Hoosac Tunnel Dock and Elevator Co.; 79S229, 79S254, 79S274, 80S145 
Hoosac Valley Agricultural Society; 60S52, 80H189 
Hopkins, Edward; 24D- 

Reports re- Charity of; 29H58, 30H53, 32S24 
Hopkins, Mark - Election Sermon by; 39S- 
Hopkington (Town of); 53H103, 77S74, 82S133, 82S251, 82H231, 82H293, 


Report re- Charities in; 32S24 

Report re- Contested Election in; 81H150 

Report re- Election in; 52H96 
Hopkington and Milford Railroad Co.; 67H338, 69S265, 70S250 
Hopkington Bank; 57H110 

See- Milford , . 

Hopkington Branch Railroad Co.; 54S115, 69H363 
Hopkington Railroad Co.; 72H201, 73H151 
Hopkington Savings Bank; 64H332, 67H159 
Hopkington Springs Pavilion; 37S18, 37S27 
Hopkington School District in Lee; 57S167 
Hops - Inspection of; 30H41, 32H24, 32H36 
Horn Pond Branch Railroad Co.; 52H198 

Reports of; 54S2, 55S2, 56S2, 57S2 

Reports re- 68S213 
Horse Cars - Licensing of; 80H167 


Horse Racing; 46H74, 56H92 

Horse Railroads, see- Street Railway entries 

Horses - and Carriages; 82H281 

Racing; 70H111, 70H424 

Speed of; 65H58 
Horton Fund; 62H56 

Horton, Lewis A.; 68S33, 69S235, 69H499 
Horton, Nathaniel M. ; 78S214 
Hose Carriages; 69H109, 70H57 
Hospitals; 58S43, 64S242, 70H355, 73H49 

Report re- 74S100 

See also- Lying-in Hospitals, Mass. State Hospitals 
Hotel and Boarding-House Keepers; 69H301 
Hotels and Public Halls; 72H283, 74S297 
Houghton, Patrick, Jr.; 75S204 
Houghton, William S.; 64H52 

Housatonic Agricultural Society; 49S71, 72S277, 82H63 
Housatonic Railroad Co.; 81S225 
House of Industry (Boston); 81H89 
House of Representatives, see- Legislature 

House of the Angel Guardian; 60H52, 69H220, 70H264, 71H112, 74S145 
House of the Good Shepherd; 70H400 

Households; 51H164, 52H248, 55H99, 56H187, 57H81, 57H136, 58H87 
Household Furniture; 79S280, 79S285, 79H107 
Houses of Correction; 43H17, 46H10, 47H111, 48H174, 48H185, 49H82, 

54S47, 56S84, 59347, 59S94, 59H145, 59H184, 60H54, 60H80, 60H168, 

62H244, 62H359, 64S250, 64H353, 72S37, 78S37, 80S115, 81H227, 81H236 

at East Cambridge; 82S173, 82S181 

Report re- Contracts for Convict Labor; 78H189 
Report re- Cruelty to Prisoners in; 60HI8^ 

in Plymouth County; 56S111 

in Suffolk County; 52H148 

Instruction of Prisoners in; 48S29, 81H223 

Overseers of; 76H176, 77S126 

Regulation of; 35H23 

Reports re- 27H61, 39H68, 45S95, 80H338 

Reports re- Conditions of; 62S182, 66S228, 80H388, 81H421 

Returns of Inspections of; 37S64, 38H32, 39H41, 40H39, 42H12, 

57S216, 59S32 
Houses of Detention; 48S71 
Houses of 111 Fame; 73S175, 73H201 
Houses of Industry; 26D- , 48H209 
Houses of Public Worship; 70S42 
Hovey, Charles; 75H87 
Howard, William H. ; 69H132 
Howard Benevolent Society; 68H156 
Howard Fire Insurance Co.; 61S56, 64S30 
Howard Funds in West Bridgewater; 68H34 
Howard Industrial School for Negroes; 67S162, 67S163 
Howard Street Society in Salem; 67S176 
Howe, N.S.; 53S132 

Howe, William A. - Report on Petition of, re- Railways; 49S34 
Howes, Elizabeth; 76S118 
Howes, William B. ; 74H260 
Rowland, Albert Franklin; 75H254, 76S72 
Howlsnd, Samuel C. ; 67S51 
Hoyt, A.W.; 77H217 
Hoyt, Henry M. (Governor of Pennsylvania) - Letter to Governor Long 

re-Railroads; 82H332 
Hubbard, Judge; 48H59 

See- Supreme Judicial Court 


Hubbard, Henry (Agent of Massachusetts at New Orleans); 45H14 

See- ImpriBonment of Citizens 
Hubbard, Margaret; 64S178 

Hubbardston (Town of); 71S261, 71S277, 71S304, 73H373 
Huddell, Benjamin; 77H139 

Hudson (Town of); 66S127, 66H285, 68S80, 77S94 
Hudson, James, Jr.; 62H341 

Hudson Masonic Building Association; 70H434 
Hudson Savings Bank; 69S50 

Hubert, CM., M.D. - Report on Typhoid fever in South Dennis; 77S75 
Hull (Town of); 49392, 63S103, 63H237, 64S35, 64S38, 68S301, 78H188 
Hull and Nantasket Beach Railroad Co., see- Nantasket Beach Railroad 
Human Life— Report re- Preservation of; 49H109 
Humane Society of Massachusetts; 52S69, 54H145 
Humphreys, William; 73H71 

Hunt, Thomas - Report re-, and the Bank of Brighton; 59H218 
Hunt, Warren, et al. - Report re- Towns of Douglas and Sutton; 46S112 
Huntington (Town of); 56S53, 57H64 
Huntington, Asakel - Report of Committee Investigating Charges against; 

Huntington, F.D. - Election Sermon by; 58S- 
Huntington House (Boston); 72H117 
Huntington Manufacturing Co.; 70S225 
Husbands and Wives; 45H35, 49H80, 55S131, 74H174, 74H203, 78H105, 

78H128, 78H135, 79S35, 79H28, 79H276, 80H90, 81H31 

Conveyances between; 77S130, 78S187, 79S239 

Property Rights of; 73H351 

Protection of - Report re- Cruel Husbands; 79H14 

Real Estate of; 77S73, 77S130, 77H112, 80H280, 81H95 

Testimony of; 67S9 

See also- Divorce, Probate Courts, and Real Estate 
Hutchinson, Thomas (Governor), Papers of; 67S279, 69H350, 69H454, 

70S187, 70H347, 71S323, 72S305 

Messages of Governor re- 68H150, 71S318 

Report re- 68H330 
Hyannis Hotel Co.; 65S138 
Hyannis Savings Bank; 68H187 

Reports of; 79S4, 80S20, 81S17 
Hyde, Alexander - Widow of; 81H109 
Hyde, Benjamin D. ; 63H250 
Hyde Park (Town of); 68S111, 68S153, 68S156, 69S33, 69H11, 70H435, 

Hyde Park Branch Railway Co.; 69S268 
Hyde Park Savings Bank; 71H121 
Hyde Park Woolen Co.; 63S22, 64H21 
Hygiene League Cooperative; 81H406 

Ice - for Merchandise; 50H78 

Duty on; 67H71 
Ice Co., Boston and Salem; 62H105 
Idle Persons; 56S155 

Illegal Voting - Punishment for; 76H183 
Illegitimate Children; 51H116, 57S74, 59S91, 63S70, 65H184, 67H381, 

67H421, 69S164, 71S22, 71H43, 75H172, 82S42, 82H233 
Illinois, State of; 61S71, 66S6 
Illuminating Oils - Inspection of; 76H173 
Impeachment of President of the United States; 68S270 


Impounding of Cattle; 29H22, 34H62, 45H43, 69H193 
Imprisonment - Report re- 13H17 

See- Lloyd, James 
Imprisonment - for Debt; 30H10, 31H61, 41S2, 41S14, 56S241, 57S37, 


Abolition of; 34S64, 34H33, 40H52, 41H29, 41H37, 42H24, 55S113, ' 


Reports re- 21D22, 31S5, 33H12, 40H37, 40H52 

for Offenses; 56S252 

in Civil Cases, see- Civil Cases 

of Citizens of the Commonwealth in Other States; 42S63, 44H5, 

45S31, 45M60, 46S45 

Reports re- 43H48, 45S4, 45H14, 45H65 

See also- Solitary Confinement 
Improvements, see- Betterments 
Incidental Expenses - Definition of; 62H119 
Income Tax, see- Taxation of Incomes 
Indemnity Life Insurance Co.; 65S140, 69S29, 69H32 
Independence, see- American Independence 
Independent Company of Cavalry; 66H341 
Independent Corps of Cadets; 54H57 
Independent Insurance Co.; 67S48 

Index and Papers of the House of Representatives; 57H8, 57H21, 57H89 
Index of Names Changed by Lawful Authority; 76H255 
Index of Names of Soldiers - Res re- in Civil War; 78H328, 78H346, 

Index of Registry of Deeds, see- Registry of Deeds 

Index of Statutes and of Probate Courts - Bills re- 72H275, 82H276 
Index to State Archives, see- State Archives 
India Manufacturing Co. (Salem); 70H64 
India Mutual Insurance Co.; 67S87 
India Wharf; 54H74, 57S141 

Indian Guardian and Treasurer - Accounts; 70S324 
Indian Head River; 59H98 
Indian Orchard Mulls; 64H83 
Indian Orchard Railroad Co.; 49S46 

Indiana (State-of); 41S9, 41S42, 52H158, 61H64, 61H180, 74S16 
Indians; 32H7, 34S17, 34H11, 34H18, 47H189, 48H113, 48H132, 48H186, 

50360, 50S86, 50H96, 51H37, 56H148, 56H254, 56H256, 57H104, 59H271, 

59H216, 60H58, 61S96, 61H258, 62H117, 62H151, 62H152, 62H354, 62H357, 

63H99, 63H101, 63H111, 63H161, 63H222, 63H224, 64H105, 64H125, 64H162, 

64H166, 64H381, 65S286, 65H118, 65H173, 65H174, 66S106, 66H283, 

67H73, 67H84, 67H136, 68H231, 68H377, 69H25, 69H490, 69H491, 69H502, 

69H508, 71S43, 82H139 

Commissioners of, reports; 61S96, 61H216 

Enfranchisement of; 69H423 

Lands of; 55S91, 61S79, 61S125, 63H169 

Meal and Corn of - Report re- Sale of; 40H58 

Reports re- 27H68, 34S14, 34S17, 39H72, 48S135, 51H37, 51H78, 

55S8, 56S34, 56H47, 57H220, 61S96, 61H216, 61H258, 62H215, 65S46, 

69H483, 70S14 
Aid to; 69H25 
Condition of; 49H46, 49H162 
Descendants of; 63H78 
Sale of Alcohol to; 38H48 

Schools for; 67H155, 70H447 Fund for; 67H155 
Territory of; 72S182 
Tribes; 38S104, 30S12(report) , 49S117(report) 

See also- Chappiquiddic, Christiantown, Dudley, Eaton, J., Gay Head, 
Hassannamisco, Herring Pond, Punkapong, Troy 


Indictments; 61H212, 67H204, 72H49, 72H57 

See also- State Prison 
Indigent Children; 48H199, 49S4, 50H9 

See- Children and Youth 
Industrial and Mechanics School of Boston; 73S88 
Industrial Conciliation and Arbitration; 80H270, 81H67 
Industrial Education; 80H113 
Industrial Exhibition in London; 51S38, 51H36 
Industrial Schools; 72S111, 72H89 

See- Lawrence Industrial School and State Industrial School 
Industrial Statistics - Compilation of; 37H54, 45S63, $5H297, 56H25, 

56H46, 65S115, 65S207, 65S253, 74S326, 74S341, 75H12, 75H142, 

76H268, 77H132 

See also- Statistical Information 
Inebriate Asylums; 45H38, 69S389, 71H209, 71H316, 66H94, 66H174 

Reports re- 64S235, 71S9, 75S100 

Reports re- Need of; 47H83, 50S94 
Inebriates - Report re- 51S75, 68S227, 75S100 
Infantry; 59H244 
Infants; 71S89 

Protection of; 71H168, 76S98, 82H261, 82H371, 82H375 

See also- Children and Youth 
Infectious Disease, see- Contagious Disease 
Influencing Legislation; 76S149 
Ingalls, E.J.; 73H156 
Ingalls, Samuel; 71H75 
Ingalls, William; 65S256, 67S263 
Inheritance - Property by; 67H371 

See also- Real Property 
Injunctions; 62H227, 70H109 
Injurious Publications; 47H49 
Inn Keepers; 53H168, 53H195, 59H224, 70H408, 76S208, 78S213, 78H369, 

79H122, 79H135, 79H182, 79H215, 82H342 
Inquests - in Cases of Fire; 74H307 

Special; 78S215 
Insane and Mentally 111; 36S38, 38S61, 42H47, 51S9, 54S50, 55S153, 

55S170, 56S77, 56S94, 57H242, 62S164, 62H57, 62H91, 63SIO, 63H266, 

64S242, 70S311, 70H430, 70H446, 70H458, 71S238, 74S314, 74H318, 

74H343, 74H344, 74H384, 76S39, 79H155, 79H200, 80S99, 8OS24I, 80S246 

Commissioners of; 71S314 

Reports of; 55H144, 75S190, 75H60 

Committals of; 76H267, 79H201, 79H266 

Convicts: 42S34, 49S9, 50S29, 56SI38, 57H107, 58H131, 59H201, 

59H264, 6OSI47, 62H34, 65H133, 73H236, 73H311, 8IS85 

Estates of the; 50H84, 80S35 

Hospitals for the; 55H282, 81S245, 81H302, 81H303, 81H304 

Indigent; 55S99 ^ ^, 

Paupers; 47S18, 47S107, 48S47, 48S66, 48SII4, 49S155, 52H48(report), 

54H189, 62H330, 68H92, 70H121 

Reports re- 46H72, 48S5I, 48H139, 64S72, 77S75 

Reports re- Condition of; 47H15, 54S83 

Reports re- Hospitals for; 49S9, 49S75, 50H111 

Reports re- Training and Teaching of; 48SIO6, 50S38 

Rights of; 71S66 

Treatment of; 27H28, 36S38, 38S6I, 42H47, 49H22, 49H47, $1S94, ^ 

53H117, 54S50, 54S83, 56S77, 58S43, 63H397, 69H496, 70H371, 73S108, 

73H278, 74S298, 74H253, 74H465, 80H173, 80H344, 81H233, 81H264, 

81H299, 81H302, 81H303, 81H304, 81H308 
Insects in Massachusetts; 59H47, 59H165 

Reports re- 50S66, 52H33, 61H229 


Insolvency: 31S5, 4^3129, 49H101, 52H92, 52H116, 55H139, 5^SS2, 

5SHI3S, 6OS46, 60S51, 6IHS4, 62S120, 62S139, 62H143, 62H317, 64S23I, 
66SI9O, 75S41, 76323, 77H14, S1H265, 81H317, S1H387 
Ccises of* 79S94 

Corporations in; 49H99, 49H1S3, 51H68, 51H91, 563260, 79H313 
Debtors in; 2634, 3135, 32H18, 32H44, 33H12 ( report ) , 33H39, 34H31, 
35H71(report), 36363, 36H19, 3^369, 3^383, 3BH30, 41H30( report ) , 
41H34. 41H71( report), 42325, 43H29 ( report ) , 44323, 44377, 44387, 
46H20( report), 46H47, 46H68, 47315, 47327, 47393, 47H132, 48H60, 
4SH158, 50H59, 50H1O5, 50H115, 51H128, 51H190, 51H193, 52326, 52H129, 
52H216, 52H220, 52H231, 53H51, 53H158, 54H29, 54H38, 54H127, 56322, 
563174, 563226, 563263, 563249, 563264, 56H22, 56H26, 57346, 57H28, 
57H54, 57H168, 5SH4O, 5SH5I, 5Sh61, 53H117, 59H79, 59H136, 59H143, 
60H96, 6OHI67, 6IH69, 623102, 623123, 623150, 62H147, 623256, 63H56, 
64HI78, 643272, 65HI4I, 793201, 793137, 79H223, 79H226, 80363, 
80H293, 8OH323, 813111, 8ISI56, 813178, 813198, 81H265 
Estates; 33333, 483103, 50H162, 62H14S, 653232, 82H121, 82H187 
Law; 26H63, 613155 

Persons; 44H22, 44H41, 44H56, 44H62, 58H48, 5SH128, 59H74 
3avings Banks; 8IHII5 
3ystem; 50384 

Inspection of Buildings; 76HI65, 76H216, 76H287 

See- Boston (City of). Factories, and Public Buildings 

Inspection of Meat; 70SI3I, 763151 

Inspector General - Office of; 793108 

Inspector of Elections; 733218 

Institutions, Benevolent - Exemption from Taxation; 31H12 
Real Estate of; 7^3184 

Instruments used in State Survey; 61H204 

Insurance; 4434^, 52390, 523117, 523129, 523144, 54H181, 54H182 

6IH256, 62328, 703216, 703275, 703328, 723276, 72HI5, 72HX13, 72HX26, 
73395, 733100. 73H89, 73H125, 73Hl6o, 73H277, 73H337, 73H360, 75H10, 
78HI62, 78H202 

Agents; 75H145, 75H191, 78H76 

A.SS6 ssin6n't> s * oS SI ^5 

Brokers; ^9H122, 73313^, 73H188, 76H290, 77H61, 78H76 

Commissioners; 55H91, 55H142, 53H165, 593116, 593172, 603134, 

62H306, 66H253, 66H346, 66H408, 70H6, 72HX20, 73H241, 73H367, 76H71, 

77H34, 78H36, 79H197, 813197, 81H168, 81H242 

Reports of; 54355, 64H230, 693203, 73H2, 73H125, 74H6, 74H90, 

75H10, 80359, 81316 
Companies in; 32325, 35H43, 35H49, 36H13, 37345, 3^375, 3SH73, 
40H- . 45323, 523110, 53362, 54H159, 54H172, 54H192, 55343, 56S171, 
57H176, 57H184, 58330, 53H163, 593117, 603131, 603132, 603133, 61H221, 
623152, 62H230, 62H271, 62H373, 62H374, 63H234, 63H303, 64317, 643116, 
64S144, 643276, 64H85, 64H89, 64HI4I, 64HI68, 64H223, 64H230, 64H283, 
64H300, 64H313, 64H344, 653270, 66378, 67H245, 67H411, 68358, 683185, 
683314, 68HI43, 68H368, 69H393, 69H514, 6933^5, 713266, 72S224, 
723236, 723257, 723280, 723x4, 723x6, 723x9, 723x13, 723x15, 723x16, 
723x17, 723X18, 723X280, 72H315, 72HX21, 72HX22, 72HX25, 72HX27, 
72HX31, 72HX32, 72HX34, 733105, 73H130, 73H153, 73H167, 73H187, 73H189, 
73H190, 743148, 75H58, 75H73, 75H102, 75H128, 75H141, 75H177, 76HII6, 
77H57, 77H208, 78H63, 78H64, 73H91, 78H134, 78H161, 79359, 793196, 
793266, 79H32, 79H97, 79H172, 79H286, 80351, 30H56 

Reports re- 29H11, 36H33, 36H56, 37H46 
Department of; 693321, 77H160 
For the Worker, see- Prudential Insurance 
On Books, for Cities and Towns; 77H232 

Policies; 73H277, 73H360, 7^H141, 79H172, 79H286, 80S121, 8OSI23 
See also- Life, and Fire Insurance Policies 
Policy Holders; 80H135, 80H144 


Insurance, cont. 

Laws; 73H337 

See- Mutual Fire Insurance and Mutual Life Insurance 
Intelligence Offices; 48S136, 72H288, 82H367 
Intemperance; 29H36 

Report re- 56S170 

Report re- Suppression of; 40H36 
Interest; 57H162, 65H287, 65H297, 65H310, 78H19, 78H46, 78H270, 

79S82, 79S126 

Rates of; 26D- , 36H29, 57S67, 66S234, 66S303, 67S34, 67S36, 67H18, 

67H29, 67H42, 67H102, 74H386, 79H134, 80H23 

Reports re- 40H33, 78H39 
Interrments; 79S33, 79S114 
Internal Improvements; 27H65, 27H66, 29H3,. 

Reports re- 27H47, 28S6, 32H55 
International Exchanges; 55S181 
International Exhibits in New York; 81S73 
International Literary Exchange - Report re- 50S117 
International Telegraph Co.; 66H372 

International Trust Co.; 79H224, 81H110, 82S114, 82S128 
International Wharf and Dock Co.; 78S54 
Intervention in Europe; 52S60, 52S97 

Interstate Estates; 30S20, 49H69, 58H13, 74H450, 79S219 
Intoxicated Persons, see- Drunkeness 
Invertebrate Animals in Massachusetts; 65H191, 67S64, 67S108, 

68H64, 69H290, 69H425 
Investment of Commonwealth Funds; 68S81 

See also- Funds of the Commonwealth 
Involuntary Insolvency - Report on; 43H16 
Ipswich (Town of); 46S31, 48H33, 62H268, 65S165, 63S173, 65S189, 

66S205, 70S155, 73H155, 78H244 
Ipswich Methodist Society; 62H60 

Ipswich River; 56H250, 56S57, 68H215, 76H234, 81H87 
Ipswich Savings Bank; 69H117 
Ireson, S. Edwin; 72HX23 

Irish-American Benevolent Society; 63H207 
Iron; 52H241 
Irrigation; 32H13, 56H271 

Islands and Beaches in . the Commonwealth; 34H61 
Itinerant Merchants and Peddlers; 75S106 
Itinerant Musicians; 69H72, 75S118 

Jackson, Abraham - Report re- Removal of, from Office; 76H321 

Jackson, Andrew (President of the United States); 31S9 

Jackson, Andrew (Major General); 43S11, 43H15 

Jackson, Annie; 80H188 

Jackson, Charles - Reports of; 36S2, 37S89 

Jackson, Francis; 44S92 

Jackson, James - Report on; 38S58 

Jackson, Samuel C. - Election Sermon by; 43S- 

Jacoy, Isaac H. ; 68H139 

Jaffna College (Ceylon) - Donation for; 77S38 

Jail; 63H128 

Fees; 64S238, 64S266 

Limits; 36H15 

Yards; 35H26, 35H47, 35S59 

Jailers; 53H31, 60H54, 60H80 


Jails; 34H36, 34H48, 35H23, 48S29, 49H82, 57S216, 59S32, 59S47, 

59S94, 59H145, 59H184, 62H359, 64S250, 64H353, 72S37, 78S37, 80S115, 

80H174, 80H338, 80H388, 81H223, 81H227, 81H236, 81H421 

Reports on; 54S43, 65H6, 66S228, 73H264 

Returns of Inspectors of; 36S31, 37S64, 38H32, 39H41, 40H39, 42H12 

See also- Houses of Correction 
Jamaica Plain (West Roxbury); 71H363 
Jamaica Plain Athenaeum; 56H103 
Jamaica Plain Gas Light Co.; 69H59 
Jamaica Plain Land Improvement Co.; 71H248 
Jamaica Plain Savings Bank; 72H155 
Jamaica Pond; 79H196 
Jamaica Pond Aqueduct Corp. ; 57H146, 67S126, 67S143, 67H294, 67H373, 

68H225, 74H215, 77H77 
Jamaica Pond Ice Co.; 80S255 
James, Benjamin, et al.; 68S108 
James Otis Savings Bank (Barnstable); 80S155 
Janitor; 79S43 

Jarvis, D. - and Boston Wharf Co.; 55H120 

Jarvis, Edward, M.D. - Report on Political Economy of Health; 74S100 
Jasper Sugar Refinery; 70H142 

Jefferson, Thomas (President of the United States); 27H83 
Jegar Sahadutha Lodge; 60H164 
Jenkins, Clem; 56H169 
Jenks, Samuel H. ; 56H275 

Report re- 57H257 
Jennings, Calvin; 57S66 
Jennings, J. Henry; 63S109 
Jennison, Samuel P. ; 56H94 
Jewett, Abel - Will of; 69S273 
Jewett, Andrew L. ; 62H339 
Jewett, Nathaniel; 69S87 
John Hancock Bank; 50H98 
John Hancock Bell; 56S153 
John Hancock Life Insurance Co.; 62S135 

Johnson, A.H., M.D. - Report on Diptheria in Salem; 77S75 
Johnson, Ebenezer - Petition of re- Nuisance on Charles River; 63H82 
Johnson Felting Mills; 65H69, 65H91 
Johnson, George H. ; 71H325, 72S31, 73H133 
Johnson, George W. ; 69H484 

Johnson, Mary, et al. - and Marriage Laws; 39H43 
Johnson, Timothy; 53H63 

Johounot, Martha - Report re- i^ill of; 41H25 
Joint Ownership; 82H187 

Joint Rules and Orders - Report re- 46S40 
Joint Stock Associations; 62H356, 67S267 
Joint Stock Companies; 47H90, 51H55, 51H80, 51H110, 52H19, 54H186, 

55S46, 55S192, 55H206, 55H252, 57S45, 57S144, 57H246, 61H155, 62H262 
Joint Stock Fire and Marine Insurance Co.; 75H177, 77H57, 7BH64 
Joint Stock Insurance Co.; 75H141, 77H57, 81S149 
Joint Tenants; 74S213, 75S146, 75H350, 75H369, 75H394 
Jones, A.J.; 62H324 
Jones, Edward F. ; 57S55 

J.; 72H214, 73S111 
- Report re- 57S188 





Jones Mill Creek (Barnstable); 68H346 

Jones River (Kingston) - Fisheries in; 76H74 

Jordan, William L. ; 70H454 

Joseph, Nelly; 63H112, 64H104 

Joseph Warren Monument Association; 74H301 


Journals of the House; 26D6, 47H42, 54H72, 54H73 

Joy, W.H.H.; 65S44 

Judgement and Execution; 35X- 

Judgement Debtors; 62H184, 71S165, 77H382, 78H207, 79S238, 79H86, 

81S42, 81S103, 81H177, 81H336 
Judgements - Actions on; 59H162 

Against the Commonwealth; 62H179 

Interest on; 49S72 
Judicial Courts; 30H28, 30H38, 35H21 

Proceedings; 49H48 

Officers; 73H235 

System; 0804(report) , 76S136, 76S179, 77S50(report) , 77S86(report) , 


See- Supreme Judicial Court 
Junk Dealers; 39H8, 62H329, 82H367 
Juries; 52H53, 59H258, 81S114, 81S181 

Empanelling of; 73S117, 73H386 

in Criminal Cases; 52S32, 66S183, 66H314, 66H382, 67S153, 67H173 

Report re- Service of non-Christians on; 38H47 

See also- Jury and Trial by Jury 
Jurors; 31H11, 35H13, 48H184, 55H131, 62S45, 62S60, 64S226, 64S227, 

64H249, 65S53, 653155, 66H19, 66H21, 67S220, 67S238, 68H37, 69H64, 

69H93, 69H448, 72S264, 72H228, 72H369, 73S5, 73H28, 73H31, 73H389, 

75H272, 79H80 

and Witnesses; 40H30(report ) , 65S142 

Duties of; 55H31, 56S12, 56S17, 56H19, 56H147, 57S30, 59S9, 59S22 

Traverse; 65H66, 65H124, 67H129 
Jury - Application for; 81S89 
Jury Duty, see- Jurors, Service of 
Jury-Waived Cases; 79H13 
Justice - Administration of; 74S216, 74H442 

Fugitives from; 59S48 
Justices; 80H165 

Executions; 53H74, 59H66 

of Courts; 77H91, 82S256 

of the Peace; 40H65(report) , 48H94, 52S84, 52H227, 52H247, 55S138, 

55H65, 55H258, 55H288, 56H170, 57H236, 58S15, 58H96, 58H101, 59S171, 

70S84, 72S284, 75H333, 76H243, 77H290, 79H259, 80H145 

Trial; 51S105 

See also- Supreme Judicial COurt 
Juvenile Convicts; 66H405 
Juvenile offenders; 64H258, 65S88, 65S209, 67H367, 68H74, 70S139, 

70S248, 70H409, 70H423, 72S284, 72H279, 72H394, 74H79, 76H46, 80H159, 

82S84, 82S135 


Kane, James; 68S30 

Kansas (Territory of); 55S203, 56S60, 56S224, 56H34, 56H66, 56H290, 

56H293, 57S195, 57H88, 58H120, 61S51, 61S59 
Kansas and Missouri Land Co .• 63S51 
Katama Land Co.: 72H152, 82H60, 82H158 
Keefe, Mary; 69H291 
Keenan, James; 62H310 

Keene and Winchester Railroad Corp. ; 44S56 
Keith, William; 76S57 
Kelley, James; 74H405, 74H421 

Report re- 74S358 

Kelly, Daniel N. ; 70S129 
Kelly, Elbridge; 73H169 


Kellogg, Eleazer; 47H165 

Kellogg, F.B.; 76H92 

Kellogg Steam Power Go, (Pittsfield) ; 74S54 

Kelp and Seaweed - Usage of; 59H265 

Kendal, G.H.; 64S176 

Kendrick, William A.; 71H403 

Kennebec Bridge Lottery; 18D- 

Kenney, Samuel C; 78H169 

Kenoza Lake Club; 60H30 

Kenoza Riding Park Association (Haverhill); 66S149 

Kenoza Street Railway Go. (Haverhill); 73S173, 74S194 

Kentucky (State of); 38H49 

Resolutions of; 41S42, 61S36 
Keyes, Trustworthy; 48H108 
Kilby Bank - Reports re- 37S58, 38S34 

Report to Repeal Gharter ; 38S95 
Kilner, Frederic - Report re- 38H61 
Kilton, Catherine S.; 65H75 
Kimball, Alfred R. ; 73H156 

Kimball, David 

B.; 73H64 


Dexter S. 

; 71H470 


Ebeu U. ; 




78S140, 78H258 



69H170, 73H22 


an, Davis; 


Kingsford, Irene J.; 72H272 

Kingston (Town of); 57S62, 72H225, 76H4, 76H74 

Kinney, JohnM.; 66H256, 66H380 

Kirkland, Harvey; 78H25 

Kirkwood, James P. - Report re- Pollution of Rivers; 76S100 

Kittridge, Gharles F. - Argument by, for Elevated Railway; 79S190 

Knapsacks; 78H317 

Knowles, Josiah S.; 57H69 

Konkapot Valley Railroad Co.; 71H365 

Kossuth, Louis (Governor of Hungary) - Invitation by; 52H42 

Labor; 49H64, 56S227, 63S167, 69H360, 70H311, 70H393, 70H460 

Bureau of Statistics of; 69S388, 70S279, 72H326, 73S227, 75H142, 
75H304, 76H61, 76H124, 76H137, 76H170, 79S288, 80H270, 81H442, 
82H169, 82H172 

Reports of; 70S120, 71S150, 72S180, 73H173 
Reports re- 73H383, 74S218 

Hours of; 55S85, 55H80, 56S107, 66S139, 66S180, 66S239, 66S248, 
66H98, 66H252, 66H272, 66H333, 66H367, 67S117, 67S122, 67S132, 
67S142, 67H162, 67H180, 67H191, 67H203, 67H292, 67H389, 68H220, 
70S197, 70S297, 70S304, 70S334, 70H205, 70H211, 70H243, 70H248, 
70H249, 70H256, 70H261, 70H492ii. 71H314, 71H352, 72H226, 73H318, 
74S33, 74S64, 74S73, 74S79, 74S91, 74S178, 74S195, 74H284, 79H290, 
79H229, 79H258, 80S108, 80S205, 80S209, 80H206 

Reports re- 45H50, 46S8, 50H153, 55H122, 56S112, 65H259, 67H44 

See also- Ten Hour Law 
Protection of; 64S194 

Reports re- 42H22, 42H31 
Report re- , in Public Insititutions; 75H296 
Wages; 41H5, 79H109, 80H124, 80H233, 81H60 
See also- Manufacturing Establishments, Special Contracts, 
Ladd, John S. ; 47H25 


Ladd, Luther; 63H305 

Ladies* American Home Educational Society and Temperance Union; 80S83 

Ladies' Charitable Association of Haverhill; 56S127 

Ladies* City Missionary Society in New Bedford; 68S31 

Ladies' Collegiate Institute; 61H232 

La Fayette Bank; 37S60 

Report re- 3^351 
Lager, Bier and Porter; 71S286 
Lagoon Bridge; 73S76, 7^3147 
Lagoon Pond; 62S29 
Lagoon Pond Company; 57S116 
Laighton Bank; 49S130 
Lake Cochituate, see- Cochituate Lake 

Lake Michigan - Railroad from, to Pacific Coast: 4SH90 
Lakeville (Town of); 53S100, 623185, 67H252, 67H364, 67H436, 67H452 

Report re- Contested Election in; 59H8 
Lamb, Edward; 57H80 
Lamb, Mary; 753139, 76s69 
Lambson, John H. ; 75H121 
Lancaster (Town of); 51H81 

Lancaster and Sterling Branch Railroad; 69S286 
Lancaster and Sterling Railroad Co.; 46SIOO, 47H166 
Lancaster Mills; 49H76, 65H24 
Lancaster Railroad Co.; 70S38, 703134, 71H173, 77H261, 79388, 79H112, 

Lancaster Savings Bank - Reports of; 76S6, 77310, 7^35, 79S2, 80310, 

Land; 76H67, 76H127, 76HI8I, 76H189, 7^3200, 79373, 82S271 

Agent; 2939, 33S45, 34319, 35330, 46H36, 46H8I, 47H158, 51H47, 

5IHI68, 52H14, 52H173, 55H149, 6IHIO5 

Reports of; 29H18, 30315, 3233, 3333, 3438, 35330, 353X3, 36319, 
3837, 33330, 39S6, 39316, 40311, 4138, 4237, 4336, 4433, 4537, 
4635, 4733, 4835, 4933, 50S4, 5137, 52392, 5339, 54S9, 55H202, 
56H15, 57H11 

and Building Associations; 71H206 

Assessments; 79396 

Commissioners, see- Public Lands, Commissioners of 

Damages; 7IHI60, 74H440, 75366, 78S8, 78313, 78315, 78328, 78378, 

78S64, 78386, 81325 

Office; 08D- , 12D5, 58H129, 59H64, 61H105 

See- Maine Land Office 

Owners; 49368, 78H203 

Sales of; 703156, 74H205, 74H207, 763190, 76H127, 76HI8I 

Titles; 8IHI52 

Transfer of; 81333 

Trespassing on; 783139 

School Houses on; 55H231, 74H431 

See also- Lands 
Landers, Mary J.; 71H400 
Landing Places; 82H173 
Landlord and Tenants; 35H33, 59H123, 72H280 

Act re- 723266 
Lands; 4IH67, 41H80, 62H245, 71H147, 72H387, 743103, 74S104, 743212, 


Ceded to the United States; 75H55 

Common, report re- 55H25 

for Public Purposes; 54H163 

in Gloucester; 55H30, 55H46 

in Maine, see- Public Lands in Maine 

Partition of; 71H42 


Lands, cont. 

Public, see- Public Lands 

Recovery of; 7SH236 

Sold by the Commonwealth; 61H198, 62H288 

Taken for Streets; 79H227 

Taken for Railroads; 55H16, 81S109 
Lane, George; 56HI9S 
Lanesborough (Town of); 69H232, 78S47 

Report re- Contested Election in; 43H55 
Larceny; 3OHI6, 43H5, 51S80, 67H80, 71S230 
La Society Franco Beige; 82H96, a2Hll6 
Latimer, George - Correspondence of; 43H9 

Report re- 43H41 
Latrobe, Benjamin Henry - Reports of re- Hoosac Tunnel; 63S93» 69S6 
Laurie, James - Report re- Troy and Greenfield Railroad; 63S93 
Law, Practice of; 52S56, 52S9S, 52H221, 77H238, 78H17S, 79H141 
Law Enforcement; 69HS28 
Law Library Associations; 56S71, 56S183, 5SS22, 59H207, 63H289, 74S123, 

81S63, 82H344 
Law Library of Franklin County; 7SS27 
Law of Limitations; 12D- 
Lawrence (Town of); 47H136, 4SH22 
Lawrence (City of): 53S54, 53H97, 54S59, 55S117, 56H204, 61H4S, 

68H100, 68HI35, 68H139, 70H339, 71H141, 72H83, 72H93, 72H344, 73S112, 

74S25, 74S99, 74S110, 74H24, 74H479, 75H68, 75H292, 76HII8, 76H266, 

79H24, 79H25, 82S113. 82H270 
Lawrence, Ambrose; 5oH252 
Lawrence, Amos; 64HI86 
Lawrence Aqueduct Co. ; 4SHI4O 
Lawrence Bridge; 54S71, 57S50 
Lawrence Duck Co. ; 53H5S 
Lawrence Fire Insurance Co.; 70S28 
Lawrence Gas Co.; 67S46, 72H79, 77S40 
Lawrence Industrial School; 76H266 
Lawrence Irish Benevolent Society; 70H169 
Lawrence Police Court; 43H164 
Lawrence, Sarah F. ; 79S205 
Lawrence Savings Bank; 58H100 
Lawrence, William K. ; 57H120 
Laws; 34S12, 34S5, 39H13, 45H42, 46H24, 46H34, 48H17, 57H93, 64H310, 

66H78, 69S381, 69H528, 70H383, 72S270 

Enforcement of; 64H3IO, 64S143, 64SI64, 64S293, 68S175, 68SI88, 

63H141, 68H309, 70S191, 70S307 

Promulgation of; 47H177, 47H178, 50H122 

Reports re- 39H38, 38H8I, 39H60, 39H67, 51H17 
Lay, Henry D. - Report on Election of to House of Representatives; 74H34 ■ 
Leach, William; 64H127 
Leaseholds; 34H64 

Estates; 47S37, 47H190, 56H89, 57S41 
Leather - Inspection of; 66H302, 66S268, 67H462, 68S131, 72H109 
Leatherbee, John W. ; 70H252 

Lebanon Springs Aqueduct Co. - Aid for; 56SII9, 56H245 
Lebanon Springs Railroad; 57S32 
Lechmere Bank; 6OH85 
Lee (Town of); 55S150, 6IHI52, 64S204, 74H122, 78SI92, 78S195, 78H179, 


Fire Districts in; 75H315 
Lee and Hudson Railroad; 70H314, 71S120, 73H206, 80S233 


Lee and New Haven Railroad Co.; 67S100, 63S320, 68H230, 6SH297, 

69S15, 69S214, 69S223, 69H391, 70S332, 70H449, 72S8l, 73H263, 73H336, 

73H392, 74H373, 74H4a6, 77S151 

Report re- 75S27 
Lee, Artenies, et al. - Petition of; 45S25 
Lee Bank; 47S21 
Lee, Harriet; 71H266 
Lee Hotel Co. ; 67H275 
Lee, Joseph; 47H151 
Lee Water Co.; 7BH53 

Legal Holidays; 66H207, 75SS, 75S167, 75H118 
Legal Notices; 66H132 
Legal Proceedings; 70H386 
Legal Process; 29H21, 78HI78, 79H141 
Legal Profession; 36H36, 59H157, 59H209, 59H219, 65H202, 76S54, 

76S108, 82H214 
Legal Settlements; 27H30, 75S38 
Legislation; 64H362 

Report re- Influencing; 76S149 
Legislature; 25H- , 28H30, 36HI, 49S106, $3H38, 54S148, 57Ha3, 58S16, 

58S20, 58HI47, 62S46, 62S79, 65H309, 69S351, 70S321, 72S11, 72S44, 


Biennial Sessions of; 80H221, 80H300 

Committees of; 69S271, 72H1 

Compensation of; 26D30, 27H22, 27H42, 28H22, 38H6O, 43S35, 47H191, 

48HI92, 48H193, 49H139, 49H140, 5IH65, 55H78, 58S2, 53S3, 58S24, 

58H7, b3H307, 64S290, 54H309, 64H328, 64H387, 65H206, 66S33, 66H50, 

66H73, 66H437, 67S288, 67H52, 67H95, 68S122, 68H392, 69H519, 70H3, 

70H7, 70H18, 70H487, 71H7, 71H213, 71H226, 71H329, 72H18, 72H26, 

72H384, 72H398, 72HX9, 72HX29, 73H20, 75H135, 76H47, 77H3$2, 77H378, 

79S11, 79H38, 79H52, 79H60, 79H88, 79H288, 79H380, 8OS236, 80H379, 

82H7, 82H327 

Expenses of; 28S3, 31H3( report) 

Auditing of; 69S271, 75H245, 77H250, 77H283 

Mileage, see- Mileage 

Prorogation of; 82H267 

Process of; 37S40, 37H58 

Report re- Bribery of a Member; 44H24 

Report re- Certificate of Election for; 37H5 

Report re- Organization of; 44H59 

Report re- Publishing of Legislative Documents; 67S38 

Report re- Use of Power by; 57S38 

Sessions of; 43H62, 57S173, 70H2, 81S207 
Leicester Bank; 54S69 
Leicester Savings Bank; 69H215 
Leighton, Nathan P.; 67S206 
Leland, James H.; 71S13 
Lemly, Hattie; 73S110 

Lennox (Town of); 71S219, 78S201, 78H220 
Lennox Academy; 66S132, 73S78 
Lennox Club; 74S14 
Lennox Glass Co.; 77S60 
Lennox Hotel Co.; 69H194 
Lennox Water Co.; 57S190, 67S98, 74H242 
Leo, Joanna; 70H440 
Leo, Louis; 69H429 
Leominster (Town of); 70H298, 71H228, 74S53 

Report re- Contested Election in; ^3H78 
Leominster Savings Bank; 65H107 
Leonard, Eunice H.; 65H216 
Leonard, Manning, et al. - Report re- 39S11 


Leonard, Norman L. - Report re- 38H36 

LeRoy (Endicott); 51S93 

Leverett (Town of) - Report on Schools in; 46H26 

Lewis, Amelia P.; 71H195 

Lewis, Milton; 66S192 

Lewis, Nathaniel; 65H119 

Lewis, William; 73H50 

Lewis Wharf Co.; 62S153 

Lexington (Town of); 53H30, 65H150, 70H247, 73S146, 74H101, 74H394, 

75S57, 78S94 
Lexington and Arlington Railroad; 70H129 
Lexington and Chelmsford Railroad Co.; 55S167 
Lexington and West Cambridge Railroad Co.; 45H48, 46S21, 47S30, 

51S22, 51H22, 64S128 

Reports of; 46S21, 47S30, 49S40, 50S30, 52S9, 53S3, 54S2, 56S2 

Report re- 51H30 
Lexington Hotel Co.; 68H73, 68H185 
Lexington Ministerial Fund; 45S41, 72H337 
Lexington Savings Bank; 71H111 

Reports of Receivers of; 79S31, 80S38 
Lexington Water Co.; 73H316, 81H53, 81H335, 81H378, 81H411, 81H414 
Libby, Rebecca E. ; 78H213 
Libel; 26H35 

for Divorce; 55H66, 55H83, 55H140 

in Publications; 12H3 
Liberty Hall Association; 56H265 
Liberty Masonic Association in Beverly; 67H417 
Libraries; 73H374 

See- (Libraries) Circulating, Private, Town, Public, State 
Library Corporations; 72S192, 72S291 
License Act; 72H336 
License Commissioners; 69H408, 75S149 

of Suffolk County; 70H93 
License Law; 38S42, 38S55, 69H104, 69H114, 77H227, 78S18 

Report re- 67H415 
License for Public Entertainment; 80H285, 80H313 
License Restrictions; 82S215 
Licensed Houses - Regulation of; 26H41, 27H20, 27H49, 30H2, 31H20, 

31H68, 32S30, 32S32, 32H9, 32H32, 32H34, 34H30, 34H37, 34H47, 34H52 

Report re- 37H62 
Licenses; 76S127, 76H76, 80H142, 80H167, 80H172, 82S110 
Lien Cases; 78H262 

Lien Law; 52S51, 52S68, 52S101, 52H238 
Liens; 43H27, 75H32 

on Buildings; 43S30, 61H137, 61H139, 62S190, 62H175, 72H258, 

72H378, 74S232, 74S254, 74H229, 77H130, 79H120, 79H170, 80S216 

on Cattle and Horses; 60H18, 78H224 

on Land; 79H120, 79H170, 80S216 

on Materials; 81S175 

on Mechanics; 45H30, 47H137, 51S98, 58H75 

on Real Estate; 48H177, 50H146, 67H352, 73H229, 75H96 

on Ships and Vessels; 48H96, 62S170 
Lieutenant Governor; 36S5, 74H388, 82H350 

See- Governor and Lieutenant Governor, Executive Department, and 

Legislature, Compensation of 
Life Boats; 40H35 

Report re- 42H27 
Life, Liberty and Property - Preservation of; 71S163, 71S166, 71H254 


Life Insurance; 57H135, 61H206, 63S118 

Companies; 51H82, 56H86, 64H300, 66S57, 68S259, 70H227, 79S196, 

80S59, 80H287, 81H168, 81H242, 81H309, 81H312, 81H370 

Report re- 29H5 

Policies; 66H347, 66H408, 66H427, 71H387, 71H414, 76H256, 80H207, 

80H275, 80H316, 80H327, 80H352, 81S71, 81S86- See also- Insurance 

Life-Saving Stations; 72H346 

Light House Stations; 71S148, 71S158 

Light Houses; 26S2, 74S71, 74S352, 74H145, 79H338, 80S200 

Lime - Inspection of; 46S115, 78S93 

Limited Partnership; 35H20, 35H29, 45H22, 50S28, 52S80, 60H190, 
63H127, 67S84, 67S96, 67S283, 73S22, 73H349, 75H179, 78S83 

Limited Liability; 69H466 

Lincoln (County of) - Establishment of; 74H324 

Lincoln (County of, Maine); 11D14, 11D15 

Lincoln (Town of); 53H30, 72S187 

Lincoln, Abraham (President of the United States); 65S285, 67H566 
Death of; 65S193, 65H227 
Portrait of; 65S277 

Lincoln, Ezra; 62H235 

Lincoln, Isadora F. ; 81S30 

Lincoln, J.B.; 65S47 

Lincoln, Levi (Governor, 1825-1834); 34S6 

Messages of; 26D11, 27S- , 27H1, 27H8, 28S2, 29S- , 29S7, 29H1, 5031, 

30H1, 31S1, 32S1, 32H56, 33S23, 33S57 

on Boundaries; 27H60 

on Lotteries; 33H38 

on Militia; 33S29 

on Public Lands; 33S29 

on Railroads; 27H50, 27H52, 27H57 

on Tariffs; 27S58 

Lincoln, L. & Co.; 67H282 

Lincoln, Margaret J.; 77H141 

Lincoln, W.F.; 65H281 

Lindberg, Margaret; 64S140 

Linden House Co.; 65S139 

Linseed Oil - Regulation of Sale of; 65S203 

Lippincott 's Pronouncing Gazetteer ; 56H273 

Lippitt - Treatise on the Act of War ; 71H194 

Liquids - Measurement of; 57H39, 57H63 

Liquor; 49S107, 53H41, 53H151, 54S49, 54H86, 54H98, 54H1 61 (report), 
55S68, 55S109, 55H271, 55H273, 56S43, 57H235, 66H267, 67H372, 67H422, 
67H415(report), 71H32, 71H200, 71H216, 71H235, 71H427, 71H438, 
71H448, 72S40, 72H126, 72H157, 72H177, 72H337, 74S169(report) , 74S231, 
74S239, 74S246, 74H415, 74H416, 77S89, 77S199, 77H218(report) , 79S264, 
79H174, 79H233, 79H235, 79H247, 79H309, 80S78, 803105, 803117, 803131, • 
80S138, 803146, 80H303, 80H309, 80H334, 80H336, 80H385(report) , 
82S201, 823235, 823274, 823276, 82Ha32, 82H277, 82H326, 82H342 
Cases; 75H74, 80H384 

Commission; 66H37, 66H426, 71H472, 72H68(report) , 74S105(report) 
Law; 60H220, 67H157, 77H227 

Licenses; 26310, 41316, 69H265, 80H216, 80H219, 80H358, 82S215, 
823218, 82H52 

Reports of Inspector of; 76H315, 77H266, 80H255, 81H373 
Sale of; 28H44, 30332, 33H13(report) , 35H50, 38397, 38H53(report) , 
38H65, 39310, 39314, 39364, 39H37(report) , 39H47, 39H50, 39H54, 39H55, 
39H63, 40334, 44H15, 47S59(report) , 48H51, 48H52, 48H84, 48H211, 
49H153, 49H116, 50H24, 50H42, 50H114, 50H163, 51H76, 51H132, 52329, 
523132(report), 523149, 523150, 52H64, 52H89(report) , 52H138, 52H149, 



Liquor, cont. 

Sale of, cont.; 53S135, 53Hl35(report) , 53H162(report) , 53H173, 
53H174, 53H175, 54S139, 54S155, 54H26, 54H30, 54H80, 54H133, 54H137, 
54H151, 54H147, 54H176, 55S41, 55S44, 55S148, 55H79, 55H110, 55H124, 
55H145, 56S170, 58S90, 61S112, 61S113, 61H114, 61H128, 65S200(report) , 
65S201, 65S205, 65S287, 66H359, 67H231, 67H257, 67H415, 68S6, 68S40, 
68S7, 68S140, 68S154, 68S155, 68S230, 68S258, 68S287, 68S330, 68H33, 
68H35, 68H41, 68H42, 68H48, 68H51, 68H62, 68H69, 68«70, 68H78^i 68H79, 
68H86, 68H89, 68H96, 68H111, 68H144, 68H165, 68H258, 68H299 ( report ) , 
69S204, 69S215, 69S234, 69S237, 69S279, 69S284, 69S364, 69H104, 
69H114, 69H167, 69H198, 69H201, 69H211, 69H217, 69H224, 69H226, 
69H265, 69H495, 69H501, 69H503, 70S72, 70S87, 70S138, 70S168, 70S259, ■ 
70S336, 70H75, 70H83, 70H411, 70H418, 70H437, 71S149, 71S286, 71S320, 
71S321, 72S60, 72S61, 73S162, 73S164, 73H220, 73H384, 74S16, 74S344, 
74H26, 74H415, 74H482, 74H519, 74H520, 75S2, 75S80, 75S109, 75S115, 
75S136, 75H19, 75H21, 75H82, 75H95, 75H103, 75H110, 75H129, 75H143, 
76S91, 76S112, 76S139, 76S173, 76S174, 76S201, 76S210, 76H99, 76H212, 
76H347, 76H354, 76H371, 77S171, 77S184, 77S197, 77H243, 77H275, 
77H338, 77H360, 77H361, 77H370, 78S204, 78S217, 78H112, 78H130( report), 
78H139, 78H159, 78H218, 78H229, 78H259, 78H269, 78H292, 78H299, 
78H339, 79S251, 79S259, 79H235, 80S139, 80S144, 80S156, 80S239, 80S257, 
80S160, 80H170, 80H172, 80H175, 80H201, 80H225, 80H278, 80H303, 80H304, 
80H337, 81S249, 81H73, 81H101, 81H111, 81H149, 81H203, 81H219, 81H294, 
81H297, 81H396, 81H400, 82S199, 82S210, 82S231, 82H164, 82H229(report) 
Screen Law; 80H278, 80H337, 81S217, 81S221, 81S229 
Shops; 68S170 

Transportation of; 78H300, 79S261 
See- License Houses 

Litchfield Shuttle Co.; 79S18 

Literary and Scientific Exchanges - Reports rer 45S43, 49H151 

Literary Charitable and Scientific Institutions; 72S235 

Literary Exchanges - in France; 47H159 
Report re- 50S117 

Literary Institutions; 32H26 
Grants to; 32H26 
See also- Academies and Colleges 

Litchfield, Harvey J.; 67S208 

Lithgow, Arthur - Removal of, from Office; 08D3 

Little River (Cambridge); 44H45, 45S67, 72H185 

Little Sipwisset-Cranberry and Fishing Co.; 61H91 

Littleton (Town of); 56H135, 60S139, 75S31 

Livermore, Isaac; 47H37 

Liverpool and Manchester Railroad Co.; 30S4 

Livery Stables; 56S72, 60H128 

Live Stock - Transportation of; 75S100 

Live Stock Insurance Co.; 68S78 

Livingston, William, et al.; 45S30 

Lloyd, James; 13D17 

Loan and Fund Associations; 55S18, 55S34, 55S104, 55S191, 56H296, 
57S76, 57H51, 59S158, 82H149 
Report re- 54S54 

See also- Cooperative Associations, Massachusetts Loan and Fund 
Association, and Mutual Loan and Fund Association 

Lobbying, see- Influencing Legislators 

Lobsters - Preservation of; 74S22, 74S41, 74H120, 77H134, 81H176, 
81H422, 82H91, 82H97, 82H108 
Report re- 81H314 

Local Option Law; 81H73, 81H101, 81H111 

Locke, Philip A. - Report re- 50H31 

Lockups; 73H200, 76S147, 81S77, 81S148 

Locks and Canals; 80S122 



Lockwood, Rhoads; 49S142 

Locomotives; 79H330 

Boilers; 80H65, 82H119 
Report re- Fuel for; 71H381 
Tools for; 70S296 
Whistles; 62S37, 62H141 
See also- Railroad Engines 

Logs; 54S106, 82H225 
See also- Timber 

Long Beach (Lynn); 48H161 

Long Island (Boston Harbor); 67H402 

Long Island Co.; 48H63, 49S59 

Long, James - Widow of; 79H67 

Long, John D. (Governor, 1880-1883) - Addresses of; 8031, 81S1, 82S1 

Messages; 82S46, 82S278, 82S282, 82H332 ^' 

on Almshouse Fire; 80H17 ,, 

on Cowpens Centennial; 80H370 n 

on Hoosac Tunnel; 80H262 J' 

on Pardons; 81S6, 82S2 ;j 

on Railroads; 81S226 ,i 

Long, Mrs. John D. - Death of; 82S61 I 

Long, S.H. (Colonel) - and the Band Railroad; 30S4 

Longfellow Memorial Association; 82S281 

Longwood Land Building Co.; 72S169 

Looby, Thomas - Deed of; 70S17 

Look, James H. ; 75H291 

Report re- Unjustifiable Arrest of; 76H169 

Lordon, Daniel; 69H484, 69H497 
See also- State House 

Lord's Day - Observance of; 50H15, 59H28, 51H125(report) , 55H166, 

62S151, 62H228, 63H173, 64S253, 64H65, 65S164, 65H230, 67H345, 67H390, 

77H46, 77H54 

Running Railroad Trains on the, see- Railroads 

Lorimer, George C. - Election Sermon by; 73S- 

Loring, Edward G. - Removal of, from Office; 55H63, 55H93(report), 
55H205, 55H302, 57S160(report) , 58H107(report) , 55S161, 58S84 

Loring, JohnF.; 29H40 

Lothrop, Barnabas; 66H168 

Lothrop, S.K. - Election Sermon by; 55S- 

Lothrop, Thornton K. - on New York and New England Railroad; 80H395 

Lotteries; 26S17, 26H22, 29H8, 29H19, 33H38, 51S25, 56S21, 56H85, 
67S271, 69H70 
Reports re- 18D7, 26H16, 27H19, 27H32, 27H51, 27H53, 29H4, 33H44 

Louisiana (State of); 75H2, 75H131, 75H152 

Report re- Imprisonment of CJtizens of Massachuseets in; 45H65 

Lovell, Josiah G. ; 63H172 

Lovell's Pond; 71H57 

Levering, William C; 62H219 

Low, Alfred - Authorization to Build a Wharf; 66H273 

Low, David - Extension of Wharf of; 56H216 

Low, John - Extension of Wharf of; 66H238 

Lowe, Grace C; 69H507 

Lowell (City of); 34S16, 36S45, 43S59, 45H56, 45H62, 46S15, 47H66, 
49H137, 50H86, 51S113, 52S87, 55S154, 55S177, 55S199, 55H210, 56S228, 
60H215, 61H201, 66H264, 66S85, 66S188, 68H123, 69S320, 69H334, 
70S106, 70H308, 70H369, 71S18, 71S70, 71S426, 72H166, 73H123, 73H152, 
73H220, 74H128, 74H328, 74S182, 74S183, 74S193, 74S273, 74S274, 
74S284, 75H210, 77H188, 78S142, 79H158, 79H167, 80S124, 81H70, 82H82, 


Police Court of; 47S57, 47S88, 47S96, 47S106 

Reports re- 52H60, 52H230, 76S100 



Lowell (City of), cont. 

Report re- Contested Election in; 66H32 

Reports re- Disease in; 38S103, 77S75 

Report re- Police Court in; 43S59 
Lowell and Andover Railroad; 46S54, 46S72, 74H59 

Report of; 47S30 

Report re- 45S30 
Lowell and Boston Railroad, see- Boston and Lowell Railroad 
Lowell and Lawrence Railroad Co.; 51S64, 78H360 

Reports of; 49S40, 50S30, 51S22, 52S9, 53S3, 54S2, 55S2, 56S2, 57S2 
Lowell and Nashua Railroad - Report of; 41S17 ,„ 

Lowell and Salem Union Railroad Co.; 48H72, 48H105 ' 1' 

Lowell Bleachery; 52H78, 74H7 J 

Lowell Brigade Band; 62H219 | 

Lowell Felting Mills; 67H72 111 

Lowell Gas Light Co.; 71S105 »' 

Lowell Health Insurance Co.; 47H23, 47H134 Jj 

Lowell Horse Railroad Co.; 63S134, 64H345, 73H152, 75S131 % 

Lowell Hosierty Co.; 69S296, 82S55 1i 

Lowell Institution for Savings; 56H140, 59H26 
Lowell, Johnii.; 71S222 
Lowell Mechanics Savings Bank; 61H70 
Lowell Medical College; 41H54 
Lowell Museum; 50H108 

Lowell Savings Institutions - Report re- 47S99 
Low-Lands - Drainage of; 57S131, 57S212 
Luce, Pulton C; 66S59 
Luce, William H., et al.; 63S92 
Luddy, Mary; 76H111 
Ludington, Julia; 53H46 
Ludlow (Town of); 47H82 

Report of Overseer of the Poor of; 48S33 
Lumber; 29S11, 29S16, 52S119, 52S142, 58S49, 59H187, 65H154, 78S60, 

78S73, 78S82, 78S87 

District; 74S152 

Survey of; 72H77 
Lunt, William P. - Eulogy on John Quincy Adams; 48S- 
Lycoming Coal Co.; 33S8 

Lying-in-Hospitals - Regulation of; 76S153, 76H195 
Lyman, Luke; 74H237 
Lynde, Warren - Report re- 56H29 
Lynn (Town of); 49S67, 49H16, 50H16 

Contested Election in; 32H10 
Lynn (City of); 49S94, 50S83, 54H16, 56H150, 56H185, 59H255, 60H21, 

61H144, 64H136, 67H79, 68H306, 68H343, 68H382, 69S231, 69S247, 70H180, 

70H269, 71S30, 71S146, 71S210, 71S356, 71S370, 71S378, 72S167, 72S183, ' 

72H104, 72H244, 72H299, 74H369, 75H101, 75H284, 76H30, 76H97, 76H146, 

76H251, 77S58, 77S108, 77H171, 78H234, 79H249, 80H213, 81H350 
Lynn and Boston Railroad Co.; 59H241, 60H157, 61S8, 62H328, 62H348, 

63H63, 65S192, 66H9, 66H16, 80S114, 80S164, 81S160 
Lynn Aqueduct Co.; 65S114, 68S284 
Lynn Beaches; 52H203 
Lynn City Railway Co.; 73H251 
Lynn Five Cent Savings Bank; 68H91 
Lynn Gas Light Co.; 73S71, 73H157 
Lynn Harbor; 67S136 
Lynn Home for the Aged; 74S15 
Lynn Institution for Savings; 69H373 
Lynn Market Co.; 70S68, 70S111 
Lynn Mechanics Bank; 57S94 



Lynn Mechanics Building Association; 70S1S2 

Lynn Mutual Fire Insurance Co. ; 73H249 

Lynn Mutual Fire and Marine Insurance Co.; 52H76 

Lynn Odd Fellows Hall: 69S255, 71S26, 71H87 

Lynn Railroad Co. ; 69H500 

Lynn Water Works; 57H17S 

Lynn Workingmen's Aid Association; SOH125 

Lynnfield (Town of); 70S113 

Lynnfield Mutual Fire Insurance Co. ; 52Hd4 

Lyon, Henry; 53S116, 53H104 


McAlister, George H. ; 75H221 

McCafferty, Matthew J. ; S1H53 

McClallen, Robert - Reports of as Treasurer of New York State; IID- », 

McCollum, Eunice H. ; 67H223 »| 

McCollum, Henry E. ; 63SS6, 6ifH260, 66H265 f 

McDonald, Charles H.: 66H199 '' 

McDonald, Joseph; b9H135 I 

McDonald, Owen; 75S96, 75S130 

McDonnell, Owen; 69H4d5 ' 

McEroy, Joseph; 74H1S9 

McGrath, John; 74H193, 75S35, 76H95, S1H39 

Mclntyre, John; 6SS64 

McKay, Donald - Authorization to Build a Wharf; 56S23I 

McKensie, Alexander - Election Sermon by; 79S- 

McLellan, George F. ; 66H289 

McNamara, John; 69H2Sg 

McNeill, George - Report of, re- Schooling and Labor of Factory 

Children; 75S50 
McQuire, Patrick - Report re- 62H89 
Machinery - Accidents Caused by; 71H279 
Mackey, Philip; 75H330, 77H230, 8OHI83 
MacKintosh, James; 81H97 
Mad Dogs; 77S145 
Madcai Family; 53H62, 53H100 
Madison, James (President, United States) - Message from, re- Declaration 

of War; 12S4 
Magee Furnace Co. ; 6SS231 
Magginnis, William; 32H67 
Magistrates - Jurisdiction of; 71S112 

Proceedings before; 70H105 
Maguire, Mary; 67H412 

Mails, United States - Railways and: 67H44S 
Main, Nancy; 6SS63, 6SH242, 69H326 
Maine, District of - Reports re- Separation of from Masssachusetts; 

16D24, 20D- , 20D24 
Maine (State of): 43H21, 61H30, 63H240, 63H268, 73H413 

Boundaries; 26DI3 

Franking Privilege in; 3SH49 

Lands in; S0S232, 8OS234 

Railroads in; 52H15S 

Report re- Geology of; 37S39 

Reports re- Military Road in; 64H229, 64H27S, 64H3S3 

Wild Lands in; 31S3 

See also- Public Lands 
Maine Land Office; OSD- , 12D5 
Maine Liquor Law; 52H34, 52H64 
Makepeace, R. - Arguments of, re- Bridge over Charles River; 27H53 


Maiden (Tovm of); 53H65, 55H155, 64H31S, 62S22, 64H31S, 69H186, 70HS5, 
70H2g6, 72H133, 73H$7, 76SIS6, 76S294, 77H270, 7SH13, 7SH47 
Report re- Division of; 69HI66 

Maiden (City of); 31H114 

Maiden and Melrose Railroad Co. ; 56S207 

Maiden Bridge; 37S100, 55H2g, 59H11S, 69S253, 73H354, 74H142, 74H144 
Report re- 63H269 

Maiden Canal Co.; if6S94 

Maiden Masonic Building Association; 7IH65 

Malden-Medford Parochial Cemetery Association; 30H111, SOHI5I 

Malden-Melrose Gas Light Co. i 63S157 

Maiden River; 56S66, 6aH266, 69SI8O, 73H306 

Maiden Savings Bank; 60H35 

Mallory, Thomas; 7SH230 

Mallory, Elizabeth; 67H224, 67H431 

Manchester (Town of); 573^4, 73H250 

Mandamus ; 73H419 

Maney, Thomas L. ; 82H259 

Mangen, John; 74H258 

Mann, Albert W. ; 71H107 

Mann, Horace; 49H77, 6ISIO6 

Purchase of Writings of, by State; 67H207, 67H276(report ) , 67H293(rep.) 

Manomet Hotel Co. ; 67H328 

Mansfield and Farmington Railroad; 69S26 

Mansfield and Framingham Railroad Co.; 68H219, 69H354, 70S81, 72S83 

Itonsfield and Somerset Railroad Co.; 64S45, 66H41, 66h46 

Mansfield Coal Mining Co.; 52H39 
Report re- 3SS96 

Manson, Aaron, et al. - Report re- 47S99 

Manual Labor Schools - Report re- 34H71 

Manufacturers* Exchange Co.; 67H97 

Manufacturers' Gas Co.; 67S30 
of Fall River; 73S141 

Manufacturers* Gas-Light Co.; 80H286 

Manufacturers* Insurance Co.; 60H4 

Manufacturers* Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 35S27 

Manufacturing; 29H17, 74S59 

Corporations; 36H14, 54H108, 55S114, 57S88, 5SH66, 53H137, 59H191, 
59H247, 62H316, 63S139, 67H263, 67S37, 673^3, 70S152, 7IS84, 74S113, 
74S297, 74S322, 74H370, 74H3S5, 74H400, 75S103, 75S158, 75H366, 75H111, 
76H2, 77S57, 77H367, 78S29, 79S220, 80H211, 80H301, 81H254, 82H176 
Directors of; 55H115 

Duties of; 26D32, 26H11, 26H48, 27H19, 29S5, 29H26 
Hours of Labor in; 66SI8O, 66S239, 66S240, 663248, 66S297 
Reports re- 46S8I, 49H76 
Stock of; 43H51 

Stockholders of; 52S116, 52H415, 62S176, 643246, 68H296 
Taxation of; 45S33, 78H305 
See also- Corporations, Establishments 
Child Labor in; 36H49, 37399, 42S56, 42H4, 44S41, 49H95, 49H126, 
49H155, 5OHI53, 5IHI79, 553189, 55H226, 5^335, 58360, 6OHI3O, 663180, 
66S239, 66S240, 663248, 663297, 66HIO4, 66H193, 66H301, 66H383, 66H394, 
66H397, 67H162, 67HI8O, 67H191, 67H203, 67H389, 68H295, 723274, 733247, 
73H290, 73H346, 74H398, 75H211, 75H263, 76337, 76352, 803141, 803154, 

gOQl 02 

Hours of Labor in; 673117, 673122, 673132, 673142, 703197, 71H314, 
7IH352, 7SH290, 803108, 803205, 803209, 81H300, 81H401 
Reports re- Child Labor in; b8321, 69344, 70313 
Safety in: 68H311, 80H291, 80H31^, 81H240, 82H19d 
Map of the Commonwealth; 39H11, 40349, 54H170 

Reports re- 27H5, 3Sh80, 39369, 40H19, 41329, 41H9, 42H13, 44H47 


Maps - Expenses of Towns in Making; 33H7 

Maple Grove Cemetery - in Chicopee; 65H50, 7SS101, 7SS117 

in Westport; S1H127 
Maple Street Congregational Church (Danvers); 74S98 
Marble, John W. (Captain); 62H331 
Marblehead (Town of); 35H7, 67S71, 69S66, 69S337, 71H241, 73S250, 

73S255, 73H55, 73H71, 73S69, 7SS92, 30H69, 81H178, 82S177 

Reports re- Elections in: 27H33, 30H15, 34H29, 65H26 
Marblehead Academy; 65S182 
Marblehead and Lynn Railroad Co.; 65SI25, 69S337, 69H20, 71H272, 72H244, 

Marblehead and Lynn Branch Railroad Co. ; 47S91 • >< 

Marblehead Breakwater Co.; 45H47 ; 

Marblehead Savings Bank; 71H131 *| 

Mar chant, Bernard G. (Guardian of Chappiquidic Indians); 62H345» 64Hlb4, •' 

65H172, 66H85, 67H139, 6SH235, 71H440 ,„ 

Marginal Freight Railway Co.; 72H219, 72S303, 67S129 J| 

Marine Insurance Co. ; 7SH64 rl 

Mariner's Bank; 50H98 51 

Mariner's Exchange; 64S92 | 

Mariner's Marine Insurance Co.; 54H175 j 

Mariners and Ship Owners; 57SS$, 57S110, 59S1S2 j 

Mariners Mutual Insurance Co. ; 55H72 ^ 

Marion (Town of); 52H50, 52H135, 53SSO, 65H33, 66S42, 69S359, 69S375, 

70S74, 70S206, 70S213, 70H246, 72S166, S2S253 

Harbor in; 64H350 
Maryland, John, et al, - Report re- Petition of; 47S104 
Marlborough (Town of); 64H122, 64HI23, 66H316, 77S42, 77H26, 77H107, 

SOSlSO, 30S190, S2H303, S2H324 

Report re- Boundary of; 33S11 
Marlborough and Feltonville Branch Railroad; 62H101 
Marlborough Aqueduct Co.; 67SIS4 
Marlborough Branch Railroad Co.; 52S77, 5^375 

Reports of; 53S3, 54S2, 55S2, 56S2, 57S2 
Marlborough Gas Light Co.; 65S22 
Marriage; 30H17, 30H32, 3OH63, 34S2S, 34S67, 45S82, 49S97, 50H39, 

5IHI7S, 53S74, 57H66, 57H138, 63HI91, 70S148, 70H110, 70H479, 79H65, 


Between Non-resident Parties; 67H119 

Between Relations; 76H154 

Contracts; 643^5, 67H70, 67H90, 69S330 

Interracial; 4OH46, 41H7, 43S10 

Reports re- 40S29, 4IS46, 70S272 

Separation from; 45S47, 46H64, 61S99, 61H222, 62H243, 62H375, 63H134 

See also- Divorce 
Marshfield (Town of); 71S240, 71S329 

Marshfield Agricultural and Horticultural Society; 67355, 67381 
Marshpee (District of); 34365, 3538, 37356, 47H87, 47H102, 52383, 

53356, 53H89, 55H192, 56S50, 56H65, 56H171, 56H210, 58361, 60H26, 

60H32, 6OHI3I, 62316, 63H255, 64H109, 64HII3, 64H202, 65SI4I, 66H134, 

66HI5O, 66H263 

Reports of the Commissioners of; 36S13, 36386, 37S35, 3^317, 40323, 

41H24, 4236, 44350, 45H20, 46H9, 47H8, 48S21, 49H15, 50H45, 513121, 

53311, 54318 

Reports re- 40H43 1 

Schools; 61396, 63H34, 65H94, 67H131, 68H378 
Marshpee (Tov;ti of); 69H483 

See- Bashpee 
Marshpee Indians; 34317, 34H18, 34H11, 48H132, 62H117, 63H222, 82H226 

Report of Commissioners of; 34314, 5538 

Report of Treasurer of; 56334, 57H38 


Marshpee Indians, cont. 

Report re- Education of; 29H47 

Reports re- 39H72 
Marshpee Manufacturing Co.; 67H67, 67H315f 68S127 
Marshpee River; 59H126 
Martha's Vineyard, see- Oak Bluffs 

Martha's Vineyard Campground; 64H195, 66S115, 6SS201 
Martha's Vineyard Railroad; 75H204 
Martha's Vineyard Steamboat Co.; 65SI96 
Martin, Abel C. ; 74H304 

Martin, Oramel D. ; 70H341, 70H346 1 

Maryland (State of); 62H351, 62S1SS, 62H35, 6333^ ■ 1} 

Mashpee (Town of); 70H31^, 70S247, 70S254, 72S116, 75H122, 7SH214, 

7SH333, 7SS42, 7SS238, 7SS260, 79S204 Jl 

Masked Balls; 7BHS2 

Mason, Albert - Argument of, re- Railroads; SOH345 f 

Mason and Hamlin Organ Co.; S2H6S j,; 

Masonic Building Association; 67H365 f| 

Masonic Building Association of New Bedford; 
Masonic Societies, see- Freemasonry 
Massachusetts (Commonwealth of); 56H219, 56SIO9, 62s69, 62S90, 62S117, 

62S132, 62S173, 71S15S 

Actions against; 71HS2 

Agricultural College; 48S35, 623160, 63S110, 633156, 63H39, 63H2g3, 

643233, 64H6, 64H11, 64H179, 64H200, 65S172, 65S233, 65H12$, 67H304, 

63365, 6SHI67, 69H69, 69HISI, 703330, 70H2g9, 70H465, 71H390, 71H463, 

71H464, 73H319, 74H71, 74H356, 74H390, 76H28S, 773146, 73H277. 793195, 

793206, 79H322, 79H326, 79H337, BOH332, 813235, S1H235, 81H37^, 81H440, 


Annual Reports of; 64HII, 64H179, 65H8, 66339, 67339, 68H30, 69331, 
7036, 71375, 723100, 73375, 74350, 75399, 76345, 77345, 783100, 
793100, 803125, 81314 
Reports re- 71H420, 79H320, 80H9 

Auditor of, see- Auditor of Accounts 

Capital of. Change of, see- Seat of Government 

Census of, see- Census of Massachusetts 

Claims; 3033, 32H53, 32S5, 3334, 3534, 35360, 36310, 37H45, 39S29, 

42324, 42328, 543121, 54H70 

on the Federal Government; 21D- , 24H11, 26D1, 26D33, 30H32 ( report ) , 

59H13, 59H185 

Reports re- 21D- , 3132, 31H29, 32336, 38H54, 39368, 4OH6I, 4OH69, 

53313, 6939 

Reports re-, for Military Services; 3036, 30H70 

School Fund; 40H48 
Constitution of, see- Constitution of Massachusetts 
Convention of; 17388, 56H51 
District Police, see- District Police 
Employment Bureau, see- Disabled Soldiers 
Expenses and Resources of - Report re- 20D- 
History of - Report re- Documents re- 31H23, 31H56 
Militia, see- Militia 

Officers and Soldiers; 663312, 69H222, 713316, 713328, 8OS60 
Police, see- District Police and Massachusetts State Police 
Prosecuting Officers of; 35347, 43354, 43H54, 663232, 673203 
Regiments; 63H205 

Records; 56H50, 56H242(report ) , 58H29 
Reports re- Expenses of; 16D- , 20D- 
Reports re- Separation of Maine from; 16d- , 20D- 
Rights in Tidewaters; 683219, 683302 


Massachusetts (Commonwealth of), cont. 

School for Mentally 111; 55H175, 5^H6a, 61S25, 6IS64, 6IS65, 64HIOI, 
65H146, 66HI94, 67H220, 67H221, 6SH291, 69Ha3, 74H130, 75H146 76H339 
77H159, 7SHI71, 7SHI74, a2H307 

Reports of; 55HS1, 57H212, 65H175 
School Fund, see- School Fund 
Scrip; 62H93 

Account of; 43H37 
Soldiers' Home; 77S177, 78H324 

Soldiers in Civil War; 62H50, 66H334, 66H421, 66H429 
South Boundary of - Report re- 32S34 

See also- Rhode Island (State of) 
Special Law, see- Special Law 

State Almshouses: 55S42, 55H111, 56HI96, 5aH119, 6ISI64, 6IH250, 
64S174, 65SI3O, 65H119, 65H212, 67S240, 69S292, 69H5, 76H174 

at Bridgewater; 61S139, 62S142, 63H152, 63H297, 66SI3I, 67H320, 

69H204, 72H52 , ^ » 

Reports re- 55S15, 56S5, 57S5 

at Monson; 57H150, 61H173, 63S24, 64H327, 67H305, 6aH3S9, 69H203 

7OHI24, 70H15a, 72H54 
Reports of; 55S14, 56S7, 57S7 

" Report re- 68H402 

at Tewksbury; 57H127, 64S75, 64S243, 66SI52, 67H306, 68HI60, 68H193, 

69H180, 70H94, 71S294, 71S303, 71H93, 71H401, 72H174, 74H4a5, 75H28a, 

75H306, 76S181, 77S13S, 77H23, 77H120, 79H111, 8OHI7, 80H31, SOH133, 

0IH272, o2S20 
Reports of; 55S13, 56S6, 57S6 
Report re- 76H326 

at Rainsford Island; 56S15, 6$S104 
Report re- 6OS63, 65S28 
State Archives - Indexing of; 77H293, 73H164 

Reports re- 3BU5B, 52S34 
State Arsenal - in Boston; 30S30, 43H89, 43S64, 43S69( report), 46SII 

(report), 47S49( report) 

in Cambridge; 47S49, 61S6g, 64HIOS, 65HIS9, 66H90, 66H3S7, 67H290. 

67H397, 72S122, 7SH318, aiH13S, g2S2^g ^ ly ( y f 

Reports re- 4asi43, 49S151, 50S42, 51H92, 57S26, 62H126, 64HIOO, 

67H75, 72H3S, 73H120 ' 

in South Framingham; 74H387, 76H360, 77H273 
State Auditor, see- Auditor of Accounts 
State Board of Agriculture, see- Board of Agriculture 
State Board of Education, see- Board of Education 
State Board of Health; 69S340, 70H166, 70H260, 70H380, 72H322, 72HX17, 

VA'lm^k'lmTd ""'"• ''"'''' '"'"'• '"'''°' '"'''''' '''"^' 

Reports of; 70S2, 71S50, 72S40, 73S20, 74S100, 75S100, 76SIOO, 77S75 ■ 
State Bonds, see- Bonds, Commonwealth Bonds and Massachusetts Bonds 
State Cabinet; 61H226, 66SI9S, 66S279, 66H348 
State Charities, Board of; 59S77, 68H39S, 69S391, 70S167, 70S179, 

70S214, 70S251, 70H6, 70H41, 71S43, 75H307, 76S151, 76H3S 

Reports of; 65S23, 75S173 
State Chemist - Report of; 39S53 

State Commissioners - Reports re- 55H311, 72H295, 78S4I 
State Constabulary; 66S71, 67H416, 78S22 
State Contracts; 78H268 
State Debt; 39H35(report) , 61H43, 81H340 

State Departments; 57H73, 60H28, 65S268, 66S34, 66S79, 79S203 
State Detective Police Force; 74S171, 74S277, 74H414, 74H451, 74H454, 

74H463, 74H491, 75S21, 75S28, 75S33, 75H62, 75H63, 75H132, 7aS22, 

78S202, 78S210, 7SS2l6, 7SHI67, 79S97, 79S118, 79S215, 79S226, 79S236, 

79H9, 79H19, 79H341, 79H353, 79H361 

Reports of; 76H26, 77S11 


Massachusetts (Commonwealth of), cont. 

State Expenditures; 7SH26g, 7SH365, ^2H374 

State Farm (V/estborough) ; 55H240, 56H74, 57H36, 57S215( report) 

State Government - Report on Organization of; 50S9B 

State Guard - at Worcester; 67HI7S 
Formation of; 63H227 

State Hospital; 29H13, 29H39, 35S54, 35H63. 37S95. 3SS62, 47HipS, 
4SH35, 56SIOO, 56H44, 57S12g, 59H121, 62S164, 62H269, 62H368, 63H231, 
64H279, 65H103, 65H255, 67H248, 8OH234 

Reports of; 34S10, 34H74, 35S16, 36S7, 37S13, 37S21, 37S54, 3835, 
38H16, 39S8, 40S9, 40S43, 41S3, 42S8, 42S77, 43S19, 45S1, 46S1, 47S1, 
48S1, 49S1, 50SI, 5ISI, 52S1, 53S1 4 

Reports re- 41S52, 42S66, 42S77, 43S48, 43H38, 44S14, 44S49, 45359, ' 
45H52, 46H87, 49H146 , . . Z 

at Danvers; 74H474, 74H515, 74S147, 75H51, 76S200, 76H2$2, 76H332, |f 
77S194(report), 77S201, 77H242, 77H282, 77H292, 77H337, 78H357, 78H374, 'I 
79H260, 80H116, gOH257, 81H273, 81H390, 82H265 l\ 

at North Ha pton; 56H18(report ) , 56H138(report ) , 56H215 ( report ) , si 
57H22( report), 57H164, 57H221, 57H249, 57H251, 53H63, 5SH64, 58H69, Jl 
58HI46, 6IHI4I, 62S31, 62H123, 64S268, 64H299, 65H147, 66SI8I, ?l 
67H324, 68S269, 73H391 

Reports of: 57S8 ^ , x 

at Taunton; 53Hll(report ) , 53H69, 53H164, 54H61, 54S87 ( report ) , 
56HI95, 73S170, 74H70, 75H114, 78H198, 81S247, 82S125, 82S202 

Reports of; 55SII, 56SI4, 57S11 
at Worcester; 32S2(report ) , 32H49, 34S10, 34S41, 54S60, 54S83 ( report ) , 
64S107, 65H1, 67H391, 70H310, 71H50, 72H313, 72HI28, 73H339, 74376, 
75H218, 76H348, 77H3o8, 82H299 

Reports of; 54SI, 55S1, 5^31, 5731 

State House; 53H96, 55H229, 57351, 58H104, 643157 (report), 653273, 
68S335, 68H397, 75H373 (report) 

Beaut ifi cat ion and Improvement of; 49H110, 55393, 56H159 ( report ) , 
603119, 63314, 64328, 66S288, 66H270, 66H353, 66H355, 67H449, 68H58, 
68H3 94 (report), 69H2(report ) , 69H123, 71H425, 73H429, 30H365, 81H409, 
82368, 82H372 

Enlargement of; 50H149, 53359Creport ) , 53384, 54376 (report), 54S133 
(report), 54S150, 55H9, 55H29, 55H92, 55H217, 5638(report) , 56H35(rep.), 
64398, 80H297, 80H306, 823288 

Repairs to; 41H72(report ) , 4IH8I ( report ) , 43H80(report ), 47H153, 
48H65, 49H114, 54H183( report), 56H67( report), 56H75, 56H268, 663301, 
68H390, 69H15( report), 69H484, 72H392, 733223, 74H490, 75H104, 75H178, 
75H378, 76H331, 77H380, 78H361, 78H372, 78H381, 793291, 80H237, 81H445 
Reports of. Commissioners re- 58H9, 67360, 75367 
Safety of; 38H55(report ) , 643108, 67H454, 72H186, 72H395 

State Industrial School for Girls (Lancaster); 55325, 56H174, 57H125, 
58HI42, 6ISI64, 61H188, 61H223, 63H208, 63H257, 643153, 6Z^3249, 653127^ 
65S265, 683152, 68H192, 69H223, 723268, 73H219, 763140, 76H46, 76H177, 
77H174, 77H351, 77H356, 82H354 
Report of; 57H20 
See also- State Reform School for Girls 

State Inebriate Asylum; 75348 

State Institutions; 683293, 70H486, 78H35, 78H197 

State Librarian; 79H345 

State Library; 48H9, 493141, 493153, 51H192, 563127, 573130, 61358, 
63328, 663141, 67378, 693315, 703115, 72H82, 73H234, 74H230, 75346, 
76H93, 77314, 77H196, 79H345, 80H38, 8OHI84, 8I356, 82H44, 82H291 
Reports of; 48H9, 49312, 50313, 52328, 53357, 5438, 55316, 56324, 
Reports re- 26H5, 49H71, 50354, 5135, 6OS4O 

State liquor Agency (Commission); 673255, 67H415, 72323 
Reports of; 70S126, 733182 
Reports re- 58390, 663285, 703207 



Massachusetts (Commonwealth of), cont. 

State Manual Labor School - Reports re- 46SS6, 47S10 

State Map; 55H294, 59S1S, 59H212, 61S23, 6lH9^, 70S146, 72S301 
Reports re- 29H37, 43S46 

State Nautical School; 55H261, 56H153 

State Normal Art School; 73H310, 75S34, 75H4, 75H41. 76H269, 77S105, 
79H32S, 8OSI43, 30S159, ^03203, BOH205, 30H305, ^1H270 
Report re- Management of; S2H330 

State Normal Schools; 42S72, 45S24, 47H107, 53H49, 53HS6, 53S63, 

54H14S, 55S57, 55H176, 57H19S, 57H199, 67H240, 6aH21g, 7OHI36, 71S160 
Reports re- 41H45, 45H17, 47H154, 51S4, 513^6, 52S4, 53S7, 57S217, 
64S11S, 66H30S , I! 

at Bridgewater; 56H26o, 62S55, 67S67, 67H261, 69H96, 69H4SS, 70H24, 1 
7ISI60, 7IH327, 73H304, 74H262, 75Hld9, 76H134, 76HI30, 76H2S1, S1S137, S 
glH107, 82H137, S2H220, B2H2g2 ^ 

at Framingham; 54SSO, 56H260, 69H96, 69H4S8, 70H24, 7ISI6O, 75H1S9, 
76HI34, 70HI36, 76H2S1, 77H240, S0H109, S2S262 «i 

at Lexington; 52S91 (moved to Framingham) *' 

at Newton; 52H195, 52H196 (moved to Framingham) S 

at Salem; 56H260, 60S53, 70H230, 75H189, 76H134, 76HI36, 76H2S1, i 
77H240, SISI90 

at Westfield; 54S30, 56H260, 60S53, 63S35, 71H3S9, 72S120, 74H262, 
76HI34, 76HI36, 76H2gl, 77H240 
at Worcester; 71H259, 73S134, 74H262, 82S91 

State Officers - Salaries of; 66H3S5, 66H399, 66H409, 66H414, 66H419, 
73S257, 76SI5I 
Votes for; 56S11 

State Police; 66H351, 67S76, 6SS2, 63S110, 6aH2, 6SH90, 68H109, 

6aH136, 69H261, 70H482, 71S195, 71H22, 7IHIO4, 71H442, 71H446, 71H450, 
74S111, 74S120, 74H402 1 

State Primary School; 663218. 723156, 76H214, 77313^, 77H205, 78H303, ' 
80H41, 80H277, SOH314, 8lH37o, 82H207, 82H354 
Report re- 76S159 

State Prison; 27325, 36359, 44335, 44S79, 47H53, 4SH117, 493122, 
5OHI8O, 5IHI86, 52393, 523125, 52H166, 53360, 533126, 53H139, 53H114, 
54H94, 54H97, 55H201, 56313^, 56S257, 56HI42, 56H177, 56H230, 57319, 
57H44r 57H107, 57H14S, 57H200, 57H22a, 593133, 593177, 59H17, 59H41, 
59HB4, 59H127, 59H264, 603107, 61377, 613122, 6IHX8, 62H321, 63355, 
64S220, 64H248, 64H367, 64H3SO, 653106, 65H192, 663263, 66HI9S, 663262, 
693292, 693314, 69HI96, 69H294, 69H456, 69H5II, 703165. 70H45, 70H202, 
7IH258, 7IH323, 71H416, 72339, 723153, 72H31, 72H46, 72h81, 72H149, 
73352, 73355, 73368, 733210, 733232, 73H45, 73H209, 73H407, 73H41^, 
743217, 743230, 743346, 74H186, 74H210, 74H228, 74H354, 74H474, 74H515, 
75361, 75H80, 75H154, 75H235, 75H3^5, 76H41, 76H81, 7^3136, 7^3179, 
78S234, 783251, 7SHI5, 7SH40, 7SHI60, 7SH294, 7SH308, 7SH313, 73H353, 
79366, 79378, 793101, 793132, 793246, 793286, 79H252, 79H277, 80331, • 
80372, 80S92, 803109, 803174, 8OS250, 803258, 80H21, 80H157, 8OHI6O, 
81357, 81H34, 8IH83, 81H182, 8IHI86, 81H226. 8IH236. 81H252. 8IH258, 
81H417, 81H426, 82314^, 823162, 823238, 823277, 823289, 82H294, 82H368. 
Appropriation for; 29H20 

at Concord: 75H120, 75H359, 76S3(report) , 763117, 76H70( report), 
79S41, 79H2( report) 
Convict Labor in; 44H2 5 (report) 

Discipline in: 27D- , 58H116, 57H227 ( report ) , 5933^, 59S66, 
66H352(report), 73H93 
Documents on; 3234, 3332, 3532 

Enlargement of; 50H140( report ) , 57H171, 59310(report ) , 53383, 59H103 
Expenditures (1812-1825); 26D3 
Improvements; 543101, 753159, 66H327, 66H133, 68H237, 69H84, 75S159 


Massachusetts (Commonwealth of), cont. 

State Prison, cont. 
Lands; 71S253 

Library for; 45S76(reports) , 46S23, 47H63 
Management of; 37S98 
New Facility; 53S6o( report) 
See- State Prison at Concord 
on Goveniing of; 27S6l (report) 

Regulation of; 27S24, 27S26, 27S27, 23S17, 32H31, 36S52 
Religious Instruction in; 77H183 ( report ) , 77H318 (report) 
Religious Toleration in; 44S15i 44So5 

Reports of Inspectors of; 30S1, 30S2, 34S7, 52H3, 55H3, 56H3, 57H3,. 

Reports of Officers of; 36S6, 37S3, 3^516, 39S2, 4OSIO, 41S4, 42S9, 
43S17, 44S5, 45Sg, 46S3, 47S7, 4^33, 49S5, 50S10, 5IHI5, 53H3, 54H3 
Reports re- 23S5, 29S2, 3SS90, 39S70, 40S4$, 41S31, 42S62, 43S43, 
44S42, 45S45, 45S71, 46S22, 48S93, 50S110, 54S78, 54S98, 73S242 
Treasurer's Report re- 34S4^ 
See also- Prisons 

State Reform School: 4^3109, 4SH202, 49H84, 50h71, 52H100, 54S37, 
54H118, 55H234, 56SI29, 56S143, 56H276, 57H157, 5SS18, 59S118, 59H122, 
61H82, 61H223, 6ISI40, 62H104, 63H168, 63H182, 69H455, 72S203, 73H398, 
74H444, 75H261, 76SI40, 76SI65, 76H46, 76H177, 76H190, 77H16, 77H202, 
79H100, S0H277, 80H314, 82H354 

Buildings; 47S52, 47H119, 48Sl8(report ) , 48H53 
for Girls; 51HS5(report ) , 54H99(report ) , 55H43(report ) , 55H301, 
56S36, 56SI29, 56SI43, 56H3 3 (report), 56HI24, 56HI94 
Nautical Branch; 62S63, 62H104| 64S212, 64S224, 64H241, 64H253, 
64H366, 65SI52, 65H177, 65H2a2, 66H83, 66H115, 66H161, 67S191, 
70S270, 72S59, 72S74 

Reports of; 4SS7, 49S6, 50S12, 5IHI4, 52H2, 53H2, 54H2, 55H2, 56H2, 
57H2, 63H354 

Reports re- 47S52, 50S7, 56S235, 6ISI4B, 68H354, 75H381, 77S65, 

State Scholarships; 53S71, 64S182, 66H109, 66H162 

State Scrip; 69H79, 69H260, 7OH4I0 

State Survey, see- Survey of the State 

State Tax (Assessments of ) ; 28H37, 29Hl(report ) , 29H6, 32H47(report ) , 
44H27, 45H15, 53H138, 54H142, 55H293, 56H284(report ) , 57H2oa(report) , 
58H180, 6OHI4I, 61H24S, 62H247, 63H214, 63H311, 64H197, 65HI30, 
65H241, 66HI63, 67S154, 67HI23, 68HI3I, 69H225, 70S288(report ) , 
70H248, 70H306, 70H402(report ) , 7IS65, 71S69, 71H10^, 71H379(report ) , 
72H333, 7aH428, 74H294, 74H329, 75H302, 76H36a, 77H388, 78H376, 
79H37^, 80H380, 81H446, 82H374 
See also- Finance, Taxation, Taxes 

State Vaccine Institution; 73H204(report ) 

State Valuation; 32D- (report of), 71H103, 71H15?, 71H171, 71H177 

State Visiting Agency; 71S212, 71H334, 71H444, 72S135 

State Workhouse (Bridgewater) ; 66S201, 69H281, 69H312, ^0S110(report ) , 
70H2^, 70H374, 70H456, 72H210, 7$H3'08, 77H116, 78H3, 79H162, 80H238, 

Stock of in Railway Companies; 7SH281 

Treasurer of, see- Treasurer and Receiver General 

Volunteers, see- Militia 

War Fund; 65S93, 65SIIS, 69H57 

War of 1812 in; 12S4(report ) , 12S5, 12S6, 13H18, 15D8(report) , 71H253 
Massachusetts Abattoir Co. ; 72H393 
Massachusetts Academy of Fine Arts; 53H9S 

Massachusetts Academy of Agriculture; 48H121, 48HI7S, 48SS6, 56HI23 
Massachusetts Agency at Washington; 70H157 


Massachusetts Agricultural Society; 29S13 ( report ) 

Massachusetts Allotment Commission, see- Allotment Commission 

Massachusetts and Rhode Island General Meeting of Free Baptists; 68S114 

Massachusetts Angler's Association; 74S60 

Massachusetts Anglers Association; 77H17§ 

Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society - Report re- 36S57 

Massachusetts Asylum foe the Blind, see- Perkins Institution 

Massachusetts Bank; 45H54, 46S105(report ) , 47H5S(report) 

Massachusetts Baptist Convention; 70S37» 79H34 

Massachusetts Bible Society; 65S37 

Massachusetts Bonds; 71S1S7, 71H27 

Massachusetts Brick Co.; 69H302 

Massachusetts Cavalry (Second); 66H336, 66H364 

Massachusetts Central Railway Co.; 69S210, 69H472, 69H523, 70S291, 

71S146, 71H219, 72H4S, 74H7, 75H201, 76S154, 77H87, 7SH68, 79H228, 

79H315, 79H334, 80S173, 31S132, 81H77, S1H102 
Massachusetts Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary; 48H54, 59H32, 61S57, 

62S35, 63H44, 64H245, 65S162, 66H262, 67H218, 683145, 69HI25, 70H277, 

71H265, 72S160, 73H144, 73H172, 74H194, 75H88, 76H113, 77H163, 78H200, 

79H64, 80H126, 8IS248, 81H261, 82H138 

Reports of; 37S67, 39S66, 6OSII, 65S97 

Reports re- 38S102, 41S52, 44H67, 45S59, 46H84 
Massachusetts Charitable Fund; 5OH6O, 50H89 
Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association; 69H266, 74H150, 78H264, 

79H91, 80H376 
Massachusetts Church Missionary Society; 67S152 
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy; 7oS30^" 81H23 
Massachusetts Colonization Society; 62S17 
Massachusetts Dairy Co.; 8IH274 
Massachusetts Dental Society; 65SI23, 67H243 
Massachusetts Digest; 63H72, 72S234 
Massachusetts Electronic Medical Society; 6IS38 
Massachusetts Elevated Railway Co.; 82H346 
Massachusetts Emigrant Aid Society; 54H164 
Massachusetts Family Bank; 75S174, 75H151, 76S111, 76S1$0, 76HI5O, 

Massachusetts Family Life Insurance Co. ; 75H300 
Massachusetts Fire and Marine Insurance Co. ; 51H112 
Massachusetts Fish Exchange; 81H40 
Massachusetts Fruit Preserving Co. ; 66H281 
Massachusetts General Hospital; 59H151, 64S41 

See also- Massachusetts Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary 
Massachusetts Grand Lodge of the Knights of St. Crispin; 69S71, 70H336, 

70H348, 70H362 
Massachusetts Health Insurance Co.; 47S26, 47S44, 47H156, 49S90 
Massachusetts Historical Society; 36S75, 45S99, 51S14, 72S305, 77H30 

Reports re- Publications of; 50S34, 50S44 
Massachusetts Homoeopathic Medical Society; 56H234 
Massachusetts Horticultural Society; 34H59, 63S48 
Massachusetts Hospital Life Insurance Co. ; 81H119, 8IHI58, 82H74 

Annual Statements of • ( I84O-46 ) ; 47H72 

Report re- Taxation of; 29H5 
Massachusetts Hiimane Society; 52S69 

Massachusetts Infant Asylum; 67S192, 70S90, 70H14, 70H88, 8OHI52 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology; 61H171, 61H209, 62H281, 63SIII, 

63S148, 63H276, 65S226, 67H96, 68H300, 69S77, 69SIOO, 69H300, 73H183, 

75S141, 77S71, 78H274, 79S249, 8OHI4O, 81H215 
Massachusetts Literary Fund; 27H40 
Massachusetts Livestock Insurance Co.; 68SI6 
Massachusetts Loan and Deposit Co.; 6OSI82, 60S259, 69H305 
Massachusetts Loan and Trust Co. ; 81H154 


Massachusetts Medical Society; 30H52, 39H71, 50H23, 59SS, 59S16, 6gH4A. 

See also- John S. Bartlett 
Massachusetts Benevolent Society; 71S250 
Massachusetts Mortgage Co.; 72S243, 72S269, 72S279 

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co.; 43H32, 64HS8, 66S73, S1S26S 
Massachusetts Nautical School; 72S59, 72S74 

See also- State Reform School, Nautical Branch 
Massachusetts Nautical Ship; 70H225 
Massachusetts New Church Union; 72H11 

Massachusetts Nova Scotia Telegraphic Cable Co. ; 59H269 
Massachusetts Powder Works; 63H91, o4S134, 68s60, 63S74, 6SHI24 
Massachusetts Public Health Association; 79H136, 79H1S7 
Massachusetts Railroad Corporations; 29H3, 29H4, 29H56 
Massachusetts Sabbath School Society and Congregational Board of 

Publications; 6gS4S 
Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals; 6SSS4, 

Massachusetts Society for Promoting Agriculture; 60H213 
Massachusetts Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge; 70S122 
Massachusetts Society for the Protection of Useful Birds; 76S47 
Massachusetts Spiritualist Association; 6SsS3, 6SSSS 
Massachusetts State Teachers Association; 57S104 
Massachusetts State Temperance Alliance; 63SI5 
Massachusetts Surety Insurance Co.; 6aS59 
Massachusetts Teachers Association; 59H33, SOS93, ^OH215 
Massachusetts Veterinary College - Report re- 7SH210 
Massachusetts Western Railroad; 75Sl60, 75S199, 76H311 
Massapoag Spring Hotel Co.; 52H143 
Masters and Apprentices; 65S27a, 65H256, 65H2a4 

Masters in Chancery; 4^HlSl, 68H207, 73S29, 74S7, 76H43, 7^35^, 79Hl60 
Matfield Manufacturing Co. ; 55H34 
Matheson, Murdoch; 73H137 
Mattakeset Creeks; 73H111 
Mattapan Bank; 49S12S 
Mattaponsett (Town of); 51SS7, 57S169, 60S62, 64S265, 64H32, 70S213, 

72H303, 74HI56, 76SI5S, 76HI9S, 76H344, 77H110, S1H206 
Mattaponsett River; 74H273 
Mattoon, Charles; 71H29 

Maverick Bridge Co.; 63S311, 68S321, 6aS33S 
Maverick Congregational Society of Boston; 74S10 
Maverick Oil Co.; 54H75 
Maverick Wharf Co.; 53H59 
May 30th (Holiday); 70S26S 
Mayberry, Edwin; 6/^Hl63, 70H317 
Mayberry, Robert: 67S172 
Maynard (Town of); 71Siao, 72H15 
Mayo, Amariah; 7SS223, 78H217, 7^50 

Reports re- 7SS49, 7SS75 
Mayo, Henry $ Co.; 71S225 
Mayor (Office of); S2S169, S2S22L 

and Aldermen; 63H117, 7oH147, 82S171 

Veto Power of; 73H54, 73H5S 
Meadows; 72S218, 76S192, S0S248, 80S249, BOHI23, 8OH254 
Meal - Sale of; 30H136 

See also- Grain 
Measures, see- Weights and Measures 
Mechanical Drawing; 70S190 

Mechanics and Engineers Experimental Railroad Co. ; 52S122 
Mechanics and Traders Bank; 50H79 
Mechanic Arts; 63SIOS 
Mechanics Bank (New Bedford); 57H113 
Mechanics Bank (Worcester); 4SS63 


Mechanics Calorie Power Co.; 53H99 

Mechanics Exchange; 81380 

Mechanic's Liens; 44H19, 44H46, 45H39, 52S51, 52S68, 52S101, 55H60, 

55H225, 79H119, 79S37 
Mechanic's Mills; 68S246, 68S282 
Mechanic's Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 69H26 
Mechanic's Savings Bank - of Boston; 74S114, 78S231, 79S8(report of) 

of Holyoke; 72S108 

of Lowell; 70H251 
Medbury Vial et al. - Report re- Petition of; 67H12 
Medfield (Town of); 74S8, 74H17 

Report re- Poor of; 39H56 

Report re- Railroads in; 71H205 
Medford (Town of); 46H26, 57S119, 66H95, 67H109, 68H181, 71H83, 71H105, 

72354, 73H174, 74H78, 74H232, 75S77, 75H239, 76S186, 76H294, 77H290, 

78H13, 78H47, 79S64, 80H138, 81H329 
Medford and Charles town Railroad Co; 59S151, 80H202 IJ 

Medford Branch Railroad Co.; 45339, 553123 \ 

Medford Turnpike Corporation; 663162, 663293, 66H268, 66H292, 66H591 
Medford Savings Bank; 69H48 

Medical Examinations - Provision for; 77H289, 77H332, 77H341, 81H339 
Medical Inspector of Public Schools; 78H215 
Medicine - Practice of; 77346, 77S119, 78S67, 78H86, 78H122 

Practitioners of; 803198 

Study of; 453112, 45H44, 55H153, 55H209 
Medicines; 53H132, 75H107 
Medway (Town of); 69H85, 74H87 
Medway Branch Railroad Co.; 49S60, 49H107, 51H154, 52H124 

Reports of; 50330, 51S22, 5239, 53S3, 5432, 55S2, 5632, 5732 
Medway Savings Bank; 71H45 
Meigs, Joe V.; 82H84, 82H127, 82H163, 82H258 

Report re-, and Elevated Railways; 82S267 
Melrose (Town of); 47H99, 49H103, 503122, 51H58, 52389, 53S50, 653186, 

65S275, 69H416, 70H286, 72H205, 72H296, 75H89, 77391, 78H13 
Melrose and South Reading Horse Railroad Co.; 63H229, 69S266 
Melrose and South Reading Railroad Co.; 64S146, 64S279, 65H182, 

67S213, 68S277 
Melrose Railroad Co.; 60H59 
Melrose Savings Bank; 74H315 
Melrose, Waverly Masonic Association; 66H15 
Melvin, James; 79H151 
Memorial Day, see- Decoration Day 
Memorial Hospital (Worcester); 69H248, 71S72 
Memorial of the Justices of the Court of Common Pleas; 55H10 
Memorial Statues (Washington, D.C.) - Report re- 77S3 
Memorials of the Dead; 79H55 
Menauhant L^nd and Wharf Co.; 74H177, 75H343 
Mendon (Town of); 703186, 70H387, 72H75 

Report re- Contested Election in; 47H29 
Menemsha Creek and Pond; 75H126 
Menhaden; 58H82, 643109, 643124, 65H195 

Fisheries; 57H170 
Mercantile Banking and Savings Institution; 61H55, 61H99, 66H431 
Mercantile Establishments; 82H198 

Mercantile Library Association (Boston); 56373, 69H176, 69H187, 76H3 
Mercantile Marine Insurance Co.; 62H4, 62H22, 62H87, 82H17 
Mercantile Real Estate and Building Co.; 60336, 60350 
Mercantile Savings Institution in Boston; 67H237, 67H351, 69H36 

Reports of; 79319, 80S9, 81315 
Mercantile Wharf Corporation (Boston); 76373 


Merchandise; 26S20, 26H15 

Sale of; 78S82, 78H194 

See- Street Vendors 
Merchant Accounts; 34H65 

Merchants and Farmers Mutual Pire Insurance Co.; 68S26 
Merchant's Bank of Boston; 63S189, 69H370 
Merchant's Bank, Lowell; 60H89, 70H56 
Merchants' Boston and New Orleans Steamship Co.; 
Merchants Factors and Agents; 26S3, 27S13, 29S22, 44S60 
Merchants' Guarantee Co.; 82H157 

Merchants' Insurance Co. (Boston); 55H70, 71H98 i 

Merchants' Manufacturing Oo. ; 67S32 . li 

Merchants' Steam Tow Boat Co.; 55S72 

Merchant's Woollen Co.; 64H70, 64H82 '< 

Meridian Lines; 70S231, 71H349, 71H372, 75H17 '' 

in Counties; 73H280( report) „ 

Merrick, Mary H. ; 55H24 '! 

Merrill, Amos B. ; 65H132 il 

Merrill, George S.; 72H172 ), 

Merrill, Moody; 79S190 

Merrimac (Town of); 76S103, 76S161, 76H305, 76H318, 77H5 
Merrimac Mutual Fire Insurance Co. ; 73H107 
Merrimac River; 73S221, 80S122, 81H81, 81H181, 81H310, 82S79, 82H82 

Bridge over; 53S124, 69S221, 69S386, 69H453, 69H492, 69H494, 70H304, 

81H225, 81H235, 81H295, 81H296, 81H398, 82H215, 82H216, 82H302 

Fish in; 52H158, 57S198, 65S4, 65S183, 66S8, 67S242, 69H510, 72S244, 

74S119, 75H292, 76H278, 78S196, 78S209, 81H187, 82H213 

Reports re- 55H217, 56H252, 69S323, 71S177 
Merrimac River Bridge; 53H175 
Merrimac Savings Bank; 71H70 
Merrimac Steam Navigation Co.; 63H180 
Merrimac Street Railway Co.; 70H398, 72H94 

Merrimac Valley ijHorse Railway Co.; 63H278, 65H64, 67H259, 68S226 
Mesue Process; 61H146, 63S46, 71H147, 75S40, 75H197, 75H202, 79S238 
Messenger to Governor and Council; 64H110 

Salary of; 47H174, 63H58 
Metacomet Bank; 54S25 

Metacomet Fire Insurance Co. (Fall River); 72S47 
Meteorological Observations; 50H64, 54H56, 68H30, 78S100 
Methodist Episcopal Churches; 47S89, 64S162, 65S166, 68S11, 71S228, 

74S155, 74S228 

Bep6rtE re- 44S17, 44S38 
Methodist Episcopal Society of Lynn; 60H21 
Methuen (Town of); 53H97, 55H39, 77H22 

Report on Elections in; 42H14 
Metric System; 77H78, 78H375 

Resolution in Favor of; 76H57 
Metropolitan and Broadway Railroctd Co.; 62H369 
Metropolitan Drainage Commission - Reports of; 82H4, 82H364 
Metropolitan Health Districts - Reports on; 81S251, 82H4, 82H364 
Metropolitan Police; 63S161, 63S183, 64S217, 65S171, 65S224, 65H298, 


See also- Boston (City of) 
Metropolitan Hotel Co.; 54S46 
Metropolitan Railroad Co.; 53S115, 56S69, 62S174, 64S4, 65S227, 

65S231, 67H254, 69S156, 69H243, 69H270, 70S158, 73H175, 74S40, 74H98, 


Reports of; 57S2 

Reports re- 66S223 
Mexican War; 47H6, 48S16(report) , 48H13, 48H25, 80H129 


Michigan, State of; 61H76, 65S99 

Middle District - Attorney of; 56S242 

Middleborough (Town of); 46H95, 68H59, 75S73, 77S98, 79S29, 80S48 

Middleborough and Plympton Railway Co.; 49S48 

Middleborough and Taunton Precint Society; 75H262 

Middleborough and Taunton Railroad Co.; 54S2, 57H131, 58H40 

Reports of; 54S2, 55S2, 56S2, 57S2 
Middleborough and Taunton, the Old Colony and Fall River and the Cape 

Cod Railway Co.; 58S50 
Middleborough Fall River Branch and United Railroad Co.; 46S21, 46H96 
Middleborough Railroad Co.; 45S108 

Middleborough Savings Bank; 67S118, 73H109 \ 

Middlesex (County of); 47H43, 53H52, 56S256, 58H21, 60H107, 79S255, i 

80S259 ; 

Central; 72S219, 74H309, 79H409 

Commissioners of; 51H196, 53H131, 54H101, 55S36, 55H238, 56S66, , 

56S164, 59S65, 59S112, 60S67, 60S105, 60H78, 60H170, 69S180, 70S112, 

71S162, 71S167, 71S205, 71H383, 74S151, 74S256, 74H256, 77H136, 

81H238, 82S173, 82S181, 82H264, 82H313 

Courts in; 36H48, 37S52(report ) , 38S36, 39352, 41H68, 48H163, 50H123, ' 

55S135, 56H141, 56H294, 57S75, 65H252, 66H79, 68H238, 72S193, 72H254, 

75S305, 78H12, 79S186, 80S89, 82H140 

Eastern; 74S303, 74H489, 82H102, 82H222, 82H303. 82H324 

Northern; 72S178, 72S231, 74S220, 78H246(report) , 79H87 

Records of; 56H90 

Report re- Boundaries; 56S237 

Southern; 74H283 

Thirteenth District of; 81H150 

Western; 74S304 
Middlesex Agricultural Society; 81H49 
Middlesex Aqueduct Co.; 81S112, 81H325(report) 
Middlesex Bank - Reports on Affairs of; 38S27, 38S54 
Middlesex Bridge; 34H43 
Middlesex Canal; 34S43, 60H192 
Middlesex Canal Co.; 52H182, 52H219 
Middlesex Central Railroad Co.; 71H193, 79S23 
Middlesex Company; 48H12(report) , 59S80, 64H40 
Middlesex Dam Corporation; 36H64 
Middlesex Horse Railroad Co.; 76S67 

Middlesex, Medford and Charlestown Railroad Co.; 80H202 
Middlesex Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 58H159 
Middlesex Mutual Loan and Fund Association; 53S33 
Middlesex North Agricultural Society; 62H63, 71S192 
Middlesex Railraod Co.; 54S143, 57S64, 59S141, 64S4, 64S172, 67S101, 

67H450, 70S22, 72K347, 72H368, 73H221, 74S23, 74S31, 74S35, 74H47, 74H12 

Reports of; 57S2 
Middlesex Senatorial Districts - Reports on Elections in; 78S57, 78S62 
Middlesex Stone Brick Co.; 69H92 
Middlesex Water Co.; 44S73 
Middleton (|own of); 35H72, 35HXl(report ) , 36H41, 62H172 

Report on Contested Election in; 77H33 
Middling Interest Bank; 37S59 
Midland Land Claimants Railroad Co.; 60H198 
Midland Land Damage Co.; 62H165, 62H215, 63S30, 63S98, 63H116, 63H129, 

Midland Railroad Co.; 50H157, 58S33, 59H56, 59H80, 60H67, 61H39, 

62H224, 63H113 

Reports of; 51S22, 52S9, 53S3 
Mihan, Patrick - Work of, on State House; 77H236 


Mileage - Compensation for; 5SH34(report ) 

of Lieutenant Governor and Covmcil; 63H103, 75S43 

of Members of Legislature; 49S37, 61H126, 66H73, 69H10, 69H24, 

70H3, 71H7, 75S43 

of Senators; 5^332, 71S12 ( report ) , 74Sl8(report) 

of Troops attending Camp; 72S261 

Miles River (Essex County); 303248, 80H223 

Milford (Town of); 50S5S, 61S76, 61H190, 63Hia3, 64337, 64SI42, 66S19, 
66SI36, 72H114, 72H160, 72H176 
Report re- Contested Elections in; 51H27 

Milford and Woonsocket Railroad Co.; 553107, 59H71, 63H253, 64HI3, 
65H67, 66HI4, 67H357, 67H464, 6aH57, 68H294, 72H159, 733266 
Reports of; 5632, 57S2 

Milford Aqueduct Co.; 55395 

Milford Bank; 493129 

Milford Farmers' Club; 70H234 

Milford Police Court; 54H53 

Milford Pond; 82H272 

Milford Water Co.; 31H53, S1H92, 82S183 

Military Academy; 63H271, 643255 (report) 

Military Accounts; 47H109, 59H267, 503^9, 60H57 

Military Claims; 65HI4O, 65HI63 
Reports re- 64329, 65H61 

Military Companies; 62H371 

Military Districts: 65334 

Military Drill; 63H228 

Military Enrollments; 4IH6I 

Military Escorts; 72S66 

Military Exercises in Public Schools; 643223 

Military Force; 63H275 

Report re- Power of Commander-in-Chief over State Military Forces; 

Military Fund; 62H35S 

Military Instruction and Training - Reports re- 64SI2, 64S6I 

Military Officers; 6439, 77H117 

Military Organizations - Parades of; 77H93 

Military Property - Sale of; 62H299 

Military School in Massachusetts; 15D8 
See also- Brooks, John 

Military Settlements; 81H246 

Military Stores - Reports re- Sales of; 44369, 44395 

Militia; 21D10, 30H70, 33357, 33H8, 35365, 37393, 37H29, 3^353, 38373, 
39H11, 39H34, 40321, 4OS42, 40H50, 41323, 42348, 45374, 4637^, 48HI76, 
49H104, 53H123, 54S89, 543125, 55H237, 55H269, 573205, 5^364, 59395, 
59396, 60344, 60371, 60393, 603143, 61H6, 6IHI8, 61H27, 61H37, 61H41, 
6IHI90, 62S10, 62S43, 62S49, 62S57, 62S58, 62s6l, 62S62, 62S113, 62S122, 
62S181, 62S183, 62H323, 62H331, 62H355, 63H8, 63H57, 63H71, 63H97, 
63H115, 63H149, 63HI86, 63H194, 63H262, 64364, 64H33, 64H6I, 64HIO7, 
64H250, 64H269, 64H274, 65314, 65334, 053259, 653266, 65H194, 65H236, 
65H260, 65H290, 66SI84, 66S300, 66S317, 66H55, 66HI7O, 66H191, 66H209, 
66H235, 66H242, 66H269, 673201, 673278, 673302, 67H247, 67H286, 67H287, 
68HI49, 68H351, 69H164, 70H300, 70H297, 71H341, 723117, 723142, 723176, 
733143, 733153, 733212, 73H74, 73H126, 73H333, 73H355, 73H426, 743191, 
74H505, 753178, 75H169, 75H227, 75H242, 75H257, 75H295, 75H397, 76s67, 
76S76, 77H191, 77H247, 783218, 81S246, 8IH234, 81H338, 81H391, 81H404, 
82S5, 82S107 
Agent; 43335 
Aid to; 64H117, 64HI32 
Appropriations for; 61H7, 6IHI36 
Armories for; 53H68( report ) 
Bounties for; 49H86, 59397, 63389, 64328, 64333, 64S5I, 64374, 

64SI22, 643225, 643^45, 643291, 64H77, 66H101, 66H186, 68S56, 68382, 
68SI30, 70H297 


Militia, cont. 

Claims of; 26d8, 52S136 

Drills; 60S30, 62Slg, a2H154 

Equipment; 3SH37, 47H97, 4SH76, 50S63, 53H92, 61S29, 62S1S, 62H129 

(report), 6^3243, 69H315, 71H406, 72S105, 75H390, 7SH317, 7SH37d, SOS157 

Expenses and Funds of; 22D- ,( report), 62S143, 62H71, 75H393, 76S192, 

76siSa, 76SI95, 76H215, 76H292, 76H297, 76H299, 76H330, 77S76 

Families of; 6lS6, 61S43, 61SX7, 6ISX8, 61SX9, 6ISXIO, 62S25, 62S36, 

62H136, 63S12, 63S20, 63S26, 64S33, 64S34, 64S67, 64H76, 64H335, 6$H31, 

SOH374, SOH371, SOH375, BOH3^3 

Laws of; 15HS(report ) , 3SH69, 4^313, 52H77, 72H3Sd 

Muster Rolls of; 59H109 

of the United 3tates; 13D7, 13D13, 33H45 

Payment of; 63334 

Regulation and Training of; 16D25, 26D23, 27H3, 27H17, 27H55, 27H56, 

29SS, 29317, 29312, 29314, 29320, 29H24, 29H45, 29H52, 30H4S, 32H21, 

33347, 34H40, 34H53, 613X2, 64H251 

Reports on Condition of; 12D11, 34327, 3939, 4135, 42311, 4539, 

4634, 4735, 4S315, 53SS, 54H1S2, 5531S2 

Reports re- 2938, 29H32, 3036, 30H43, 32H55, 35340. 35342, 36H55, 

38H31, 38H66, 38H69, 39H6, 40312, 44328, 44336, 47H123, 48SI3, 48HI52, 

52353, 52H77, 53392, 53H76, 55H284, 563213, 573185, 61318, 62H364, 

65H4, 65H12, 66H93, 66HI27, 68H327, 763203, 763207, 81H393 

Volunteer; 62H173, 62H145, 62H300 

3ee also- Military Organizations 
Milk; 79H214 

Cans; 67H300, 73H216 

Inspection of; 56H258, 64HI69, 683263 

Sale of; 53H87. 55340, 55H218, 57H39, 57H63, 58H8O, 59H170, 60Hl82, 

63H181, 693146, 69H206, 703237, 70H326, 70H337, 71H330, 72H349, 72H379, 

803170, 803210, 80H212, 80H359 

Spoilage of; 65H128 
Milk Street - Street from, to Broad Street; 65H179 
Mill acts - re- Flowed lands; 74382 

Mill and Reservoir Dames; 53381, 53388, 53S122, 54H124, 57H179 
Mill Dam Corporation - Report re- 32H51 
Mill Dam Road Co.; 64H338, 68H322 
Mill Owners - Rights of; 49368, 49H108 

Mill Owners Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 74S86, 743313, 75H97 
Mill River; 79H175 

Mill River and Williamsburg Reservoir Co.; 72393 
Millbury- (Town of); 56356, 713255 
Millbury Building Co.; 71H122 
Millbury and Southbridge Railroad; 51342 

Reports of; 5239, 5333, 5432, 5532, 5632, 5732 
Miller, Benjamin - and Taunton Great River; 56H87, 56H97, 56H98 
Miller, David - Will of; 79395, 79H81 
Miller's River; 453107, 703322, 72Hl80 
Miller's River Bank; 57H112 
Miller's River Bridge; 35332, 76HIIO 

Milligan, Thomas, et al. - Report on Petition of; 43345 
Mills; 18D7, 41H21 

Support and Regulation of; 26d18, 27H12, 27H21, 27H38, 29H6, 29H21, 

29H30, 29H38, 693363, 73H154, 763102 
Milton (Town of); 733166, 75H3 
Milton Academy; 80H107 
Milton Canal; 42349 
Milton Gas Light Co.; 6IHI3, 64H69 
Mineral Lands; 743212 
Miners - Earnings of; 68H122 
Miner's Savings Bank (West Stockbridge) ; 72H70 


Minet's Lodge Lighthouse; 52H136 

Mining Companies; 65S5, 82H115 

Mining Corporations; 69H460 

Mining Rights; 74S212 

Ministerial Aid; 69S46 

Minnesota (State of); 61S36 

Minor Offenses; 81H104, 81H135 

Minors; 68H326, 70S49, 70S60, 70S70, 71S317, 80H75, 81H31 

Estates of; 29H49, 50S16 

Labor of; 81H300, 81H401 

Protection of; 42H35, 56H10, 71S62, 71S66, 77H211, 78H105, 78H128, 

78H135, 79S35, 79H28, 79H276, 80H90 

Taxation of; 34H22, 55H137 
Minot, Louisa - Report re- 54S45 
Minot's Rock; 47H98 
Missiles - Throwing of; 80H218 
Mission Park Association; 57S27 
Missouri Compromise; 55H109 

Mitchell, Charles R. ; 69S106, 69S115, 69S119 
Mitchell, Joseph; 67H222 
Mitchell, ZurviahG.; 61H179 
Mitchell River; 69H142 

Moderators at Town Meetings; 63S144, 63H165 
Moen Wire Works; 67S178 
Monadnock Railroad Co.; 69S94, 74H208 
Money Bills; 68S209, 68S295, 68H250, 69S275, 78S168, 78S235, 78S252, 

78S253, 78H310, 78H345, 78H356, 79S52, 81S228 
Monitor Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 67H316 
Monnamoiet Insurance Co.; 57S77 
Monomay Bay; 42S58 
Monopolies; 36S87, 36S90 
Monroe, Francis S.,jr. - Report re- Removal of, from Office of Justice 

of the Peace; 76H343 
Monroe, James; 62S86 

Monroe, John J. - Report on Election of; 74H93, 74H109 
Monson (Tovm of); 71S19S 

Monson Academy - Report re- State Aid to; 61H220 
Monson, Lyman E,; 64H170 
Monson Granite Co.; 66S189, 70H31 
Monson Savings Bank; 72S138 

Monson, State Almshouse at, see- Massachusetts 
Monterey (Town of); 75H251, 79S156 
Montgomery Guard Association (Boston); 77H180 
Monthly Meeting of Friends (New Bedford); 55H244 
Monatiquot River (Braintree); 82H59 
Mortgages; 82H49 

Monument Bank ( Charles town ) ; 74S28 
Monument River; 67S200 
Monuments - Provision for; 63H48, 64S58 

to Captain Isaac Davis; 51H24( report) 
Moody, Eli - Report re- in Contested Election; 43H90 
Moody, Luther; 43H8 
Moonakis Fishing Co.; 66S249 
Mooney, Amos W. ; 71H298 
Morey, George; 60S39 
Morey, Sherburne F. ; 56H201, 69H433 
Morgan, Franklin; 64H155, 64H285 
Morison, Frank; 80H5 

Morning §tar Beneficial Society in New Bedford; 64S207 
Morse, Elizabeth W. ; 68S166, 68H331 


Morse, George H.; 73H31 

Morse Institute; 71H184 

Morse, Isaac S.; 62H185 

Morse, Nathan; 81S22 

Morse, Samuel F.B. - Death of; 72H318 

Morse, Sidney B. - Wharf of; 68S253 

Mortgage Deeds; 53H141, 54H158, 55H62 

Mortgage Sales; 78H236 

Mortgaged Lands; 56S109, 81H94 

Mortgages; 33S40, 46S50, 46S70, 50H14, 52H62, 57H65, 57H67, 57H91, 
57H106, 59S35, 59S185, 61S155, 62S102, 62S123, 62S150, 62H361, 66H31, 
66H60, 66H86, 66H119, 69H200, 70S121, 70H140, 73H347, 76H60, 76H293, 
77S152, 79S233, 80S110, 81H136 
Held by the Commonwealth; 47S84 

of Personal Property; 29S14, 29H19, 29H43, 30S18, 30S23, 36H44, 38H46, 
38H75, 41S22(report), 42H29(report) , 43H28, 44S86, 44H44, 48S137, 49H26, 
56H110, 59S167, 59H161, 62S26, 74S17, 74S24, 74S144, 75H16 
of Real Estate; 52H197, 53S27, 68S200, 71H351, 76H103, 76H119, 
77S143, 80H310 

Morton, James M. ; 79H304 

Morton, Marcus (Governor, 1840-41, 1843-44) - Addresses of; 40H9, 
40H69, 43S8, 43S88, 43H3, 43H35 

Morton, Perez (Attorney General) - Reports of; 12H3, 34S1 

Mount Adnah Cemetery Co.; 60S60 

Mount Auburn Cemetery; 59H225, 69S171, 76H220 

Mount Benedict Convent (Charlestown) - Destruction of; 35H5, 35H37 

Mount Holyoke Seminary; 64S181(report of), 68S136, 68S148, 68H251, 

Mount Holyoke Railroad Co.; 46S68 

Mount Hope Bay; 74H233 

Mount Hope Canal and Wharf Co.; 42S68 

Mount Hope Cemetery (West Roxbury); 72S21Q) 

Mount Hope Iron Co.; 68H39 

Mount Hope Railroad Co.; 36S78 

Mount Mineral Springs Co.; 67S61, 70S61 

Mount Olive Cemetery Association; 73S50 

Mount Pleasant Association; 71H174 

Mount Pleasant Cemetery (Arlington); 72S78 

Mount Pleasant Railroad Co.; 49349 

Mount Tom and Easthampton Railroad Co.; 71S190, 71S233, 71H290, 72H146 

Mount Washington Association; 33S53, 35S29 

Mount Washington Avenue Corporation; 53S101 

Mowbray, George M. - Petition of re- Nitro Giycerine; 77S181 

Mozart Association in Salem; 27H51 

Muddy River; 57S132, 73S195, 73H293 

Mudge, W.R.; 743203 

Mulberry Tree - Report re-, and Silk Production; 30H55 

Muraford River Reservoir Co.; 54H81 

Municipal Affairs; 75343 

Municipal and Police Courts; 69H330, 69H440, 69H450 

Municipal and State Assurance; 73394 

Municipal Corporations; 79H104, 80317, 80H199 

Municipal Courts; 71H80, 71H179, 75S65, 75S110, 76H105, 76H243, 

77H311, 77H327, 77H334, 77H389, 78345, 78S61, 783236, 78S247, 783254, 
78H69, 78H111, 78H123, 78H235, 78H265, 78H283, 79H119, 79H350, 79H379 

Municipal Indebtedness; 75H250, 75H332, 75H344, 75H354, 76327, 80H63 

Municipal Officers; 77H248, 82S102 

Municipal Police; 68S41 

Municipal and Police Courts; 71H356, 75H333 

Municipal Records; 51318, 57390 


59S85, 59S107, 

Munitions - Cost of; 68S28 

Sale of; 68S101 
Munn, Luther, et al.; 43H52 
Murder, Crime of; 32H15, 46S58, 58H123, 59S24, 68H81, 69H444, 72H276, 

Murdock, Bartlett, et al. - Report on Petition of; 34H10 
Murphy, Bridget; 78H84 
Murphy, John; 67S247, 68S202 

Murphy, Timothy; 71H152, 72H43, 73H140, 78S68 
Museum of Comparative Zoology (Harvard University); 

59S179, 61S37, 61H182, 62S144, 63H241, 63H246, 64H36, 67H319, 68H305, 

68H324, 71H299, 73S130, 74S200, 74H276, 75S163, 76S51, 77H4 

Annual Reports of; 62S53, 63S32, 64S22, 65S96, 66S67, 67S52, 68S218, 

69S60, 70S170, 71S327, 72S249, 73S130, 74S200, 75S75, 76S10, 77S5 
Museum of Fine Arts; 70S8 
Music - Instruction in Public Schools; 71H39 

Military Uses of; 68S315 

See also- Itinerant Musicians 
Music Hall Association; 68S147 
Musquashuit Creek; 77H55 

Muster-Fields - Discipline in; 50H166, 53H23 
Mutual Benefit Fire Insurance Co.; 69S28 
Mutual Boiler Co. (Boston); 77S39 
Mutual Boiler Insurance Co.; 77H234 
Mutual Fire and Marine Insurance Co.; 78H91 
Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 35S38, 35S66 
Mutual Fire Insurance Co. (Salem); 66S255 
Mutual Fire Insurance Co. (Springfield); 67S6 
Mutual Fire Insurance Companies; 45S17, 47H130, 

57H176, 60S133, 60H12, 61S129, 61H257, 62H230, 

66S253, 66S269, 70S109, 72S254, 72SX13, 72HX5, 

73S93, 73S95, 73H189, 74S199, 74S260, 74H212, 

77H322, 78S116, 




49S58, 55H245, 
64H344, 65S215, 

72HX34, 72H251, 
75H102, 75H128, 
79H98, 80S49, 

46H28, 74H163, 

74H11, 74H31 

74H171, 80H235, 

76S82, 76S129, 76H90, 77S154, 

80H57, 81341, 81H147, 81H251 

Regulation of; 52S110 

Reports re- 48H38, 50H154 
Mutual Gas Light Co.; 54H132 
Mutual Improvement; 46S48 
Mutual Life Insurance Co. (New York); 
Mutual Life Insurance Co. (of Boston) 
Mutual Insurance Companies; 453102, 

80H287, 80H317 
Mutual Loan, Building and Accumulating Fund Association; 74S198 
Mutual Loan Fund Association - Report against Incorporation of; 53397 
Mutual Marine Insurance Companies; 51H69, 51H84, 51H88, 51H127, 

51H165, 52H139, 63H61, 78H91 
Mutual Protection Fire Insurance Co.; 61H251, 64H45 
Mystic Lower Pond; 81H329, 823203 
Mystic River; 51391, 513145, 52348, 53347, 53358, 54H96, 563225, 

6532, 653235, 673131, 68H161, 79H131 

Bridge over; 52H199, 52H224, 53368, 54H101, 55336, 693180, 71H83, 

73H174, 79364 

Harbor Lines in; 73H306, 743241, 74H366 

Sewerage in; 75H311 

Reports re- 55363, 62319 
Mystic River Corporation; 543131, 553194, 553149, 55H85, 59H16, 

673124, 76385, 78310, 803113, 803129, 803158 

Reports of Commissioners of; 65H19, 72329, 73S9, 74H92, 76356, 

77S198, 7836, 79325, 803230, 823153 
Mystic River Railroad; 51S45, 53H180, 54324, 54320, 6336, 63311, 64H57, 

^5S6, 68H22, 70S51 


Mystic River Railroad, cont. 

Report re- Incorporation of; 53S127 
Mystic River Valley Drainage; 82H4 
Mvstic River Works; 53H192 
Myfltic; Valley; 75S116, 75H311, 81S251 
Mystic Water Board; 65H218 


Nagog Water Co.; 79S200 

Nahant (Town of); 55S76, 71S80, 71S87, 71S164, 73H171 

Nahant Bank - Report re- Condition of; 37S51 

Reports re- Repeal of Charter of; 37S97, 37H53 
Nahant House Co.; 60S18, 60S25 
Nahant Land Co.; 75H139, 75H200 
Names - Change of; 48H165, 51H118 

See also- Index of Names Changed 
Nantasket Beach Railroad Co.; 81H85 
Nantucket (County of); 47H45, 47H59, 47H176, 59H124, 63H189, 65S55, 

66S155, 78H102 
Nantucket (Town of); 48H131, 50H20, 56S208, 65S243, 66S26, 69S344, 

70S240, 75H280, 76H117 
Nantucket Agricultural Society; 62H63, 81H50 
Nantucket and Cape Cod Steamboat Co. ; 74S63 
Nantucket Fishing Co.; 66S137 
Nantucket Ladies' Howard Society; 56H237 
Nantucket Propeller Co.; 56S192 

Nantucket Second Congregational Meeting Souse; 45S21 
Nantucket Steam Boat Co.; 33H10 
Nashawannuck Manufacturing Co.; 66S21 

Nashua, Acton and Boston Railroad Co.; 71H183, 72H231, 74H455 
Nashua and Lowell Railroad Co.; 36S50, 38S63, 38S57, 46S14, 47S12 

(report re- ), 60S84, 64S248, 67S12, 71H189, 80S184, 80S197, 81397 

Reports of; 37S55, 38S33, 39S31, 40S18, 42S26, 43S31, 44S19, 45S35, 

46S21, 47S30, 49S40, 50S30, 51S22, 52S9, 53S3, 54S2, 55S2, 56S2, 57S2 

Statistics of; 38S70 
Nashua River Basin; 77S75 
Natick (Town of); 57H116, 64H71, 66H111, 70S194, 71S185, 73S42, 

74S151, 74H256, 74H279, 74H372, 74H410, 74H473, 75H14, 76H68, 81S134, 


Report re- Railroad Station in; 71S256 
Natick Gas Light Co.; 61H89 
Natick Indians; 71S251 
Nation Publishing House; 66H296 
National Administration; 70H86 
National Affairs; 64S27, 64S241, 66H108, 66H116, 66H132, 66H133, 

66H139, 66H146, 66H164, 68S299 
National Bank; 53S87 
National Bank of Boston; 61S44 
National Banks; 68H248, 68H270 

Report re- Stock of; 66H26 
National Bankrupt Law - Reports re; 40H56, 43H4 6 
National Board of Agriculture; 50S11 
National Bureau of Labor; 79H188 
National Button Co.; 80H86 
National Cemetery; 64H62, 64H354, 65S128 

at Antietam; 65S260, 65H308, 68S94, 68S129, 71H267, 77S179, 78S107 

at Gettysburg; 68S94, 68S129 

Reports re- Antietam; 69S11, 71S99 
National Board of Trade; 75H322 
National Convention; 61S161 
National Cotton Gin Co.; 66H413 


National Dock and Warehouse Co.; 65H39 

National Forestry Convention; 82H275, 82S278 

National Gallery of Fallen Heroes; 67H467, 70H372 

National Gallery of Statuary; 65S45, 65S254 

National Glass Insurance Co. in Boston; 70S23, 72H158 

National Executive Patronage; 3937 

National Exhibition of Horses; 55H285 

National Flags and Array Registers; 72HX36 

National Guard; 62H43 

National History (Natural History); 62H61 

National Independence - Celebration of; 27H50 

National Insurance Co. (Boston); 61S16, 61H23, 61H47, 

National Intervention; 52S60 

National Marine Insurance Co.; 69S83 

National Monument at Plymouth; 78H272, 78H246 

National Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 51H48 

National Normal School; 52H127 

National Sailors Home; 65S17 

National Tax; 62H19, 62H74 

National Tribe Works Co.; 82H28 

55H49, 56H49, 68H7, 70H196, 74S124, 74S190, 74S192, 

74S292, 75S123, 78H204, 80S37 

72S25, 72H63 

74S238, 74S280, 

Laws ; 

36H57(report), 41S51, 41H17(report) , 45S44 
Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 69S395 
Mutual Fishing Co.; 68H197 
Steam Cotton Co.; 61S13, 68S161 
Schools; 78H231 

Preserving Co.; 49S36 
Canal Corporation; 18D- 



Navy, United States - Officers; 

Records; 75H144 

Service to; 64S230, 66S275(report) 
Neale, Rollen H.DD. - Election Sermon by; 
Nebraska Bill in United States Congress; 
Needham (Town of); 50H17, 64H71, 64172, 

65S90, 81H133, 




re- Contested Election in; 
Ezekiel; 47H118 
Hannah; 62S131, 67H429 
re- 62S128 

3.H. - Monument to; 63H305 
Savings Bank; 74H204 



Needle Women; 68H201 

Society of; 51H83, 68S142 
Neglected Children, see- Children, Neglected 
Negotiable Instruments - Non-acceptance of; 
Negus, Darius; 70H228 
Nell, William C; 66H356 

Report re- 51H100 
Nelson, Albert H. ; 58H160 
Nelson, Elisha; 69S272 
Neponset Bank; 71S77 
Neponset Bridge; 57S154, 57S189, 60H69, 61S159, 

Reports re- 42H38, 52S12 
Neponset River; 65H200, 71H392, 72H87, 73S220, 
Neptune Insurance Co.; 66H18, 66H69 
Neptune Woolen Manufacturing Co.; 68H216, 70H444 
New Bedford (Town of); 28S12, 43H32, 45S50, 45H37 
New Bedford (City of); 47H52, 47H67, 48H162, 51S111, 54H104, 

55H132, 55H276, 56H137, 56H184, 57S28, 57H195, 58H30, 63H135, 

63H201, 64S76, 64S207, 66S18, 67H137, 68S57, 68S106, 69H108, 

63S60, 81H260 




New Bedford (City of), cont, 

69H319, 70H245, 70H364, 71H221, 72H361, 72H367, 74H41S, 75H46, 75H195, 

75H216, 76S33, 76S101, 76HI60, 77S113, 7SS55, 7SS135, 78S143, 7SH45, 

7SH228, 79S170, 79H139, S2H103 

Fire Department of; 52H1S4 
New Bedford and Boston Telegraph Co.; 67H471 
New Bedford and Fairhaven City Railway Co. ; 66S291 
New Bedford and Fairhaven Horse Railroad Co.; 72H22 
New Bedford and Fairhaven Street Railway Co.: 7OHI64, S0S21 
New Bedford and Fall River Railroad Co.; 3oS62, 64H275, 66H311, 67HI6O 
New Bedford and Middleborough Railroad Co. ; 70H450 
New Bedford and New York Steam Propeller Co.; 64HI2, 73H56 
New Bedford and Taunton Railroad Co.; 4SH52, 64S2gO, 69H97, 71H49 

Annual Reports of; 40SIS, 41S17, 42S26, 43S31, 44S19, 45S35, 46S21, 

47S30, 49S40, 50S30, 51S22, 5239, 53S3, 54S2, 55S2, 5632, $7S2 
New Bedford and Taunton and Fall River Railraod Co. ; 4^h67 
New Bedford Bridge; 69H73, 69HI6S, 69H1SS, 70H245 
New Bedford City Guards; 62H156 
New Bedford Five Cent Savings Bank; 67H330 
New Bedford Gas Light Co.; 50H90 

New Bedford Harbor - Survey of; 1+6SS7 , 47H30, k^Sk-S 
New Bedford Institution for Savings; 71H303 
New Bedford Ladies City Mission in; 68S31 
New Bedford Marine Insurance Co.; 76H158 
New Bedford Orphan's Home; 70H232 
New Bedford Railroad Co.; 73H33, 74H209, 75S151 
New Bedford Shipping Co.; 67S90 
New Bedford Street Railway Co.; 66SI69 
New Bedford Water Works; 72S152 

New Bedford Women's Reform and Relief Association; 59H259, 70S10 
New Brunswick and Canada - Emigrants from; 48sS9 
New England Agricultural Society; 68S73 
New England and Northampton Railroad Co. ; 79H155 
New England Asylum for the Blind; 27H50, 29H16, 33H22, 33H25, 35S11, 

39S43, 39H15, 40S43 ( report ) 

After IS40 see- Perkins Institution 
New England Coal Mining Co.; 5IHI66 

New England Conference of Methodist -Episcopal Church; 72S19, 74S228 
New England Conservatory of Music; 7OHII8, 70H146, S2S154 
New England Consolidated Coal Co. ; 65S217 
New England Education Society; 55H236 
New England Emigrant Co. ; 55H45 
New England .Emigrant Aid Co. ; 67H89 
New England Female Medical College; 66S304, 66H293(report ) , 66H400, 

74H326, 74H361 
New England Female Moral Reform Society: 46S42, 62S32, 67H322, 69H229 
New England Furniture Exchange; 79H12b 
New England Gas Register Manufacturing Co. ; 54H65 
New England Glass Co. - Reports re- 50S50, 50S80 
New England Guard of Boston; 76H203, 77H93 
New England Historic^Genealogical Society; 6SS9S 
New England Homeopathic Medical College; 67H46 
New England Hospital for Women and Children; 63S57, 64H326, 65SI9I, 

66S50, 68S100, 69H133, 70H115, 7ISI65, 71H43 
New England Land Co. ; 52S112 

New England Liquid Fuel Co.; 68S27, 68S35, 6gH49 
New England Lodge Association; 73H303 

New England Moral Reform Society; 62H118, 69H229, 70H404, 73H14 
New England Mutual Insurance Co.; 72S9S, 72SX19, 72H147 


New England Mutual Life Insurance Co.; 35S$1 

New England Mutual Marine Insurance Co.; 63H107, 64H64, 6SS46 

New England Pipe Works; 5^354 

New England Quick Transit Steamship Co. ; 82HS9 

New England Railroad Transportation Co. ; 62H251 

New England Railway Co.; 70S303 

New England School of Design for Women; 53H170 

New England Shoe and Leather Association; 71H25 

New England Silk Co.; 36S76 

New England Steam Packet Co.; 65S54, 65H286 

New England Telegraph Co. ; 51H50, 51HS6 

New England Trust Co.; 69S153, 69SI68, 69H227, 69H228, 71S90, 71S95, 

71H202, 77H2S1, 77H372, 82S75 
New England Verd Antique Marble Co. ; 53H193 
New England Worsted Co.: 55H71 

New Hampshire (State of); 51S12, 52H15S, 65S4, S0S17 
New Haven and Hampshire and Hampdan Canal Co.; 53H185 
New Haven and Northampton Co.; ^ 49H13S, 53S133, 66H137 
New Haven and Northampton Railroad Co.; 62S33, 65S113, 73H23, 66S219, 

66S257, 66S260, 69S240, 69H434, 74S137, 30S44, S1H82 

Report re- 653258 

See also- Hampshire and Hampden Railroad Co. 
New Home Sewing Machine Co. ; 82S8 
New Jersey (State of); 39H19, 56S115, 61H51 

Reports re- 40S33 
New London Northern Railroad Co.; 60S17, 64SI96, 66S29, 67H232, 68S239, 

69H358, 7OS323, 70H451, 72S155, 72S196, 80H192 
New London, Willimantic and Palmer Railroad Co.; 48H5O, 51S21, 52H218 

Annual Reports of; 51S22, 52S9, 53S3, 54S2, 55S2, 56S2, 57S2 
New Marlborough (Town of); 71H167, 74H314 

Report ; 51S49 
New North Religious Society in Boston; 58H74, 62S15 
New Orleans Charity Hospital - Letter from; 39H19 
New Orleans Steamship Co.; 52H31, 52H41 
New Plymouth Records; 58HIO, 58H174, 59H87 
New Salem (Town of); 33H53, 74H377 

Report re- 37S8 
New Salem Academy; 69H362 

Report re- 5OS85 
New South Meeting House in Boston; 68S79, 68S132 
Newspapers - Furnished to Members of General Court; 58H28 
New Trials; 76H89, 79H113 
New Tear's Day - Holiday; 8IS67, 81S143 
New York (State of); IID- , 28S6, 35S6, 41H23, 4IH6O, 6IH64, 73S76 

Report re- IID- 
New York and Boston Atmospherical Dispatch Co.; 54H114 
New York and Boston Railroad Co.; 57S58, 62H223, 63H13 

Reports of; 56S2, 57S2 
New York and New England Railroad Co.; 73H382, 74H467, 75H224, 75H249, 

77H276, 77H325, 77H333, 78H107, 78H150, 78HI65, 78H276, 78H333, 78H337, 

78H340, 79H346, 79H367, 79S247, 8OS256, 80H37, 80H345, 80H367, 80H331, 

80H373, 80H378, 8ISI84, 82H155, 82H289, 82H339, 82H345 

Reports re- 77H363, 78H2, 78H333 

See also- Hartford and Erie Railroad Co. 
New York Central and Hudson River Railroad; 8OH246, 8OH252 
New York Historical Society; 45S10 
Newbury (Town of); 32H38, 33S30, 58H145, 59H37, 73S107, 73S179, 75H396, 

78HI95, 82S252 
Newbury Ladies Benevolent Society; 56H236 
Newbury Spring Bleaching Co. ; 46H38 
Newburyport (Town of); 32H38, 33H61, 5IHI58 


Newburyport (City of); 55H165, 5SHI6I, 63SI36, 63HI62, 64H112, 65H177, 

66H279, 66H323, 66H376, 67H244, 67H255, 67H267, 63S265, 69S311, 69S369, 

71S282, 71H298, 73S23, 73S81, 73S157, 73S177, 73S179, 73S221, 73H119, 

73H163, 73H169, 73H170, 73H406, 74H433, 74H149, 76H72, 76H84, 77H207, 

78H243, 79H335, 31S7^, SIH42 

Police Court; $2H106, 53H109, 54H102, 55SI46 

Report re- Affairs of; 66H30o 
Newburyport and Amesbury Horse Railroad Co.; 64S56, 64H49, 67S68, 

68H226, 68H249, 71S282, 71H204, 73H67 
Newburyport and Salisbury Bridge; 76s68 
Newburyport Bridge; 41S45, 40H85, 46H94, 67S204, 69S334, 73S157, 

73S177, 46S76, 46S91 
Newburyport Bridge and Eastern Railroad Co. - Reports re- 47S20, 4SS8 
Newburyport City Railroad Co.; 69S367, 70S292, 73H406 
Newburyport, Danvers and Georgetown and Danvers Railroad Cos.; 53S7^, 

Newburyport Gas Co.; 50H92 
Newburyport Harbor; 50H76 
Newburyport Health Insurance Co.; 4SH173 
Newburyport Lyceum; 73S81 
Newburyport, Marine Society of; 67H19 
Newburyport-Plum Island Street Railway Co. ; 68HI25 
Newburyport Printing Co. ; 69H374 
Newburyport Submarine and Wrecking Co.; 55H125 
Newburyport Veteran Artillery Co. ; 63S136 
Newburyport Railroad Co.; 46S33, 48H143, 54S62, 64H321 

Annual Reports of; 49S40, 50S30, 51S22, 52S9, 53S3, 54S2, 55S2, 

56S2, 57S2 
Newburyport Screw Manufacturing Co.; 46H54 
Newburyport Water Co.; 80S229, 81S90 
Newcomb, Charles; 6 OS 8 3 
Newhall, George; 62H331 
Newhall, George (Captain); 62H331 
Newhall, Hiram; 62H347 

Newhall, Josiah - Report re-, and Spiritous Liquors; 4ISI6 
Newhall, Samuel - Report on Petition of; 35Ho4 
Newman, Stephan I.; 68S135, 68H250, 68H331 
Newspapers - Furnished to the General Court; 5^H28 
Newton (Town of); 49S47, 49S65, 69H89, 69H105, 72S79, 72S29^, 72H306, 

72H352, 73H359, 73H3SO 

Report re- Contested Election in; 68H11 
Newton (City of); 74S242, 74H62, 74H157, 74H173, 74H3S1, 74H397, 74H475, 

75S104, 75S128, 75S186, 76s62, 76S70, 76H51, 76H64, 76H301, 77S118, 

77H75, 7SS70, 7SSI56, 7SH95, 7SHI65, 80H147, 81H197, 8IH231, 81H359, 

82S41, S2S157 
Nev/ton, A.W.K. - Report re- Removal of, from Office; 77H350 
Newton and V/atertown Gas Light Co.; 6OHI38, 66S277, 81H212 
Newton Bank; 4BS89, 70H37 
Newton, Calvin; 49H12 
Newton Cemetery Co.; 73H312, 79S232 
Newton Comer Baptist Church; 81S87 
Newton Free Library; 71S176, 76H25I 
Newton, George; 81H229 
Newton, Harvey; 66H244 
Newton House Co. ; 68H65 
Newton, Joseph 0.; 82S119, S2H228 
Newton Railroad Co.; 57S187, 63H22 
Newton Savings Bank; 74H62 

Newton, Willard; 46S56 
Nichols Academy; 74H140 


A.H. (M.D. ) - Report 
re- Sewing Machines; 

Nichols, Thaddeus; 
Nichols, William R. ; 
Nickerson, P. (M.D.) 
Nickerson, Henry; 
Nickerson, Jarvis; 
Nickerson Wharf Co.; 
Night Walkers; 
Niles, Horace; 
Niles, Thomas; 
Nine Mile Pond 
Ninth Norfolk 

re- Disease; 


- Report 

on Health of Lowell; 76S100 

70S55, 71H102, 73S21 

Nisi Cases 

55H64, 71S220, 76H187 
Fishing Co.; 60S32, 60H115, 79H193, 81H59 
District; 81H97 


Nitro-Glycerine; 71H16 

Report re- Transportation 
Nobscusset Point Pier Co.; 
Nolan, Ellen; 76H193 
Nolan, Mary Ann; 68H168 
Nonantum Fire Insurance Co. 
Nonantum Horse Railroad Co. 
Nonantum Hotel 

of; 77S181 



74H43, 74H295, 


Co. (Newton) 
laws; 79S196, 

Report re- Stockholders in States of; 64H124 

See also- Guardians 
Non-Taxable Property; 50S97, 70H216, 72H65, 

Report Giving List of, in Cities and Towns; 
Norcross, Josiah; 32H37 
Norfolk (County of); 48H205, 58S37, 67H944 68S212, 70S117, 70H92, 

70H280, 71H212, 71H424, 72S168, 77H157 

Central; 75S89 

Commissioners of; 48H126, 60H70, 71H392 

Eastern; 72S246, 73H16, 74S327, 75H3, 79S184 

Schools in; 80H187, 80H372 
Norfolk (Town of); 53S114, 70H29, 70H35, 70H39, 70H329, 71S150, 71S188 
Norfolk and Bristol Detecting Society; 45S73 
Norfolk and Bristol Turnpike Co.; 43S42, 56S116 
Norfolk County Railroad; 47H173, 49S60, 50S59, 52S72 

Annual Reports of; 49S40, 50S30, 51S22, 52S9, 53S3 
Norfolk West District Temperance Union; 71S286 
Normal Art School, see- State Normal Art School 
Normal School of Boston, see- Boston, City of 
Norris, Howes; 72S97 
Norris, Shaw; 56H83, 66S58 
North Adams (Town of); 71S169, 77S153, 77H170, 77H274, 

78S172, 78S185, 78H126, 78H301, 78H311, 82S223, 82H219 

Report re- Passenger Terminal in; 71H362 
North Adams and Bennington Railway; 69H284 
North Adams Building Society; 50S81, 61S30, 64S40 
North Adams Lyceum; 53H128 
North Adams Savings Bank; 69H49 
North Adams Water Co.; 48H195, 64S86, 64H277, 66H148, 67H110, 69H63, 

77H297, 77H369, 

North Adams 

North Adams 
North American 
North American 

North American 
North American 

Woolen Co.; 65S49, 66H91 
Workingman's Saving Fund; 49S33 
and European Railway; 52S123 

Fire Insurance Co.; 51H45, 71H203, 66S54, 68H196, 


Coach Co. : 
and Depot 





North Andover (Town of); 55S74, 55S90, 68H151, 69S137, 79H24 

North Andover Mills; 67S157, 68S190 

North Attleborough Branch Railroad Co.; 60H16, 62H362, 63H42, 

67S137, 69H273 
North Attleborough 
North Attleborough 
North Attleborough 










Odd Fellows' Hall Association; 

Railroad Co.; 69S346 

Union Building Association; 71H79 
Bridge; 80S66 
Savings Bank of Cambridge; 72S38 

Street Pree-Will Baptist Society of Boston; 


Branch Railroad; 
Society; 77H101 


(Town of); 

Agricultural Society; 
Bank; 54S70, 66S213 
Branch Railroad Co.; 
Gas Light Co. ; 82H69 
Savings Bank - Reports 

56H130, 67S180, 68H244, 




; 7^ 


Boston Co. ; 

73H224, 74H155, 
North Bridgewater 
North Bridgewater 
North Bridgewater 
North Bridgewater 

North Bridgewater Savings Bank - Reports of; 78S256, 
North Bridgewater Union Cemetery Corporation; 75S142 
North Brookfield (Town of); 51S92, 54S28, 63S27, 82H351 

Report re- 54S28 
North Cambridge and Somerville Street Railroad; 
North Carolina (State of); 39H19 

Report re- Slavery in; 36S56 
North Chelsea (Town of); 50H126, 53H131, 55H224, 

Reports re- 46H35, 52H59 
Northeastern Boundary; 36H37, 39S7, 39S39, 39H39, 

42H44, 71H319 

Documents re- 26H39, 27H60, 32H56, 34S9, 35S10, 

Reports re- 32S15, 38S67, 41H44 
Northeastern Savings Bank; 64S7 
North Egremont Aqueduct Co.; 53H134 
North End Mission; 70S97, 71H260 
North End Savings Bank; 70S25, 72H103 
North Pairhaven, Area of; 60S14 
North Free Bridge; 54S152 
North Reading (Town of); 53S79, 79H149 
North River; 44H9, 44H55, 53H102, 71S244, 72S170, 

76H153, 77H194, 81S51 

Bridge over; 65H82, 65H106, 68H246, 71H133 
North Savings Institution (Worcester); 68H332 
North Weymouth Cemetery Association; 65S246 
North Weymouth Fire District; 74H244 
North Woburn Street Railroad Co.; 66H166, 
Northbridge (Town of); 44S57, 

Report re- Contested Election 
Northampton (Town of); 54H77, 

71S186, 73S142, 

79S71, 80S11, 81S9 



42S67, 42S69, 
39S45, 42S44 

75H166, 75H194 





56S239, 56H199, 69S53, 71H63, 71H64, 

74S347, 74H428, 74H441, 74H447, 75H259, 79S107, 79H314, 80S226, 80H356, 

81S226, 81S227 

State Hospital in, see- Mass. State Hospital at 
Northampton and Shelburne Falls Railroad Co.; 53H148, 61S41, 62S41, 

62S134, 63S78, 63H77, 63H85, 66H158, 68H328, 68H358, 69S227, 70S75 
Northampton and Springfield Railroad Co.; 42S41, 44S30, 45H40 

Report of; 45S35 
Northampton and Westfield Railroad Co.; 52S145 
Northampton and Williamsburg Street Railway Co.; 65H153, 66S204, 


Northampton Bridge; 60H64, 71H220 

Northampton Dike Co.; 69H447 

Northampton Fire Insurance Co.; 59S99 

Northampton Gas Light Co.; 69H149 

Northampton, Hadley and Amherst Street Railroad Co.; 67S70, 68H66, 

Northampton Loan and Trust Co.; 70S325, 75H53 
Northborough (Town of); 82S160, 82H292 
Northern Michigan Railroad Co. ; 68S45 
Northern Pacific Railroad; 67H406 
Northfield (Town of); 55H157, 60S10 
Northfield Bridge; 39S57 
Norton (Town of); 46H95 

Contested Election in; 73H48 
Norton, Eugene L. ; 80S260 
Norton, Isaac J.; 47H142 
Norton, S.L.; 66S60 
Norwich (Town of); 53H149 
Norwich and Worcester Railroad Co.; 37S41, 37S49, 48H138, 49H151, 

50S32, 54S95, 54H66, 57S208, 59H65, 69S276, 693283, 69S302, 69S350, 

69S318, 70H71, 70H144, 73H218, 74S318 

Annual reports of; 37S43, 38S33, 39S31, 40S18, 41S17, 42S26, 43S31, 

44S19, 45S35, 46S21, 47S30, 49S40, 50S30, 51S22, 52S9, 53S3, 54S2, 

5532, 5632, 5732, 7337, 74H296, 74H461, 74H466, 74H471 

Report re- 69H384 

Reports re- 3inking Fund of; 6134, 64313, 66H12, 6733, 67H39, 68S4, 

69312, 7034, 7132, 7239, 7434, 7536, 7635, 77312, 7832 
Norwood (Town of); 72367, 723159, 77H276, 82H25 
Notaries; 72H58, 73H237, 743175, 80327 
Notes Payable on Demand; 39361, 57H71, 58329, 58H105 
Notices and Investigations; 65H74, 65H86, 65H235 
Notices, Legal - Report re- Publication of; 65H304 
Notre Dame Academy (Boston); 82H143, 82H195 
Norwell, Oliver; 65H263, 673144, 68314 
Noxious Animals; 37332, 38348, 81^241, 81H341 
Noyes, 3amuel; 47H163 
Nugent, William C; 68H170, 68H236 

Nuisances; 55H249, 59H55, 663178, 6e^87 , 743264, 75S30 
Nullification; 33H45 

Nunneries and Convents - Reports re- Investigations of; 55H262, 55H263 
Nye, Charles J.; 69H90 
Nye's Pond; 71H342 

Oak Bluffs; 79H254 

Oak Bluffs Land and Wharf Co.; 68H105, 70379, 70H182 

Oak Grove Cemetery (Gloucester); 563135 

Oakham (Town of); 47H51 

Oaths; 34340, 34H17, 64H295, 69H306, 69H406, 703201, 70H160, 70H161, 

70H244, 72H164 

Administration of; 73H237, 73H246 
Oblate Fathers for Missions; 74342 
Observances; 56H120 
Ocean Bank; 44320 

Ocean Mutual Health Insurance Co.; 48H37, 633170 
Ocean Pier and Point of Pines Railroad Co.; 82S10 
Ocean Postage; 52H130 
Ocean 3team Mills; 67H82 
Ocean Steam Packet Co.; 39355 


Ocean Telegraph Co.; 69S45, 69S89, 69S90, 69H144, 69H182 

Ocean Terminal Railroad Dock and Elevator Co.; 81S230, 82H90, 82H146 

O'Gonnell, P. A.; 66391 

Odd Fellows Building Association; 70H563 

Odd Fellows Hall Association of Beverly; 74H74 

Odd Fellows Hall Co. in Boston; 70H132, 71H69, 73S103, 73H265 

in Lowell; 71H18 

in Maiden; 73H57 

in Stoneham; 73H191 
Odiorne, George - Report re- Petition of, re- Slavery; 36S67, 36S92 
Offal; 74S163, 74H257 '\ 

Offenders, Detection and Apprehension of; 66S27, 68H106, 69H151 
Offensive Ladies; 55S116, 65H219 

Offenses against Chastity, Morality, etc.; 62H229, 79H190, 80H139 
Office Holding; 55S66, 80H292 
Officers - Administrative; 59H229, 65S175, 65H30, 65H62(report) , 


Military; 65S250 

of Corporations; 56H40, 56H125 

of Court; 72S262, 82S256 

Public; 58S55 
Officers' Fees; 63S193, 64S267, 64H317, 68H32, 80H338(report) 

in Criminal Cases; 62H180, 62H208, 62H2 41, 63S84, 63S155, 63H292, 

693177, 693264, 69H388 

for Service of Warrants; 61H149 
Official Information - Publication of; 57H93 
Ohabei, Shalon; 69362, 75379 
Ohio (State of); 38H49, 61H9 
Oil Companies - Taxation of; 82H115 
Oils; 33331, 33344, 823200, 823219 
Old Colony and Fall River Railroad; 54372, 54394, 603130, 61374, 

613118, 61H158, 61H244, 62H242 

Reports of; 5532, 5632, 57S2 
Old Colony and Hingham Steamboat Co.; 823121 
Old Colony and Newport Railroad Co.; 64H16, 64H30, 65S83, 66S129, 67H30' 

67H403, 69327, 703325, 71H62, 71H391, 72391, 72S132, 723179, 72H44 
Old Colony Bank (Plymouth); 74H481 
Old Colony Cordage Co.; 59H57 
Old Colony Extension Railroad Co.; 64362 
Old Colony Insurance Co.; 64362 
Old Colony Iron Co.; 67S31 
Old Colony Railroad Co.; 38S82, 44363, 44H60, 45352, 45371, 45391, 

47334, 48H44, 49363, 493103, 493114, 52H119, 73314, 73S109, 733128, 

73S132, 74374, 74H60, 74H280, 76346, 76H222, 77318, 78H257, 81H27, 

82S45, 82H29, 82H129 

Annual Reports of; 45335, 46321, 47330, 49340, 50330, 51S22, 5239, 

5333, 5432 

Reports re- 45351 
Old Colony Steamboat Co.; 74H175 
Old Colony Wharf Co.; 733298, 763185 
Old Men's Home of Worcester; 74H161 
Old Soldiers; 54H79 
Old South Association; 78H275 
Old South Church (Boston); 45S98 
Old South Meeting House - Preservation of; 77H216, 77H239, 77H348 

Report re- 773188 
Old South Society; 72HX15, 723X12, 743142, 743143, 743229 
Oleomargarine; 80S178, 80S201, 81H415, 81H420, 81H429 

See also- Butter 
Oliver, F.E. (M.D.) - Report on Use of Opium; 72340 

Report re- Health of Boston; 763100 


Oliver, Henry K. ; 62S87, 65H269 

Oliver Street; 65H179 

Olney, William J. - Report re- 43H93 

Onions - Sale of; 56S218 

Onset Bay Grove Association; 77H153, 79H80 

Opium - Report re- Use of; 72S40 

Orange (Town of); 68S186, 74S118 

Orange Savings Bank; 71H191 

Oread Institute of Worcester; 74H63 

Ordnance, Master of - Report of; 63H3 

Ordinances and By-laws of Cities and Towns; 55H191 

Ordway, Warren; 73H147 

O'Reilly, Patrick T. ; 82S118, 82S119, 82H228 

Oriental Bank - Report of; 38S100 

Oriental Coal Co.; 66H266 

O'Riordan, Patrick; 77H113 

Orleans (Town of); 61H57, 62S104, 63H136, 67H170 

Orleans Fishing Co.; 36S41 

Ornithological Survey of the Commonwealth; 56S221 

Orphans - Home for; 58S19, 62H252 

Orr, Hutton, et al. - Report re- 32H6 

Osborn, George; 73H22 

Osborne, Lydia P.; 71H301 

Osgood, Caroline L. ; 73H22 

Otis (Town of); 64S206, 82H141 

Reports re- Contested Election in; 52H222, 52H233 
Otis Co. ; 72H5 
Otis, Harrison G.; 39S10 

and Boston City Charter; 30H18 
Otis, William; 48H170 

Outline Maps - Report re-, for Public Schools; 51S76 
Outstanding Risks; 74S148 
Overseers of the Poor; 77S62, 77S125 

Office of; 28H9, 37S22, 57H169, 62H166, 64S250, 64H353, 65H49, 

67H266, 69S261, 69H279, 72S10, 77H245 

Report re- 37H60 
Oxford (Town of); 48H151, 67H101 
Oxford Bank; 57H108 
Oxford Hotel Co.; 56S151 
Oyster Fisheries; 69H91, 70S74, 70S206, 70S213, 70H246, 73H70, 78S177, 

Oyster Pond River (Chatham); 77H235 
Oysters - Planting of; 48S104 

Pacific Coast; 49H161 

Pacific Fire Insurance Co.; 70S266 

Pacific Guano Co.; 67H210 

Pacific Insurance Co.; 36S21 

Pacific Mutual Insurance ^o.; 56H79 

Pacific Print-Works; 58H175 

Pacific Railroad Co.; 58S85, 59S149, 60S23, 60H152, 61S126 

Packard, Noah; 44H64 

Paige, James W. ; 36S91 

Paine, R.T.; 33H58 

Paine, Ruben G. - Report re- 33H64 

Paine, Zebulon; 51H139 

Report re- 48H115, 49H41 
Palmer (Town of); 68H166, 80S112 
Palmer, Adelaide E. ; 81H218 


Palmer, Billings; 67S102 

Palmer, Charles H.P.; 62H331 

Palmer, Katie; 67H398 

Palmer, John P.; 81H26 

Palmer, Julius A.; 69S121 

Palmer's River; 44H36, 52H93, 67S202, 67S214, 75H318 

Palmer Savings Bank; 70H100 

Paper - Report re- High Prices of; 63H84 

Pardons; 57H57, 663161, 81H213, 82S226 

Conditional; 67H297 

Lists of, Granted; 73S6, 74S6, 75S24, 76S12, 77S25, 78S33, 79S10, 

80S24, 81S6, 82S2.. 
Paris, Exposition at; 66S233, 78H240 

Report re- 683333 
Parishes; 60H165 

and Religious Freedom; 34331, 35341, 35351 

and Religious Societies; 29323, 30H23(report) , 523103, 523147, 

58327, 58342, 59H230, 61361, 6236, 65391, 69H390 
Park, Edward A. - Election Sermon by; 513- 
Park, William C; 48H189 

Parker and Stevens - Claims of, for Work on Hoosac Tunnel; 77H362 
Parker, Augustus - Report re-, and Transportation; 683319 
Parker, Eliab, Jr. - Report re- Constructjon of a Railroad; 473104 
Parker, H.D. and Co.; 68S16S 
Parker, Isaac - Letter from;; 2732 

Report of; IID- 
Parker River Bridge; 51378 
Parker, Samuel D. ; 34315 

Report re- 34356 
Parker, Theodore;. 61315 
Parker Street, Boston; 743268 
Parkhurst, D.O.; 59H128 
Parks, James; 69H397 

Parks, Jane; 70H253, 723158, 74H132, 77H206, 81H90 
Parsonages; 693112 
Parsons, George W. ; 70H237 
Parsons, Nathaniel; 743135 
Parsons, Theophilus; 59H235 
Parsons, William; 59H39 
Partition; 573135 

of Lands; 50H138, 693115, 70H349, 71H42, 74H308, 77378, 81H108, 


of Real Estate; 31H27, 38313, 47H96, 50S78, 50H63, 50H170, 53H90, 

58H139, 60H202, 70S142, 70H162, 77H203 
Partners; 82H114, 82H209, 82H240 
Partnerships; 32310, 32S21, 77H66 
Parton, James; 76H172, 76K366 
Passenger Carriers; 48K148 

Passports; 573172, 653153, 65H83, 693114, 69H418 
Pathways, see- Footways 
Pattee, Jesse P.; 57H102 
Pattills; 56H197 
Paul, Alfred W. ; 62H78 
Paul, Daniel J. - Report on; 503104 
Paul, Joseph F. ; 70H206 
Pauperism; 643129, 78H285, 81H305 
Paupers; 26H8, 26H31, 35H59, 37366, 48374, 49364, 523127, 58H24, 65S221, 

663259, 683316, 703284, 703299, 703309, 713326, 72H284, 73H276, 78S165, 

78H191, 793222, 79H137, 79H210, 80H268, 82H77 

Accounts of; 36H41, 50H67 

Alien; 52H18, 52H229 


Paupers, cont. 

Claims of; 55S183(report) 

Laws re- 35H12(report ) , 35H32( report) , 55H255 

Reports re- 33H6, 33H30, 47S109, 48S46, 53S19 

Returns of; 35H28, 36H26, 40S- 

See also- Foreign Paupers, Poor, State Paupers 
Pawnbrokers; 55H96, 76S177, 77HX76, 79S86, 79S273, 79H45, 82H367 
Pawner's Bank ^Boston); 59H190, 65H18, 65H24, 69S377, 69H169, 69H344, 

Pawner*s Bank (New Bedford); 62H187 
Pawtucket (Town of); 62H226 
Pawtucket Bridge; 60S82, 61H22 
Pawtucket Navigation Co.; 67S112 
Paxton (Town of); 50H145 
Pay-Master - of Bounties; 64S28 

Pay-Master General - Reports of; 67S4, 68H15, 69S10 
Payne, William M. ; 69H286 
Payne, Willie L. ; 74S207, 74H198 
Peabody (Town of); 69S205, 72H198, 77H253, 80S140, 81S188, 82H185 

See also- South Danvers 
Peabody Academy; 68S99 

Peabody and Victoria Mills (Newburyport) ; 81H42 
Peabody, Andrew P. - Election Sermon by; 72H- 
Peabody Institute (Danvers); S2S90 
Peabody Institute (Peabody); 81H179 
Peabody Manufacturing Co. ; 61H43 
Peabody Square; 75H264 

Peabody, W.B.O. - Election Sermon by; 33S- 
Peace - Report re- Promotion of Universal; 44H1S 
Peace Fund; 71H1S1 
Pearman, William; 57S118 
Pearson, John H. ; 56H59 
Pease, Patty, et al.; 61S96, 62H357 
Peck, John; 

Peddlers, see- Hawkers and Peddlers 
Pelham (Town of) - Report re- 70Ii373 
Pelt on, Florentine; 66H135 
Pemberton Co. ; 6OHIO6 
Pemberton Manufacturing Co.; 58S41 
Pemberton Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 71H336 
Pemberton Square - State Buildings in; 73H367, 74S154 
Pembroke Steam Boat Co. ; 60S44 
Penal Institutions; 78S234, 78S251, 79H252 
Penalties - for Offenses; 653148, 65S228, 65S241, 65S284, 65H222, 

65H312, 69H449 
Pendleton, Edward; 67H326 

Penitent Female's Refuge in Boston; 68S189, 6SH272 
Pennsylvania (State of); 41H23, 4IH60, 61S28, 82H332 
Penobscot Steamship Co.; 68SI84 
Pensions - for Police Officers in Boston; 79S91 
Pentucket Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 53S28 

Pentucket Navigation Co.; 48SIIO, 67H168, 67HI87, 67H196, 69SI66, 72S174 
People's Bank; 48S84 
People's Banks; 71S86 
People's Club; 72H37 

People's Equitable Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 48H39 
People's Ferry Co. - Report re- 53S96 
People's Fire Insurance Co. (Worcester); 70H201 
People's Five Cent Savings Bank - Report of; 6OHI 
People's Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 47S46, 66H52 

in Worcester; 60H133, 62H98, 71H274, 71H294 


People's Mutual Health issurance Co.; 50H159 
People's Mutual Insurance Co.; 55S193 
People's Pacific Railroad Co.; 60S23, 61S126 
People's Savings Bank (Worcester); 64H339, 67H199 
Pepperell (Tovm of); 57S125, 75H13S 
Perch - Fishery; 58S6I 

Protection of; 79H94, 79H154 
Perjury; 14D- , 29S13, 60H20S 
Perkins & Co. ; 36S30 
Perkins Institute for the Blind; 47H108, 62H297, 63H223, 64SI4S, 64HII9, 

65S77, 66HI95, 67H184, 68H128, 69HI5O, 69H3S6, 69H430, 70S150, 70S271 

List of Members; 49S8 

Reports of Officers of; 55S37, 56SI36 

Reports of Visitors to; 42S66, 44H67, 45S59 

Report re- 41S52 

Before I84O see- New England Asylum for the Blind 


33S$2 (report), 47H46, 

Perkins, John, et al. - Extension of Wharfs of; 
Perkins, Thomas H. - and Railroad Construction; 

47H173( report) 
Perkins Mills; 56S33 
Permanent Peace Fund; 63S17, 72S139 
Perpetual Insurance; 69S92 
Perpetuities; 31H16 
Perry, Benjamin; 47H24 
Perry, Charles A.; 74H512 

Report re- 74H39 
Personal Estate; 32H54, 35DX- , 3SS4, 56H131, 62H154, 69H403, 69H426, 

75S122, 80H295, S2S92 

See also- Deceased Persons, Real Estate 
Personal Injuries; 82H175 

See also- Actions of Tort 
Personal Liberty; 43H41, 52S76, 57H163, 5^386, 60S126, 61S34, 61S53, 

61H45, 63S115 

Reports re- 37H51, 51S89, 56HI67 
Personal Property; 30S31, 30H10, 30H19, 31H61, 32H50, 46H19, 50H127, 

5OHI69, 57H166, 5SHI32, 5SHI54, 6IHI91, 65H142, 70H353, 70H379, 74H43, 

76HI64, 76H263, 77S132, 7SSI76, 7SSI83, 7^3144, 7SH121, 7SHI40, 7SH147, 

79S5S, 79S76, 79S81, 79H213, 80H247, 80H321 

Sale of; 57H166, 70H353, 75S155, 75S183, 80H203, 80H346, 8ISII5, 

8IHI93, S1H244, 81H306 
Persons - Imprisoned for Debt ; 37H$6 

Supported and Relieved; 75H157 

Under Guardianship; 46HI8, 46H25, 46H37, 50H107 

Under Sentence of Death; 52S102, 53S18(report ) , 53H140, 54S103(report ) , 

54S119, 54S147, 54S156 

Wrongfully Arrested; 72H273 
Pesque Island Corporation; 67SI25 
Peterborough and Shirley Railroad; 

Annual Reports of; 47S30, 49S40, 

56S2, 57S2 
Peters, John; 80H127 
Petersham (Town of); 82S109, S2H239 

Report re- Election in; 48H24 
Petitions - Filing of; 57S173, 74H363, 81H2 

Report re- 49H159 

to the General Court; 50H119, 5SS16, 59H54, 65H85, 65H279, 66H420, 

69S23, 69S42, 73H3, 74H3 
Petroleum; 65S137, 66H428 

Inspection of; 65S202, 65S236, 66S243, 67H347 

Sale of; 67^311, 67H413, 67H419, 69S93, 69S130, 69S145, 69S294, 69H392 

See also- Oils 

45S87, 54S67, 60S8 

50S30, 51S22, 52S9, 53S3, 54S2, 55S2, 


Pettee, Otis - Reports re- Construction of Railways: 47H173f 48H200 
Pettingill, Charles C. - Extension of Wharf of; 6bH236 

Construction of a Railway by; 69S257 
Pettingill, James R. ; 67SI46 

Petty Loans and Savings (Bank of); 61S52, 6ISIII 
Pets, see- Domestic Animals 
Pew, John; 67H31 

Pews and Pew Owners; 53H114, 53H124, 66S122, 67H143 
Pharmacy/ College of; 52S41 
Pharmacy, Practice of; 71H20g, 72H270, 72H316, 72H319, 73H317, 81H344, 

81H381, aiH399, 8IH423 

See also- Apothecaries 
Phelps, Aurora, et al, - Report re- Public Charitable Institutions and; 

Phelps, Austin - Election Sermon by; 6IS- 
Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition; 75H320, 75H371, 80S17 
Philadelphia Convention; 52S30 
Philbrick, Edvrard S.; 71H92 

Report of, re- House Drainage; 76SIOO 
Phillips Academy (Andover); 67S19, 80H44 
Phillips, Jonathan; 39S10 
Phillips, Stephen C. ; 47H94 
Phillips Wharf Co.; 56S209, 61S143, 72S177 
Phillipston (Town of); 31H13 
Phinney, George 0. ; 69S233 
Phoenix Brewing Co.; 79S99 
Phoenix Fire Insurance Co.; 60H74 

Phoenix Mutual Fire and Marine Insurance Co. ; 53H146 
Phonetics - Reports re- 51S123, 52H174 

Physicians' Certificates of Death; 73S34, 73S39, 73H179 
Physiology and Hygiene - Report Requiring, in Public Schools; 5OS64 
Pickerel; 5BS6I, 62S93, 63H90, 63HIOO, 65S267, 68S225, 6SS2$7, 72H235 
Pickering, Mark; 79H245 
Pickled Fish - Inspection of; 29S21, 29H2, 29H20, 30S8, 30H26, 30H42, 

34S37, 46H43', 48S24, 48H213, 49HS1, 53H93, 59H125 

Packing of; 67HI3, 72S265, 75H206, 75H278, 75H339 
Picnic Groves; 65HI60 
Pierce, Abner J.; 73H341 
Pierce, Academy (Middlefeorough) ; 78H55 
Pierce, Cyrus; 47H154 

Pierce, John D.D, - Election Sermon by; 49S- 
Pierce, Joel; 74H153 
Pierce, Milton; 64H360 
Piers; 75H160 

Pigeon Beds; 48H41, 49S27, 49S39, 59H67 
Pigeon Hill Granite Co.; 71H286 
Pigeon Shooting; 79H133 
Pike, John - Election Sermon by; 57S- 
Pilg-im Congregational Church (Cambridge); 71H187 
Pilgrim Evangelical Society; 76S36 
Pilgrim Society (Plymouth); 56H287, 78H272, 78H296 
Pilgrim Wharf Co. ; 69H214 
Pillsbury, John H. ; 46S57 
Pilot Laws; 53H81, 54H76 

Report re- Revision of; 55H164 
Pilot Regulations; 64H388 
Pilotage; 27H12, 27H54, 29SI6, 36HII, 41H14, 41S33, 47H198, 50H94, 

57S139, 62H260, 62S178, 63H94, 69S211, 69H314, 71H373, 73S76, 73S145, 

73S176, 73S187, 73S189 

at Provincetown: 55H287 

Reports on; 52H223, 62H159, 69S236, 74S312 


Pilots; 73S168, ^03135, S2S161, 82S1S2, 32S195, 32S222, 82324^, 82H217 

Commissioners of; 55H298, 56H4(report ), 57H4(report ) , 59H232, 59H239 

in Port of Boston, see- Boston, City of 
Pinder, Albert ; 73H331 
Pine Grove Cemetery Association; 32H43 
Pine Street Congregational Society; 58H170 
Pingree, David; 453100 

Reports re- Railroads and; 463^4 
Pink, William; 66H147 

Pinkham, J.G. (M.D. ) - Report of, re- Diptheria; 77375 
Pitcher's Pond; 66H28 
Pittsfield (Town of); 52H187, 56H23, 64H226, 663214, 67388, 703229, 

71H197, 74H213, 75339, 75H34, 75H298, 77399, 77H173, S2348 

Fire District in; 78H30 

Police Court in; 50H91, 59H153 
Pittsfield and New Haven Railroad Co.; 643202, 643203, 643204, 643205, 

64S20b, b4H190, 66H246 
Pittsfield and North Adams Railroad Co.; 42S60, 48H47, 66H201, 69H445 

Annual Reports of; 46S21, 47330, 49340, 50330, 51S22, 5239, 5333, 

5432, 5532, 5632, 5732 
Pittsfield and West Stockbridge Railroad Co.; 32H27, 36384 
Pittsfield Library Association; 673257 
Plank Road; 513116 
Plate Glass; 73H187 

Plates and Unissued Bonds - Report re- Destruction of; 663101 
Pleadings and Practices; 70H67 

in Abatement; 5OHI24 
Pleasant Bay; 563214 

Pleuro-Pneumonia; 603X2, 6GHI84, 60H212, 62H283, 63H282, 70H341, 70H346, 


See also- Cattle, and Boston Board of Trade 
Plummer, Caroline; 70H345 
Plummer, George - Report re- 57H207 
Plummer Granite Co. ; 6OSI38 
Pluhkett, Thomas; 74H405, 74H421 
Plurality Law; 49H50, 523109 
Plymouth (County of); 37H14, 563111, 623165, 63H2e6, 68H213, 70334, 

713244, 74H45, 74H261, 74H302, 74H406, 74H423, 793187, 79S198, 79II327, 

8OH88, 8OHI54, 80H331, 8IHI83, 81H351, 81H357 

Commissioners of; 733142, 82H86 

Southern; 7^3128, 7^3224 

First District Court in; 74H357, 75372, 77359 

Second District Court in; 783128, 7^3224, 7SH278, 78H307, 793224 

Third District Court in; 783128, 783224, 78H278, 7SH307 

Fourth District Court in; 7^3128, 783224, 80376 
Plymouth (Town of); 54H174, 65348, 67369, 693272, 703143, 73H34, 75381, 

76HIO6, 81391, 82H20 

Harbor of; 65H276, 66S190, 69H427 

Police Court in; 54H90 
Plymouth Agricultural Society; 66340 
Plymouth and Provincetown Steamboat Co. ; 60H199 
Plymouth and Sandwich Railroad Co.; 713200, 71H353, 73S90 
Plymouth and Vineyard Sound Railroad Co. ; 703312 
Plymouth and Wareham Railroad Co. ; 54H134 
Plymouth County Agricultural Society; 703211, 71323 
Plymouth County Railroad Co.; 713246, 71H295, 71H306, 73397, 743159, 


Plymouth Five Cent Savings Bank; 69H8 

Plymouth Marine Railroad Co.: 64SI87 
Plymouth Society (Framingham) ; 77H112 


Plymouth to Wareham Railroad - Report re- 29S2 
Plymouth Young Men's Literary Institute; 68H286 
Plympton (Town of); 51H25, 51H108, 63S125, 63H12, 69H292 

Report of Contested Election in; 52H36 
Plympton and Wareham Railroad Co.; 54H135 
Plympton Branch Railroad Co.; 48H134 
Plympton Iron and Steel Co.; 67H83 
Pneumatic Dispatch Co.; 67S219, 68H265 
Pneumatic Drill Co.; 62H65 
Pocasset Bank; 62H85 

Pocasset Manufacturing Co.; 70S86, 82S97 
Pocha Pond Meadow and Fishing Co.; 48S102, 56S74 
Pocumtock Hotel Co.; 53H26 

Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association; 70S177 
Point Allerton (Boston Harbor); 67H447 
Point Bridge Co.; 47S62 

Point Shirley (Boston Harbor) - Report re- Beach; 62S39 
Points of Order, see- Rules 
Poisons; 57H192 

Poisonous Plants and Animals; 77S54 
Poland, Hiram L.; 48H42 
Police; 69S380, 80S91, 80H123, 80H149 

Better System of; 70S285, 70S301, 70S307, 70S331, 723212, 73S149, 


Commissioners; 72H7, 72H8, 72H320, 73S208, 74S32, 74H492, 74H498, 

75S9, 75310, 82H373 

Reports of; 72S4, 72H64, 73311, 74S48(0ffice abolished in 1874) 

Courts; 37S85, 53H110, 56H233, 57S49, 573146, 58H45, 61H138, 61H167, 

61H213, 623101, 62H39, 62H201, 62H313, 63363, 63370, 63H36, 63H80, 

63H192, 63H249, 65H253, 65H270, 66H227, 65H68, 673276, 6838, 71H80, 

71H179, 75365, 753110, 76H105, 76H130, 76H243, 77H305, 77H311, 75H327, 

75H334, 75H389, 78345, 78361, 783236, 783247, 783254, 78H111, 7BH123, 

78H364, 793181, 793208, 793212, 79H119, 79H350, 79H379 

Justices; 58H37, 58H42, 59H245 

Municipal Courts and; 69H330, 69H440, 69H450, 71H80, 71H179, 75365, 

753110, 75H333 

Officers; 673218, 67H332, 81366, 813118, 813141, 823189, 823233 

Watchmen and; 55H55, 64H156 

See also- Massachusetts State Police, State Detective, and Police 

Courts in individual towns and cities 
Police Relief Association (Boston); 76H45 
Poll Taxes, see- Taxes on Polls 
Polls; 72H310, 72H348, 72H354 

Establishment of; 61370, 62H226, 653184, 76H335 

Hour of Closing; 683307 

Schedule of; 61338 

See also- Ratable Polls 
Pollution; 80H259, 80H288 

Report re-, o-f* Streams; 78H26 

See also- Public Health, Water Supply 
Polygamy; 82367 
Pond, Sam'uel D. - Report re- Petition of to Remove a Justice of the 

Ponds; 74357, 74si40, 78S138, 79H217, 80H259, 80H288 

Pool, Game of; 80H118, 80H142, 80H172 

Pool Rooms; 82H367 

Pool, Ward; 51H34 

Pools - Sale of; 78H33 

Poor; 26H36, 33H30, 36371, 37H36, 70S141, 74S80 

Debtors; 26D27, 29310, 29H32, 44H34, 45H19, 45H31, 48S91, 4BH204, 
50H135, 54H125, 55H256, 71339, 72H237, 73H357, 73H375, 73H395, 74S85, 
74H4, 77H7, 78383 


Poor, cont. 

Houses for the; 26H5 

Relief of the; 27H36, 28H16, 29H26, 54H17, 74S80, 74S133, 74S329, 

74H264, 74H310, 74H379 
Poor, J. A.; 51H87 
Poor, Samuel P.; 69H303 
Population of Massachinsetts ; 52S17, 52S18 

Abstract of; 56S29 
Porter, Alfred H. ; 56H186 
Porter, Francis; 62H340 
Porter, Seward; 31H27 

Post, Abriery et al. - Report re- 50H101 
Post, Flavins; 72H290 
Post - l^otes; 38S19 
Post Offices; 73H63 

Postage; 48H118, 50H44, 50H47, 50H72, 51H6, 54S32, 76H11 
Pot and Pearl Ashes; 67H93, 72S131, 72S151, 72H121 
Potato Disease - Report re- 59H12 
Potato Rot; 58H144 
Potatoes; 47H15 
Potumiska Mills; 77H42 
Poiaatry; 58S34, 78S141 
Poimnd Keepers; 57H156 
Pounds; 35H38 

Powder House at Captains Island; 61S68, 62H191, 63H81, 63H196 
Power, Charles J.; 76H236 

Powers Institute ( Bernardston) ; 75H147, 60H42, 67S212 
Powers of Attorney; 49S38, 49H25 
Powers, Peter; 75H147 

Pratt Free School of Middleborough; 65H81 
Pratt, George; 66H89, 66S74 
Pratt, Joseph; 64S4 
Pratt, Levi B. ; 54H123 

Pratt, Nathan - Report re- Railroads; 49S34 

Pratt, Paul, et al . - Report re- Construction of a Railroad; 46S62 
Pratt, William; 76H275 
Preacher's Aid Society; 57S65 
Precepts for Elections - Report re- 29H10 
Prejudice and Intolerance; 53H101 
Premiums; 67H77 
Premium Crops; 62H38 
Presby, Alonzo; 66H13 
Prescott Bank; 50H79 

Prescott Fire and Marine Insurance Co.; 67H23, 72H34 
President and Vice President of the United States - Election of; 

36S23, 59S180 

Lincoln, Abraham; 62H164, 62S110, 65S193, 65S277, 65S285 
Reception for; 50S120 
Report re- 41S42 
Press - Liability of; 12H3 
Preston, John; 72S143 
Priest, John L.; 56S51 
Prince Society; 74H94 
Princeton (Town of); 42H6, 70H275, 75H228 

Report re- Contested Election in; 42H5 

Report re- School Fund; 46H26 
Principals, Factors and Agents; 44S91, 45S48, 45H64 
Printing, see- State Printing 

Prints Illustrating Crime; 

Prison and Hospital Loan Sinking Fund; 82H45, 82H46 


Prison Fare; 70H376 

Prison Point Bridge; 37S87, 38S68 

Prison Point Dam Bridge; 37S87, 38S68 

Prisoners; 21S426, 39H51, 48H208, 68H240, 76H205, 80H174, 80H245, 
80H256, 80H302, 81S34, 8135^9, 81S79, 81S127, 81S146, 81S213, 81H29, 
81H223, 81H226, 81H227, 81H264, 81H292, 81H374, 82S228, 82H262, 82H343 
Employment of; 75S87 

In Jails; 39H51, 68H240 
Report re- Exchange of; 62H100 
Supplies for; 62S126 

Prisons; 35DX-, 36S31, 43S43, 58S77, 64S270, 67S240, 69S333, 72S214, 
72S289, 72H327, 74H300, 74H330, 74H340, 74H555, 74H383, 75S102, 
79S57, 79383, 79S89, 793102, 79S250, 79S269, 793272, 80H338, 81H84, 
82325, 82329, 82338, 82H26 

Commissioners of; 723289, 763104, 77379, 79H295, 79H323, 80H58, 

Reports of; 71H84, 72S223, 72H30, 73S12, 733233, 74351, 75H11, 
76325, 7734, 77321, 773120, 773172, 79H271 
in Suffolk County; 63H302 
for Men; 82H355 

for Women; 703208, 703212, 70S255, 70H426, 70H468, 71H422, 72H281, 
733194, 73H184, 74H300, 74H330, 74H340, 74H383, 75392, 773102, 78375 
(report), 783223, 783171, 78S180, 78S225, 78H85, 78H160, 78H199, 78H208, 
78H217, 78H350, 79S51(Keport) , 793133, 793164, 79H63, 79H271, 803109, 
803181, 803212, 80H191, 81355, 81395, 81H88, 81H226, 823242 
Regulation of; 141)- , 27H27, 27H50(report) 

Reports re- 49H151, 5235, 55S38, 56328, 62H268, 643274, 65374, 
653239, 683334, 703286, 713332, 71H72, 723223, 73S233, 80H338, 823295 
Reports re- Condition of; 22S182, 48H208, 63S190, 663228, 67S289, 
693392, 723304, 733244, 75S205, 783227, 81H421 
Reports re- Religious Instruction in; 77H183, 77H318 
See also- Jails, Massachusetts State Prisons 

Private Detectives; 79H341, 79H353, 79H361 

Private Libraries; 66H435 

Exemption of, from Taxation; 71H188 

Private Property; 54H25, 56H13 

Private Schools; 55H253, 7SS155 

Private Ways; S2H16S 

Prize fighting; 49H54 

Probate; 27H61, 29H40, 31S4, 31H5, 33312, 33H3, 34344, 34357, 44368 

• (report), 45H5, 45H28, 47372, 54H128(report) , 563145, 57331, 573210, 
57H27, 57H211, 57H213, 64S71, 71H424, 753127, 75H270, 76H107, 77H339, 
783123, 79H218 
Advertisements; 51S32 

and Insolvency; 58325, 59329, 593181, 59H124, 59H176, 60S100, 60H107, • 
613116, 61H84, 623166, 63S66, 633187, 63H154, 63H261, 643260, 64H359, 
64H384, 67H439, 67H473, 69H175, 743221, 743222, 74H237, 74H246, 
74H261, 74H302, 74H458, 74H459, 75H310, 75H348(report) , 783358, 
7S'H144, 7SH359, 79S179, 79S242, 79S271, 79H207, 79H3S3, 79H354, ^13105, 
81S210, aiH32, 81H64, 81H317, 81H337, S2S28, g2H359 
Bonds; 43H43, 49H91, 51S31, 70S131, 70H76, 77H225 
Courts; lSD20(report ) , iBB- , 27H59(report ) , 27H6l(report ) , 27H69, 
31S6, 33S14, 33S21, 41S54, 41H$$( report), 52H192, 52H239, 54H23, 55S27, 
56H130, 56H190, 56H25I, 56H277, 56H294, 6OHI83, 60H201, 63H28, 62S59, 
63H143, 63H1S9, 63H256, 63H267, 63H236, 63H299, 64H211, 64H322, 65Sl6g, 
65S194, 63S47, 68H349 ( report ) , 6933^, 693196, 693366, 69H351, 69H381, 
69H518, 703233, 70H267, 71H71, 71H251, 71H460, 723X3, 72H78, 72H275, 
733106, 733129, 733203, 74H347, 74H443, 75376, 76H199, 76H200, 793103, 
793119, 793144, 793159, 793165, 80H34, 80H90, 81H31, 8IHI3O, 8lH43o 


in Hampden County; 
in Hampshire County; 
in Middlesex County; 
in Nantucket County; 
in Norfolk County; 
in Plymouth County; 
in Suffolk County; 
in Worcester County; 

Probate, cont. 

in Barnstable County; 77H129 

in Berkshire County; 5733^, 6SS332, 69H62, 72S229, 72H223 

in Bristol County; 57H132, 62S4, 7BH98 

in Dukes County; 56H277, 62H153, 69H469 

in Essex Coiinty; 4SHI29, 53H178, 74H322 

in Franklin County; 67H308, 8OSIOI 

65HI52, 74H169 
66S70, 74H160 

48HI63, $6H294, 57S75, 66H79, 68H238 
63H189, 65355 
683212, 703117, 70H92, 77H157 

63H286, 68H213, 70334, 8IHIB3 

48H137, 56HI9O, 69H259, 78H143 

Judges of; 27H6I', '29H4O, 3134, 37H31> 44337, 44368, 50H109, 50H139, 

5IHI73, 52H92, 52H116, 53H154, 54H128 ( report ) , 543120, 56H232, 573210, 

6IH84, 683173, 68H186, 713176, 78H241, 79H366, 813121 

Laws; 54H21 

Offices; 79327, 793281 

Proceedings ; 70H161 

V/ills; 55DX- 
Probation; 81H89 

of Persons; 783181 

Officer; 803119, 81327, 81334, 8IH63 
Proceedings; 51374 

at Law; 39H75 

in Criminal Cases; 
Process; 30H52, 37H58 

Proclamation of the President of the United States; 62S110 
Proctor, Joseph 0. - Wharf of; 64H23 
Proctor, Thomas P. - as Justice of the Peace; 79H4 
Promises and Engagements; 34H66 
Promissory Notes; 613120, 61S121, 74H23 
Property; 26D25, 553172, 703228, 74H14, 74H203, 74H412, 74H432, 753122, 

79H184, 79H189, 79H212, 79H213, 79H282, 79H321 

Exempt from Taxation, see- Non-taxable Property, Taxation 

Held in Trust; 30H17 

Report re- Attachment and Distribution of; 38S46 

See also- Personal Property, Private Property, Real Estate 
Proprietors of Lands; 55H251 
Prosecutors; 46S6O, 46H21 
Prospect Hotel Co. ; 68H54 
Prostitution, see- Houses of 111 Fame 
Protective Policy; 41344 

Report re- 40S65 
Protective War Claim Association; 63H46, 64S262 
Protestant Episcopal Church; 58S8O, 72358 

Schools; 54384, 54H62 

Societies* 70393 
Providence and Bristol Railroad Co.; 51H113, 53H57 

Report of; 5333 
Providence and Worcester Railroad Co.; 44340, 46318, 47H27, 68SI58, 

70391, 703295 

Annual Reports of; 46321, 47330, 49340, 50330, 51322, 52S9, 5333, 

5432, 55S2, 5632, 5732 

Report re- 60379 
Providence Cove; 70H- 
Providence Railroad Co.; 76H222 
Providence, Warren and Bristol Railroad Co. - Annual Reports of; 5432, 

5532, 56S2, 5732 


Providence, Warren and Fall River Railroad Co.; 47H120, 4SH7S 
Provident Institution for Savings (Boston); 55S20 
Provident Institution for Savings (Salisbury, Amesbury) ; 55H130 
Province Lands; 3SS43, 38S79 

Protection of; 54H116, 54H121, 68S324 

Report re- 33s6 
Provincetown (Town of); 33S41, 52S79, 52H165, 53H55, 53H108, 53H191, 

67H301, 67H408, 69S84, 69S207, 70Sl6o, 72S65, 74H192, 76S114, 76H19e), 


Dike - Report re- 72S5 

Harbor; 47S47, 47H117, 64S65, 67S198, 68H221 
Provincetown and Plymouth Steamboat Co.; 69S174 
Provincial Congress of Massachusetts (1774-1775) - Report re- Documents 

of; 37H25 
Provincial Laws; 73H30 

Publication of; 6ISIO8, 65HI90, 66SI4O, 67H42S, 70H194, 77S77 
Provision Dealers' Association; 62H95 
Provisions; 35X- , 72H260, 72H379 

Inspector of; 73S152, 73H334, 76S131, 76S152 
Provost -Marshal General - Report of; 63HI83 
Proxies; 43H30, 5^S47 

in Banks; 57S122 

Validity of; 64H91 
Proxy Voting; 74S156, 74S168 
Prudential Insurance Co. ; SOHIO5 

Public Administrators; 39H61, 49H102, 74H102, 74H292 

Public Amusements; 49H150, 53H19, 53H155, 53H179, 56H95, 58369, 66S271 
Public Archives; 39H21 

Reports re- 39H42, 42S12, 44H20, 45S55 
Public Baths and Washouses; 75H140 

Public Bridges; 6OH83, 60H204, 72Sl3l, 77S114, 77S128, 7SS230 
Public Buildings; 55S65, 6OH83, 60H204, 76S162, 76SI63, 77H38, 77H81, 

77H193, 77H337, 77H355, 77S192, 7^H237, 8OSI66, a0S171, 31H276, 81H286, 

S2H135, 82H167, S2H266, 82H317 

Reports re- 56H67, 56H268, 77S11, 82H8 
Public Business - Reports re- 27H49, 50S5 
Public Charitable Institutions; 55H150, 5BS63, 62S189, 63S171, 63H277, 

63H290, 64H193, 72S214, 72S235, 75S175 

Reports on Condition of; 39S66, 40S43, 44H67, 45S59, 46S99, 47H108, 

48H6S, 49H105, 56S240, 57S203, 6ISI67, 62S143, 63S1S2, 66S278 

Reports re- 43S63, 50S79, 51S94, 53H163, 54H167, 59S2, 64S287, 65S251 

See also- entries under "Charitable" 
Public Charities; 47H127, 77H326 
Public Commons and Parks; 75H252, 77H164, 77H251 
Public Corporations; 77H210 

See also- Corporations 
Public Days; 30S32 
Public Debt; 0SD2, 57H18S 
Public Defense, see- Militia 
Public Diversions; 5^387 
Public Documents; 46S26, 49H51, 49H106, 56H67, 57H5^, 59H20, 63S194, 

63H260, 67H214, 67H468, 70S119, 70S321, 70H357, 72S288, 72S334, 76H260, 

77H330, 77H366, 77H376, 77H383, 78S133, 78H367, 79S149, 8OHI6, 80H39, 

8OH4I, 8OH42, 80H200, 80H269,' 81H419, 81H435, ^23159 
Public Entertainment; 30H2S5, 8OHI3I 
Public Exhibitions; 80H22 
Public Faith and Honor; 42S54, 42H11 
Public Funds; 5OHI6O 
Public Halls; 67H172, 79H156, 79H278, gOH98, 81H287 


Public Health; 40H25, 49S148, 49H125, 50H58, 52S141, 54H48, 54H171, 

55H214, 66S272, 68H152, 69S140, 75S91, 73H24, 78H54, 78H129, 79S39, 

82S220, 82S239, 82S259, 82S283, 82H347 

Report re- 37H65 

See also- Folsom, Charles F. 
Public Houses; 50H168 
Public Information; 57H70 
Public Institutions; 62S91 
Public Justice; 64H206 
Public Lands; 35SX3 

Commissioners of; 64S136, 64S141, 64S147, 643165, 67H144, 70H6, 

70H188, 70H254, 7331 60, 73H356, 76H123, 76H191, 77H95, 79H289 
Reports of; 52S92, 64S264, 69H162 

in Maine; 12D5, 26D8, 26D36, 53H23, 34319, 39S36, 46S77, 463119, 

46H36, 47H158, 48S107, 50369, 51H47, 5JH118, 52352, 52H205, 5339, 

53351, 53383, 53H44, 53H64. 54H143, 55H232, 55H149, 563146, 59393, 59H5 
Reports re- 14D- , 14D17, 26D18, 26D37, 27310, 2937, 29H18, 30315, 
34S8, 35328, 35330, 36S14, 36319, 36H31, 37314, 3837, 38330, 3936, 
39316, 40S11, 40319, 4138, 4237, 4336, 4433, 4438, 4439, 44H8, 44H38, 
44321, 44324, 4536, 4537, 45361, 45381, 4635, 4733, 4835, 4836, 4933, 
50H161, 5034, 503116, 5137, 5138, 513118, 51H23, 51H105, 52361, 
52S92, 52H14, 52H173, 52H217, 53H5, 53H53, 53H160, 53H94, 5439, 
543112, 55H230, 55H202, 56H15, 57H11 
Reports re- Geology of; 37389, 38H70 

in Massachusetts; 60369, 62H51 

of the United States; 31H6(report ) , 33329(report) , 36332, 36337 

(report), 3937, 39S17(report ) , 39H19, 41H23, 41H60, 42365, 42H3, 

42K15(report), 72H203 
Public Libraries; 51H124, 51H140, 59H23, 613173, 643251, 66H435, 67H122 

67H214, 69386, 69H237, 70333, 70H179, 71H35, 71H38, 7237, 72H29 
Public Meetings; 49H62, 52H172 

Public Moneys, Custody of; 76321, 76331, 76H7, 76H12 
Public Officers; 43335, 44368, 54H58, 623175, 63H37, 74H494, 74H509, 

753154, 75H267 
Public Parks; 77H164, 77H251, 82H118, 82H193 
Public Property; 50345( report ) , 68H243, 77H272 

Public Reading Rooms; 683151, 683291, 69386, 69H237, 71H35, 80H195 
Public Reports, see- Documents 
Public Rest Rooms; 76S77, 76H104 
Public Roads; 373103(report) , 70H388 
Public Schools; 37381, 37H32, 37H50, 38H50, 39H20, 45340, 45S42, 45H45, 

4735^, 483130, 48H111, 48H154, 49395, 493138, 49H111, 50391, 503114, 

51343, 52H151, 54H190, 55355, 55357, 55H167, 56H158, 573152, 573178, 

57H122, 593173, 59H215, 62H21, 68H80, 69H110, 69H140, 78340, 803191, 

80H173, 80H185, 81H217, 823111 

Administration of; 36H54 (report) , 55H34, 59S152, 73379, 73H138, 

80H196, 81H118, 81H232, 81H237, 81H280 

Curriculum of; 50364(report) , 573127, 58H12, 603135(report ) , 62399, 

643223, 67K238, 68H171, 693289, 71H23, 72H6, 71H44, 71H318, 71H445, 

76375, 763167, 76H27, 76H109, 76H317, 77H53, 78H32, 80H226, 81398, 

813136, 81H69, 81H112 

Discipline and Attendance in; 52H172, 52H194, 52H211, 55H35, 593150, 

59H75, 59H95, 59H99, 59H223, 61349, 683216, 683322, 68H335, 713279, 

733118, 733206 

Finances of; 31H22( report ) , 69S230, 72H391, 73H338, 73H345, 79375, 

81H281, 82H244 

Instructors in; 27H10(report) , 38H57(report ) , 48330, 54362, 55H128, 

59H76, 78H215, 80H137, 81H209 

Religion in; 55H108, 55H250, 6233, 6239, 62S40, 62H28, 62H55, 65H210 


Public Schools, cont. 

Reports re- 32H52, 38H36, 44H43, 48S69, 50S64, 52S4, 52S54, 64H159 

Reports re- Laws on; 50S51 

Report re- Teaching New England History in; 60S135 

Statistics re- 35HX8 

See also- Education, School Committee, School Supervision, Truants 
Public Service - Report re- 80S225 
Public Statutes; 82S6, 82S9, 82S11, 82S15, 82S16, 82S66, 82H65, 82H80, 

82H166, 82H216, 82H308 
Public Trustees, see- United States, Government of 
Public Warehouses; 73H176, 78S90, 79S116, 80H52 
Public Watering-places in Towns; 70H151, 72H102 
Public Water Works; 78S232, 78S245 
Public Ways; 46H57, 57H145, 59S163, 68H320, 72S171 

See also- Highways 
Public Works; 54H110, 78H237 

Commissioners of; 79H292 
Public Worship and Religious Freedom; 27H15, 29S4, 30S25, 30H67, 

33H27, 43H94 
Pulsifer, David; 70H413 
Punchard School; 51S13 

Punchard Free School (Andover); 51H35, 56S83, 69S358, 77S35 
Punishments; 78S234, 79H252 
Punkapoag Indians; 48H113, 50H96, 63H161, 65H118, 66S116, 66H283, 

67H84, 68H231, 69H490 
Pure Water; 72S275 

Putnam, David - Report re- Removal from Military Office; 13D5 
Putnam, George - Election Sermon by; 46H331 
Putnam, George D. ; 62H331 
Putnam Hall Association; 62H183 
Putnam, Robert; 66H153 

Quail - Preservation of; 67H361, 71S235 

Quakers, see- Friends 

Qualifications of Voters, see- Voters 

Quanapowitt Railroad Co.; 49S61, 51S20, 51S48 

Quannapowitt Lake; 77H36 

Quannapowitt Water Co.; 77S88 

Quarrying Companies; 82H115 

Quartermaster General; 35S5, 47H89, 47H106, 61S10, 61S141 

Report of; 63H3 
Quarter Mill School Fund; 74H235 
Questions of Law; 64S96, 78S221 
Quinabug Canal Co.; 26S3 
Quinabaug Reservoir Co.; 36S60 
Quincy (Town of); 52H206, 56H93, 57S159, 60S31, 69S106, 69S113, 69S119, 

69S199, 70H350, 73H96, 73H97, 80H89, 80H171, 80H320, 82H15, 82H53, 

Quincy Branch Railroad Co.; 47H124 
Quincy Canal; 68H188 
Quincy, Josiah; 71S7, 72S130, 73H27 
Quincy Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 51H38, 74H49 
Quincy Point Horse Railway Co.; 73S44 
Quincy Point Marine Railway Co.; 60H195 
Quincy Point Shipping Co.; 66H304 
Quincy Railroad Co.; 61S14, 61S26, 62S24, 64S252 

Quincy Stone Bank; 57H109 

Quinsigamond Avenue (Worcester); 79H311 


Quinn, Michael; 48H201 

Quint, Alonzo H. - Election Serlnon by; 66H- 

Quo Warranto; 71H469 


Rabbits and Hares; 71S242, 74H84 

Race - Discrimination because of; 63H304, 65S281, 65S242 

Race Grounds and Trotting Parks; 64S42 ^ ^. 

Railroad Accidents; 48H46, 49H144, 49H168, 68H276, 68H279, 73H94, 78H24 
Report re- 48H148 

Railroad Baggage, see- Railroads, Baggage on 

Railroad Bridges; 48H148, 51H136, 53S134, 53S136, 69H202, 69H311, 
69H345, 70S236, 70S241, 74H286 

Railroad Cars; 68H239, 68H254, 68H274, 72S146, 72S209, 74H95, 75H202 
Report re- 75S100 

Railroad Commissioners; 45H41, 45H59, 47S58, 51S83, 52H51, 53H187, 
55S128, 56S243, 64S155, 65S18, 65H158, 65H202, 65H217, 66H392, 67H312, 
67H329^ 67H378_, 67S231, 68H374, 69S382, 69H442 70S36 70S47, 703315, 
76h6, W93, '/2H343, '/2H353, 74H327, 75H377, 7^24, 76H341, 77S156, 
78H256, 79H4^, 79H22$, 79H241, 79H242, 79H243, 79H2g5, 79H36a, 79H373, 
80H246, SOH252, g2H56, 82H5S, S2H93, S2H131, S2H253 
Reports of; 70HS, 71S79, 71H205, 71H229, 71H239, 71H331, 74H291, 
77H102, 79H204, 79H272, 82H33 

Railroad Committee Room (State House); 72S136 

Railroad Conductors; 66HI36 

Railroad Corporations; 33S25, 33H55, 35S37, 35S55, 35H57, 36S44, 36S49, 
36S55, 36S6I, 36S64, 37H47, 3BS39, 38S64, 43S26, 443^2, 44H63, 45S14, 
45S35, 46H91, A.7S24, 49S102, 49S113, 51S33, 51S34, 51S124, 51H71, $1H121, 
5IHI3I, 5IHI4S, 52365, 52H176, 533121, 5333, 5432, 54S6, 543123, 54H59, 
54H85, 54H112, 55H115, 563163, 563135, 573211, 57H186, 5^37, 58353, 
593160, 593170, 60329, 603146, 62S38, 623146, 62H230, 633123, 633139, 
' 63H204, 63H309, 64HII4, 64HI29, 64H358, 65HI8I, 67H8I, 67H341, 67H448, 
68S85, 68HI46, 68H204, 693152, 693360, 69H37, 69H53, 69HI63, 69H493, 
70371, 703257, 70H154, 70H200, 70H484, 71378, 713281, 713300, 71H100, 
7IHII8, 71H462, 71H467, 72315, 72327, 72353, 723154, 723206, 723215, 
72H14, 72H23, 72H24, 72H2a, 72H35, 72H150, 72H209, 72H382, 733235, 
73H143, 74H281, 74H321, 74H351, 74H389, 74H420, 74H425, 74H445, 75H176, 
75H377, 76394, 763101, 76H82, 76H232, 76H221, 76H303, 77H17, 783129, 
783199, 78H43, 78H335, 79H103, 80H250, 81H72, 81H98, 81H224, 8IH298, 
81H330, 82S98, 82S127, 82S137, 82H301, 82H310, 82H320, 82H325, 82S140, 
82S195, 82S235, 82S287, 82H130 , ,^ 

Liability of; 65H37, 65H70, 68HI4O, 68H256, 69H297, 69H343, 763168 
State Aid to; 66H114 (report) ^^ ^^ 

Stocks of; 42353, 43H92, 523114, 52S116, 68352, 683I8O, 68H265, 68H366, 
70H73, 71H332, 71H417, 75355, 763176, 763196, 76H145, 76H265, 76H323, 
78381, 78384, 78S189, 8IHI24, 81H157 

Reports of; 34S26, 35364, 37343, 38333, 39331, 40318, 40H62, 41S17, 
42326, 43331, 43341, 44319, 45335, 45H46, 46321, 47330, 48326, 49340, 
49343, 493111, 493149, 49H75, 50330, 51322, 5239, 5333, 5532, 5632, 
57S2, 79H319 

Railroad Crossings; 41338, 46H98, 48HI48, 493131, 49H32, 49H163, 50315 
(report), 503108, 5OH8O, 50H137, 55359, 553130, 553179, 55H143(report), 
563194, 56H259, 59S74, 59389, 62S145, 62H181, 62H188, 64HI21, 64HI89, 
65318, 653261, 663290, 71340, 71361, 713310, 71H419, 72H252, 72H311, 
73H271, 76380, 76HI48, 76HI52, 78H96, 78H239 
Railroad Drawbridges; 553171, 63HI76 

Railroad Employees; 49H143 

Railroad Engines; 75H202 

Railroad Fares; 57H252, 70H173, 713292, 713295, 72H330, 72H376, 743245, 

75398, 79H197 

Regulation of; 79H230, 8lH22a, 81H307, 81H379 


Railroad Freight; 50S112, 59S142, 66S173, 713^5, 71H12g, 71H137, 71H456, 
72S206, 72S215, 72H329, 72H376, 73H266, 73H2S5, 323^3 

Railroad Freight Cars; 72H230, 72H301, 753163, S13191 

Railroad Gates; 543110 

Railroad Highway Damages; 53326, S0H121 

Railroad Land Damages: 47H150, S0H121 

Railroad Laws; 70H4o3, 73H390 

Railroad Maps; 65S170 

Railroad Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 51H33 

Railroad Passengers - Rights of; 42363(report ) , 4339 
Security of; 51H141, 71H176, 71H441, 50S106 

Railroad Plans and Profiles; 4SH119, 48H219, 49325, 493104 

Railroad Police; 713194, 71H441, 73H150 

Railroad Returns; 573158, 62H237, 64H86, 65H246, 763175 

Railroad Stations; 69H107, 79H168 

Railroad Stock and Securities; 43H61, 753156, 753170, 75H208, 75H243, 
76S38, 76355, 76H145 

Railroad Switches; 71317, 71321, 71S31 

Railroad Tariffs; 75397 

Railroad Tialegraph and Gas Light Co. ; 68H281 

Railroad Tracks; 583170, 71H285, 75H372 

Railroad Trains; 703326, 71H15, 743172, 79H239 

Railroad Transportation; 75H322 

Railroad Travel; 52H242, 643215 

Railroad Wharf Co.; 48335 

Railroads; 27H48, 29H24, 39329, 39340, 40S24, 41348, 42327, 453106, 
46310, 46351, 47H103, 48HI48, 49H142, 49H168, 49383, 493154, 50H30, 
5IHI33, 52319, 52394, 523113, 52S118, 52H157, 533120, 543120, 54H138, 
54H185, 55359, 55378, 553122, 553126, 553130, 553132, 553179, 553187, 
57H140, 57H233, 57H247, 5838, 58374, 58H91, 58H92, 58HI51, 58H179, 
60398, 6OHI97, 60H203, 61H74, 673282, 693357, 7137, 71317, 71321, 71331, 
71385, 713124, 713292, 713295, 713333, 73H202, 73H247, 73H390, 73H399, 
73H420, 743224, 743225, 743253, 743262, 743283, 74H238, 74H269, 74H287, 
74H319, 74H480, 75H193, 75H199, 75H252, 75H358, 75H389, 75H398, 77H89, 
77H198, 783162, 783205, 7SH216, 78H289, 793213, 793270, 79H214, 793317, 
79H342, 80343, 803150, 803167, 803172, 803213, 803217, 803208, 803220, 
803240, 80H218, 81399, 813106, 813109, 813128, 813129, 813167, 813176, 
813192, 813204, 813266, 81H99, 81H207, 81H208, 81H255, 8IH327-, 82S14, 
82S27, 82S34, 82S82, 82S83', 82S98, 82S126, 82S127, 82S137, 82S142, 
82S152, 82S174, 82S175, 823285, 82H33, 82H83, 82H301, 82H320, 82H325 
and Canals; 60H211 (report) 
and Common Roads; 45377, 45H32 
Baggage on; 51H114, 54312, 54H22, 58H78, 63354 
Brakemen on; 56H218, 8IHI67, 81H245 
Bridges and Guards; 81H120 
Color Blindness on; 793131 

Connecting; 59S142, 71H473, 723162, 73H421, 763142, 763187, 76H151 
Crossing; 493150, 72H190, 72H381 
Electric Signals on; 76HI29 
Elevated, see- Elevated Railways 
Employees of; 74H288, 74H297 
Expressmen on; 51H143 

Fences on; 65H149, 77H198, 783205, 793166, 793194, 81H207, 81H255 
Foreign Countries and; 79H317 

Free Passage on; 71H4, 71H51(report ) , 71H66, 76SI48 
Freight Depots of; 723154 
Freight Rates on; 82H310 
Gauge of Tracks; 793162 

Grade Crossings on; 73H420, 76S8O, 803208, 803220, 80H208, 813113, 

82S146, 82H56, 82H120, S2H125, 82H131, 82H151, 82H125 


Railroads, cont. 

Leasing of; 67S248, 67H205, 67H340, 67H347, 67H437, 67H451, 67H459, 

723162, 72H165, 80S167, 80S213, 80S224, 81H327 

Location of; 78H131, 80S36, 81S53 

Narrow Gauge on; 71H180, 71H357, 71H368, 71H380, 78S149 

Owned by the State; 77S150, 77S180(report) 

Owners of; 73S249, 73H399 

Passenger Stations on; 72S154 

Protection of Persons on; 54S52, 54S93, 69S368 

Regulation of; 45S106, 52S94, 55S122, 57H140, 58S8, 58H91, 58H151, 

60H197, 71S17, 82S27 

Reports re- 27H48, 29S4, 30H14, 37S92, 39S19, 47H173, 48S81, 49S118, 


Safety Switches on; 71S17, 71S21, 71S31. 79S171, 79H272(report ) 

Safety Valves on; 79H216, 79H272 (report) 

Season Tickets on - Report re- 71H239 

Signals on; 79H199 

State Directors in; 68S85, 73H240, 73H258, 74S66, 76H327 

State Representation in; 72H333 

Sunday Trains on; 82H58, 82H93 

Terminal Facilities of; 81S204, 82H33 

Vacuum Brakes on; 79H216, 79H272 

See also- Haupt, Herman 
Rainsford Island; 34360, 35H35, 35HX6, 35HX9, 40H55, 41H47, 43H12, 

54H129, 55H61, 55S12(report) , 56H195, 57S21(report) , 57H159, 58S62, 

59S76, 68H380, 77H354 

Hospital on; 55H61, 58S62, 59S76, 60H159, 61H211, 61H228, 62S94, 

64S135, 64S185, 64H244, 66S182, 68S104, 69S49, 69S169, 693219 
Rend, Avery & Co.; 80H16 

Rand, Mary, et al. - and Sale of Liquor; 35H50 
Randall, Abraham G. - Report re- Removal from Office of Justice of the 

Peece; 50S104, 503118, 52H137 
Randall, Samuel H. - Petition of and Report re- Courts; 66H324 
Randolph (Town of); 48H198, 61H110, 67H100, 73S121, 75S52 
Randolph and Bridgewater Railroad Co.; 45S72, 45S90 
Rantoul, Robert S.; 74H97 

Rape, crime of; 40344, 41H15, 41H26, 46S58, 523102, 71S33, 71364 
patable Estate; 30H9, 30H23, 30H27, 50H13, 50H121, 60H110 
Ratable Polls; 35H27, 37S63, 37H40 
Raymond, Miner - Election Sermon by; 54H- 
Rpymond, Stetson, et al.; 48381 
Raynam (Town of); 52H204( report ) , 66H68 
Reading (Town of); 553167, 80H68 
Reading Savings Bank; 69S353 

Reports of; 80319, 81S18 
Real Actions; 29312, 29H47, 34330, 34S61, 59H18 

Real and Personal Property; 74H432, 75H347, 75H362, 76H263, 76H329 
Real Estate; 29H25, 35DX- , 47H141, 52311, 59H4, 613131, 62H302, - 

63399, 63S105, 64H351, 66S35, 683200, 69H406, 71H351, 74H241, 75330, 

753122, 75H67, 75H236, 76H103, 76H119, 77H122, 77H192, 77H353, 77H359, 

783184, 783198, 80S185, 80H280, 80H297, 80H303, 80H306, 81S153, 

81H95, 81H159, 81H196, 823108, 82H256 

Attachment of; 27H6, 27H46, 27H36, 29H11, 32H43, 32H54, 33317, 34S2, 

34318, 35H24, 55S110, 573107, 59H130, 59H236, 60S58, 70H271, 73S198, 

73H229> 74383, 74H159 

Conveyance of; 27H24, 44H39, 44H58, 55391, 56H131, 71S173, 80H295, 

80H319, 80H333, 80H340, 80H343 

Foreclosure of; 53S27 

?fri5!i§g"'s?r'^issi8, mih ^38??; m^i 53H90, 58H139. 6OH202, 

7OSI42, 70H162 


Reel Estate, cont. 

Sale of; 29H49, 34S52, 42S18, 48S34, 49S160, 53H194, 55S73, 55H141, 

57S144, 60H71, 60H11, 64H145, 69H405, 69H406, 70S201, 71H423, 72S198, 

72S237, 73H232, 74H214, 77H203, 77H224, 78S211, 78H248, 79H128, 80H310 

Taxes on; 48S34, 48H187, 49S133, 49H27, 49H34, 49H78, 50H53, 51S15, 

51S23, 55H36, 70S45, 74H289, 74H350, 76S109, 76H264, 76H304, 77S143, 

783211, 78H280, 78H284, 78H341, 80H100, 82S168, 82S229, 82H249, 82H279 

See also- Land 
Real Estate and Building Co.; 61H26, 61S9, 61S12, 64S21, 80H83 
Rerl Estate Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 53S72(report ) 
Real Property; 57H183, 57S61, 80H247, 80H321 
Rebel States; 67H169 
Rebellion; 78H328, 78H346, 78H362 
Receipts and Expenditures - Auditor's Estimate of; 50H171 

Treasurer's Estimate of; 37H3, 38H39, 39H5, 40H19, 40H38 
Receivers; 81H115, 81H142 

of Insurance Companies; 76H116 
Recess and Extra Session - Report re- 35S23 
Recognizances; 52H105, 78H235, 78H283, 80H220 ' 
■ Under the Liquor Law; 72H287, 72H397 
Reconstruction; 67H169 
Record, Myra E. ; 73H192 

Record of Soldiers - Preservation of; 63H254, 63H284 
Recorder (County Office of); 75H348(report ) 
Records (Local, Municipal and State); 47S99(report ) , 51H66, 51H1C4, 

52H29, 55S51, 633146, 65S211, 67H266, 76H207, 793255 

See also- Colony Records, Marriages and Deaths, Town Propritaries 
Recruiting; 62H18, 62H109, 63348, 63H144, 64S73, 64S95, 65368, 65S84, 

653272, 65H127, 65H170, 66330, 663111, 66H71 
Recruitment Fund; 66H1, 66H36, 66H48(report) , 66H71 
Redemption of Lands; 77H67 
Redistricting, see- Congressional Districts 
Reed, Amos; 653124 
Reed, Benjamin; 68313, 683236 
Reed, Catherine; 70H322 
Reed, Nancy; 50387 
Reference Books; 61H207 
Reform Schools; 77H254 
Reformatories; 76H174, 803207, 81H374 

See also- Prisons 
Reformatory end Industrial Schools; 5839 
Refreshments - Sale of; 31S32 
Register of Deeds; 29H49, 41H28, 43H31, 45S46, 47379, 55389, 55H114, 

60H123, 60H145, 63S191, 63H258, 63H270, 68H340, 68H342, 73H19, 773124, 

79H227, 79H305, 81H122, 81H317 

Abstracts of Returns of; 36H35, 37H31, 38H25, 39H36, 40H28, 41H57, 

42H26, 45328, 45H21, 46319, 47313, 48322, 49323, 50321, 51S19, 52324, 

53338, 54329, 55332, 56327, 57334, 79H3, 80H3, 81H4, 82H2 

in Berkshire County; 57H87 

in Bristol County; 37H37 

in Dukes County; 65S|17 

in Essex County; 69H333, 723295 

in Middlesex County; 53H52, 55H118 

in Nantucket County; 663155 

in Suffolk County; 56H116, 60H113, 72348, 78H186 

in TowAs; 34H19, 43H40, 56H135 

in .Vorcester County; 733135, 7334 

Report on; 483111 
Registered Bonds; 67H376 
Registered Cooperative Associations; 713125 

Registers of Probate, see- Probate 


Registers of Voters, see- Voters 

Registrar General - Report re- Office of; 53H50 

Registration of Vital Statistics, see- Vital Statistics 

Registration Reports; 573206, 58H39 

Rehoboth (Town of); 55S125, 64H48, 64H50, 82S69 

Release of Dower; 56H192 

See also- Women, Married 
Release of Prisoners, see- Prisoners, Probation 
Relief Societies; 82H130 
Relief Steamboat Co.; 44H7, 63H23 

Religious Intolerance in the United States - Report re- 53H101 
Religious Societies; 45S93, 50S56, 52S203, 52S147, 53S52, 54S63, 

56S121, 57H49, 66S81, 69S262, 69S278, 69H155, 70H399, 70H407, 70H428, 

74S189, 76S89, 80H15, 80H285, 80H313 

Reports re- 40S24, 40S27 
Religious Tests; 52S85 
Religious Worship; 47H86 
Remedies in Equity; 27311, 27H38, 28H10, ?9H7, 29H30, 29H39, 29H46, 

29H54, 31H24, 32H27i, 36H16, 41H39, 44H29, 46H52, 49H68, 56H45 
Renfrew Manufacturing Co.; 673158 
Rent; 59H107, 69S313 
Replevin; 353X7 
Replevin Bonds; 70S264, 78S43 

Representation - in Cases Where Towns are Divided; 38H76, 39365 
Representative Districts; 40H51, 513120, 76317 
Representatives Hall; 53H38, 68H376, 69H123, 74H399 

Report re- Seats in; 69H2 

Reports re- Ventilation of; 49H117, 50H177, 65H5 
Representatives in Congress; 34S32, 34338, 34H20, 44H51, 46H17, 46H2?, 

45H9, 49H50, 50318, 50S36, 50H8, 51S37, 51H2, 51H26, 51H28, 53H156, 

54H52, 563244, 6039, 60312, 60S13 

Reports re- 46H17, 51H26 
Representatives in the General Court; 54S56, 56H12, 57S40, 573219, 

57HX259, 57HX266, 57HX267, 57HX268, 66S134, 76S17 

Reports; 39H24, 50H142 
Rescripts; 69372 

Reservoir Companies; 693190, 69H207 

Reservoir Dams; 53S81, 53S88, 53S122, 54H124, 57H152, 75H273, 75H299 
Reservoirs; 723191, 723238, 74H365, 74H502, 74H504 , 75H8(report ) , 

783232, 78H245 
Retarded Children; 52H57, 57H158 

Report re- 51336 
Retirement of Judges; 82H359 
Retrenchment - Reports on; 30327, 31H28, 41H76, 41H77, 43335, 43356, 


See- Massachusetts State Expenditures 
Revenue Laws; 41H75 
Revere (Town of); 74H401, 75S112 
Revere Insurance Co.; 563181 
Revere Water Co.; 82H191 
Revised Code; 353X6, 35HX4 
Revised Statutes; 35DXpp. 69-304 , 35DXpp. 479-568, 35HX3(report) , 3632, 

36S3, 36341, 36359, 36S71, 36H20, 36H28, 52H117, 52H181 
Revision of the Statutes; 35S7(report) 
Revolution, American - Papers of; 44S85(report ) , 44H26 

Rolls; 50H69 

Services; 41H10, 41H32(report) , 46H31 

Soldiers; 34H27, 34H49, 35S33(report ) , 36S36(report) , 36H52(report) , 

4 8H83 

War; 35318 
Revolution in France; 48H147 


Rhode Island (State of); 32H12, 42S76, 43H21, 47H50, 50S49, 56S90, 

and Massachusetts; 47H78, 47H80 

Boundary between, and Massachusetts; 32S34(report ) , 38S21, 4131, 
41S7, 44S32, 45S12, 45S16, 45S36, 46Hll(report) , 46H76, 47H13(report) , 
47H57, 47H93, 47H116, 48S14(report) , 48S39, 48S49, 48S128(report) , 
51H120, 52H88, 52H122, 52H141, 52S106, 53S14, 53H12, 54H187(report) , 
59H180, 60H126, 6135, 613134( report ) , 61H77, 61H154, 61H102, 61H107, 
62H69, 62H77, 62H90, 62H250, 62H270, 62H238, 63H121(report ) , 653225, 
69H3(report), 693376, 81H247 

Rhodes, John J. - Report re- 65H205 

Rice, Alexander (Governor, 1876-1879) - Addresses of; 7631, 76S210, 
763260, 7731, 7831 

Rice Barton Falls Machine Shop; 67H410 

Rice, Caleb - Report re- 51H101 

Rice, David - Report re- 47361 

Rice, George; 71H454 

Rice, Henry; 643168 

Rice, James; 64H38 

Rice, Thomas P.; 56H42 

Rich, Eleagar H. ; 66H169 

Richardson, James W. ; 56H71 

Richardson, John; 63S56 

Richardson, Thomas; 523138 

Richardson, S.O. - Petition of and Report re- Roads; 46S80 

Richmond (Town of); 80H387 

Richmond Assistant Attorney-General; 60389 

Ridgway, Professor; 61355 

Rideout, Luke; 693199 

Rifles, Breech Leading of; 64H329 

Riggs, J.E.; 59H38 

Right of Petition - Report re- 38386 

Right of Suffrage; 34324, 40S47, 41Hll(report) , 43365, 57343, 76H171 

Rights and Liberties of the People of the Commonwealth; 553162, 58386, 
76S19C, 773110 

Riots; 35H17, 39H23, 66H120 

Ritchie, James; 72H246, 73373 

River Head Beach; 56H279 

Roach, v'v'illiam; 47H74 

Road Commissioners - Election of; 71H125 
Powers of; 73S45, 73H75, 73H78 

Roads; 48H160, 55350, 55356, 61H255, 64H218, 69H471, 703282, 71314 
Superintendant of; 72355 
See also- Bridges, Country Roads, Highways, Ways 

Roberts, Chester B. ; 71H236 

Robeson Mills; 66H39 

Robbins, Edward H. ; 3034 

Robinson, Charles T. ; 62H275 

Robinson, James J.; 70H3?^ 

Robinson, Jonathan. 62H27B 

Robinson, Luke, et al. - Report re- 58359 

Robinson, V/illiamS.; 65H111, 65H315 

Roberts, Ruth; 52H22, 52K38, 52H61 

Rochester (Town of); 53380, 56H107, 60S62, 64H219, 65H87, 66343, 

Rockland (Town of); 73S98, 74362, 74H226, 78H115 

Rockland Bank of Roxbury; 64352, 74H162, 74H500 

Rockport (Town of); 60H39, 60H135, 62S75, 653244 

Rockport Bank; 50H79, 63340 


Rockport Railroad Co.; 53H144, 56H106, 60H49, 63H109, 68S71 

Reports of; 55S2, 5632 
Rockport Savings Bank - Reports of; 79S63, 80S2 
Rockport Steam Cotton Mills; 65H41, 68H72 
Rockport V/ater Co.; 75H265 
Rockwood, Harriet A.; 69H281 
Rogers and Spurr Manufacturing Co.; 82S257 
Rogers, Edward H. ; 67H44 
Rogers, George H. ; 63S31, 65S8, 66H231 
Rogers, Isiah; 44H9 
Rogers, Jdsephine; 70H455 
Rogers, Julia A.; 70H474 
Rollin White Arnus Co.; 64H54 
Rollstone Congregational Society; 68S163 
Rollstone Insurance Co.; 59H202, 70H152 
Rollstone Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 69H340 
Roman Catholic Cemetery Association; 68S172 
Roman Catholic Churches; 66H371, 79S104 
Ross, Fanny; 79H263, 82H170 
Rowe (Town of); 71H61, 81H290, 81H321 
Rowe Street Baptist Society; 69H262 
Rowe's Wharf (Boston); 71S226 
Rowel 1, Charles: 70H213 
Rowley (Town of); 73H44, 75S137 

Report re- Contested Election in; 43H8 

Report re- License Law and; 37H18 
Roxbury (City of); 13H9, 46H29, 48S105, 483128, 48H156, 49S110, 50S134, 

50H11, 50H18, 50H148, 51H153, 52S108, 52H23, 52H40, 52H180, 55H100, 

55H159, 56389, 60334, 603114, 60H189, 61S158, 64H348, 653120, 65H14, 

66S92, 663104, 66H33, 66H144, 67H239, 67H294, 68S317, 70H352 

Report re- Annexation with Boston; 59S134 

See- Boston, City of. Annexation, and Boundaries 
Roxbury Bank - Reports re- 38S40, 38S85 

Roxbury Branch Railroad Co.; 67H115, 67H126, 69H143, 71H278 
Roxbury Canal; 59H73, 79H143 

Roxbury Gas Light Co.; 60H200, 68H46, 68H84, 73S13 
Roxbury Home for Children and Aged Women; 74H243 
Roxbury Horse Guard; 64348 
Roxbury Institute; 563148 
Roxbury Latin School; 69S132 
Roxbury Police Court; 54H119 
Roxbury Reserve Guard; 64S47 

Roxbury Society for Medical Improvement; 673116 

Roxbury Young Men's Christian Association; 683203, 71H214, 72H153 
Royal Arcanum; 79S53 
Russell, Le Baron; 64360 
Rubber Clothing Co.; 60H101 
Ruggles, Nathaniel; 703280 

Ruggles, 3. P. Power Press Manufacturing Co.; 54H18, 56S179 
Rules and Orders; 28H31, 30H13, 78H9, 78H18, 78H349, 78H380, 78S235, 

823232, 823287, 82K34 

House; 58H2(report) , 58H38(report) , 74H16 

Joint Committee on; 33D- , 6332( report) , 75S3(report) , 80318(report ) , 

8132(report), 81310, 8237(report) 

Reports re- 52H68, 54H14, 62H282, 71H1, 71H41, 7833, 80S7 

Senate; 75S5(report ) , 7136(report ) , 82S12(report) , 82318( report ) 
Running Streams; 753113, 753176 
Ruso, iugustus; 71H393 
Russell, Abraham; 57H129 
Russell, C.G.; 62H263 


Russell, Catherine D. ; 74S281 

Russell, John Manufacturing Co.; 68S274 

Rutlrnd (Town of); 50H133, 50H143, 51H60, 51H79 

Rutter, Josiah; 59H183 

Ryder, Malinda, P.; 72H245 

Sabbath, see- Lord's Day 

Spco River; 65S4 

Sadler, Sarah; 70H319 

Safety; 71S252, 71S259, 76H128 

Safety Insurance Co.; 46H56 

Safety Switches and Valves, see- Railroads 

Sailmaking and Rigging - Business of; 55H94 

Sailors; 67H353, 81H10, 81H35, 81H345 

See also- Soldiers and Sailors 
St. Anne's Infant Asylum; 71S171 
St. Gfement's House; 66H276 
St. Elizabeth's Hospital; 82H183 
St. Francis De Sales Society; 70H266 

St. John's Catholic Total Abstinence and Mutual Relief Society; 82S39 
St. John's Hospital; 67S93 
St. John's Literary Institute; 69S29 

St. Joseph's Home for Institute Servant Girls; 67H272 
St. Joseph's Lyceum (Cambridge); 69H336 
St. Mark's School; 65S103 
St. Mary's Church for Sailors; 60S142 
St. Patrick's Temperance Society; 69S258 
St. Paul's Church (Boston); 79S33, 79H15 
St. Paul's Church (Maiden); 70S93 

St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal Society (Lynn); 71S213 
St. Vincent De Paul Society of Boston; 69S189, 79H359 
Salaried Officers; 57H232, 66H51, 81H368 
Salaries; 34H15, 61H124, 64H239, 64S57, 64S239, 66S146, 66S316, 67S148, 

67S195, 67S197, 67S240, 67S286, 67H439, 75S29, 78S275, 81H368 

Reports re- 27H50, 35SX9, 35HX11, 39H17, 40H22, 67H111 

For salaries of individual offices, see- office entries 
Salem (City of); 36S44, 47364, 52S115, 52S120, 53S104, 56S187, 56S188, 

56S251, 58H148, 59S138, 61H80, 62S95, 63H160, 64S183, 64H340, 65S89, 

67H212, 67H423, 68S76, 68S285, 68S310, 69S147, 69S187, 69S257, 70H432, 

71H16-^, 72SX14, 72H162, 72H236, 74H154, 77S117, 77H315, 78H117, 78H211, 

79H146, 79H161, 79H163, 80H75, 81S216, 82S177, 823184, 82S206, 82H185 

Fire Department of; 69S118 

Police Court in; 53H37 

Report re- Annexation of Danvers; 48S82 

Report re- Diptheria in; 77S75 

Report re- School Fund; 46H26 
Salem and Boston Stage Co.; 29H41 

Salem and Danvers Aqueduct Co.; 39S58, 50S113, 50H128 
Salem and Lowell Railroad Co.; 47S104, 48H105, 49S14, 52S65, 59H268, 

663142, 69S36 

Reports of; 50S30, 51S22, 52S9, 53S3, 54S2, 5532, 5632, 5732 
Salem and Maiden Railroad - Report re- 46S85 
Salem and South Danvers Railroad Co.; 61343, 62H25, 63369, 63H69, 

64H196; 65S112, 653216, 6737, 693163 
Salem and South Reading Railroad - Report re- 46S80 
Salem Bank; 59H24 
Salem Board of Trade; 69S82 


Salem Charitable Marine Society; 56H168 

Salem Charitable Mechanics Association; 64S209 

Salem Children's Friend Society; 74S279 

Salem Dispensary; 76H79 

Salem Five Cent Savings Bank; 55H57, 61S22 

Salem Foundry and Machine Shop; 70H171 

Salem Gas Light Co.; 47S42, 71H142 

Salem Harbor; 65S108, 70H296, 70H395 

Salem Hospital; 74H138 

Salem Lead Co.; 68S10 

Salem Lyceum; 68S206 

Salem Marine Insurance Co. ; 75H24, 75H31 

Salem Mechanics Hall Co.; 70S88 

Salem Mozart Association; 26S- 

Selem Music Hall Association; 67H57 

Salem Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 39S33 

Salem Normal School, see- Massachusetts State Normal School 

Salem Old Men' 6 Home; 82H284 

Salem Railway Co.; 74S236 

Salem Savings Bank; 64S100, 65S73, 66H63 

Salem Seaman's Orphan and Children's Friend Society; 82H319, 82H323 

Salem Seaman's V/idow and Orphan Society; 69S151 

Salem Street Congregational Society; 62H286 

Salem Street Railway; 76H141, 76H229 

Salem Turnpike; 29H51, 60H205, 68H175, 68H371, 70H283, 70H370 

Report; 68H255 
Salem Water Works; 69H435 
Sales - Regulation of; 27H29, 27H35 

See also- Auctions, Mortgages, Property, Real Estate, Tax sales 
Salisbury (Town of); 64H198, 65S65, 65S66, 70S244, 70H42, 70H184, 713282 
Salisbury and Amesbury Gas Light Co.; 54S19 
Salisbury and East Kingston Railroad Co.; 44S59, 48H106 
Salisbury Branch Railroad Co.; 44S58 
Salisbury, Marine Railway in; 693178 
Salisbury Mills; 563122 

Salisbury Railroad Co.; 693167, 693183, 71H280 
Salmon; 723190, 74H236, 76H298, 79S110, 80380, 803100, 80H163 
Salt; 2938, 29H34, 30H46, 30H47 

Reports re- Duties on; 39S25, 40H31, 40H69 
Salter, Richard H. ; 77H161 
Salter's Beach; 81391 
Samoset (Town of); 53395 
Sampson, James B. ; 62H265 

Samuel's Report - re- Birds of New England; 703215, 703223, 70S252 
Sanborn, F.G.; 63S1S1 
Sanderson, Daniel; 47H26 
Sanderson, John W. ; 70341 
Sandisfield (Town of); 64S205, 75H251, 81S122, 82^1141 

Boundary of; 53H145, 533105(report) , 55H184 
Sandisfield Baptist Church; 683139 
Sandwich (Town of); 59H195, 62371, 66325, 71H223, 71H342, 723116, 

80S107, 803133 
Sandwich Academy; 67H156 

Sandwich Camp Meeting Association; 81H199 
Sandwich (Islands ; 41S47 
Sandwich Savings Bank; 65H178 

Reports of; 79S16, 80386, 81313 
Sanford, Maria J.; 69H341 

Sanford, S.P. - Petition of Report re- Fraud; 39H74 
Sanford Steamship Co.; 82S19 


Sanitary Survey of the Commonwealth - Petition for; 48HI6 
Report re- 49H66 

Sanitation Commissioners; 52H212 

Sargent, Amos T. - Extension of Wharf of; 70H217, 70H257 

Sargent, Ignatius; 58HIO8 

Sargent, James M. - Report re- 67HI85 

Sargent, Maria H.; 79H166 

Sargent, William P. & Co.; 72H259 

Saugus (Town of); 48H26, 72S70, 73S101, 77H36 

Saugus Branch Railroad Co.; 48H73, 51S47, 52S42 

Reports of; 50S30, 51S22, 52S9, 53S3, 54S2, 55S2, 56S2 

Saugus River; 77H36 

Sault St. Marie (Michigan) - Ship Canal around; 52H131 

Savings; 61H259, 62S88 

Savings Banks; 45S18, 49H21, 50H35, 52S63, 54S92, 55H211, 56S87, 56S193, 
56H60, 56HI33, 57S1BO, 57H97, 58S30, 6OS8I, 60S95, 6OHII6, 61S137, 
5ISI56, 61H219, 62H211, 62H271, 62H373, 62H374, 63S91, 63HI84, 63H217, 
63H226, 63H301, 64S6, 64SIO3, 64H307, 65S95, 65SI60, 66S69, 66S87, 66S99, 
67S140, 67S170, 67H298, 68H63, 68H214, 70H290, 70H331, 71S237, 72S300, 
74H30b, 74H317, 75H203, 76S197, 76H249, 76H262, 76H312, 76H316, 76H338, 
76H370, 77S135, 77H162, 77H168, 77H177, 77H277, 77H314, 78S17, 78S24, 
78SII8, 78HI32, 78HI46, 78H341, 79S163, 79S167, 79H58, 79H75, 79H76, 
79H105, 79H148, 79H321, 79H324, 79H331, 79H344, 79H360, 8OS6O, 80S90, 
8OSI5I, 80S163, 80S237, 80H263, 30H267, 80H299, 80H326, 80H349, 80H354, 
8IHII5, 81H335, 81H363, 81S139, 8ISI69, 81S199, 82S64, 82S87, 82S89, 
82S165, 82S230, 82H136 

Abstract of Returns of; 35S9, 36S12, 37S28, 38S9, 39S4, 40H3, 41H3, 
42s 5, 43H2, 44H6, 45H6, 46H7, 47S16 

Commissioners of; 74H316, 75H303, 75H375, 75H380, 76H55, 76H262, 
79H148, 8lS60( report), 82H126 

Regulation of: 34H63, 48H77 ( report ) , 51S79, $9S71, 59S127, 68S214, 
68S325, 72S236, 72S273, 72H294, 72H339, 74H119, 74H516, 75H346, 77S136, 
78S23, 78SIO3. 78S104, 78S113, 78S255, 78S186, 78H267, 78H281, 78H342, 
82S187, 82H126, 82H286, 82H322 

Reports re- 46S36, 47S77, 50H131, 52S66, 69S356, 69H329, 71S309 
Rights of Depositors in; 78H327, 78H334, 78H347, 78H358 
See also- Banks and Banking 

Savin Hill and Commercial Point; 72S242 

Sawin Academy (Sherborne); 71H225, 74H342, 77H219 

Sawin, John P.; 78S98 

Sawin, John W. ; 81H76 

Sawyer Addison B. ; 68H317 

Sawyer, Charles B. ; 45S64 

Sawyer, Elizabeth J.; 68S29 

Saxon, Philip; 67H327 

Sa3rward, William; 66H307 ^ , 

School Books; 48H149, 55S188, 55H152, 59H93, 63H153, 63HI58, 69H234 

School Committees; 38H23, 42H20, 42H25, 44H12, 44H50, 46S90, 48H194, 

49S56, 49S86, 49H145, 50H43, 51H174, 53S45, 53H95, 54H179, 553103, 55S160, 

55H98, 55H106, 56H72, 59S44, 59S57, 59S183, 59S152, 59S173, 62H246, 

68H36, 68H162, 73S118, 73H194, 75S62, 78HI85, 78H323, 79S17, 79375,^ 

793180, 80H112, 81S101, 813119, 81H96, 8IHII8, 81H232, 81H281, 81H282, 

81H332, 81H369 

Election of Women on; 74H77 

in Cities; 65H71, 713191 

in Towns; 69H295 

Reports re- 34H40, 49H83 

See also- Public Schools 


School Districts; 34H12, 34H21, 35H34, 3^376, 42S74, 43S25, 43S32, 44H37, 
45S60, 43H109, 49S74, 50H3S, 50H165, 50H1S1, 52H150, 54H190, 5SH27, 
58H136, 59H141, 60S122, 61S92, 61S135, 65H42, 67S130, 6SH227, 70H2S1 
Reports re- $OS57, 50S72, 513^5, 53343 
Reports re- Libraries in; 43H23, 43H33 

School Districts System; 59H254, 693241, 693280, 693379, 69H101, 69H152, 
69H387, 69H439, 703161, 703162, 70H218, 70H221, 72330, 73H116, 80H162, 

School Fiind; 14D- , 29320, 35HX5, 40317, 41H12, 45375, 46390, 46H26, 
46H30, 46H53, 46H60, 49H20, 54380, 5^389, 59386, 59S108, 60354, 60374, 
6OSIII, 6OHI27, 62314, 6337, 64359, 653126, 663170, 66H74, 66H273, 
67S66, 683220, 68H172, 68H227, 693170, 70H95, 71H175, 71H307, 72H391, 
73H291, 74H235, 74H446, 74H456, 753201, 75H360, 75H386, 78HI84, 78H323 
Reports re- 29320, 33H16, 34H41, 35H54, 3638, 37S34, 38H7, 42H39, 
45S68, 46H26, 46H3O, 46H53, 46H60, 48H112, 4SHI46, 573145, 67311, 67H189, 
68312, 69S22, 69339, 70S71, 7135, 71H339, 72324, 73385, 74345, 75319, 
77S15, 79324, 80314 

School House Lots; 69H21 

School Houses; 41350, 43H50, 50H46, 50H132, 51H123, 53H42, 55H20, 
56H212, 67H54, 573194, 57H78, 67H54, 68H110, 71H162, 81H286 

School Hygiene - Report re- 743100 

School Libraries; 49355 

School Registers; 49H147, 74H371, 75H175 

School Reports; 59319 

School Returns; 47371, 48H85, 49H74, 593152, 593173, 74H371 
Abstract of; 33H5, 34H45 
Reports re- 27H34, 40338 

School Supervision; 79H202, 80H190, 81H237, 81H280 

School Teachers; 52362, 55324 
Reports re- 27H10, 41H27 

Schooling and Hours of Labor; 75S50, 75386, 75394 

Schools, see- District School Houses, Public Schools 

Schouler's History of Massachusetts in the Rebellion - Purchase and 
Distribution of; "^67^163, 68H365 ,~7o!Ii;:Sl 

Schouler, William; 683209, 68329i)^report ) , 70319 

Schwabe, L.B. ; 673264 

See- National Gallery of Fallen Heroes 

Scientific Board for the Examination of Boston Harbor; 55H283 

Scientific Commission; 70H341 

Scientific Institutions; 723235 

Scientific Surveys; 49H18 

Scituate (Town of); 66S32, 73H253, 75H90, 76H135, 77H55, 77H186, 77H309, 


Beach in; 55H186 
Scituate Savings Bank; 8138 
Scituate South Parish Fund; 66H145 
Scots Charitable Society; 65S63, 65HI3I 
Scott, Albert W. ; 62330 
Scott, Saul B.; 71356 

Scott vs. Stanford - Resolve re- U.S. Supreme Court Decision; 5SH121 
Scottish Rite of Free Masonry; 75H130 
Screen Law; 80H278, 80H304, 80H337, 81S217, 813229 
Scrip; 58H8I, 62H93, 67H426 
Scudder, ^Charles; 5dS75, 56395 
Scudder, Harvey; 74H221 
Scudder, Bartlett & Co.; 74H291, 74H327 
Sea Coast Fisheries; 43H87 
Sea Fowl; 65H52, 68H202, 733224 

Seals - for Corporations; 55H197 
of Cities and Towns; 81H22 


Seaman's Aid Society; 45S29 
Seaman's Friend Society; 67S91 
Seaman's Savings Bank (Boston); 34H25 
Seaman's Savings Bank (Provincetown) ; 69S197 
Seamen; 63HI46, 64S117, 64S230 

in United States Navy; 62H279 

See also- Soldiers and Sailors 
Search Warrants; 70S183 
Sears, David; 56S65 
Seat of Government - Reports re- Removal of; 39H70, 43S63, 51S96, 

5ISII9, 52H144 
Seceding States; 61HX7 

Secomb, Eben - Report re- Heirs of; 50H130 
Second Massachusetts Cavalry; 67S201, 67S302 
Secret Ballot - Report re- 43S33 

See also- Ballot, Voting 
Secret Societies - Report re- 36SS7 
Secretary of the Commonwealth; 44H40, 65HS4, 65HIIO, 81H2 

Office of; 26D11, 30H2, 47H47, 5835^, 5SH17S, 70H6, 76S151, 77H53, 

79S36, 79S42, 3lH4^, 81H34S, S1H353 

Reports of; 27S5, 40H2, 44S12, 44SS5, 44S94, 45H7, 46h6, 47H4, 4SH2, 

49H3, 50H2, 51H5, 52H11, 53E4, 54H4, 55H7, 56S4S, 56D9, 57H12, 5^H6, 

59H2, 60H94, 61S21, 62H2, 64H3, 64HIOI, 65HIO, 66Hg 
Secretary of War - Letter from re- Boston Harbor Lands; 6SS93 
Sectional Dock Co.; 52H27 
Securities - of the Commonwealth; 7OH65 ( report ) , 72SS2, 74S95(report ) , 


of the State Treasurer: 77S17, 77S30 
Seduction; 45S79, 45S9d 

Report re- Offense of; 44H70 
Seekonk (Town of); 62H26, 62H209, 62H226 
Seekonk Branch Railroad Co.; 36SS9, 3SS41, 3SHd6, 39H62 

Reports of; 37S105, 3SS33, 39S31 

Report re- 33S98, 39S49 
Seeley, Raymond H. - Election Sermon by; 56H- 
Seines - Protection of; 82h31 
Selectmen - Office of; 45H51, 55H18, 63HII7, 73H262, 73S246, 73H223 

See- Town Officers 
Self Couples on Freight Cars; 75S168 

Seminary of Practical Arts and Sciences - Report re- Proposal for; 26H5 
Senate (Massachusetts); 36S42, 37H11, 59S5, 59S78, 68S23, 71S336, 71S33S 

Chamber; 69S13 (report) 

Districts; 32S29, 76S172, 76H201, 76H300, 76H322 

Reports re- 37S4, 4SSIOI, 71S6 
Senators for State Legislature: 3^32, 57S39, 57S214, 573218, 573220, 

57H260, 57H261, 57H262, 57H263, 57HX265, 66313^, 71S12 

Reports on Votes for; 4032, 4231, 43S1, 4431, 53S2, 5332 :{^ 

Report re- 533132 

See also- Mileage 
Senators in Congress; 41H36, 69H475, 75314 

Report re- Means of Electing; 75312 
Sentences - of Criminals; 6dH234, 673161 
See also- Criminals 

of Death; 503102 

See also- Convicts, Massachusetts State Prisons, Prisoners 
Sepulchres for the Dead; 29321, 29H51(report ) , 30H4, 34H42, 34H60 

See also- Burial Grounds 
Sepulture; 79322, 79H8 

Sergeant at Arms; 353X5, 47H40, 593162, 62H17^, 70H6, 75H42, 75H305, 

763151, 76H5, 77H371, aOH379, 81S244 


Service of Summons or Warrants, see- Summons, Warrants 

Sesnet Cranberry Co.; 81H375 

Set-off; 7SS111, 73H266, 79S219 

Seventeenth of June (Holiday); 5SH44, 65SISS, 75S167, 75H118, 75H319, 

Sewage; S2H34S 

Reports re- 77S75, 7SH26 
Sewall, Samuel; 62H57, 63S10 
Sewer Assessments; 7^359 
Sewers; 69S107, 7^S59, 7SS207, 78H29, 7^H222, 78H263, 79H82 

See also- Drains 
Sewing in Public Schools, see- Public Schools 
Sewing Machines; 60S38, 60S49 
Sexton, Philip; 67H327 
Sextons - Fees of; 73H2A.4 
Shad Fishery; 64S50, 78S16, 80H272 
Shade Trees - Planting of; 56H274, 69H486, 75S132, 75S148, 75S152, 

75S169, 77H251 
Shanley, Francis and Walter - and Construction of Hoosac Tvinnel; 69H192, 

73H292, 74S58, 74S300, 75S150, 77H316, 81S209, 82H252, 82H314 
Sharon (Town of); 64H137, 74S197, 74H497, 74H51S 

Report re- Contested Election in; 43H88 
Shaw, Charles B.; 36H20 
Shaw Guards; 77H191 

Shaw (Robert G. ) Monument Fund; S2S247, B2S265 
Shaw, V/illiam F. ; 63H280 
Shawmut Boat Club; 74S266 
Shawmut Gas Light Co. ; 55S100 
Shawmut Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 57S137 
Shawmut Mutual Loan and Fund Association; 53S31 
Shavraiut Railroad Co.; 70S313, 71H391 
Shawsheen River; 82S227 
Sheep; 8IH259, 82S172, S2S196, 82S225 

Husbandry; 64S102, 64SIO6, 64S112, 64S113, 64S232, 64H235, 64H246, 


Pasture (in Beverly); 51S77 
Sheffield (Town of); 68S210, 7IHI67, 82H43 

Boundary of; 69S326 
Sheffield Railroad Co.; 67S174, 67H233, 70S195 
Shelburne (Town of); $6h162, 61S54, 77S93, 80S202 

Report of Contested Election in; 66SI66 
Shelburne Falls - Lands at; 69H395 
Shelburne Falls Bank; 6OH84 

Shelburne Falls Five Cent Savings Bank; 68H298, 72H262, 76H77 
Shell Fish and Fisheries; 68SII8, 68S119, 69H177, 71H322, 71H388, 71H447, 

72H6, 74H233, 75H79, 75H183, 78S25, 79S113 
Shelton, Philo S.: 47H115 
Shepard, Otis; 68S280 
Shepard, William; 69H451 

Shepherd, Schnyler, et al. - Report on Petition of, re- Coal Mines; 44S26 
Sherborn (Town of); 75H112, 77H219 
Sherborn and South Nat ick Railroad Co. ; 7IHI65 
Sherburne (Town of); 38HII 
Sheriffs - Accounts; 5IHI6, 55H14 

Fees; , 47H139( report ) , 56SI4O, 56S201, 57H143, 65H90, 68S275, 68H113, 

73H223, 73H245 

in Essex County; 44H21(report ) , 44H49 

Juries of; 73S124, 73H28, 81H155, 82S52 

Office of; 30H29, 34S36, 4OH63, 41H18, 43S35, 43S56(report), 48H203, 

5OHI72, 59H262, 6OS66, 6OSIO4, 6OSI25, 65S223, 67S197, 75S41, 76S28, 

77H12, 79H296, 79H297, 81H180 


Sheriff, cont. 

Returns of; 56H56, 57H34, 64H353, 79H2, 80H2, 81H3, 82H3 

See also- Special Sheriffs 
Shimmer, Charles F. ; 72HX33 
Shingles; 63S138 
Ship Canal - across Florida; 52H158 

Connedting Lakes Erie and Ontario; 52H158 

See also- Barnstable Bay, Buzzard's Bay, Cape Cod Canal 
Ship Fever; 52H214, 53S102 
Ship Owners (United States); 71S48 
Shipbuilders; 71S82 
Shipping and Pilotage; 61H217 
Ships and Vessels - Liens on; 55S81 

Taxation of; 59H60, 70H441 

See also- Vessels 
Shirley (Town of^; 47K135, 64S161 
Shooting Matches - Prevention of; 27H4 
Shop Bills; 49S10 

Shop Breaking; 39S20 , 513100, 52H25 
Shove, CO., et al.; 63H68 
Show Bills; 70H327 
Shrewsbury (Town of); 47H184, 66H59 

Reports re- Contested Election in; 32H37, 60S70 
Shubrick, W.B.; 71S148 
Shuitleff, James; 45H52 
Shurtleff, William S.; 71H404 
Sidewalks; 55H22, 55H100, 78H83, 78H263 

Assessments of; 78S59 

in Cities; 48S12, 68H245, 72H269 

in Towns; 49H11 
Sigma Phi Society (Williams College); 73S102, 79H72 
Signatures - Proof of; 77H223, 77H260 
Signboards; 72H190 
Silk; 33H18, 33H47, 34H24, 35H22, 35H41, 36H22, 39H46, 41S25, 42S43, 


Reports re- 29H17, 30H55, 40S36, 42S33, 43S6C, 44S51 
Silsbee, Nathaniel - Report re- Portrait of; B2S296 
Silsby, Isaac H. ; 69H95 

Silver Lake Branch Railroad Co.; 49S78 
Silver, Remonetization of; 78S30, 78336, 78365, 78H58 

Report re- 78S66 
Simmons, D.A., et al.; 56S99 
Simmons, Joseph; 68S237 

Simonds Manufacturing Co.; 69H61 , 79S77 
Simpson's Patent Dry Dock Co.; 56H31, 64S20 
Simpson, William - Report re- 29S16 
Single Ballot, see- Ballots, Elections 
Sinking Funds; 59H65, 61HX4 , 62H35, 62H36, 68S192, 68H130, 68H169, 

68H381, 70H97, 74H121, 81H436 
Sippican; 51S88 
Sippio Rooms; 82H367 

Sixth Congregational Society; 70S128 
Skillings, David N.; 80S169 
Skinner, Thompson J. (Treasurer, 1806-08)- Reports re- Charges against; 

11D6, IIDIO 
Slade, Henry; 50H79 
Slade, Willard E. ; 74S61 
Slander; 27H35, 46384 
Slaughter-Houses - Regulation of; 71H199, 72H122, 72H372, 74H365, 

74H376, 753121 


Slave Trade; 49S17, 49H33, 49H39, 52H158 

Report re- 38S87 
Slavery; 35S15, 36S56, 37S62, 37S65, 37384, 37S88, 44S92, 44S93, 46h23, 

47H68, 49S17, 49H19, 49H33, 49H39, 50H33, 50H87, 50H111, 50S49, 50S75, 

50S82, 55S96, 50S111, 50H111, 51H187, 52H159 

Reports re- 37S67, 37H30, 38S87, 39S37, 39S44, 40H44, 40H45, 40H69, 

50H33, 50H87, 51S51 

Report re- Fugitive Slaves; 61S17 

Report re- in New States; 20D21 

Report re- in North Carolina; 36S56 

Report re- in Virginia 
Sleeper, George L. ; 69H95, 69H337 
Slocum, Peleg, et al. - Report re- Petition of to Divide Town of 

Dartmouth; 33S18 
31ing Shot; 50H77 
Small, Francis; 56H82 
Small, James, jr.; 63S33 
Small Pox; 28H59, 48S42, 49H98, 60H56, 60H82, 71H426, 71H437, 72H187, 

72HX17, 73H76, 73H309, 74H123 

Reports re- 2SH39, 32H8, 38H63, 40S5 
Smelts; 68S113, 72S244, 73S139, 74H185, 74S67, 78S153 

Report re- 73S253 
Smith Academy (Hatfield); 71S68 

Report re- 71H58 
Smith Charities; 49H17, 49H90, 73H53 
Smith College (Northampton); 71S68, 71H58, 71H64 
Smith, David; 66H214, 68H318 
Smith, Emeline; 80H366 
Smith, Joseph - Report re- 50H32 
Smith, Joshua B. ; 79S141, 79H316, 79H347 
Smith, Lathrop J.; 82S119, 82H228 
Smith, Nathaniel P.; 78S214 

Smith, Samuel E. (Governor of Maine); 32H56 
Smith, Timothy A. - Report re- Request for Investigation of State 

Reform Schools; 56S255 
Smith, Walter C; 64H259 
Smithsonian Institution; 54H56 
Smoked Fish; 59H125 

Smoking - in the Streets of Boston; 80H72 

Smyth, Robert M., et al. - Report of re- Railroads; 46S10 
Snell, E.S. - Meteorological Observations by, for 1867; 68H30 

for 1873; 74350 

for 1874; 75399 

for 1875; 76S45 
Snell, S.C. (Miss) - Meteorological Observations by - for 1876, 1877; 

Snelling, Samuel G. ; 70H288 
Snow Removal; 57H76, 61391, 61397, 61H36, 62S92, 63321, 63336, 63G42, 

63H41, 63H88, 63H122, 78H83 
Snow Slides - Protection from; 78H124 
Soapstone and Freestone - Inspection of; 62H102 
Social and Industrial Statistics; 82H172 
Society for Promoting Theological Education; 31H23 
Society of Cincinnati; 56H104 
Society of Friars Minor; 77366 
Sohier, '.villiam; 55H89, 563141 
Soldiers; 63H53, 63H116, 65H43, 65H239, 69H310, 733229, 78H371, 79314, 

79398, 79S193, 793256, 793278, 79H6, 79H150, 80H11, 80H73, 81336, 

81H10, 81H35, 81H345, 82H280 


Soldiers, cont. 

Bounties, see- Bounties 

Diplomas for; 68H360, 72H80, 73H52 

Employment of, see- Disabled Soldiers' Employment Bureau 

Home (Chelsea) - Report re- 82S115 

Medals; 68S164, 68S247, 68S266 

Messenger Corps; 82HI50, 

Monuments; 70H219 

of Massachusetts; 66H410, 67S237 

of Revolutionary Army; 29S9 

Pay of; 66H61 

Record; 72H136 

Report re- Pay of; 79S14 

Testimonials; 71H116 
Sole Leather - Inspection of; 26H52, 27H47, 29H15, 30H25, 30H40, 33H49, 

33H68, 48H86, 49S69, 73H185 
Solitary Confinement; 75H159, 76S49, 76S83, 76H131 
Somerset (Town of); 64S26, 64S31, 68S13, 68S236 

Report re- 53S55 

Report re- Election in; 49H115 
Somerset and Mansfield Railroad Co.; 66S31 
Somerset Cooperative Foundry Co.; 71S19 
Somerset Humane and Religious Society; 73H43 
Somerset Iron Co.; 723118 
Somerville (Town of); 42S52, 48H99, 56S220, 56H289, 603113, 62H314, 

68S195, 71H166 
Somerville (City of); 713170, 72S99, 72S251, 72S295, 72H212, 72H240, 

72H399, 733219, 73H340, 73H369, 743109, 74H56, 74H180, 74H239, 74H472, 

74H475, 75H54, 75H241, 79H138 
Somerville and North Cambridge Street Railroad; 71H85 
Somerville Charity Club; 80H279 
Somerville High School i> ssociation; 71337 

Somerville Horse Railroad Co.; 57H216, 63S77, 643259, 67S14, 76367 
Somerville Iron Co.; 69316, 69H230 
Somerville Savings Bank; 70H120 
Somerville Union Hall Co.; 69373 
Somerville V/ater Works; 70H108 

Somerville Wharf and Improvement Co.; 80S136, 82310 
Soule, Louis; 62H333 

South Abington (Town of); 73S99, 75337, 75H148, 75H275, 76364, 80H311 
South Adams; 733120 

Free District in; 82H110 

Report re- Bank in; 39360 
South Adams Savings Bank; 69H254 
South American Steamship Co.; 633153 
South Bay; 45386, 613151, 643288, 69S396, 693397, 713234, 71H375, 74320,. 

74S348, 74H139, 74H337, 74H403, 74H437, 74H499 

Report re- Flats in; 62319 

See also- Boston Harbor 
South Bay and Charles and Mystic Rivers - Reports re- Survey of; 45386, 

46364, 463117, 47311, 47H125 
South Bay Co.; 53H136, 75H231 
South Bay Corporation; 72H189 
South Bay Improvement Co.; 77341 
South Beach (Edgartown); 633112, 81H91 
South Berlcshire Institute Association; 563215 
South Boston; 55H241, 55H275, 563149, 563172, 563176, 56H59, 56H285, 

56H292, 71S227, 753143, 75H188 

Flats in; 54397, 543111, 54H177, 68H76( report ) , 743336, 75H100(report ) 

75H365. 75H379, 75H388, 77Sl6(report) , 77H95, 77H324, 77H346, 77K379, 

a0H43(report), 80H130, 80H342, 81H448 


South Boston Freight Rcilroad Co.; 68H217, 703209, 72S175 

South Boston Gas Light Co.; 52H104 

South Boston Mill Co.; 26S21 

South Boston Railroad Co.; 69H243, 69H270, 73S153 

South Boston Savings Bank; 61H71, 63H64, 68S68, 68H61, 70H77 

South Boston V/harf and Dock Co.; 33S51 

South Buildings; 70S40 

South Carolina (State of); 33310, 33S23, 42S65, 45S31, 53S16, 66H125, 


Report of, re- Constitutional Convention; 33S43 

Report of, re- Fugitives; 40H54 

Report re- Imprisonment of citizens of Massachusetts in; 45H65 

Report re- Slavery in; 36S56 

Report re- Treatment of Senator Hoar in; 45S4 
South Congregational Cemetery Association; 82H75 
South Cove Corporation; 33S9, 60H166, 60H180, 72S164, 82H23 
South Cove Co.; 6OHISO 

South Canvers (Town of); 66S77, 68H180 
South Danvers and Lynn Street Railway Co.; 64S126 
South Danvers Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 73H103 
South Framinghara Camp Meeting Association; 73H88 
South Hadley (Town of); 66347, 69H385, 69H400, 70H285, 76H227 
South Hadley (Village of); 72H123, 73377, 79H53 
South Hadley Falls Bridge Co.; 50S76 
South Maiden; 78H48 
South Market; 48H217 

3outh Xatick and Sherborn Railroad Co.; 71H165 
South of Europe Steamship Co.; 653218, 70S126 
South Plymouth (Town of); 55S175 

South Reading (Town of); 47322, 643130, 64H94, 65362, 68338 
South Reading Branch Railroad Co.; 66H141 

Reports of; 50330, 51S22, 5239, 5333, 5432, 55S2, 5632, 5732 

Report re- 48H74 
South Reading Hotel Co.; 56H220 

South Scituate (Town of); 49S24, 56S198, 573163, 57H16, 78H23 
South Shore; 563125 
South Shore Railroad Co.; 46362, 46373, 47S75, 48H172, 77318 

Reports of; 47330, 49340, 50330, 51S22, 5239, 53S3, 5432, 5532, 

5632, 5732 
South Shore Steamship Co.; 72H143 
South Springfield; 55H238 
South Weymouth Savings Bank; 68H71 
South V/harf Go. ; 34359 

South vVilbraham Manufacturing Co.; 54H105, 65H164 
Southborough (Town of); 76336 
Southbridge (Town of); 53K91, 56H165, 713248, 75K174 

Roport re- Boundary; 39311 
Southbridge and Blackstone Railroad Co.; 51341 

Reports of; 50S30, 51S22, 5239, 5333 

Report re- 49384 
Southbridge and Palmer Railroad ^o.; 63H175, 703135, 73:il77 
Southbridge Bank; 453101 

Southbridge Mutual Benefit Society; 47H76 
Southbridge Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 70H137 
Southbridge Water Supply Co.; 80H141 
Southern* Outrages; 71H254 
Southern Vermont Railroad - Sale of; 72H204, 783212, 78S240, 78S250 

(report), 78S262, 82H42( report) 
Souther, Laban, et al. - Report on Petition of to Construct a Railroad; 

4 6S6? 
Southampton (Town of); 4SH31 

Southwick (Town of); . 57S121(Report re- ), 71S199 


Southworth Cotton Manufacturing Co.; 70S96 

Sparhawk, Edward et al. - Reports on Petition of re- Incorporation; 

623180, 62H138, 62H282 
Spain - Affairs in; 73H114, 73H134 
Spanish Fever; 76S113 

Spaulding, Benjamin F. - Report on Petition of re- Railroads; 50S73 
Speaker of the House; 66H388 

Report on Conduct of; 32H40 
Spear, Joseph B. ; 62S140 

Spear, Justin - Report on Petitions of; 44H69 
Special Administration; 58H90 
Special Agents; 62H40 

Special Commissioners; 74S247, 74H271 

Special Committees - Statement of Amount Paid to; 58H8 
Special Contracts; 77H109 

for Labor; 75S189, 75H324, 75H363 
Special Justices; 77H389, 78S215, 78H364, 81S205, 81H132, 81H22? 
Special Laws - Publication and Distribution of; 47H178, 57H37, 59S131, 

593168, 61S69, 61H178, 62S76, 68H345, 69H352, 70H168, 76H283, 77H51, 

77S24, 81382 
Special Partnerships; 77H66 
Special Pleading; 36339, 36S69 
Special Sheriffs; 80H122, 80H242, 81348 
Specie; 58317, 58H84, 59S132 
Specie Funds; 573155 
Specie Payments; 75H327 
Spencer and Granville (Towns of) - Report re- Petition of re- School 

Funds; 46H53 
Spencer Hotel Co.; 72S36 
Spencer Savings Bank; 71S151 
Spencer Water Co.; 82H70, 82H184 
Spendthrifts; 67H296 
Spermaceti Oil; 33S31, 33S44 
Spinal Meningitis - Report re- 74S100 
Spiritualists, Boston Association of; 72H309, 72H355 
Spot Pond Aqueduct Co.; 43347, 44H31 
Spot Pond Water Co.; 67H271, 70H175, 75S192 
Sprrgue, Charles; 59H49 

Spring V/heat - Report re- Cultivation of; 38377 
Springfield (City of); 48H6, 52H120, 53H116, 563154, 61S114, 61H162, 

633166, 63H125, 63H238, 64S127, 64H176, 64K225, 65375, 653132, 653150, 

66H66, 6736, 67H164, 67H264, 683303, 68H313, 70H361, 72387, 7?S126, 

723230, 72H202, 72H304, 72H375, 73S119, 73H108, 73H193, 743184, 74H85, 

74H223, 74H320, 75378, 75H150, 763116, 763144, 77S85, 78H118, 793188, 

79H'16, 79H169, 79H198, 80H62, 80H350 

Police Court in; 50H37, 68H304 
Springfield and Athol Railroad Co.; 71H366 
Springfield and Farmington Valley Railroad; 523128, 533112, 54H149, 

563131, 64H146, 67S40, 69385, 69H65, 72H141 
Springfield ?:nd Longmeadow Railroad Co.; 49S100, 64368, 65H166, 

663164, 693295, 69H66, 72H101, 74378 
Springfield and New London Railroad Co.; 76343 
Springfield and North-Eastern Railroad Co.; 803118, 80H294 
Springfield Aqueduct Co.; 663133, 70H127 

Reports re- 483118, 483121, 493147, 49H148 
Springfield Athenaeum; 67S261 
Springfield, Athol and Northeastern Railroad Co.; 73H286, 78H226, 


Springfield Bank; 42336 
Report re- 42357 


Southwcrth Cotton Manufacturing Co.; 70S96 

Sprrhawk, Edwerd et rl. - Reports on Petition of re- Incorporation; 

623180, 62H13S, 62H282 
Spain - Affairs in; 73H114, 73H134 
Spanish Fever; 76S113 

Spauldlng, Benjamin F. - Report on Petition of re- Railroads; 50377 
Speaker of the House; 66H388 

Report on Conduct of; J'ZEAO 
Spear, Joseph B. ; 62S140 

Spear, Justin - Report on Petitions of; 441169 
Special Administration; 58H90 
Special Agents; 62H40 

Special Commissioners; 7'13247, 74H271 

Special Committees - Statement of /mount Paid to; 58HS 
Special Contracts; 77H109 

^or Labor; 75S189, 75H324, 75H?63 

Special Partnerships; 77H66 

Special ^leading; ?63'^9, 36S69 

Sp^-i-"" Ttieri-^fs; 8nH12?, 80H2/!^, 8134 8 

Spe-ie; 58S17, 58H84 , 59S132 

Specie Funds; 57S155 

Specie Payments; 75:^32"^ 

Spencer and Granville (Towns of) - Report re- Petition o-f re- School 

Funds; 46H53 
Spencer Hotel Co.; 72S36 
Spencer Savings Bank; 71S151 
Spencer V.'cter Co.; 82H70, 82H184 
Spendthrifts; 67H296 
Sperracetl Oil; 33S31, 33S44 
Spina] Meningitis - Report re- 7^3100 
Spirit^ialists, Boston Association of; 72H30Q, 72H355 
Spot rend fc^ueduct Co.; '^3347, 44H31 
Spot Pond v;ator Co.; 67H271, '7CH175, 75319-^ 
Spr. gue, Charles; 59K49 

Spring ,Vh"at - Report re- Cultivation of; "^^^377 
Sprirg-field (City of); 4PH6, S2K120, 53H116, ^^631 54, 613114, C1H162, 

6'^Sl6e, 63H12^ ^^,.^^^ ..„,^„ , „. ..„^^^ .r--.^^ .^„,-,-. .^^.^ 

66K66, 6'"Sr 

■jAE^o-r'^ 74H320| 7537^/7^,^X50, '763116, '763144, '77S85r7BH118, 79318°, 

79H4 6, '79HI6Q, 79H198, e0H62, 80H350 

?olir>f^ Court in; 50H37, 681^04 
Sprir.gfield and Athol Rafroai Co.; 71H'^66 
Springi'ield .and Farmington Valley Railroad; S23128, 533''.1'', 54H]/ig, 

563131, 64H146, 67340, 69385, 69H65, 72^-11 
Springfield "nd Longme'--c'cw R-'ilroad Co.; 49310C, 64368, 6c;hT=;6, 

663164, 69S295, 69H66, 72:-:i01, 74S78 
Springfield and Nev/ London Railroad Co.; 76343 
Springfield and North-Ea stern Railroad Co.; 803118, 80H''94 
Sp-^ing-^ield Aqueduct Cc; 663133, 70H127 

RepnrtK re- 483118, 483121, 493147, '1QH148 
3pring''ield /thenaeum; 6^73261 
Spr ir.g-^i eld, Athol and Northeastern Railroad Co.; 7'^H2 86, '7^11'^'^ e, 


Sp-'irg-^i.eld Prnk; 473^6 
Report re- 42357 

(City of); 4«H6, S2K120, 53H116, 563154, 613114, 611^162, 
^H12^, 6'.H2^8, 643127, 64H176, 64H''2^, 65375, 6531^2, 6531^0, 
56, 67H164, 67H264, 683303, 68H313, 70H361, 72387, 7'^^!^'^, 
'"2 02 72H'^04 72H'^>'^5 7'^si i o 7'^F1^°. 7'^''^19'^ 7^3' ^4 74H5"^ 


Spring_^ield Banking and Trust Co.; 7?H435 

Springfield Bridge; 64H298 

opringfield City Hospital; 67H188 

Springfield Fire and TvCarine Insurance Co.; 66362 

Springfield First Parish; 54S122 

Springfield Five Cent Savings Bank; 66S221 

Springfield Gas Light Co.; 47H19, 63S39, 70S35, 70H167 

Springfield Home for Friendless Women and Children; 65S176, 66K222, 
67H21'7, 68H344, 69H126, 70H116, 70H466, 71H113 

.'Springfield Horse Railroad Co.; 63S83 

Springfield Institution for Savings; 63H38, 66S211 

Springfield Kedic-l School; 50H103 

Springfield Police Justice; 683298 

Springfield Printing Co.; 80H85 

Sp-ingfield Safe Deposit Co.; 67S181 

Springfield Safe Deposit rnd Trust Co.; 763141, 76K320 

Spring-^ield Sev;ing Machine Co.; 81H54 

Springfield Street Railway Co.; 68H97, 69S123, 73H182 

3p-"ing-^ield, Third Congregational Society of; 69S293 

Spurr r^flanufroturing Co., Greenfield; 823257 

Spy Pond V/ater Co.; 67H16, 67H86 

Squantum Free Bridge; 7GS90, 73H279, 79S136 

Squires, Asahel P.; 72H366, 73H136 

Stable Keepers; 77H150 

Strbles; 50S96, 52H107, 68H^99, 68H4ni, 69S307, 78H249 

StTcey, George; 48H'^4 

Stnckpole, J.L.; 71H413 

Stafford Kills (Prll River); 71S16 

Stnge Ccaches; 26313 

Stp.rdi^h Monument Association (Duxbury); 723240, 72H'64, 77S56 

Stanwood, E.H. ^nd M.F.; 73^155 

Staples, S.K., et al. - .Vharfs of; 61H59, 6439^, 70353 

State Aid; 65S92, 65S101, 65H31, 65H186, 65H232, 65H306, 6731 05, 

(^VSIOQ, 67H112, 67H171, 67H206, 67H236, 683120, 68H170, 70H'0", 70H390, 

^0H47i, 71S254, 71H455, 72H^42, 74H137, 74H252, 76H253, 76H284, 76H342, 

76H3'19, 77H124, 77H286, 77H312, 7^3178, 793267, 793279, 80H2^^, ^13-^9, 


Reports re- 813^^9, 81H393 

Reports re-, to R'ulroads; 66H114 

State Bank; 36326, 36H4', 37315, 37368 

State Banks; 66H187, 68H224, 693136, 69H377 
See also- Banking Associations 

State Beneficiaries; 79^150 

State Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 41H82, 43H7S 

State Mutual Life Assurance Co. ( V/orcester ) ; 44372, 66S48 

State of Massachusetts, see- Massachusetts, Commonwealth of 

Stc. te Official Insurance Co.; 723X10, 73392 

State Papers on Nullification - Report on; 35363 

State Papers on Secession; 61H177 

State Pruper Accounts of Towns; 35H72, 36H41 ( report ) , 46H99, 48H55, 
4C!S13^, 50H61( report), 52S39 

State Paupers; 27318, 27H50, 29K27, 30326, 30H3, 30H11, ^0H41, ''0H51 , 
■^■^n5", 3^H26, '^4H'^2, 34H43i, 34H54, 34H56, 38H24, 44344, 45311, 46H86, 
46HQ2, 47368, 48347, 51H51, 52H52, 52H8q, 52H152, 52H18, 52H229, 55S29, 
553^5, B5H59, 55H1Q9, 55H291, 563165, 563211, 57S129, 573142, 57H''56, 
cqii,i2, 5'^H272, 60357, 60S145, 60H129, 61H4, 61H131, 61H168, ^23Q8, 
66325^, ^6H297, 66H'^.15, 67H166, 67H289, 693^1, 76H83, 77H269, 77H^9" 
^-tJ blishments for; 533103, 53H183, 54S88, 54H93, 54H129, 5'1H152, 
^4 HI 8^ 

Repo-'ts re- 30S13, ^1311, 32H41, 33H32, 33H52, 36K^O, 393^7, 4637^, 
47366, 47II21, 4934^ 


Statutes, Special Laws 

State Poor; 72H324 

State Printers; 72HX8 

State Printing; 29H7, 49H44, 55H158, 57H153, 57H196, 62H198, 62H207, 

66S254, 67S24, 67H106, 72S121, 72H4, 72H181, 72H1B3, 75H22, 76S193, 

76HI7, 76H260, 76H261, 76H325, 77S191, 77H330, 77H366, 77H376, 77H383, 

78S39, 73H119, 80S247, 803252, 80H209, 80H312, 80H335, 80H353, 82S234, 

82S241, 82S249, 82S254, 82H349 

Reports re- 29H5, 31H25, 40H29, 42H21, 49H35, 49H88, 50H112, 52H55, 

53H27, 53H84, 57H161, 67H4, 75H185, 78H93 
State Union Telegraph Co.; 78S131 
Staten, Edward; 62H331 

States Union Telegraph Construction Co. ; 81S72 
Stationary - for Public School Students; 78S40 
Stationary Steam Engines; 45H11, 55H174, 62H120 

Statistical Information; 46H8O ^ 

Statistics - Collection of; 6OH8I, 63S76, 63H216, 77H241, 78S20(report ) , 

78s8g, 78S106( report) 

of Industry; 70SI78 

of Polls, Valuation, etc.; 37H10, 37H19 

Social and Industrial; 82H172 

See also- Bureau of Statistics of Labor, Industrial Statistics, Social 

Statistics, Vital Statistics 
Statues - in Old Representatives' Hall; 66H96 (report) 

of Illustrious Massachusetts Statesmen; 72H359, 72H377 

See also- Memorial Statues 
Statutes - Construction of; 70S276 

Repealing of; 69H374 

Revision of; 81S203, 81H441 

See- General Statutes, Revised 
Steam; 79S146, 79Sl6o ^ , 

Steam Boilers; 49S135, 50H155, 58H143, 6OS85 , 64S184(report ) , 68H35d, 

73S148, 73S207, 73H344, 74S250, 74S313, 78H196, 78H247, 78H286 
Steam Boiler Insurance Co.; 66S107, 66HI84 
Steam Engine Co. ; 52S75 
Steam Engines; 45H29, 52H171, 8OSIII 

in Cities; 6OHI9I 

Stationery; 56SI66 
Steam Mills; 75H116 

Steam Supply Co.; 73S37, 73S43, 73S63, 73H98 
Steam Vessels; 72H17 
Steamboat-Police Officers; 80S74 
Steamboats; 75H202. 76HI78 

Reports re- 4OSI0, 40S31 
Steamship Corporations; 68S52 
Stearns, Albert J.; 67S188, 70H448 
Stearns, Nathaniel C. ; 67S211 

Stearns, William A. - Election Sermon of; 64H- 
Stebbins, John M. ; 80S128 
Steel Rails - Report re- 70S47 
Steimle, Edward M. ; 76H273 
Stenographer; 78H79 
Stephenson, Charles W. ; 75H221 
Stereotype Plates. V/oodcuts, etc.; 79S38 
Sterling (Town of); 80S227 

Report re- Contested Election in; 5IH56 
Sterling and Worcester Railroad; 51S90 
Stetson, Philip; 64HI42 
Stevens, Adaline V.; 71H397 
Stevens, Daniel V/. ; 69S75 


Stevens, James - Report on Survey of the State byj 32S6, 33H58, 33H62 

Stevens Linen Works; 67S249 

Stevenson, C.L. ; 62H235 

Stickers - Detached Counting of; 82H357 

Stickney, Charles P.; 73H377 

Stickney, Richard; 74H247 

Stiles, Normand; 59S90 

Stiles Reservoir Co. ; 66H357 

Stocks and Bonds; 30S26, S0S7$, SOHSO, SOHI7S, SOH273, 81S24, SlSlOS 

Report re- Sale of; 36H3d 

Sale of; 65S153 

See also- Corporations, Railroads 
Stockbridge (Town of); 4^H36, 69S223, 77S90 
Stockbridge and Pittsfield Railroad Co.; 47S3^f 66S147 

Reports of; 50S30, 51S22, 52S9, 53S3, 54S2, 55S2, 56S2, 57S2 
Stockbridge Indians; 65S46, 69H508, 70H13 

Report re- Claims of; 65S2g6 
Stockbridge Iron Co.; 64H263, 64H371 

Stockbridge, Levi - Report on Agricultural Experiments; 75S99 
Stockbridge Passenger' Station; 32S62 
Stockbridge Savings Bank; 71H277 
Stockbridge Water Co. ; 51S26 
Stockwell, James VJ. ; 77H106 
Stolen Property; 53H71, 79H1S9 
Stone, Eben F. ; 73S214 
Stone, Harriet E. ; 74H255 
Stone, Josiah F. ; SlH2g4 

Stoneham (Town of); 52SS9, 53S50, 56SSO, 72H3S5, 73H191, 77SSS, ^OH315 
Stoneham Branch Railroad Co.; 47H171, 4SH135, $1S72, 54S116, 55S4^, 

59H227, 6lsaS, 62H204, 69S99, 70Slia, 70H145 

Reports of; 54S2, 55S2, 56s2 
Stoneham Horse Railway Co.; 60H3, 6OHI5 
Stoneham Light Infantry; 62H331 
Stoneham Odd Fellow's Hall Association; 72H20 
Stoneham Street Railway Co.; 6OSI6, 69S322, 72H16 
Stony Brook; 6SH275, 71S229, 79S237, 79S248 
Stony Brook Railroad Corporation; 45S94, 47S76, 4SHS9, 53H60, 6BSI24, 

68S323, 63H229 

Reports of; 49S40, 50S30, 51S22, 52S9, 53S3, 54S2, $5S2, 56S2, 57S2 
Stony Brook Water Power Co.; 66S94, 66S212 
Storey, Isaac N.; 62H342 
Storrow, Charles S. - Report on Petition of; 47H79 

Report re- European Tunnels; 63S93 
Story, Abel; 72H^^ 
Story, Amos A.; 64H37 
Story, Cyrus, et al.; 66H239 

Story, Joseph - Resignation as Speaker of the House; 12D9 
Storrs, Richard S. - Election Sermon by; 3^H- 
Stoughton (Town of); 56HI72, 64H137, 743232, gOS242 
Stoughton Branch Railroad Co.; 69HIS, 69H233, 7ISI23, 73S19, 77H101 

Reports of; 45S35, 46S21, 47S30, 49S40, 50S30, 51S22, 52S9, 53S3, 

54S2, 55S2, 56S2, 57S2 
Stowers, Joseph; 46H35 
Stowers, Samuel S.; 68S144 
Strait smouth Island; 35HS 
Straw - Inspection of; 61H35 

See also- Hay and Straw 
Stray Dogs, see- Dogs 
Street Lamps; 64S157, 70s265 
Street Railway Cars; 73H222, 73H226, S1H313 


Street Railway Commissioners; 63H306 

Street Railway Corporations; 6ISIOO, 6ISI7I, 6IH66, 6lH2/^l, 62S146, 

62H163, 62H176, 62H177, 62H202, 62H212, 62H225, 63HIOS, 64S177, 64S216, 

64S221, 64S222, 64HI5O, 64H177, 64HIS5, 64H194, 64H203, 64H204, 64H205, 

64H213, 64H236, 64H301, 64H342, 65HI5, 66sS9, 66S144, 66S226, 66H337, 

67Sia2, 67H2$3, 693277,693361, 69H345, 70399, 71S297, 71S30S, 7IH46S, 

72S163, 723172, 723195, 723205, 73H247, 73H376, 743146, 743170, 74S174, 

74S1S6, 74H5B, 77H199, 7^321, 7^3190, 793190, 79H115, 30H197, a0H274, 

S1H128, 82H56, a2H131, 32H253 
Street Railway Fares; 72H332 
Street Railways; 573161, 57H170, 73H121, 73H282, 763175, 7^33^, 7SH15^, 

Streets and Highways; 53H105, 69H404, 703203, 71H238 

Drainage of; 733246, 73H301 

in Boston; 57H177 

in Cities and Towns; 53H105, 57H237, 6SH28, 69HIIS, 69HI3S 

See also- Highways 
Striped Bass; 82H88 
Strolling or Street Musicians; 5^H22 
Strong, Caleb (Governor, 1^00-1807); 04H1 

Speeches of; 12D13, 13D18 
Students - Exemption of, from Taxation; 31H12 

See also- Colleges 
Studley, Coleman; 66H213 
Sturbridge (Town of); 53H91 
Sturbridge Aqueduct Co.; 76H85 
Sturbridge Cotton Mills; 36H24, 693110 
Sturgis, Henry P.; 57S114, 60H53 
Sturtevant, Newell, et al.; 50H79 
Substitutes, Bounties to; 64H182 

Subterranean Cable Co. (Boston); 79H1^6, 82S59, S2S73, S2S191, ^2H57 
Subtreasury (Boston); 70H412, 73H238 

Subtreasury Bill in Congress - Reports re- 3SS37, 3^343 
Suburban Railroad Co.; 613150, 70322 
Succession Taxes: 68H145 
Sudbury (Town of); 59H214, 67H331 
Sudbury Rifle Co.; 62H313 
Suffolk (County of); 5SH77, 62S163, 62H139, 643238, 62S266, 653264, 

66H165, 69H410, 70H93, 72H91, 72H256, 79H65, 79H273, 79H340, aOHS9, 

83H110, 81H413, S1H443 

Accounts of; 62H6 

Attorneys in; 49H36, 55H113, 56H54, 653269, 70H392, 73H85, 74H184, 

79H180, 79H244 

Court House for; 80H94, 8OHIO6 

Courts in; 31H11, 45H5, 45H28, 49331, 553176, 56S250, 5^H122, 59H237, 

70H3S2, 7ISI76, 72S4S, 723140, 72H206, 72H228, 7335, 7437, 743310, 

74H79, 75H37, 75H270, 76H107, 77S72, 77H10, 77H152, 7SH73, 7SH144, 

7SH359, 79H90, 79H267, 80H94, 8OHIO6, 81H130, 81H191 

Jail; 813213 

Registry of Deeds in; 60H113, 73H186 

Report re- License Law in; 77H227 
Suffolk and Tremont Mills; 683123 
Suffolk Bank; 37324, 56354 
Siiffolk Brewing Co.; 75H285 
Suffolk Fire Insurance Co.; 59H51 
Suffolk Land Co.; 66HI23 
Suffolk Manufacturing Co.; 68s6l, 68386 

Suffolk Mutual Loan and Acc\imulating Fund Association; 523140 ,-„^_^ 
Suffolk Railroad Co.; 57H202, 603129, 603152, 613144, 62S174, 62H222, 

62H259, 62H369, 6434, 64SI8O, 64S27S, 64S289 


Suffolk Savings Bank; 70H58 

Suf-folk Savings Bank for Seamen; 54S21, 65S16 

Suffrage; 78H285 

Right of; 64H185 

See also- Woman's Suffrcge 
Suits; 53H142, 81332 

Egainst Defendants; 29H34 

c? gainst Foreign Ships, see- Foreign Ships 

against Unincorporated Companies and Associations; 82S286 

at Law; 31S11, 31H69, 38H79, 53H137, 54H25, 54H50, 54H156, 62H69, 

62H77, 62H90, 62H250, 62H270 

in Equity - Report re- 53S67 

of the Commonwealth; 66H335, 75S147 

upon Debts Claims and Assets; 78H101 
Sullivan, John; 77H138 
Sullivan, William; 36S74 
Sumac - Inspection of; 57S140 
Summons; 65H171, 81H104 , 81H135 
Sumner, Charles; 45S24, 563266, 563267, 563268, 57H19, 69H250, 72HX36, 

73S127, 73H141, 73H166, 743117, 743121 
Sumner, Edwin V. (Major); 48H197 
Sumner, Increase (Governor, 1797-1799) - Report re- Portrait and 

Biography of; 62S118 
Sumner, William H. - Letter of, re- Military Expenses; 20D- 

Report of, re- Militia; 27H3 
Sumner, William H. (Major General); 62H305, 63H220 
Sunderland (Town of); 68S176 

Reports re- Contested Election in; 52H97, 52H102 
Sunderland Bridge; 57314^, 69S157, 69H151, 69H263, 74H268, 7533 38, 

773140, 773196, 78S51 
Sunderland Bridge Co. ; 69S355 
Superintendent of Public Schools - Office of; 54396, 563222, 60H76, 

70S92, 70H255, 713191, 72S110, 73379, 743202, 74H362 
Superintendent of Roads; 72S55 
Supreme Court (Established 1859); 593144, 593145, 59S165, 593166, 

59H120, 59H193, 67S123, 693305, 70H203, 70H384, 723194, 73S124, 73H327, 

74S223, 74S332, 74H113, 74H115, 74H172, 7537, 75356, 753188, 75H326, 

'^5H337, 75H355, 77387, 78H177, 78H180, 793245, 79H113, 79H241, 79H267, 

79H300, 81H155, 81H163, 81H191, 81H170, 82S63, 823141, 823217, 82H359 

in Barnstable County; 69H366 

in Berkshire County; 71H76 

in Boston; 42S51 

in Bristol County; 77358, 78H103 

in Dukes County; 74H38 

in Essex County; 60H79 

in Hampden County; 68H288 

in Middlesex County; 78H12 

in Nantucket County; 78H102 

in Norfolk County; 67H94 

in Plymouth County; 623165, 80H88 

in Suffolk County; 553176, 563250, 56H11, 56H91, 56H145, 56H206, 

71S144, 72S140, 72H206, 73H228, 77372, 79H267 

in Worcester County; 74H334, 79H267 
Supreme Council of the Home Circle; 81H57 
Supreme Court of the United States - Resolve re- Scott vs. Sanford; 

Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts; 04H1 

Administration of; 08H- , 26H39, 28312, 28319, 29H55, 37330, 37H20, 

38H42, 40H59, 41H35, 43S28, 43H95, 49329, 51H175, 52333, 52H145, 54336, 

55H51, 55H52, 55H90, 56H38, 57S144, 57H57, 57H194, 58H122, 59S6, 59H19, 

59H150, 59H204, 59H273, 60356, 60364, 60H2, 60H134, 61H97, 61H203, 


Supreme Judicial 
66H24, 66H325, 
70H176, 70H203, 
72H168, 73H72, 
75S56, 75S181, 
78S121, 78S150, 
79H300, 79H351, 
Decisions of; 
Opinions of; 

70S44, 75H310 

Court of Massachusetts, cont. 

of, cont.; 62S165, 64S284, 64H319, 65H117, 66S72, 
67S156, 67S273, 68H211, 68H395, 69H43, 69H81, 69H351, 
70H432,70H476, 71S18, 71S144, 71S155, 71H186, 72S51, 
74S223, 74S302, 74H20, 74H77, 74H115, 74H170, 75S7, 
75H326, 75H337, 75H355, 77S87, 77S147, 77S168, 77H154, 
78S221, 78H177, 78H285, 78H345, 79S159, 79H113, 79H275, 
80S89, 81H163, 81H170, 81H266, 82S258, 82H359, 82H370 
30S2, 33H17, 36H63, 51S62, 58H135, 
Report re- 69H55 

Report re- Jurisdiction of Court of Common Pleas; 
Report re- Practice in; 55H26 

Reports re- Salaries of Justices; 44S16, 44H13 
Sureties; 64H209, 64H271 
for Peace; 33H26, 79H7 
on Recognizances; 79H152 
Surgeon General; 70H6, 76H16, 76H37, 76H328, 
Reports of; 63H3, 67S5, 68H25, 69S5, 70H9, 
75S23, 76S7, 77S7 
Surgical Treatment of Prisoners; 82S228 
Surplus Revenue; 37S23, 37342, 37S50, 37H6, 37H9, 37H17, 37H33, 37H64, 

Survey, Astronomical - Report re- 35S26 

Survey of the State; 30H37, 37H39, 41H9, 74H266, 75H184, 76H282 
Reports re- 32S6, 32S12, 33H58, 33H62, 



73S10, 74SA7, 


36S11, 36S82, 38H80, 41S29, 75H40 

34H44, 34H75, 3533, 

Surveying; 703231, 713298 

Surveyor's Compass; 75H17 

Sutton (Town of); 44357, 57H226 

Sutton Bank; 2939 

Sutton Manufacturing Co.; 80S88 

Swain Free School; 813107 

Swallow, Calvin, et al . ; 50H98 

Swampscott (Town of); 523107, 563187, 

Swan, Edward - Report re- 43H34 

Swansea (Town of); 69S162, 69H91 , 75Hia3, 823144 

3w-jey, John N. - Extension of *JVharf of; 56H8C 

Sweeney, James; 71H196 

3v/eetser, Ephraim; 74H72 

Swift River Railroad; 51H151 

Swine Slaughtering Associations; 

Sylvio Gas Light Co.; 48H11 

563188, 563245, 78H133, 81H26 
, 82H272 

74H368, 74H393 


Tablets (in Doric Hall, State House); 663175 

Tach Co. (Taunton); 693342 

Taft, Nathaniel L. ; 46H95 

Taintor, Henry E. ; 78H16 

Tfilbot, C.P.; 62H52 

Talbot, Thomas (Governor, 1879-1880); 74H388, 7931, 79H289 

on Statistics Bill; 79H235 
Tame Doves; 74394, 73315 
Tarbox, Mary L. ; 74H191 
Tariffs and Protective Policy; 28H58, 31H6, 37H16, 52382, 52396, 52H7 

Reports re- 3336, 37316, 42H22, 42^31, 46365 

See- Protective Policy 
Tatlock, John; 47H54 
Taunton (Town of); 493108, 49H70, 49H94, 553133, 58336, 58n32 


Taunton (City of): 6OSII8. 60H154, 6i^S90, 64S193, 64S208, 64S240, 
66h6, 66H126, 66H145, 66H68, 67S99, 67H252, 67H364, 67H436( report), 
67H452, 68H3, 69S327, 70S53, 70H110, 7ISI6I, 71H386, 73S172, 74H180, 
75H309, 75H357, 77H133, 77H145, 7SH62, 79S143, aOH143, 82S158, 82S176 

Taunton and Middleboro Railroad Co.; 48S67, 49S21 

Taunton and Providence Railroad Co.; 69S63 

Taunton Bank - Report re- 65S253 

Taunton Branch Railroad Co.; 35H67, 3634^, 69S68, 72H45 

Reports of; 36S49, 37S43, 38S33, 39S31, 40S18, 41S17, 42S26, 43S31, ^ 
44S19, 45S35, 46S21, 47S30, 47S40, 50S30, 51S22, 52S9, 53S3, 54S2, 55S2, 
5652, 57S2 

Taunton Copper Manufacturing Co.; 61H170, 62H1S6, 66S125 

Taunton Female Charitable Association; 70S149 

Taunton Great River - Boundaries of; 69H401 

Bridge across; 66S200, 72S293, 72H137, 72H278, 72H345, 72H380 
Regulation of Fisheries in; 43H77, 44S33, 44S66, Z^4S67, 45S56, 
47S65, 55S9(report), 56H87, 55H200, 55H239, 56H97, 63S8, 63H86, 66S250, 
66H8O, 71H217, 75S13, 75H137, 76S202, 76H30S, 77H145, 79S69 

Taunton Insurance Co.; 70S77 

Taunton Railroad - Report of a Survey for; 30S10 

Taunton River; 67H282, 67H2S3 

Taunton Savings Bank; 70S25 

Taunton, Social Library of; 66S266 

Taunton State Hospital, see- Massachusetts State Hospital at Taunton 

Taunton Steanboat Co. ; 60S137 

Taunton Street Railway; 70H46, 71H73 

Tax Bills; a2H290, 82H321 

Tax Commissioner; 70S2b, 70S101, 70H6, 71H402, 71H428, 72H249, 76S151, 

79S45, 81S44, S1H289 

Reports of; 67H50, 68H55, 69H33, 70H81, 71H33, 72H65, 72H66, 72H175, 

73H61, 74H125, 75H12$, 76HIOO, 77H100, 81H25 
Tax Lists - Report re- 42H10 

Transfer of; 8ISI24 
Tax, Sales; S1H30 

Tax State, see- Massachusetts State Tax 
Taxation; 29H4, 29H9, 34H13, 36H23, 42S17, 42S22, 46H77, 4?S40, 53H29, 

53H124, 54S36, 62H289, 64S159, 67H76(report) , 68H12( report), 69S238, 

69H318, 69H403, 69H426, 69H459, 77H301, 77H302, 77H306, 78S31(report) , 

78SI58, 7as208, 7BS255, 79H184, 79H212, 79H213, 79H282, 79H321, 5OSI30, 

80S214, a0S222, a0S223, 80S245, 80H143, aOH178, 80H214, 80H235, 5OH266, 

80H267, 80H2a7, 80H326, 81S126, aiS228, aiS259, aiS267, 81H210, 81H346, 

81H363, aiH383, 81H384, SIH3S8, 81H392, 81H397, 81H410 

Commissioners of; 75H15(report ) , 78HIIO 

Equalization of; 59S20, 59S27, 59S92, 63S85 

Exemptions from; 29H31, 29H35, 29H53, 30H12, 52S15 

of Bank Shares, see- Bank Shares 

of Costs; 29H33 

See also- Civil Cases, Criminal Cases 

of Church Property, see- Church Property 

of Deposits, see- Savings Banks ^^ „^ ^^^ 

of Incomes; 4^373 , 48S96, 66s66, 66H29, 69H318, 71H224, 71H2a4, 71H292, 

73S28, 73H372, 74H27$, 7BS182, 79H121, 79H142 

of Lands; 62S69, 62S117, 67H92 

of Real Estate, see- Real Estate 

of Ships in Foreign Tirade, see- Foreign Trade 

of Stock; 43H57Treport ) , 66H255, 66H416, 66H430, 66H431 ^ ^ ^ . 
Taxes; 573138, 573213, 57H23, 57H35, 623179, 62H255, ^33179, 63SI88, 

63H184, 63H203, 64H365, 64H390(report) , 65SI98, 65S213, 65H96, 67H47, 

68H126, 69H231, 7IS65, 71S69, 723236, 72H362, 73346, 733169, 73H64, 

73H181, 73H243, 73H296, 74330, 75H145, 75H394, 76H115, 77319, 78H19, 

78H12U, 78H248, 78H270, 78H280, 79H99, 80S42, 80H36, 8OHIOO, 80H177, 82371 


.., ■ ■■„-_—— ■■■I.I— r,—, I. „, .i>r.n ^^tt'rma^TrwrnmffafVt 


Taxes, cont. 

Assessment of; 32H53, 36H63, 38H44 (report) , 39H66, 40S35, 40H41 

(report), 43S39, 44H10, 48H75, 48H187(report) , 49S89, 49S132, 50H156, 

51S55, 52S104, 52H186, 55S41, 53S110, 55H32, 55H171, 55H172, 55H280, 

56H207, 57H193, 57H203, 58S68, 58H27, 58H124, 59S27, 60H111, 60H153, 

61S98, 62H290, 62H373, 62H374, 64H54, 65H57, 65H214, 66S217, 68S271, 

68H6, 68H126, 68H283, 69H139, 70H281, 71S98, 72H383, 74S131, 74H193, 

76S97, 76S125, 76H238(report) , 77S134, 77S149, 78S183, 79S125, 79S202, 

79S284, 793287, 79H85, 79H128, 79H357, 79H365, 79H370, 79H371, 79H374, . 

80H134, 82H121, 82H187, 82H250, 82H279 

Collection of; 27H3, 34H57, 46H65, 47H114, 48H123, 61S157, 64H347, 

65S234, 67H434, 70S335, 72S236, 72S245, 72S248, 72S255, 72S256, 72S272, 

74H313, 75H391, 783243, 78H219, 78H309, 78H332, 79390, 79S130, 79H124, 

81H146, 81H194 

Gr?nting of, for Counties; 44H30, 47H31, 48H56(report) , 50H40, 51H46, 

53H77(report), 54H44, 55H219, 56H151, 57H55, 61H83, 62H84, 62H203, 

62H263, 65H198, 67H270, 68H210, 69H209, 70H241, 71H103, 71H157, 71H171, 

71H172, 71H177, 72H173, 72H354, 73H113, 75H246, 75H317, 78H34, 78H50, 


in Fire Eistricts, see- Fire Districts 

on Polls; 43327, 59339, 59H206, 62H301, 64316G, 643189, 64H330(report ) 

65H72, 65H79, 66H64, 66H105, 66H206, 693244, 76H155, 79H61 

on Resl Estate; 48S34, 493133, 493160, 49H27, 49H34, 49H78, 51315, 

51323, 53S61, 53H28, 55K36, 59H4, 59H11 , 59H198, 69H405, 70345, 

74H289, 74H350, 763109 

on 3?les at Auctions; 52347 

Reports re- Apportionment of Taxes; 72H3, 72H298, 72H310, 72H348, 


Taylor, Rhode M. ; 63H166, 64H243, 65H123 

Taylor, William 0.; 813240 

Tslor, Zachary (Major General); 47H6 

Teachers, see- Public Schools 

Teachers' Associations; 64H39, 64H59 

Teachers' Institutes; 46H41, 72H221, 733118, 733167 

Technical Education; 71H318, 823255 

Tecumseh Mills; 66H27 

Teele, John 0. ; 81H269 

Telegraph, see- Electric Telegraph 

Telegraph Apparatus; 51H31 

Telegraph Companies; 69374, 78329 

Telegraph Wires; 80H47, 80H81 

Telegraphs; 51H157, 693380, 69H530, 70H222 

Temperance; 64H212, 66H35, 66H130 

Temperance Union, see- Women's Christian Temperance Union 

Temple, Philo, et al. - Report re- Deerfield Boundary; 3735 

Templeton (Town of); 82H47 

Templeton Savings Bank; 71H237 

Temporary Home for the Destitute; 653240, 653282, 68H277 

Temporary Home for Discharged Female Prisoners; 64S175, 65H145, 66S103, 
67H219, 683187, 68H331, 69H216, 70320, 70H62, 71H47 

Ten Hour Law; 52H185, 54H108, 81H30C, 81H401 
See also- Labor, Hours of 

Tennancy; 65H97, 66H62, 82H187 

Tennants; 70H207 

at Will; 66H203, 66H225, 66H342, 67H113, 67H114, 71H170 

Tender; 30H49 

in Action; 52321 

Tenement Houses; 68H314, 68H329, 73H415, 82H167, 82H266, 82H317 

Tennessee (State of); 61328 
Aid to; 64H68, 64H96, 64H116 
Reports re- Hands in; 33s29 33S55 



Tenney, David B. ; 82H32 

Tenth Massachusetts Turnpike Co.; 54S151, 54H113 

Report re- 49H118 
Tents and Camp Equipment - for Schools; 76S115 
Term Fees; 78H192 

Terminal Facilities, see- Boston, City of. Docks, Railroads 
Terrapin; 58S39 

Territorial Limits - Reports re- 13D14, 32H56 
Testamentary Papers; 49H215 
Testators, Real Estate of; 75H236 
Testimony; 39H44, 74S160, 74S271 

See also- Atheists, Depositions 
Tewksbury (Town of); 34S16, 56H166, 68S279, 74S273, 74S274, 74S284 

State Almshouse at, see- Massachusetts State Almshouse 
Tewksbury, Abigail - Report re- 62S39 

Tewksbury, John - Report re- Contested Election of; 74H32 
Tewksbury, William; 58H134, 59S36, 61H214 

Report re- Lands of in Boston; 60H97 
Texas (State of); 38H49, 42365, 46S35, 61S71 

Reports re- Annexation and Admission of; 38S50, 43H49, 44S27, 

45S104, 45H12, 46H89 
Tex'as Cattle Disease; 76S113 
Thaxer, Seth; 70S298 
Thayer Academy; 73H36, 79H96 

Theatrical Exhibitions; 65S242, 65S281, 65H220 
Theological Seminary of Methodist-Episcopal Church; 65SII6 
Thieves; 39S20 
Thomas, Abiah; 68H232, 69H378 
Thomas Crane Library (Quincy); 80H320 
Thomas, George Henry (Major General); 70H239 
Thomas, H.F., et al. - Extension of Wharf of; 74S97 
Thomas, Samuel; 47H112 
Thomas, Seth R. ; 72H185 
Thompson, Hannibal; 62H277 
Thompson, James; 71H261 

Thompson's Island (Boston Harbor); 78S25 
Thrasher, W.E., et al . ; 68S13, 68S236 
Thread - Sale of; 69H146, 78S170, 78H154, 80H222 
Thurlow|s Bridge (Newbury); 78H195 
Tide Waters; 67S199, 68S219, 68S302, 68H177, 68H252, 69H506, 71H413, 

72S241, 72H289, 74H335, 74H464, 78S89 
Tight Barnes; 62H283 
Tilden Free Bridge; 72S147 
Tillinghast, Nicholas; 56H238 
Tillson, Charles E. ; 66S224 
Timber; 82H225 
Timber Trees; 80H194 
Timothy Seed; 62H253 
Tippling Shops; 53H13 
Tisbury (Town of); 62S80, 68H199, 81H162, 82H22 

Report re- Contested Election in; 59H1 
Tisbury Great Pond; 81H220, 81H324, 81H371, 82H5, 82H298, 82H328 
Titicut Academy (Middleborough) ; 56S229 
Title to Property; 67H371 
Tobacco; 62H370, 78S74 
Toby, Jonathan; 39S48, 47S51, 48S127 
Todd, J. Scott; 65H143 
Toll Bridges; 35HX14, 67S224 

Tolland (Town of); 64S202, 82H141 

Tombs; 69H307, 75S157, 77H175 


Topographicsl Survey of Td)wns; 54H170 

Topsfield (Town of) - Report re- Contested Election in; 75H38 

Tort; 55S88 

Totrl Abstinence Society; 63H123, 63H124 

See also- Father Matthew 
Towle, John J., et al.; 54H89 
Towle Manufacturing Co.; 82H327 
Town Bridges; 29H54 
Town Clerks; 73H84, 73H393 

See also- Cities and Towns 
Town Collectors; 79H129, 79H238 
Town Halls; 79H156, 79H278 
Town Libraries; 66H290 
Town Lines; 61S75 
Town Liquor Agents; 64S123 
Town Maps; 56H136 
Town Meetings; 56H136 
Town Officers; 30S10, 41S19, 48S41, 53H130, 56S182, 57H92, 57H210, 

60H102, 62H210, 62H280, 64H266, 65H49, 68H179, 68H289, 69S54, 75H205, 

77S68, 72S102 
Town Pounds; 48H179 
Town Records; 46S33 

Town River ( Bridgewater) ; 82H220, 82H282 
Town Proprietaries; 67H380, 74H200, 81H122 

See also- Deeds, Registeries of 
Town Treasurers; 79S121 
Town Ways; 46S82, 46H71, 48S95, 48H21, 55H295, 68H134, 75S42, 80S94 

See also- Highways 
Towns; 48H79, 50H10, 51H3, 53S128, 54S51, 55H20, 56S59, 63H11, 63H57, 

69H21, 69H467, 74H136, 74H238, 74H248, 74H269, 76S120, 77H39, 77H156, 

77H232, 81S102, 81S130, 81S142, 81H161, 82H112, 82H118, 82H193, 82H306 

Report re- Representation of; 38H76 
Townsend, Samuel; 62H144, 62H199, 62H233 

Townsend West Village Female Seminary - Report re- 50S85 
Toy Pistols - Sale of; 82S216, 82H111, 82H162 

See also- Pistols 
Tracy, F.N. - Report re- Petition of to Correct Accounts of Suffolk 

County; 62H6 
Tracy, John; 61H119 
Trade; 33Mp.589 

Reciprocity pf; 68S308 
Trademarks; 52S74, 59S184, 59H199 
Trader's Bank (Boston); 61S45 

Trader's and Mechanics Insurance Co. (Lowell); 70H308 
Trafton, Mark; 51S99 
Tramps, see- Vagrants 
Transfer of Stock, see- Corporations 
Transitory Actions; 54H31, 54H40 
Transportation; 68S248, 69S237, 71S7, 71S72, 71S276, 713295, 71S296, 

72H33, 72H376 
Trap-shooting - Suppression of; 79H133 
Traps; 82H81 
Travelers; 78H124 
Traveling Expenses - Definition of; 62H119, 62S119 

of Legislative Committees of 1875; 76H6 

See also- Mileage 
Traverse Jurors; 65S31 
Trawls; 82H81 

Treason; 37H43, 40S44, 41H15, 41H26, 46S58, 52S102 


Treasurer and Receiver General; 28S4, 45S3, 47H81, 47H110, 51H184, 
59H31, 61S24, 61S27, 62H99, 63H179, 64H346, 65S283, 65H148, 66S70, 
67H260, 68H24, 70H25, 71S91, 71S93, 71H10, 72S82, 74S324, 75H352, 
76H374, 77H386, 78H343, 79H281, 79H333, 80H7, 81H51, 82H41, 82H160 
Office of; 27S1, 30H3, 33H1, 37H3, 47H84, 47H95, 51S6, 58S57, 64H139, 
64H373, 65S210, 65H10, 65H226, 65H233, 65H277, 70H6, 72S133, 76S151, 
79S43, 82H156 

Reports of; 16D- , 20D- , 26S1, 27H2, 29S1, 29S6, 29S11, 30H2, 30H5, 
30H6, 31H9, 32H1, 50H5, 50H6, 51H8, 52H4, 56H21, 57H15, 58H18, 58H48, 
60H14, 61H25, 62S124, 62H10, 62H24, 63H9, 64H60, 64H80, 64H151, 65H51, 
65H60, 65H213, 66S14, 66S101, 66H75, 67H40, 68H40, 69H30, 70H80, 71H40, 
72H55, 73H40, 74S95, 74H40, 75H50 

Reports re- Office Matters of; 27H2, 32H22, 40H1, 44H1, 45H2, 46H3, 
47H3, 48H3, 49H6, 52S8, 53H7, 54H6, 55H4, 56H5, 57H5, 70H65, 78S12, 
79S21, 81S23 
See pIso- Funds of the Commonwealth 

Treasury; 27H2, 53H138, 74H460, 81H79, 81H403 
Expenses of; 26D11, 49H14, 70H396 

Reports re- 43S3, 43S5, 43S13, 43S21, 43S22, 43S29, 43H1, 43H10, 
43H11, 43H13, 43H14,. 43H47, 53H115 

Reports re- Condition of; 26D-, 34H2, 35H1, 36H4, 37H2, 38H2, 39H1, 
39H12, 39H18, 39H49, 40H5, 41H2, 41H8, 43S2, 44H2, 45H3, 46H2, 47H2, 
48H4, 49H5, 50H3, 50H5, 53H9, 53H25, 54H12, 55H15 

Treaty of Ghent (1814); 15H19 

•Treaty of V/ashington; 43H92, 79366 

Trees rnd Shrubs; 47H32, 78S110, 783130 

on Highways; 59H226, 66H303(report) , 67H195, 67H253 
Report re- , as Boundaries; 41S10 

Tremont Bank; 57H205, 59K115, 60H87 

Tremont Gas Light Co.; 563210 

Tremont Improvement Co.; 53H150, 59310, 7CH84 

Tremont Market Co.; 73H86, 73H102 

Tremont Mills; 68S62, 68387, 713145, 713257 

Tremont Insurance Co.; 67H24 

Tremont Wharf Co.; 54H181 

Trespass, Malicious; 58H85, 683272, 65H282 

Trespassers on Real Estate; 59H27, 62H75, 62H124 

Trial Justices; 50H120, 51S105, 59H174, 59H213, 60H72, 63H197, 643282, 
65351, 65H68, 6838, 713112, 71H140, 71H76, 75H333, 76H243, 77H290, 
77H311, 783160, 783215, 78S236, 783247, 783254, 79H119, 81H103, 82353 

Trial by Jury; 29H29, 56H32, 57H50, 64H180, 76H307 

Trials; 733124 

by the Court; 57H225, 57H234 
^or Libels; 55H41, 55K268 
See also- New Trials 

Tri-Mountain Insurance Co.; 60H31, 60H38 

Trinity Church (Boston); 71H145 

Tripp, James H. ; 64H46, 65359 

Triton Mutual Marine Insurance Co. ; 51H40 

Troops; 61H67, 61H195, 62H18, 62H109, 723261 

Trout - Protection of; 62343, 62371, 62S93, 623147, 653267, 65H215, 
66325, 663281, 66H377, 66H379, 67369, 68S225, 683257, 68H88, 68H158, 
68K346, 693229, 693338, 71H342, 723190, 743101, 74H236, 76H298, 
793110, 80H163 

Troy and Boston Railroad Co.; 703243, 70H403, 70H429, 73H13, 73H400, 
73H410, 73H416 

Troy and Greenfield Railroad Co.; 48H212, 483120, ^93112, 51H182, 
5^H236, 53H17, 54H13, 54H107, 54H111, 54H120, 553163, 56S195, 56H174, 
57H18, 57H201, 57H142, 57H231, 59331, 59S49, 59359, 59H65, 59H147, 
^9H156, 59K169, 60S47, 60348, 60377, 603108, 60H185, 60H207, 60H224, 
60H2P7, 62S21, 623159. 62S168, 62S61, 68S107, 62S115, 62S137. 62S149, 


Troy and Greenfield Railroad Co., cont. 

62S154, 62S155, 62S157, 62S159, 62S168, 62H214, 62H235, 62H243, 62H343, 
63S82, 63S93, b3S175, 633184, 63S185, 63H206, 63H212, 63H225, 63H264, 
63H265, 65S151, 65S212, 65H135, 65H229, 66S208, 66S289, 66S308, 66S309, 
66H369, 66H386, 66H403, 66H422, 66H425, 67SIO6, 67S222, 67H303, e)7H336, 
67H368, 68S329, 68Ha7, 68H104, 68H339, 68H359, 68H373, 68H384, b8H38a, 
69H145, 69H157, 70H323, 71SiiB3, 71S330, 71H405, 72S211, 72H204, 72H261, 
72H401, 73S245, 73H82, 74S36, 74H395, 74H404, 74H407, 75H124, 75H127, 
75H136, 75H345, 75H356, 76S48, 76S93, 76S110, 77S8o, 77S174, 77S175, 
77S189, 77S190, 77S195, 77S200, 77H200, 77H201, 77H374, 77H384, 78S191, 
78S212, 78S222, 78H142, 78H293, 78H320, 78H322. 79S129, 79S262, 79S277, 
79H62, 80S50, 80S193, 80S243, 8OS251, 80S253, 80H262, 80H357, 8OH363, 
80H364, 80H377, 80H382, 8ISI72, 8IS236, 81S265, 81H192, 81H249, 81H301, 
81H439, 82S118, 82S119, 82S221, 82S244, 82H165, 82H219, 82H228, 82H332 
Reports of; 51S22, 52S9, 53S3, 54S2, 55S2, 50HI4, 57S2, 67H30, 69H192, 
74S150, 76S50, 77S44, 78S95, 79S50, 79S191, 80H30, 81S12, 82h6 
Reports re- 48S120, 51S57, 53H125, 54S42, 62H194, 63S119, 63H133, 
63H252, 63H247, 63H248, 63H259, 643273. 65350, 65H3, 663220, 663238, 
663294, 663295, 66H4, 66H254, 66H406, 67359, 68320. 683102, 68H278, 
68H353, 68H355, 68H364, 68H379, 6936, 6936I, 69H192, 70358, 70H400, 
71355, 723250, 733201, 743201, 74H9, 773170, 783240, 783250, 78H245, 
793263, 82H42 
See also- Hoosac Tunnel 

Troy Indians; 57383, 62H117, 63H222 

Truants; 49391, 493156, 513122, 53H147, 62H58, 62H350, 62H60, 63HI78, 
64323, 67H158, 67H230, 73H294, 74H220, 74H267 
Reports re- 50355, 50368 

True Meridian Lines; 713298 

Truro (Town of); 33341, 52H49, 52H168, 53H55, 53H108(report), 66H224, 
673268, 683174, 763114, 76H219, 78H297 

Trust Companies; 733216, 733222, 73H370, 743208, 783103, 783113 
See also- Loan and Trust Companies 

Trust Estates; 30H17, 42337, 46SIII, 46H52, 50H150, 64393, 65S249, 
78HI25, 783193 
Sales of; 69H351 

Trust Property; 63H14, 65H137 

Trustee Act; 35H51, 35H55 

Trustee Bonds; 69H407 

Trustee Process; 41H5, 48S92, 48H155, 53H73, 54H154, 55H193, 56H27, 
56H77, 56HII8, 573151, 57H46, 57H85, 58H58, 61H44, 653142, 65H48, 
65H197, 663123, 66H257, 703136, 70H195, 713314, 71H81, 72386, 76378, 
76H87, 76H197, 76H302, 77H63, 77H80, 77H262. 77H313, 77H336, 77H381, 
783^06, 783226, 783237, 78S242, 78H163, 78H260, 79H23, 8OH6I, 80H228, 
80H281, 813173, 81H5, B1H74, 81H93, 8IHI42 

Trustees; 39346, 40313, 40320, 45H16, 45H53, 46H16, 52H202, 55H23, 
55H215, 59H208, 633167, 64H210, 65H157, 65H201, 65H231, 693339, 70H161, 
70H470, 713284, 743287, 74H143, 74H188, 773123, 77H21, 77H47, 77H2;^4, 
78380, 783169, 783193, 783248, 78HI25, 78H241, 8OH8O, 8OHI69, 80H203, 
80H229, 80H34O, 8IHI48, 81H216 
of Donations for Turkey; 713108 
of Hoosac Tunnel, see- Hoosac Tunnel 
under Wills: 73H47, 77H50 

Trusts; 79S67, 79H203, 80H230 

Tucker Manufacturing Co. ; 80H325, 813219, 813222 (report) 

Tuckwell, S.3.; 633121 

Tudor Co.; 68S107, 68S228(report re- ) 

Tudor, Mrs. Fenno; 683232 

Tudor, Frederick and William - Extension of Wharf of; 72373 

Tufts College; 52357, 57H40, 58H113, 59383, 593103, 67S20, 67H153, 
78H71, 78H370 
Report re- 57H222 


Tufts, Nathaniel, ir. ; 56H240 

Turkey (Country of; - Education in; 74S10* 

Turkish Bath Co.; 67S239 

Turner, Enos; 46H95 

Turner, Frank G. ; 66H284 

Turner's Falls; 76H2Z^4, 77S109 

Turner's Falls Boom Co.; 71H33S 

Turner's Falls Branch Railroad Co.; 66S65, 6SS39 

Turner's Falls Bridge Co.: 70H377, 71S223 

Turner's Falls Co.; 74S69, 80S87, 8OH231, 82H87, 82H132 

Turner's Falls CutleryCo.; 68S221 

Turner's Falls Fire District; 72HX19 

Turner's Falls Land and Improvement Co.; 69H71, 69H111, 73S49 

Turner's Falls Paper Co.; 68H337, 69H276 

Turnpikes; 32S11, 33H31, 35H57, 36S40, 36S55, 36S64, 3^311, 44H42 

Report re- Companies: 35S64 
Tuttle, David (Captain); 62H338 
Tuttle, Sarah M.; 74H134 
Twisden, Ebenezer S. ; 73H71 
Tyler, John S. ; 46H95 
Tyngsborough (Town of); 64H234, 73S74 
Tyngsborough and Brookline Railroad Co.; 71H198, 73S64 
Type-Setting Machine Co. ; 63S47, 64H41, 64H320 
Typhoid Fever - Report re- 77S75 
Tyringham (Tovm of); 71H197, 7SH279, 82H353 

Reports re- Pauper Accounts of; 28S1$, 29H41 
Tythingmen; 56S65 


Unclaimed Property; 8OHI23, 80H149 

Undertakers; 72H285 

Underwriters (Boston Board of); 69H4S2 

Unfinished Business; 66HI6O 

Unfiinded Debt of the Commonwealth; 61H43 

Report re- Provision for; 39H35 
Uniforms; 62H146, 62H219, 62H331 through 62H342, 62H371 

for Cadets of State College; 73H319 

for Militia; 72S105 

for Railroad Employees; 76H8I 
Unincorporated Companies: 82S286 
Unincorporated Lands; 06SI7I 

Reports re- 36s80, 37H59, 3^312 
Union Agricultural and Horticultural Society; 67362, 67374 
Union and the Constitution - Preservation of; 61H1, 61H2 
Union Aqueduct Co.; 71S215, 713268 
Union Boat Club Association; 70H103 
Union Bridge; 493115 
Union Building Co.; 67322 
Union Charitable Society; 55H83 
Union Exchange Co. (Boston); 69H120 
Union for Good Works; 72H361 

Union Freight Horse Railway Co.; 633133, 63H291, 64H341, 643156 
Union Freight Railroad Co.; 72H219, 733183, 733188, 73H178, 76H323 
Union Fund; 62H192, 62S124, 64H98 
Union Furniture Co. ; 74H272 
Union Gas Light Co. (Attleboro^gh) ; 60H41 
Union Hall Association; 73351 
Union House (Worcester); 52H167 
Union Institution for Savings; 65H21, 69315^ 
Union Land Co. ; 663191 


Union Library Association of Bradford; 67H274 

Union Mill Co. ; 60H40 

Union Mutual Fire Insurance Co. (Boston); 44S52, 65H25, 65S12 

Union Mutual Life Insurance Co. ; 81H309 

Union Mutual Loan and Fund Association; 75H162 

Union Mutual Marine Insurance Co, ; 51H32 

Union Passenger Depot (Worcester); 69S232, 71H421, 71H433, 73S32 

Union Print Works (Fall River); 68S49 

Union Railroad Co.; 4SS28, 53H92, 68H93, 70S62, 76S67 

Reports of; 54S2, 57S2 
Union Railroad Stations; 82H147 
Union Savings Bank of Boston; 70H250 
Union Savings Bank of Fall River; 69H244 
Union Schoals; 68S281 
Union, State of the; 66S171 

Union Steamship Co.; 59S159, 60S96, 62H311, 63H102 
Union Street Methodist Church (Springfield); 74HB5 
Union Truant Schools; 8ISI25 
Union Wharf (Boston); 29H44, 3SH34, 47H33 
Union Wharf Co. (Vineyard Haven); 73H146 
Unionville (Town of); 37S90 

Report re- Incorporation of; 46H45 
United Bank; 35H70 

United Presbyterian Church of North America; 7SS91 
United States (Government of); 55H132, 68S270, 69H102, 7ISI3S 

Arsenal at Watertovm; 64SI69 

Bonds; 80H326 

Census ; 80H79 

Circuit Court (Pennsylvania); IID- 

Commissioners - Report re- Boston Harbor; 66S276 

courts; 79H104, 80S17, 80H199 

Fisheries Commission; 82S134 

Funds for; 62S5, 62S7, 62H298 

Lands Ceded to; 5SH60, 5^H93, 62H346, 67S150, 67.S234, 67S246, 68S93, 

68S243, 68S251, 68S252, 69S14, 69H427, 71H86, 7IH246, 7IH276, 71H452 

Laws re- Militia; 16d25 

Light-Houses; 79H33S 

Mail; 67H448 

Militia; 08S- 

Senators - Election of; 51H29(report), 5IHI89 

Sub-Treasury of (Boston); 70H412 

Treaties of; 15D19, 70S317 

See also- National Affairs 
United States Banking Association; 66S45 
United States Hotel Co. ; 57H99 
United States Metallurgic Co.; 67S251 
United States Steamship Co.; 63SIOO, 64S120, 64H238, 65S145, b6H309, 

United States Stocks - Report re- Taxation of; 62H363 
United States Telegraph Co.; 57S97 
Universal Peace - Report re- Promotion of; 44H18 
Universalist Publishing House (Boston); 72H92 
Unjustifiable Arrest; 76HI69 
Unlawful Oaths; 34S40, 34H17 

Unsafe Buildings, see- Buildings, Inspection of Buildings, Public Buildings 
Upham, Charles; 47H168 

Upham, J. Baxter (M.D. ) - Report re- Spinal Meningitis; 74S100 
Upper Leather - Measurement of; 41S20, 4IH69 


Upton (Town of); 46H95 

Report re- Contested Election in; 40H15 

Report re- Hopkins Donation to; 32S24 
Upton, Eben - Report on Petition of; 3SH47 
Upton, Edward; 52H46 
Urbino, S.R. ; 66H122 
Ursiline Convent ( Chariest own ) ; 52H210, 53H120 

Reports re- 41H22, 42H30, 44H32, 53H75, 54H160, 54H166 
Used Goods; 39H14 

Usher, James M. - Report of, re- Exhibition in Paris; 63S333 
Usury; 26D9, 26D28, 34S66, 40H33, 44H35, 46H67, 49S16, 52H85, 5SH54, 

62S133, 62H360, 63S197 

Laws; 36S26, 50S62, 55H102, 55H170, 55SS8(report) , 74H386(report) 

Reports re- 26D7, 51S52, 52H73 
Uxbridge (Town of); 56S139, 63H29, 64SI69 

Report re- Contested Election in; 56H143 
Uxbridge Branch Railroad Co. ; 46S12 
Uxbridge Savings Bank; 70S269 
Uxbridge Water Co.; 81S47, 8IS8I 

Vacant Lots; 68SI68 

Vaccination; 27H39, 55S155, 75H165 

Report re- General; 32H8 
Vagrants; 26H81, 27H81, 66S235, 66H259, 75S44, 7SH100( report), SOS137, 

30S162, aoH328, 80H339, 80H347 
Valentine, Joanna C. et al.; 65H250 
Valentine, William J. - Report on Petition of; 45S109 
Vallemare, M. Alexander; 42S26 

Exchanges of; 52H56, 52H103 
Valler, Sylvanus; 69H129 
Valiiation; 50S33, 53H138, 53H157, 64H215, 64H282, 64H296, 64H3II, 72H34S, 


Act of 1861; 64H233 

Committee; 31H4(report), 60H218, 64S292, 65S107(report ) , 65H38, 71S91 

Docximents and Reports; 41355. 41H2, 41H3, 41H4, 41H5, 41H6, 41H7, 41H8, 

41H9, 4IHIO, 4IHII, 41H43, 51360, 6OHI7, 72H3, 72H298, 72H310 

of the Commonwealth; 3237 (report), 328- (report), 6OHIIO, 61333 (report), 

703127 (report), 703151, 703308, 70H305, 70H334(report), 70H340, 70H354, 


of Unproductive Property; 62H309 
Vans, William; 12D8 
Vans, William and Codman Estate; 30H31, 31H7(report), 32H16, 32331(rep.), 

33H69(report), 34349, 34362 
Varina, Nicholas; 72H72 
Vaughn, Jerrie G. ; 753108 
Veal - Sale of; 70H333 
Veazie, William F.; 56326, 56H24I 
Vegetable Parasites - Report re- 72340 

Ventilation of Representatives' Hall; 64H314, 65H5(report), 69H512 
Venue ; 71H268 

of Actions; 65HI7, 7SS45, 78s6l, 7SSI46, 78H111, 7SH265 

of Cases; 56H43 

of Prosecutions; 7SH113 

of Transitory Actions; 55H19 
Vermont (State of); 3^H49, 46335, 51312, 66S6, 77H1 

Report of; 41342 


Vermont and Massachusetts Railroad Co.; 44S55, 46S114, 49S116, 51H103, 

52H1S8, 53S22, 53H21, 55HlSa, 55H290, 5635^, 69S22A., 69S263, 69HS1, 

70S227, 70S323, 70H451, 71H97, 71H127, 71H156, 72H60, 73H13, 73H27, 

73H400, 73H410, 73H416, 7SH2S8, gOH329 

Reports of; 45S35, 46S21, 46SIO4, 47S30, 47S55, 4^326, 49340, 50330, 

51322, 5239, 5333, 5432, 5532, 56S2, 5732 
Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut Railroad Co.; 673210, 673228 
Vessels and 3hips; 72H6, 72H264, 763123 
Veteran Artillery Association; 77H1S9 
Veteran Association of ... Cadets; 77H31f 79H70, 82372 
Veteran 3oldiers; 63H171, 643105, 65H242 

See also- Civil War, Militia 
Veto Messages; 52S121, 52S147, 523149, 76H366 
Veto Power; 73H54, 73H5S, 76H211, ^13101, 813119 
Vice Admiralty Court of Massachusetts Bay - Records of; 77H56 
Vienna, Exposition at: 73H51, 73H73, 74H100(report), 75H76(report) 
Village Bank (Danvers); 62H45 
Vinal, Otis; 4BHI5O 

Vine Street Congregational Society (Boston); 7S332 
Vinegar; 80H217 

Vineyard Grove Co.; 70H133, 773155, 773176 
Vineyard Haven; 73H50 
Vineyard Haven Harbor; 72397 
Vineyard Sound; 35321, 50H94 

Vineyard Sound Railroad Co.; 6ISI63, 653102, 67394, 6SHI63 
Vineyard Telegraph Co.; 72S226, 75H367 
Vinton, Alexander - Election Sermon by; 4SH- 
Virginia (State of); 44393, 6lH2a, 653119, 32346 

Slavery in; 36356 (report), 50349 
Visiting Agency; 70H409, 70H423 
Vital Statistics; 55H260, 55H264, 5336, 5^310, 5^346, 59311, 59H200, 

66330, 693127, 733154, 79H176, 79H234, 79H290, 79H325 

See also- Births, Marriages, and Deaths 
Vocal Music - Instruction in; 71333 

Volvmteers from Massachusetts in the Civil War; 73H323, 73H346, 73H362 
Vose, Robert; 73H363 
Voters; 43365, 49H24, 52317 

Lists of; 51S30( report), 52317, 55H44, 743301, 753161, 753179, 75H215, 


Naturalized; 70H32 

Qualification of; 27S9(report), 273l6(report), 27H40, 29H31, 40H63, 

44H65, 57342, 62H125, 73H66, 77H62, 77H92, 77H245, 793152, 32H196 

Registration of; 773134, 773167, 77H222, 773265. 773267, 773234, 

73H253, 73H304, 73H306, 79H33, 79H37, 79H73, 313165, 313171, 313135, 

313233, 31H61, 31H369, 31H427, 32H290, 32H321 
Votes; 4535, 47H5, 43365, 49H24, 5232, 5233, 56H273, 57H195, 32H51 
Voting - Manner of; 53334, 53343, 53H32( report), 55H151, 743320, 

73S257, 733259 

Illegal; 76HI83 
Voting Lists; 55S132, 743301 

in Cities; 763133, 763139, 76H136 

See- Boston, City of 
Verdicts; 52H170 

Reports re- 52H67, 52H74 
Vrancx, Jacques - Report on Petition of; 66H321 


Wachusett House Co.; 46320, 46H27 

Wachusett Mountain Co.; 74H470, 74H476 ^^„^,^ ^r.rT-,-1*. 

Wading River Reservoir Co.; 66H190, 66H251, 673149, 693349, 69H316 


Wages; 7SH237, SOH60, 80H254 

Protection of; 43H4( report) 

See also- Laborer^' Wages 
Wagon Felloes - Report re- 41S13 
Wainwright, Jonathan - Election Sermon by; 35S- 
Waiters* Benevolent Association; S0S126 
Waiver by Widows; 73S17 

Wakefield (Tovm of); 70S113, 72H292, 72H385, 73H273, 75S15, 77SSS 
Wakefield Marine and Fire Insurance Co.; 70S67 
Wakefield, Melrose and Maiden Railroad Co. ; 68S92 
Wakefield Real Estate and Building Association; 71H15S 
Wakefield Savings Bank; 69S308 
Waldron, Daniel W. - Election Sermon by; 8OH- 
Walen, Michael et al.; 66H230 
Wales Savings Bank; 69H257, 7OHIS3 
Walker, Amasa; 67H44 

Walker, James - Election Sermon by; 63S- 
Walker, Jonathan - Imprisonment of; 45S22 
Wall, Sarah E.; 5^55, 6OS4I, 60SS9 
Walpole (Tovm of); 72H61, 74S197, 74H51S 

Report re- Contested Election in; 66H12S 
Walpole Railroad Co.; 46S9S, 66S311, 66H415 

Reports of; 47S30 
Waltham (Town of); 49S47, 49S65, 64H72, 72S297, 72H297, 72H351, 75H29, 

75H16S, 75H279, 79H50, SOHI46 

Report re- 4SS93 
Waltham and Newton Branch Railroad Co. ; 4^H104, 49S22 

Report of; 50S30 
Waltham and Newton Street Railway Co.; 66H320, 6SH200 
Waltham and Watertown Branch Railroad Co.; 49S77, 55S165, 57S159, 6IHI3O 

Report of; 51S22 
Waltham Bank; 71S76 

Waltham First Trinitarian Congregational Society; 47H179 
Waltham Improvement Co.; $4H33, 54H54 
Waltham Independent Congregational Society; 66H33^ 
Waltham Savings Bank; 70S89 
Walton, Melia; 71H149 

Wamesit Power Co. (Lowell); 65S122, 73H149 
Wamsutta Mills; 6OH8, 6gS205, 75S105 
Wannacomet Water Co. ; 80H53 
War - Report re- Abolition of; 35S35 

Report re- Peaceful Substitutes for; 53S119 
War, Civil, see- Civil War 

War Claims, see- Massachusetts, Commonwealth of 
War Fund; 65HIOS, 65H121 

See also- Massachusetts War Fund 
War Loan Bonds; 72H107 
War Loan Sinking Fund; 70H68 
War of 1812; 12S4, 12S5, 12S6, 12S11, 12H5, 13Sia, 13H17, 13H18, 15H19 

Report re- Defense of Boston; 13D7 

Report re- Embargo; 14D19 

Report re- Papers re- 12S4 

Report re- Officers and Soldiers in; 54SS5 

Rolls of; 61H166, 7IH253 
War Records; 81H279, 82H204 
War with Mexico; 47H6, 47H7, 47H9, 47H14, 47H17, 47H180, 47H187 

Report re- 47H200 

Report re- Volunteers; 47H18 
Ward, George; SOH341 

Ward, Helen - Report re- Arrest of; S0H12 
Wardwell, Stephen H.; 72S22 

174 !! 

Ware (Tovm of)M- Report re- Contested Election in; 64H17 

Ware Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; . 53S30 

Ware River Railroad; 51S67, 53S70, 67H118, 67H145, 68H203, 69S303, 

69H171, 70S200, 70H74, 73H268, 80H74 

Reports of; 52S9, 53S3, 54S2, 56S2, 57S2 
Ware Savings Bank; 70S64 
Wareham (Town of); 62S43, 64H219, 65H87, 65H88, 66S42, 66S43, 68H88, 

Wareham Bank; 71S273 
Wareham River; 72H317 
Warehousing; 60H194, 60H225 

Warrants; 62H15, 73H328, 76H130, 79S240, 81H104, 81H135 
Warren (Town of); 33H39, 80H92 
Warren Bridge; 26S29, 26H70, 33H67, 34S13, 35H68, 35SX8, 35HX16, 

36S33, 36S43, 36H5, 39S12, 39H29, 41H40, 41H78, 42S29, 42S32, 42S40, 

42345, 56S238, 57S87, 57S117, 62S89, 80S132, 80S153 

and Charles River Bridge; 36S33(report) , 36S36, 38S93(report) , 

51S53(report), 52S78, 52S124, 52S146(report) , 65H268 

Reports re- 27H34, 33S39, 33H35, 33H48, 35S58, 35SX2, 40S22, 44S10 
Warren Cotton Mills; 54H71, 74S65 
Warren, Henry White - Election Sermon by; 67S- • 
Warren Institution for Savings; 59S147 
Warren Insurance Co.; 54H115 
Warren Railway Co.; 57H214 
Warren Salt Co.; 56340 
Warren Savings Bank; 82336 
Warren Wharf Co.: 36388 
Warwick (Town of); 75H48 

Report re- Contested Election in; 40H14 
Wash-Houses; 74H2 48 
Washacum Reservoir Co.; 54H191 
Washburn and Moen Co.; 673178, 68S37, 69H380 
Washburn, Emory (Governor, 1854-1855); 5433 
Washburn Iron Co.; 64336 
Washburn, Jerome; 63H251 
Washburn, William; 70H414, 71H399 

Report re- Claims of; 69H515 
Washburn, William B. (Governor, 1872-1874) - Addresses of; 72S1, 

72S28, 72DX1, 73S1, 7336, 7431 

Memorial to; 7733 

on Death of Charles Sumner; 743117 

on Lighthouses; 74371 

on Pardons; 7336, 74S6 

on Preservation of the Peace; 743277 

on Washington Monument; 72S28 
Washington (County of) - Bills to Establish; 553124, 553204, 56S219 
Washington (Town of); 36322, 81H137 
Washington Bank (Boston); 70H87 

Reports re- 463105, 47H58 
Washington, D.C.; 61332, 613123 
Washington, George (President, United States) - Memorials to; 323- , 

56323, 61H164, 61H199 
Washington Home Guard; 64S89 
Washington Insurance Co.; 59353, 62H92 
Washington Mills; 58367 
Washington Mutual Insurance Co.; 44370 
Washington National Monument; 50H70, 72328 

Report re- 50324, 50352 
Washington Wharf Co.; 37H35 


Waahingtonian Home; 59H138, 61H87, 61H227, 62H81, 63H198, 64H247, 

65H92, 66S41, 66H221, 67H138, 68H323, 69H328, 70H278, 71H263, 

71H305, 71H408, 72H192 

Reports, of; 62H94, 63H14, 64H4, 65H27, 66H2, 67H11, 69H9 
Waste; 27S11 

Prevention of; 56S258 
Watch - Districts in Tillages; 55H126 

in Cities and Towns; 50H106 
Watches - Sale of; 70S260 
Watchmen - in Cities and Towns; 55H107 

in State House; 58H104, 6432, 64S98, 64S108, 65H299, 72H395, 76S151, 


in State Prisons; 74H186 
Water - for Drinking; 74S100(report) 

Use of, in Irrigation; 32H13 
Water Bench - Establishment of; 60373 
Water Boards; 79H264, 79H329 
Water Loan Sinking Pimds; 78H13, 78H62 
Water Meters; 81H139 
Water Pipes and Fixtures; 75H64 
Water Rights; 54H42, 59S69, 70380, 73H305 
Water Supply; 723275, 73S246, 73H301, 763128, 763164, 76H10, 76H179, 

76H245, 76H358, 77H135, 77H246,. 77H299, 78S167, 793139, 79H284, 82H348 

Report re- 763100 
Waterford Manufacturing Co.; 46H55 
Waterman, Andrew J.; 813220 

Waterman, Catherine; 74H290, 78H245, 82H285 
Watertown (Town of); 55387, 613124, 67H385, 753107, 77H88, 78H95, 

79H332, 803106, 803168 
Wctertown Branch Railroad Co.; 4639, 46397 

Report re- Construction of; 473100 
Watertown Savings Bank; 703114 

Watuppa Pond 
Waverley Co. 
"Way Estate" 


53325, 55369 . - 

Wayiand (Town of); 59H214, 75H277, 78H104, 823130 
Wayland and Sudbury Branch Railroad Co.; 68H47 
Ways; 53H119, 54322, 54334, 55H37, 623125 
Weapons, Dangerous, see- Dangerous Weapons 
Webb, Christopher et al. - Report on Petition of to Construct a Railway; 

Webber, Daniel - Extension of Wharf of; 61H35 

Webster (County of) - Reports re- Establishment of; 53S118, 543140 
Webster (Town of) - Report re- Contested Election in; 44H61 

Report re- Railroad Station in; 71H229 
Webster Bank; 53H107 

Webster Branch Railroad - Report re- Incorporation of; 53H177 
Webster, Daniel; 41H36 

Death of; 53316, 53H153 

Memorial to; 54375, 59H238 
Webster Five Cents Savings Bank; 68367 
Webster Fire and Marine Insurance Co.; 59H35 
Webster Insurance Co.; 59H35 
Webster Mutual Fire Iilsurance Co.; 69H141 
Webster, Nelson J.; 72H242 

Webster Square Methodist-Episcopal Church; 75H325 
Weed, Otis H, - Deed of; 73325 

Weetamore Mills (Fall River); 71351, 71H31 
Weir Pond (Yarmouth); 76H314 


Weights and Measures - Sealing of; 61S162, 62H79, 62H149, 63S141, 

63H145, 70S163, 71H459, 73S123, 76S106, 77S107, 82£43 

Standards of; 36S4, 48S76, 48H141, 50H179, 51H119, 61H30, 71S232, 

74H249, 76S126, 77H232, 80H362 

Reports re- 37H7, 42S75, 44H11, 47H133, 48H183, 50S40 
Weir Branch Railroad Co.; 47S56, 7OS220 
Weir Bridge (Taunton); 51H176, 64H272 
Weir Pond (Yarmouth); 76H314 
Welch, Albion K.P., et al.; 69S179, 69H413 

Wellesley (Town of) - Reports re- Incorporation of; 81H133, 81H283 
Wellesley Congregational Society; 71S108 
Wellesley College; 77H41 
Wellesley Female Seminary; 70S69, 73H95 

See also- Wellesley College 
Wellfleet (Town of); 56H246, 63S37, 65S70, 69H177, 70S293, 70H134, 

70H259, 77H97, 77H98 
Wellfleet Marine Insurance Co.; 64H93 
Wellfleet Savings Bank; 63H65 

Wellington, Jeduthan - Petitions of, re- Cambridge Common; 30H39, 36S28 
Wells, E.M.P., et al . ; 48H30 
Wells, Mary D. ; 55H21 
Wendell (Town of); 68S257 
Wendell Hall School; 82S48 

Wengell, John - Report re- Frarairigham Railroads; 46S110 
Wenham (Town of); 70S107, 70H172 
Wenham Lake; 71H77 

Wenham Lake Branch Railroad Co.; 63S79, 65H112 
Wequabsca Fishing Co.; 50H65 
Wesleyan Academy (Wilbraham); 59S84, 59S104, 58H76, 60H136, 66H110 

Reports re- 37S38, 48H114, 58H155 
West Acton and Boxboro Steam Mill Co.; 
West Amesbury Branch Railroad Co.; 68H228, 69H355, 69H474, 70S239, 

70H313, 73H12, 73H15, 76H31 

See- Amesbury 
West Boston Bridge; 27H45, 70H366, 70H376, 71H313 

Reports re- 42H37, 43H56, 46H5 
,Vest Boston Savings Bank; 67H55 

Reports of; 80S5, 81S3 
West Boylston (Town of); 73H124, 77S29, 73S40 

Report re- Contested Election in; 40H8 
West Bridgewater (Town of); 69H185 
West Cambridge (Town of); 62H73, 67H295, 67H362 

Report re- Contested Election in; 49H23 
West Cambridge Five Cents Savings Bank; 60H34 
West Cambridge Gas Light Co.; 60S116 
West Cambridge Horse Railroad Co.; 57H215, 64H192 
West Cambridge Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 61H29 
West Dedhara Branch Railroad Co.; 49S121, 54S104 
WAst End Land and Improvement Co.; 66S105, 66S128 
West Newbury (Town of) - Reports re- 51H61, 51H64 

Report re- Contested Election in; 40H6 
West Newbury Bank; 57H206 
West Newbury Chapel Association; 68S141 
West Newbury Railroad;: 51S73 
West Newton (Town of); 43H74, 44S22, 44S31 
West Newton English and Classical School; 69S300 
West Newton Hotel Co.; 67S18 
West Norfolk Agricultural Society; 70S102 
West Precint (Newton); 69S56 
West Roxbury (Town of); 52S55, 55H148, 56S126, 60H77, 69S222, 69S254, 

69H28, 69H446, 70S140, 70H187, 70H192, 72S296, 72H302, 72H350, 73H314 

Report re- 51S82 


West Roxbury Free Library; 72S129 

West Roxbury Railroad Co.: 56SIS6, 57H173, 5^326 

West Springfield (Tovm of); 66S194, 66H5a, 66H226, 68H115, 69S347, 
72H135, 77S36, 7SH28, 78H326 
Report re- Contested Election in; 32H20 

West Springfield Aqueduct Co.; 75H226 

West Springfield Railroad Co.; 50H101 

West Stockbridge (Towa of); 73H165, 73H208, 76H206, 77H37 

West Stockbridge Railroad Co. ; 36S5S, 40S25 

Reports of; 39S31, 40S18, 41S17, 42S26, 43S41, 44S19, 45S35, 46S21, 
47S30, 49S40, 50S30, 51S22, 52S9, 53S3, 55S2, 5oS2, 57S2 

West Tisbury (Tovm of); 73H39 

Westborough (Town of); 41H30, 41H34, 41H70, 73S56, 75S153, 75H23, 77H172, 

Westborough Agricultural Society; 6dH336 

Westborough Savings Bank; 69H14 

Western, Nathan et al.; 4SSI42 

Western Avenue Railroad Co. ; 54S145 

Western Bank; 49S126 

Western Boston and Worcester Railroad Co. ; 63S128 

Western Railroad Co.; 27H52, 27H57. 33S27, 36SI6. 36H53. 37H15. 37H48, 
3SS8, 3SSIO, 39S24, 39S41, 39H2 42S31, 42H17, 42H1S, 42H46, 42S53, 
42S59, 44S75, 44SS3, 45S19, 45S83, 45Ha, 45H15, 46S9, 46S93, 47S31, 47H11, 
48S17, 4SS27, 4SS87, 4aH90, 4SHI25, 55H254, 55H306, 55H307, 56S105, 
58HI27, 60H188, 6IHI97, 61H240, 63S174, 64H294, 64H370, 66S147, 66H402, 
66S237, 66S299, 66S305, 67SI66, 67SI69, 67S173, 67S177, 673189, 67S190, 
67H58, 67H131, 67H208, 67H228, 67H242, 67H256, 67H291, 6aH350 
Reports of: 37343, 38S33, 39S31, 40S6, 4OSI8, 41S17, 42326, 43331, 
44319, 44H68, 45335, 46321, 47330, 49340, 50330, 50H12, 51322, 51H9, 
5239, 52Hd, 5333, 53H6, 5432, 54H7, 5532, 55H5, 5632, 5638, 5732, 57H6, 
59H124, 6033, 6133, 63H293, 64314, 66317, 6738, 67HI, 6839, 68H1, 
69318, 7033, 71S4, 72312 

Reports re- 38S28, 38H17, 39H32, 41335, 42347 , ^42H2^1 , 42355, 43H65, 
44H66, 453105, 483144, 48H49, 48H91, 48H146, 49388, 60345, 633199, 
643283, 65HI22, 66H330 

Westfield (Town of); 71H309. 71H389, 733205, 75S157, 793153, 793243, 
79H130, 79H312, 79H352, 81H239, 81H323 
Report re- Account of Votes in; 79H232 

Westfield and Northampton Railroad Co. ; 523145 

Westfield Academy; 56H122, 56HI52, 573103 

Westfield Athenaeum; 64HII8 

Westfield River; 75359 

Westfield Street Railway Co.; 683157 

Westfield Water Power Co.; 493139 

Westfield Water Works; 71H101, 72H199 

Westford (Town of); 75H342 

Westford Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; 66S23, 663120 

Westhampton (Town of); 72394 

Westminster (Town of); 70H275 

Westminster Reservoir Co.: 66S97 

Weston (Town of); 81H316 

Report re- Contested Election in; 60H33 , 

Weston and Frf ningham Railroad - Report re- Possibility of; 45366 

Weston, Georf . M. - Claims of; 6OS87, 603115, 69H458, 70H303, 743219, 
753114. 76 ;39(report) 

Westport (To^n of); 62H97, 62H110, 71H195, 72H33, 72H116, 72H129, 
73H62, 73H422, 743255, 773129, 78H28, 79H194 

Westport River; 77H65 

West's Beach Co.; 52H155, 66H205 

Wetherlee, I., jr.; 48H8O 

Werveantitt Bridge; ii.lH51 

Werveantitt River: 50SI68, 77S133 

Weymouth (Town of); 46S43, 67S75, 69S393, 703^2, 73H1S6, 77H190, 

79H222, SIHII7 

Fire District of; 77S169 

Report re- Boundaries; if7S54 

Report re- Railroads in; 75H321 
Weymouth and Braintree Fire Department; 46H5O 
Weymouth and Braintree Institution for Savings; 69H9S, 72S109 
Weymouth Branch Freight Railroad Co. ; 70S52 
Weymouth Turnpike; ^1H260 
Whale Oil; 33S44 
Whall, William B.F. ; S2S77 
Wharf Companies; 52S44, 52S121 
Wharf Property; 52H237 
Wharfs - Regulation of; 71H377, 72S241 

Whatley (Tovm of) - Report re- Contested Election in; 43H67 
Wheat; 39H40, 4132$, aOH136 

Report re- Production of; 3SH12 

Report re- Survey on Culture of; 40336 

See also- Grain, Spring Wheat 
Wheeler, Augustus; 56H257 
Wheeler, Benjamin; 47H169 

Report on Petition of: 4SSIOS 
Wheeler, Frank; 673256 
Wheeler, John W, ; 74S134 
Wheeler, Moses; 67H430 
Wheeler, W.F. et al.; 51H90 
Wheelock, Martin; 55H74 
Wheels, Broad Rimmed: 27H26, 27H57, 2^33, 30H14, 74S177, 743249, 79H123 

Reports re- 753164, SOH253 
Wheelright Scientific School; S2H37 

Whipple File Manufacturing Co. (Andover); 663130, 66S280 
Whipple, Robert, et al.; 74H346 
Whitaker, Edgar K. ; 45H3S 
Whitcomb, Harriet L. ; 67H34S 
White, Ada B.; 573147 
White, Ebenezer; 62H337 

White, George; 76H236, 76H296, 7SH201, 793106, 79H110 
White, H.J.; 62H219 

White, J.C. (M.D.) - Report by, re- Vegetable Parasites; 72340 
White, Joel; 71H347 
White, Mary F. ; 693332 
White, Oramel; 64H252 
White Perch; 7^3153 
White, William; 613^4, 63H298 
White's Ferry Bridge Co.: 743275, S2H99, S2H133 
Whitin Machine Works; 6^3150 

Whitinsville Savings Bank (Northbridge) ; 723115 
Whitman and Miles Manufacturing Co. ; 64H337 
Whitman, Helen; 72H182 
Whitmarsh, Charles E. ; 683234 
Whitney, Addison 0.; 63H305 

Whit on, Elijah - Report re- Removal of as Justice of the Peace; 503S7 
Whittemore, William; 37379 
Whittier, Albert R. ; 70H367 

Whittier, J.A.L. - Argument of re- Boston Elevated Railroad; 793190 
Whittle, George W. ; 62H335 

Whitwell, William; 62H142, 62H235 .00, ..: Atiin / d 

Widows; 33314, 333^1, 54H194, 58H55, 593170, 61H202 623156, 68H14a^ 

68H3U, 68H357, 69H402, 70H316, 71H230, 733225, 73Hai, 73H168, 73H365, 

743128, 7^371 


Wilberforce Manufacturing and Manual Labor School Co. ; 34S46 
Wilbraham (Town of); 78S114, SOH76, SlSSS 

Report re- Contested Election in; 40H13 
Wild Cats; 35H31 
Wilder, Henry; 4SH27 
Wilder, Jonathan P.; 50H110 
Wilder, Marshall; 6lH3 
Wilder, William F. ; 66S209 
Wiley, Nathaniel P.: 63S37 
Willard, Joseph; 67H395 
Williams College; 27H28, 31H12, 39S3^, 59S105, 73S102, 73H203, 79H17, 

79H72, S0H102, S2S57 

Reports re- 27S15, 37S39, 42S19, 43H60 
Williams, Eliza K. ; 67S266 

Williams, George R. - Report on Petition of; 49H129 
Williams, Hannah; 60S20, 60S21 
Williams House Co. ; 56So2 
Williams, John J.; 67H355 
Williams, Robert W. ; 67H326 
Williamsburg (Town of); 45S54, 49S11, 74S2S9, 74S347, 74H428, 74H441, 

74H447, 75H329 , ^ ^^ ,„^ 

Williamsburg and North Adams Railroad Co.; 67S134, 67H441, 68H176, 

69H40, 67H94 

Report re- Construction of; 67H445 
Williamsburg Reservoir Co.; 65HISS, 71S242 
Williamstown (Town of); 55S31, 5SH36, 6SS70, 76S191, 79H132 
Williamstown and Hancock Railway Co.; 52H140, 53S65, 53S99, 66S157, 

69H283, 73HI32 

Reports of; 54S2, 55S2, 56S2, 57S2 
Williamstown Manufacturing Co. ; 65S174, 66S96 
Williamstown Water Co, ; 4^375 
Willis, Hamilton et al. - Report re- 50S41 
Willis, H.M. ; 45H5 
Williston Mills; 66H70 
Williston, P.F. ; 55S141 

Williston Seminary; 56S233, 63HI8, 65S20, 69S40 
Wills; 49H125, 57S5S, 57H24, 5SH50, 73S17, 73H47, 73Hai, 76H200, 7^H116, 

79H179, 79H203 

See also- Custodians of Wills, Deceased Persons, Personal Estates, 

Real Estate 
Wilmington (Town of); 56H102, 79H54, 81H315, 81H377 

Report re- Railroads in; 5IS63 
Wilmington and Cambridge Railroad Co.; 51H134 
Wilmington Branch Railroad Co.; 50S73, 50S93, 50H147 
Wilmington Railroad Co.: 47S104 
Wilson, Benjamin H. ; 64H28a 
Wilson, Henry (U.S. Senator, 1855-1S73); 50S95, 50H6a, 50H100, 60H147, 


Bust of; 72S282 
Wilson, James B. - Report on Petition of to Construct a Railroad; 49SoO 
Wilson, James H.; 69H49S 
Wilson, John J. - Wharf of; 73H100 
Winchendon (Town of); 69S256, 71325^, 73H343, 79H34^ 
Winchendon Railroad Co.; 45S57, 46SII3 
Winchester (Town of); 50H145, 6IH238, 64S256, 72S202, 73S67, 73H299, 

73H329, 74H35, 74H265, 75H182, 76H143, S2H40 

Report re- Contested Election in; 59H36 
Winchester Gas Light Co.; 52H109, 71H95 
Windsor, Frederick (M.D. ) - Report on School Hygiene; 74S100 

Report re- Water Supply; 7oS100 


Wine - Sale of; 28H44, 60H99 

Wingate, D.B, - Report of, re- Removal of Natick Station; 7IS256 

Winnisimmet Co.; 33S16, 63S94, SOHII5, 32H62 

Winnisimmet Congregational Society; 71S129 

Winnisimmet Ferry Co.; 33S5, 71S157, 71S239 

Winnisimmet Railroad Co.; 57S134, 57S176, 6IHIO, 62H327, 62H349, 79S2g 

Winsor, Henry; 45H55 

Report on Petition of re- Court Case; 49H72 
Winter, William D.; 47H73 
Winthrop (Town of); 52S3S, 53H131, 71H75, 71H249, 72S35, 74H353, 74H424, 

75H105, 77H304, dlH131, S1H145, 82H179, 82H199 
Winthrop, Laura; 6OHII 
Winthrop Railroad Co.; 61H120, 63Hd3, 65S220, 67S95, 67SI67, 69S297, 

71S324, 72H171, 73H161 
Winthrop, William; 71S35 
Wisconsin (State of); 61H51, 6IHIS0 
Withington, George M. - Report re- Removal of Justice of the Peace; 

Withington, Increase S.; 63HS7 
Withington, Leonard - Election Sermon by; 31S- 
Witnesses; 35DXp.592, 36H13, 37S31, 3SH4, 40H30, 4SS43, 4SHI4, 4SH15, 

4SHI90, 50H27, 54H11, 54H16, 54H146, 57S112, 57H4S, 59H15, 59H62, 6OH36, 

63S106, 63H187, 64S275, 65H203, 69H6S, 69H269, 69H409, 70S2S1, 70H21, 

7OHIS6, 70H472, 7IH6S, 72H265, 73S204, 73H35S, 74S116, 74S210, 76H182, 

77S122, 77H323, 7Sh65, 78H116, 78HI23, 79370, 79S123, 79S158, 79H241, 

SIH65, S2H73 

before Committees; 43H96( report) 

before Hearings; 61H231, 71H104, 71H110 

Fees; 54H162, 66HI52, 70S103, 70H381 

for the Commonwealth; 68H81 

in Civil Actions; 57H1S7, 65S56 

in Criminal Actions; 56H213, 69S264 

in Criminal Prosecutions; 55H112 

in Probate Courts; 68S47 

Reports re- 37H13, 3^322, 3SH20, 33H26, 77H320 
Wobum (Town of); 57H62, 6IS67, 61S115, e.4H315f 67S115, 67S145, 65H13S, 

69S120, 69S1S5, 71H275, 73H17, 73H213, 73H329, 74H57, 75S5S 

Common; 4^3133 

Report re- Contested Election in; 35H25 
Wobum Branch Railroad Co.; 44384, 473162 
Wobum Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church; 79H303 
Wollaston Hotel Co. (Quincy) ; 713102 
Wollaston Wharf Co. (Quincy); 75370, BOEBk 
Woman Suffrage; 69S325, b9S343, 72H184, 73H122, 743244, 75345, 75H93, 

76353, 76S79, 77H252, 7^3122, 78HI56, 79H251, 79H253, 80H239, 813133, 

81H96, 81H118, 81H211, 81H232, 81H243, 82S105, 82H255 

Reports re- 70H268, 71H396 
Woman's Baptist Missionary Society; 743286 
Woman's Board of Missions; 69351 
Woman's Christian Temperance Union; 78318, 79344 
Woman's Journal; 7035 

Woman's Suffrage Association; 693216, 69H376, 71336 
Women; 64360, 69H367, 70H223, 70H311, 71H422, 72HX18, 79H251, 79H253, 

81H300, 81H401, 82H214 

Divorced; 68H208 
See also- Divorce 

Health of; 82H198 

Holding Office; 70348, 72H396 

Indigent ; 72H168 


Women, cont. 

Married; 56H180, 56m192, 62ii312, 63H218, 64sa4, 68H223, 69ll246, 
76H256, 78i>175, 79H44, 81S58, 81h18 
Clothing of; 77H83 
Contracts by; 68H205, 69H296 

Estates of; 64^195, 65^249, 79S54, 82H182, 82ti208 
Property of; 41H59, 52S85, 52H10, 55H222, 57h41, 57H90, 59H233, 
68H284, 71al73, 743126 

Rights of; 55H173, 745125, 78H314, 79H159 
Suits by; 74h331, 71H428 
Wages of; 46S95, 46S33, 46H40 
Wills of; 42S64, 50H83 
on achool Committee; 74H77, 81h96, 81H118, 81H232 
Prisons for, see- Prisons 
Taxation of; 71H428(. report; 
Unmarried; 58H55, 59S170, 69H402 
See also- Public schools, Woman Suffrage 

women's ji;conomical Garden Homestead League; 71S224 

Wonson, William U. ; 66H229 

Wood; 56H223, 67S133, 67H424, 67S217, 69H308 
bee also- Timber 

v^ood, uwen; 81H150 

Wood, William H. ; 64iS49 

Woodbine Cemetery Association; 69H245 

Woodbury, isaac B. ; 59H91 

woodcock - Preservation of; 67ijl60 

wooden Buildings - in Cities; 60H149 
See also- Boston, City of 

Woodland - Protection of; 6la31, 61S87, 74^257, 74S272 

woodlands; 62al67, 74H259 

^oods, charlotte A.; 56H228 

woods, Lllen; 75H290 

wood's Hole; 67ij246 

Wood's Hole Railroad Co.; 65ii94, 68b297 

woodward, iL'.C; 52H37, 52H38 

woodworth's Planning Machine; 56S156 

Wool; 26d- , 62372 

woolen Manufactures; 27H4 
Report re- 27H23 

Worcester ;.City of); 48H5, 49hl28, 50H116, 54H106, 553147, 55H27, 
56H155, 56H214, 58h86, 593102, 60S90, 60H148, 61H147, 62al8, 62ii74, 
6311132, 64380, 643107, 64H58, 64H286, 65a78, 65^81, 65^165, 65H245, 
66H177, 66H228, 673216, 67H146, 67H178, 67H179, 67H199, 67H391, 683147, 
68S204, 68H190, 68H195, 68H332, 693232, 69H76, 67H219, 69H248, 69H431, 
70H48, 70H155, 70H156, 70H201, 71^72, 71S130, 713203, 713290, 71H3, 
71H50, 71H164, 71H259, 71H304, 71H321, 71H359, 71H421, 71H433, 72332, 
723145, 72H37, 72H188, 72H239, 72H341, 73332, 733114, 733116, 733134, 
733192, 74377, 74^102, 743139, 743162, 743167, 74S152, 75374, 75H325, 
75H384, 76371, 76381, 76H140, 76H348, 76H364, 77392, 77H43, 77H255, 
77H263, 77H287, 78H38, 78H155, 78H355, 79361, 79^105, 79H35, 79H311, 
80H95, 81al54, 81a215, 81b250, 81ii252, 81H160, 82H92 

Worcester (County of;; 59H257, 60346, 60351, 7334, 733135, 73H115, 
74H324, 76H43, 78H143, 78H155, 81H56 

Central; 72372, 72H194, 72H220, 74H181, 753180, 76H313 
Commissioners of; 57354, 68H206, 71324, 78H77, 82H264, 82H313 
Courts in; 50H73, 53H184, 55H161, 56H190, 56b237(. report), 563254, 
58H140, 59H159, 69H259, 72385, 74H334, 793189, 793211, 81H360 
Jiastern; 723106, 743261 
House of Correction in; 26D- 
Northem; 723113, 74H199, 75318 
Southern; 71^245, 71H449, 723281, 72Hii8, 72H134, 74S59, 753187 


Worcester (County of), cont. 

western; 75S191 
Worcester (.Town of); 35H11 
Worcester Academy; 72S104, 73S228 
Worcester Agricultural Society; 61H115, 66S95 
Worcester and washua Railroad Co.; 45S38, 51S24, 70H125, 71H508, 

72H51, 74S9, 74S285, 74H147, 79S228 

Reports of; 46S21, 47^30, 49s40, 50530, 51S22, 52t>9, 53a3, 54b2, 

5532, 56S2, 57S2 
Worcester and jMorwich Railroad Co.; 33t>32, 36S46 
Worcester end Shrewsbury street Railway Co.; 705193, 71H164, 725107, 

Worcester Aqueduct uo.; 45^34, , 50H116 
Worcester Art Association; 65t>71 
Worcester Board of Trade; 75H30 
Worcester Botanico-Medical institution; 48531 
Worcester uranch Railroad Co.; 41537, 49S85 

Reports of; 44319, 45b35, 46521, 47i>30 
Worcester continentals; 795140 
Worcester County Agricultural society; 50525 
Worcester county Bank; 493124 
Worcester uounty irree institute of mdiastrial science; 65al80, 65h251, 

695341, 69M16, 69H158, 70546, 70h47, 70R375, 78H282 
Worcester uounty horticultural society; 725124 
Worcester uounty Manual iiabor High school; 37s86, 46H51 

Report re- 46329 
Worcester uounty Mechanics' Association; 713312 
Worcester first National Jf'ire insurance Co. ; 685261 
Worcester J?'ruit Preserving Co.; 67392 

Worcester Gas Light Co.; 50M21, 50H129, 66351, 69334, 71342 
Worcester Gazette Co.; 67H234 

Worcester Horse Railroad Co.; 61H186, 63313, 64sl5, 64H130, 663202 
Worcester House uo.; 35314, 35H18 
Worcester Insurance Co.; 493120 
Worcester Light infantry; 76H279 
Worcester Lyceum and Library Association; 66H373 
Worcester Lyceum and natural History Association; 70H90, 70H104 
Worcester Manufacturers Mutual Insurance Co.; 713184 
Worcester Medical jilectric school; 49H12 
Worcester Medical Institution; 50H102, 51H194, 55H242 

Report re- 50H67 
Worcester Mozart Choral Union; 71^136 
Worcester Mutual Fire insurance Co.; 683262, 73361 
Worcester North Railroad; 48H145 

Worcester Northwest Agricultural and Mechanical society; 67556, 67382 
Worcester Peat Co.; 563177 
Worcester Printing Co.; 69H191 
Worcester Protective Department; 753200 
Worcester Railroad; 64H294, 64H370, 67H181 
Worcester Real JSstate and Building Association; 7l5l97 
Worcester safe Deposit Co.; 68375, 69H359, 70H36, 70H63, 81H140 
Worcester South East Agricultural Society; 60H106, 63H35, 713141, 72H21 
Worcester State Hospital, see- Massachusetts state Hospital at Worcester 
Worcester Street Railway Co.; 67i>113, 69H412 
Worcester Times Printing and Publishing uo.; 70h98 
Worcester Young wen's Christian Association; 685273 
V/orcester's Dictionary; 60r158 
Workhouses; 33H30, 48H209 

Report re- 73H264 
workingman's Cooperative Associations; 665313 
workingmen's savings Bank ^.Florence;; 73524 


Workingmen's Savings Bank ^ Northampton); 73H355 
Woronoco Savings Bank; 71H309 
Worthley, Luke; 72H41 

Wrentham (Town of;; 69S335, 71sl56, 73S214, 79H89 
Report re- School Fund of; 46h26 

Wrentham and Foxboro nailroad Uo.; 
wrentham ijsink; 63ti41, 66s241 
wrentham iiranch Kailroad; 48hl44, 

Keports of; 54b2, 55i>2 
Wright, iSlizur; 57H135 
Wright, John b.; 67H128 
Wright, Joseph J.; 65M104 
Wright, Luke; 58H26 
Writ of certiorari; 58il97 
writs; 33H14, 37H61, 59a60, 
in (Jivil Actions; 56H78 
of iurror in criminal uasea; 
of Habeas corpus; 35aX7, 
of Keview; 75H33, 75m66, 
Wyatt, Josephine; 8lHl05 
Wyman, jjydia; 53m35 
wyraan, aamuel; 47H143 
Wyoming hotel uo.; 67M193 

531161, 62H284, 64ii228, 67bl38, 

65i>38, 71H80, 74M234, 81H180 

47H38, 51H122 
79H208, 80b32, 82H356, 82h365 

xacht Wisper - sale of; 65S21, 65S30 

lale and Greenleaf Manufacturing uo. ; 66ill42 

Yarmouth ^Town of;; 63^38, 80h29, 80H163, 81H86 

Yarmouth Camp meeting Association; 81hl99 

Yeomans, john w, - iulection Sermon by; 34a- 

Yerrington, James w.; 71H115 

Yorktown, centennial celebration at; 81H380, 81h405 

Report of Commissioners of; 81H45 
Young , Barnabas ; 5 6H2 62 
loung, Isaiah B. ; 57S156 
Young, Judith v.; 70H295, 70H320 


catholic Temperance society of Salem; 70H89 

Christian Association ^. Boston); 52H101, 67iil20, 68H285, 

xoung Men's 
loung men's 


Young men's christian Association (Lynn); 70S95, 82H71 
Xoung men's Christian Union of Boston; 74til5 
Young Woman's Apprentice Association; 71H227, 71H283 
Young People's Savings Bank (Boston); 71S210 

Zoological Survey of the Commonwealth - Reports of; 38H72 


Appendix I 

List of Public Documents Published 
1^04-1882. by number 

P.D. Tears 

Number Department Published 

1. Vital Statistics 1^43 - 1^82 

2. Board of Education 183^ - 1882 

3. State Library 1857 - 1882 

4. Agriculture 1837 - 1882 

5. Treasurer and Receiver General i860 - 1875 

1880 - 1881 

6. State Auditor 1849 - 1882 

7. Adjutant General 1833 - 1882 

8. Bank Commissioners 1 1851 - 1882 

9. Insurance 1855 - 1882 

10. Corporations I867 - 1882 

11. Harbors I864 - 1882 

12. Attorney General I86I - 1882 

13 . None 

14. Railroads ISLO - 1882 

15. Statistics of Labor I869 - 1882 

16. Tax Commissioners 1875 - 1882 

17. Board of Health 1879 - 1882 

17. 2 Board of Charities I865 - 1882 

18. State Reform School I848 - 1882 

19. Polls, Property and Taxes I86I - 1882 

20. Danvers State Hospital I878 - 1882 

21. Northampton State Hospital I856 - 1882 

22. Taunton State Hospital 1854 - 1882 

23. Worcester State Hospital I832 - 1882 

24. Bridgewater State Almshouse 1855 - 1882 

25. Fisheries I868 - 1882 

26. Tewksbury State Almshouse I854 - 1882 

27. Perkins Institute for the Blind I842 - 1882 

28. Mass. School (Waltham) 3 I852 - 1882 

29. County Officers 1875 - 1882 

30. State Reform School at Westborough I857 

31. Mass. Agricultural College I867 - 1882 

32. Constable of the Commonwealth I866 - I878 
34. ^ Board of Health, Charity, etc. I87O - 1882 
37. Elections, Contested 178O - 1882 
42. Mass. Nautical School I867 - 1872 
62, State Almshouse at Monson 1854 - 1882 
94. Alien and Foreign Paupers 1873 - 1882 

118. Public Lands I872 - 1882 

153. State Liquor Commission I87I - 1882 

(See following page for notes from the above) 


(Notes from preceding page) 

1 Abstracts of Bank holdings were published fairly regularly from 
1S03 on. State Library has 1303 - 1307, iSll, lSl3, lS29 - 1852. 

2 Some P.D. n\imbers include reports for more than one department. 
All entries are included in this appendix. 

3 Now the Walter Femald School for Mentally Retarded. 

4 Missing P.D. numbers indicate that no document was published 
under such number between 1804 and 1882, 


Appendix II 

Some Publications other than P.D, 's authorized 
by the Legislature 17^^-1332, 

Constitution of Massachusetts (1^53) 

Constitutional Amendments (1320) 

Constitutional Propositions (I853) 

Debates and Proceedings of the Constitutional Convention (IS56) 

Debates of the Constitutional Convention (IS53) 

Documents of the Constitutional Convention (I853) 

Journal of the Constitutional Convention (IV^Sj 

Journal of the Constitutional Convention (1730, 

Journal of the Constitutional Convention (1321^ 

Journal of the Constittxtional Convention (1353. 

Journals of the House and Senate (1364 - 1332) 

Manual of the General Court (1353 - 1332) 

All dates listed are publication dates. 

Manuscript Journals of the House and Senate were kept prior to 1364 

and are housed in the State Library Archives, 


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